September 23rd, 2011 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “convinced”

  1. I’m thoroughly convinced that religion has no place in any sophisticated and developed society. It is, convincingly, a plague that infects this earth.

    By zach on 09.23.2011

  2. I am convinced that this website is rigged. my friend just got this exact word on this exact website just 1 minute ago. i almost hate this website because of this. ooh. a timer. it’s pretty & purple. i’m convinced.

    By Emmmmmmmmer URL on 09.23.2011

  3. as i sat in that room all by myself, i slowly convinced myself that i was crazy. I had lost my marbles, and there was no coming back. I had snapped, somewhere along the multiple tragedies in my life i just went mad.

    By Liz on 09.23.2011

  4. convinced by the potential held within that tiny figure he made his way up through the treacherous terrain. often falling back on his face, nevertheless, it didn’t deter his courage and spirit to reach toward his goal.

    By rndm URL on 09.23.2011

  5. I’m convinced that the company I work for is trying to screw with me. At first, I work for them as a temp worker for a decent wage, but now that they bring me on as a normal worker, they dock my pay by a dollar an hour? What kind of crap is that? I work just as hard as everyone else-maybe harder. This sucks. Unemployment office; here I come.

    By Ellie Lynne URL on 09.23.2011

  6. I’m convinced that the world is crazy… or maybe it’s just me. I’m convinced that maybe I’ll never figure this out. I’m convinced no one will no I was here, that no one will love me

    By Joy on 09.23.2011

  7. I was convinced that he was too busy getting high and galavanting about with others to really care about me or my feelings. I sometimes wondered if that would ever change, or, if I would always be the stand by or the one left on the backburner.

    By Ash on 09.23.2011

  8. I’m conviced things will turn out okay even if they feel really sucky at the moment. the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I am actually doing something for myself and those around me.

    By Gabriela on 09.23.2011

  9. Convinced, Definition: Truly sure of many things. Use: “Alright, you’ve convinced me.”
    Like in the way I’m convinced I was lied to when they said the sky is blue, or the way I’m convinced that my new kitten understands everything I’m saying, or the way I’m convinced that I love the gentle changing of the seasons or the way that I’m convinced that I love soft breezes, dawn to dusk, and you. Convinced, Definition: Me. Use: “I love you.”

    By kristy URL on 09.23.2011

  10. convincing him that I exist is one thing, convincing him that I love him too? nearly impossible. but I’ll try because it’s all that I can do

    By Joy on 09.23.2011

  11. I am convinced that my heart beats only for you. I breathe, only to be able to breathe in your scent, that is was i have a nose. My eyes are to see you. My sense of touch to put hand against your face. My voice to tell you that everything will be alright. My sense of judgement is to see you as always right. My sense of hearing to hear you say that you love me. My sense of of taste to taste your sweet lips and though my stomach constantly has butterflies. And it makes me constantly nervous and I am weaker than usual, maybe the air is harder to inhale. Maybe its harder to be me, looking for your approval. Maybe it’s harder in a lot of aspects but its always easier being loved. And I exist merely by your existence, without you there’s no me. And without me… you’re nothing.

    By akaylah ellison URL on 09.23.2011

  12. i am convinced that the government is out to get me. I am being watched, this i am sure of. The shifting of the shrubberies when i walk, the hushed whispers behind me. I am being watched, this, I am sure of.

    By Rocky Curtis on 09.23.2011

  13. I had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends today. She appeared completely convinced we will see one another again – begged me to consider us moving near them up in Maine. I must speak to J. He’s probably going to be okay with the idea of up north.

    By Molly URL on 09.23.2011

  14. “I’m convinced she’s trying to kill me!” Jonathon complained to his closest friend, Albert.

    “But why? She’s just so charming.” Albert replied.

    “Then why does she keep tripping me and spilling hot liquids on me and making my horses throw me to the ground?” Jonathon sputtered angrily.

    “Well, I think she likes you,” Albert said.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.23.2011

  15. One hundred percent. One hundred and ten percent. I am all in. This is the last of my money. I got two queens in my hand. Oh goodness. This better work out. I have nothing left.

    By DARE URL on 09.23.2011

  16. convinced is when someone makes you believe in something. it can be easy or hard to convince someone of something.

    By Reid Lee on 09.23.2011

  17. damn i dont even know, um you are convinced? your sure about something now

    By marina on 09.23.2011

  18. “I’m not going to that awful place with you,” she said.
    She lacked faith in my character, but she was right. The only reason I would get together with my friends was to hurt people. There is no way that I could convince her, I recall. Though my heart was behind my words, there was common sense in abundance in the room. I’ve changed, I’ll change. My conscience tells me, “no,” that’s the truth and the common sense.

    By Nikolay on 09.23.2011

  19. Im convinced, wait what am i convinced about? I’m convinced im confused. Do i have to tpe properly, or write, wait im still confused. Oh gosh. This is like the free writes i get in school. This is fun! so im convinced i like this website already. And im convinced that this is over in 3 2 1 ..

    By Andjela Radulovic URL on 09.23.2011

  20. I was once convinced I was an alien. I grew up as a kid believing I was from another planet. I kept waiting for my alien family to come and retrieve me from this crazed planet.

    By Veronica Sherwood on 09.23.2011

  21. i’ve managed to convince myself of so many things as of late: that i never loved you, that i don’t care about what could have, and what should have, been; that i am content, happy even, without you in my life. but it’s all false hope. simply illusions. Soon i will realize how much i have been lying to myself.

    By maddie URL on 09.23.2011

  22. Convinced that my dad is too much for me to handle 24/7 – sad but true. There it is.

    By Pat on 09.23.2011

  23. I am convinced that we can never know anything. We build up a picture and then pull it apart, pulling on the edges of the tapestry until the whole thing unravels. We can calculate things to as many digits as we want to, but we can never reach the exact because the statistics go on forever.

    By an octopus URL on 09.23.2011

  24. I am convinced that life is an endless experience of progress. Bit by bit I gain a deeper understanding of myself and the people around me, and the world we’re all in. But one thing is for sure, I will never understand everything and I will never know it all. I am convinced that we are here to constantly learn. And learn. And learn.

    By Ginger Vieira URL on 09.23.2011

  25. He was convinced, he thought with a grin. There was something out there that could always bring a smile to his face, the one true weakness to his ‘indestructible facade’.
    Her name was Haruhi Fujioka.
    And he was absolutely and completely convinced he was in love with her.

    By Rain URL on 09.23.2011

  26. her death warped me into a different space of time, a division of fantasy from reality. i was convinced she was gone forever, out of my reach.

    By Misun on 09.23.2011

  27. convincing me… do what? to be what? to be convinced? yes? no? convinced? i’m just not too sure. still not convinced. life goes on. and on.

    By Mer URL on 09.23.2011

  28. I am truly and utterly convinced that I would go deaf, if not for the sound of your voice. I am truly and utterly convinced that my eyes would run blind, if not for your smile. I am truly and utterly convinced that there is no such thing as a scent, if it weren’t for your hair. I am truly and utterly convinced that I can not feel, if not for your hand in mine. I am truly and utterly convinced that I would not be able to speak again, if it weren’t for the words “I love you.”

    By Just like a star. on 09.23.2011

  29. Although she stood there resolved and straight faced, I couldn’t help but have a dozen questions about the authenticity of this piece and it’s subsequent value. I had searched page upon page of all the antique journals I could get my hands on to find the intricately cut and forged piece of metal she held in her outstretched hands. I still was not convinced. Was this truly the lost medallion that had been so long searched for, sought after? The one last piece that had belonged to King Jormane that hadn’t been confiscated in the viral raids of the Cormajdean Tribes. Where had it been all these years? And how could this…this…snot-nosed kid stand there and expect me to believe SHE is the one who found it???

    By Linda Carlson URL on 09.23.2011

  30. As of today, I am convinced that everything happens for a reason. Luke and I both ended up with jobs we love, completely by accident. It sounds lame outloud, but it was pretty fateful for us to take those jobs and have it help point us in the right direction for the future. I just feel more sure of my self (convinced) today than I have in a long time

    By blissfulkris URL on 09.23.2011

  31. I was convinced that it was over. I always feel convinced even when it never is. I never can guess. No matter who convinces me or how, I change my mind. Never fails. I think, maybe not.

    By kleined URL on 09.23.2011

  32. I’m convinced you’re bull shitting me. what an odd concept. convinced you love me, I am not convinced. how odd. gaaaah. convinced… conceived. i convinced you i was conceived because my parents were convinced they were in love

    By Anne on 09.23.2011

  33. Im convinced of my name, im convinced of my age. But what is really the true un this life. Im convinced too that in this moment im writing non sense sentences. What a funny thing doing thing that a web page convinced you to do.

    By Marifer URL on 09.23.2011

  34. i am convinced that there arte monsters in my closet. i imagine them so ca’t they be real? at least in my mind. they talk to me in my sleep and tell me that kittys are about to kick me, and i say no, my dog will save me. rainbows come from odin i’m convionced.

    By emily on 09.23.2011

  35. i’m convinced i will convince you to convince me to convince myself to believe that you are convinced.

    By jess on 09.23.2011

  36. I am convinced that no one truly understands what anyone else is going through. No matter how many similarities there might be with their histories, no one truly knows what that one instance was like for someone else.

    By Kelsey Jacobi on 09.23.2011

  37. When he smiled, there was nothing in this world that would stop me. It was my Achille’s Heel, that smile. I was its victim, willing and able to do anything. He had me convinced that he was a god, and for the moment, I was content to believe so. Call me naiive, but I like to believe it was beautiful.

    By Kaitlin on 09.23.2011

  38. I’m not totally convinced that this is the way for me to go. Where is my life headed as a marketing specialist?

    By Brian URL on 09.23.2011

  39. I am not easily convinced. I need proof I don’ t believe blindly at least not politics.

    By Patricia Peerzada URL on 09.23.2011

  40. Convinced what you see is real. Take a closer look and make up your mind. The world is just a figment of your imagination.

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 09.23.2011