October 20th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “costume”

  1. The costume was bright, tall feathers adorned the head piece. A tail of more bright colors in a fan. The peacock danced and strutted with his plumes full. There was a fairer bird there to impress.

    By EliseV URL on 10.20.2010

  2. “What kind of costume are you going to be wearing for the Black & White?” he asked. “I don’t know. Alex is making my boa… so maybe that’ll be it.” “…aren’t you married?” “Oh, right. I should go in a sack.”

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.20.2010

  3. Costumes are the best part of Halloween. I wish we could dress in costume everyday, and have life be a musical. How sweet would that be. We could be someone new everyday, and we could do while singing.

    By Devin on 10.20.2010

  4. Costumes are my favorite part of Halloween. Wouldn’t it be great if we could dress up everyday, and wouldn’t’ it be wonderful if everyday was a musical. I mean how sweet would that be? You could be someone new everyday, and you could do it all while singing.

    By Devin C-G URL on 10.20.2010

  5. A costume hung in an old fancy dress store window with dark, ruffled frills for a collar and a well worn gold seam running down the side of a threadbare front

    By Andrew Jackson URL on 10.20.2010

  6. Her fingers slip over lace, the ridges tripping her and coming as surprises. She trails her hand over the bodice and wets her lip as she imagines a body in this dress. Would the curve of the neck match her own? The arms would be longer, no doubt; they all had longer arms back then. And the waist smaller, the back straighter, the chest flatter. It was ideal if you didn’t need a corset, but of course you wore one anyway. The general outlines of dresses were the same, but this cream colored, lace covered dress was so obviously different.
    She couldn’t possibly wear out it on the streets on a damp October evening when the dress was so painstakingly meant to be worn in a French ballroom or a Danish dining room or somewhere with people who had elegant necks, long arms, and slender waists.

    By Julia on 10.20.2010

  7. She fingered the tiny glimmer as it slid around in her sweaty palm. Her fingers stuck together like bare thighs glue themselves to surfaces on hot days, and her eyes looked everywhere but up. The silence in the air was palpable, stinging her ears and biting at her insides. Her tongue felt too big for her mouth and her knees shook.

    She was never quiet. Even in her sppechless moments, her thoughts ran wild. She once considered taking out a classified that read–Wanted: sheepdog to herd my thoughts. But in this moment, her thoughts, too, fell voiceless. She knew she was supposed to want this. She’d seen it happen before. She’d watch as other women slid dependence onto their fingers, as they placed complacency on their left hands.

    She didn’t hate love. She believed in it, even.

    There was just something about this ring, this moment. How could she accept this offer conditionally? Only if she didn’t have to wear a costume that didn’t fit? Then, yes, sure. She’d marry him.

    By E on 10.20.2010

  8. The jingling of coins and sheer cloth set her a bit on edge, confused and surprised that they had even managed to convince her to get out here with this ridiculous costume on. Was she really going to dance and move in this piece of inanity? What was she thinking?

    By Phee URL on 10.20.2010

  9. Her costume was hanging up on the back of the doorframe, on one of those padded coat-hangers. It was staring at her intently.

    By Annie on 10.20.2010

  10. I wish I had 5,000 dog costumes. I could put them on all my friends and we can bark at each other and eat cheese and just be costumed out. People in cosutmes are trying to escape reality because their lives are rough. so it would seem.


    silly posers. in their silly costumes.

    By Jake on 10.20.2010

  11. it didnt fit completely…had a coulple snags as if the costume was warn while working on rose bushes…ads character i say…45.75 s th

    By fumodenver URL on 10.20.2010

  12. This face I present to you all is no costume. I am me and here I am. Never hiding or ashamed to be what I am. Never will i, this woman, be anything but the truth.

    By Stephanie URL on 10.20.2010

  13. She stood in the attic, under dusty light unpacking boxes that held the remnants of another life and another time. Lifting the costumes gently, she pulled them close to inhale the scent of what once was and remembered…

    By Marie S. URL on 10.20.2010

  14. I had a knitted bathing costume, my mum said I looked geat. I went in the sea, had a good time. When it was time to come out, Oh dear! My knitted bathing costume’s crotch, hung down to me knees.

    By mauveone on 10.20.2010

  15. Halloween has gone from a time when people would dress their scariest to confuse the real spirits, to who can dress the sluttiest. I’m not sure when this changed, but I’m sure the spirits are still as confused, and possibly scared, when they come back and see a woman dressed up as a Sexy Clown Fish.

    By Mallory URL on 10.20.2010

  16. whether it be a mask, a persona, a sheet or just a change in tonality…

    We all wear a costume

    By JSClark25 URL on 10.20.2010

  17. you wear a costume everyday, and i do too. our skin is our costume. our eyes are the windows. we reach for truth beyond the costumes, behind the mask. we just are scary and beautiful like a halloween party.

    By inoxia URL on 10.20.2010

  18. Theater… Wedding… Job in a tower… Someone you are wanting to be

    By Caroline Taret on 10.20.2010

  19. I put on a costume everyday,
    right before I get into work.
    I smile.
    I laugh.
    I make small talk.
    My sighs fuel my lies, but my insides are dead.
    I can’t seem to get out of my head.
    Load the gun…

    By Siege URL on 10.20.2010

  20. I have no idea what to be for Halloween. I thought I’d dress as Ziggy Stardust, but I can’t afford the make-up, the hair, the silver unitard, the boots.

    By Rose Llera on 10.20.2010

  21. Must all adult halloween costumes be slutty? I mean, I guess I understand why. Once you get past a certain age, dressing up in a costume is kinky no matter what it is.

    By Jessica URL on 10.20.2010

  22. i wear a costume everyday to hide who i am inside. the disguise keeps me safe from the outside world. i hide who i truly am to prevent mockery and shame. if not for the costume i put on everyday, it leaves me open and fragile to their words and glances.

    By miss.miles URL on 10.20.2010

  23. Halloween comes to mine when I think about the word costume. However, sometimes everyday people where their costumes to work, trying to impress.

    By Cindy Britton on 10.20.2010

  24. Oh, Louis, don’t be such a perturbation. Mother says that I am a camaraderie unto myself, and you know I believe that. Why just yesterday I ran my toilet without even asking for a help, Louis. Do you even understand this progress?

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.20.2010

  25. I chuckle to myself as I watch the trick or treaters timidly walk up the driveway, glancing at all my spider webs and bats which hung from my trees. Two more vampires, another witch, a Batman and an Obama. Make that three vampires as another joins the group dressed as Edward from Twilight. I grab a fistful of candy and thrust it into each of tehir bags and pillowcases, flashing each of them a smile, letting my fangs show. The smallest one clapped his hands in joy…if he only knew the blood around my lips was fresh, and not store bought. So cute. The one day out of the year so many wear a costume resembling what I must hide everyday. I so love this time of year, my costume is me

    By Cat URL on 10.20.2010

  26. i think of halloween. and then i think of drag queens. i love drag queens; today i’m wearing purple for all those who were lost because they were different. not just queer or gay or this that and the other, just different. i love being different and i love all who are different; i think we make the world shine. i think the world would be a boring place if we didn’t ll wear costumes somehow. inner costumes, outer costumes– but in the end, we just have to learn to be ourselves, costume or not.

    By Q URL on 10.20.2010

  27. I was really going to have to think about how to get people to understand the little boy under the red stain material with the red tinsel taped on to it was a hairy red ghost.

    “Well, what do you think?” he asked. I couldn’t see his face under the material, but I could hear the pride in his voice.

    “I don’t know what to say other than wow.” I hoped I sounded positively awestruck.

    By Heather URL on 10.20.2010

  28. powerful girl seldom wore a revealing costume,but usually a fashionable one.tonight she wore it under her lab coat.dr.ramoud,glaced down at her bodacious tatas.for the quick eye plenty of cleavage could be seen

    By The Fake Dann URL on 10.20.2010

  29. A costume is something one wears to become someone else, thereby disguising their true selves. Maybe I’ve never been too interested in Halloween for that reason- I’ve been trying my whole life to stop hiding and to show my true self, so why in hell would I want to wear yet another costume?

    By Laurel on 10.20.2010

  30. you would stay hidden. living in the folds of the fabric, silent behind a porcelain mask.

    By Paola URL on 10.20.2010

  31. GREEN MAN. There is no better costume than greenman. Having complete anonymity gives me the confidence to do anything when wearing the suit. I’m so much more capable and comfortable despite the fact that everyone can see my junk.

    By Jake URL on 10.20.2010

  32. If I were a costume I’d like to be one of those naughty nurse ones.

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.20.2010

  33. “…bronzed golden by the sun, her body was round and firm, as supple as I’ve ever seen. Her lush, ample bosom was pressed high by her corseted gown, as was the costume of the day. Though lovely, the temptation of her only called upon the longing for my own dear wife.”

    By Rose Wade URL on 10.20.2010

  34. Hide my face, hide my being, hide my self. If they find out who I am I am finished. They will tear me up. Keep on that tough mask so no one sees my soft soul. Ruthless monster.

    By Maria on 10.20.2010

  35. Everyone has been stressing out about halloween costumes lately, however I am not part of that group. I personally never really cared for halloween, I hated dressing as something I’m not. I guess I am just weird in the fact that holidays are just another day for me. I mean seriously, I stopped believing in Santa at age 6….I actually told my whole first grade class and got in trouble LOL

    By Teeps on 10.20.2010

  36. The costume was perfect. It just sat there on the rack, screaming at me. I realized it was at other people too; there was only one left. I grabbed it quickly and ran far away.

    Hiding in the bush, I killed several chimney tops, eating somewhere over the rainbow. Blue birds fly. And a dream that you dared to for why oh why can’t I. Meeeee oh travel melts like a lemon drops that’s where me of somewhere over the rain bow way up high. And a dreams that you dare to why oh why can’t I? I? Ooh… Ooh… Ooh ah ah eh ah ahahahahaha.

    By Ethan on 10.20.2010

  37. My head hurts ridiculously.
    Costume, this Halloween I’m going to be a fox. Wear a fox mask.
    Costumes, Halloween is your chance to be something else in your life,
    just for one night,
    so tell me, why am I being a fox?
    That makes no sense. Aren’t I always a fox?
    I should be a Kiana.
    No, that
    makes no sense either.
    Fuck, times up.
    Wait no- well.

    By Kiana on 10.20.2010

  38. Halloween is next week. I’m being Jackie Kennedy. I wanted my boyfriend to be JFK, but he said while mine was a fashion icon, his was morbid. Which is understandable. So now apparently Jackie Kennedy and Spiderman are dating.

    By Julia URL on 10.20.2010

  39. costumes. they can fill your mind with wonder, even excitement. and one word usually comes to mind when we think of costumes. HALLOWEEN. a time of joy, and most of all, candy. costumes.

    By tessa on 10.20.2010

  40. i had never really noticed
    but as time went by
    and i began to know you
    i realized
    that you don’t even need a costume
    to play pretend

    sorry playtime had to come to an end

    By Just Jes URL on 10.20.2010