August 27th, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “cough”

  1. cough. Couch? Nein, eher so ein Wort wie taugh. Oder tough? Naja, das, was man wie “taff ausspricht. Das sind so vorbildhafte Personen, die anscheinend keine Vorurteile haben und sich ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste für andere einsetzen.

    By Eli URL on 08.27.2017

  2. the wooping cough is not a good thing to have

    By elijah on 08.27.2017

  3. My mother had a bad cough, so she couldn’t see my father while he was in the hospital, battling an infection that he had gotten from an innocuous surgery. In the meantime, I was hovering over a toilet in a bathroom just down the hall from his room, emptying my stomach of a foul fish sandwich that I had eaten on the drive over. I think I had it harder than my mom did at that point, though Pops definitely had us both beat.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.27.2017

  4. I cough when I wanna laugh. I cough when I can tell someone is telling a lie. I cough when a cute guy is in my sight and I want to let a friend know. Mostly I cough on purpose. The only time I don’t cough on purpose is the winter time because that’s when I get sick.

    By skyee.7 URL on 08.27.2017

  5. lol i dont like this word because it makes me feel gross christian was sick this week and i really dont want to get it from him we didnt kis though so im probably fine havent been showing much affection lately which is sad im sad ab him because things feel different and i dont like it

    By Graylin URL on 08.27.2017

  6. i thought i already did this one today but it must have glitched or something . my last one was full of in complete sentence fargments am i supposed to use punctation and full sentences on here or what. still this word makes me feel gross i dont like it

    By Graylin URL on 08.27.2017

  7. today i found out i couldn’t stop coughing. I realize it was your absence making me sick. Sick to the core. Sore and sick. I miss now more than ever. I sit in front of the window that was once yours. I can almost see your reflection in it.

    By Mariana on 08.27.2017

  8. It’s been awhile since I had a bad cough. Though I’m very careful to catch it as I now have a baby boy. I don’t want him to spread the virus to him.

    By Jed Chan URL on 08.27.2017

  9. it’s just a cough, she said, holding out her hand. it won’t harm you.
    they all say that.
    yes, but half of them are right too.
    he shrugged.
    it wasn’t like he’d been born yesterday. it always started with just a cough; and soon, you felt dizzy and weak and you needed help. and since he was falling in love with her, it just made it worse; how would he actually manage to not help, when all he wanted to do was lay beside her day in and day out and play with the stickers on her clothes and the wild stray hair on her neck?

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 08.27.2017

  10. He coughed into his white handkerchief, then quickly stuffed it into his jacket pocket. Later, Jane took his jacket to the cleaners, and the white cloth fell to the ground. She picked it up and noticed it was speckled with bright red stains.

    By Tuvok URL on 08.27.2017

  11. I have had a serious cough for over 73 years now. it has many different sounds: explosive, watery, timid, factory-made, subterranean, self-satisfied, epic, refined, bored, oblong, invisible, tattered, kaleidoscopic, noble, sardonic, and lecherous are just a few.

    By B Slusher on 08.27.2017

  12. She coughed. An ugly-bloody-in-your-face kind of cough. Slowly but surely she rose up and gently tapped the man’s shoulder. He turned and then she saw what she had waited for. For days. For years. For decades. It was her son, once lost and now found. Now reunited by the sounds of her bloody coughs.

    By bb on 08.27.2017

  13. I coughed into my hand, trying to hide the flash of red that came with every push of air from my burning lungs. I didn’t want them to find out like this. Not in the middle of Games Night when I’d tried so hard to make my curly hair lie straight, and match my boots to my jeans. It would ruin this look for me to see them look at my with so much pity, and I’d been planning to have straighten hair at my funeral.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.27.2017

  14. under and up this fog is a cough and a cough of the skies cloudless relaxing sea if it were cold and breezy .

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.28.2017

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    By collect URL on 08.28.2017

  16. She stifled her cough in her elbow, shook her head, and went back into the shelf. Dust burned her eyes, but she did her best to ignore it. The book had to be here somewhere. This is the direction the crusty old man had pointed her in, with the information shakily written out on a post-it note that had lost it’s ability to stick to anything.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.28.2017

  17. I have a terrible cough right now, I’ve had it for more than 3 months. I’ve been told it could be grief that I haven’t processed yet, something is on my chest, and I can’t seem to get whatever is on my chest off. I know I want to yell and cry and scream and write an angry letter or email. Maybe that would help. In the meantime, I cough.

    By chiktionary on 08.28.2017

  18. A noise to make you hear, a noise to make you look, a noise to let you know that although you may claim to have let me go, you still care.

    By SHyuNam URL on 08.28.2017

  19. I woke up the next morning with a huge headace and shivers running down my body. “great” i thought, “whats what you get for being out in the rain with Brandon” i rolled my eyes. i can not afford to get sick especailly now that i have an intership to get too. this is the start of my career i cant mess it up now especailly for hanging out with a boy and ending up getting sick. i cant jeopardazie my career not now. an hour later i took my medicine and walked into the intership still coughing. “great” lets see how this goes.

    By Karina Rivas-Martinez on 08.28.2017

  20. his cough had only gotten worse over the past few days. this fever was destroying him. there seemed to be no cure.

    By DraconianWriting URL on 08.28.2017

  21. it is furniture used in a house, where people can sit down to watch tv, or they can also used as a bed to sleep when they feel exhausted, cough is also a good place to catch up with friends

    By Helder on 08.28.2017

  22. I woke to the sound of what sounded like a bark. Jumped out of the bed and began to look for our dog Bentley. When I saw him asleep near the door I turned to mind a man in black at the end of the hallway.

    By Kelly on 08.28.2017

  23. what you get along with many sicknesses. this is the primary reasons ma sicknesses are spread from one person to another my mom has to take me to the doctor often because she knows the cough is what starts an illness for me.

    By Logan Jackson on 08.28.2017

  24. I hate when i am sick and get a cough. Its like the cough never goes away. Buying cough drops and taking medicine. Reminds me of when it starts to turn to fall and winter and everybody is getting a cough. Reminds me of my son who has asthma, whenever he gets an attack he keeps coughing.

    By Tracie on 08.28.2017

  25. cough, cough,
    I dropped my cough drop once I picked up a gym membership,
    oh, that was, long ago,
    now im ready, ready to get my dough,
    call me Pillsbury,
    pursuing the fullest extent of my life’s capabilities
    will render me,
    into a merry,

    By Milad URL on 08.28.2017

  26. I gave impetus to when I thought
    that I should cough,
    at another person’s critisim or gawk,
    but if I let another one person’s
    be the dictator,
    then I’d never be the senator
    of my own destination,
    a puppet can be controlled by the strings of his master,
    but the master chooses the puppet,
    a car wash needs a towel dry, for an owner to love it,
    a dove needs only wind and sky,
    water is superflous, until its time to fly continous,

    In a windsor chair I smoke my LA signature ciggaratte,
    pondering about the wonders about my own story,
    realizing why I study,
    my own visage,
    I realize,
    to know my story
    behind my own vision.

    A purgoatory of pain is part of life,
    when I’m ill with a fever,
    I still live,
    like I’m Justin Beaver,
    So i swoon through moments where escastcy
    is taken from me,
    its not a kidnapping,
    because I know the reaper,
    It’s hidden inside me,
    slightly above my spine,
    a little molecular creeper!

    By Milad URL on 08.28.2017

  27. Umm…ACHO! sorry, its just that i had to sneeze. It think of sneezing as brothers, they are annoying and come out of NO WHERE. (so annoying)

    By solara URL on 08.28.2017

  28. Lozenge. Is sixty seconds too long to write lozenge? It is, sadly. I thought my first word would be the perfect opportunity to be witty but cough is really not all that much to work with. *cough*

    By Dee on 08.28.2017

  29. cough
    in and out
    I suffer
    like the sands
    I suffer
    covering with my hands
    I suffer
    in and out
    until gone

    By Steve O URL on 08.28.2017

  30. I had a bad cough during fall break and it was no fun at all. My Grandma did bring me chocolate chip ice cream. My cough got better right before I went back to school.

    By Kaelyn on 08.28.2017

  31. I coughed so much when i was sick on sat. i got the flu and i was in bed all day. i missed school. but thankfully i got to watch tv.

    By zachary on 08.28.2017

  32. She was sick, and coughed relentlessly. Her throat was very sore by the end of the day and drank more than enough water to soothe the pain.

    By Crystal on 08.28.2017