October 11th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “conviction”

  1. There’s a conviction
    for the affliction
    due to your murderous
    form of affection.

    and strangling
    while slowly serenading
    lovers who lye
    bound across your bed.

    No harm in slicing
    and dicing,
    In ripping out their hearts,
    quite literally of course.
    Making a simple kiss,
    truly deadly.

    By zoe URL on 10.11.2011

  2. conviction means to be guilty, to be accused of a crime or bad thing. its someone saying you did something whether you did it or not

    By nettie on 10.11.2011

  3. I stand by the belief of me going to the Olympic’s to play hockey on team canada

    By Grade 6 URL on 10.11.2011

  4. well i have never had a conviction. Well i did when i shoplifted, But im not so sure what the word conviction means, Hahaha. But ill go along with it i guess. But i think it has something to do with jail, or a sententce of prosion..? Yeeeah

    By Amanda on 10.11.2011

  5. Is it important? I don’t really know . :\

    By isabel URL on 10.11.2011

  6. I pretend. I’m not interested. I don’t care. I’m not engaged. Your world is not mine. I sit in your world, at my desk, at my keyboard. The screen is your world. My mind is mine. I carry it off with conviction. I am an actress.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 10.11.2011

  7. i felt very convicted in my decision of giving away my young child. i know that i couldn’t raise her like i wanted but i pray the people she is put with take good care of her. i named her after her free spirit, Destiny. i knew that with the first look i took upon her i love her with all of my heart. i will find her someday i swear an oath on my life.

    By Journee URL on 10.11.2011

  8. I stand by the belief of me going to the Olympic’s to play hockey on team Canada. To make that happen i have to work hard like, working hard in practices and in hockey academy and in game.I have to skate hard and eat healthy foods and exercise daily such as bike rides volley ball and dry land training at school. One of my role models are Shannon Sabidoes.

    By Grade 6 URL on 10.11.2011

  9. his heart felt heavy with the pain and guilt of conviction that he had left her alone in the dark. he was now forever going to carry the burden of knowing what he did and how he could have acted otherwise.

    By nettie URL on 10.11.2011

  10. guilt, action, stress, out-of-comfort-zone, pressure, confusion, hopelessness, push, changing, striving, adjusting

    By andi on 10.11.2011

  11. “That is exactly what you lack” they ‘ll say.
    I am still not convinced.

    By RedFoxx on 10.11.2011

  12. inner conviction? what’s that about do i need inner conviction to be a strong person? yes, live life with conviction to do good things, and be a strong person. love with conviction.

    By court on 10.11.2011

  13. horrified, betrayed, lost in the guilt. he wouldnt have done this if you hadn’t treated him like a dog maybe if you considered his childhood you would have understood him better. this is where it ends for him you shortened his journey by many years with the words you said, you will be buried knowing he sacrificed his life for yours to go on.

    By nettie URL on 10.11.2011

  14. it slid down my throat, chilled, and sharp, like a cocktail on ice. i never wanted to be that right. but he was. he was. and is. and will be, because i have no way to stop him.

    By biscuitmensch URL on 10.11.2011

  15. i feel convicted about my life. i feel one thing, yet am told to do another. it bothers me a lot because i want to be a good person yet i’m told that EVERY decision i make it the wrong one. i wonder constantly what you want from me..yet when i ask i get no clear answer. we do well for a while and then we collapse.

    By courtney on 10.11.2011

  16. My mother says that we are only as strong as the strength of our convictions. If that’s the case, then I’m afraid I’m not very strong at all. I can’t find anything that I believe in strongly enough to call it a conviction, unless it’s that all people are idiots. If that’s my only conviction, I think I’m doomed.

    By Claire on 10.11.2011

  17. For quite some time, I didn’t take no chances. Was a prisoner in my own mind. A wanted felon with no prosecutor. Now, I keep begging for a conviction- but you don’t understand, I feel the law might be corrupted.

    By leah URL on 10.11.2011

  18. The feeling of not having enough air, because you are just that sure of being right. There is nothing else, just greatness, because the truth has emerged. What is wrong or right when there is conviction? It is the difference between false accusations and truth. Or is it?

    By Kayley on 10.11.2011

  19. CONVICTION! Shout it out to the world! Show that you have it. If you have conviction for something, then you let others know that you believe in it. If you don’t have conviction, then what do you have? Show your conviction! To family, to friends, to religion, to language, to culture, to books, to writing, to anything!

    By Tezcacoatl on 10.11.2011

  20. conviction has taken her their. she followed it, whatever happened and whatever people said. then she found herself all alone. she sometimes wonders if she should have compromised herself to have some people around. but, nah, she would have been dead anyway if she had. so she is now looking for some people who at least see her as she is.

    By kaorita on 10.11.2011

  21. Breathless. I couldn’t tell you what convinced me. Maybe it was the feeling of drowning, maybe the taste of acid on my tongue, but suddenly, I knew he was my brother. No one can save someone else like that then never leave. It was remarkable, the transformation in just a few hours.

    By I just like to write. URL on 10.11.2011

  22. The guy was purely evil. He was sent to jail for numerous crimes before. But never this bad. Convition. The word kept playing through his head. Conviction. Conviction, conviction, conviction. It was ringing in his ears. The metal bars slammed shut in front of him, the lock clicking into place. Conviction. Ten more years.

    By asdf on 10.11.2011

  23. Being accused of a crime. Criminal.
    Blamed for something. In the wrong.

    By Ashley on 10.11.2011

  24. I was so very strongly believing of my point that I spoke with great conviction at the trial of the Doggs vs State. But of course, it doesn’t matter how strongly you speak if no one can hear you because you’re just the dead ghost of the victim.

    By Meagan Bell on 10.11.2011

  25. There’s a criminal in jail! He did bad things and now he is being convicted. He might have raped someone or shot someone. I don’t know, but he’s bad!!!!!!!!!!! GET AWAY!!! He has brown hair, by the way. And green eyes. He’s 23

    By Alexi on 10.11.2011

  26. a judge a court room and girl who stole food for her family the future having everyone have enough food no diversity

    By sarah kinney on 10.11.2011

  27. It’s the right place and the right time, and you have to be seen by the right person. That’s what my father always told me. I don’t believe it. I can’t. I will be an actor. The right time and e right person help, but the real success doesn’t come from luck. It comes from conviction.

    By Rcimae on 10.11.2011

  28. Is that when you have a criminal, and he gets in a lot of trouble? Convicted! Ohh that sounds like a nasty word. But then I guess its for a nasty person D: WAHHHHHHH You just got convicted!

    By Kaylie on 10.11.2011


    “Your honor, I’m afraid I’m going to have to move for a mistrial.”

    “Mistrial granted.”

    By emeyel URL on 10.11.2011

  30. Determination is a good thing but as it can also mean that you have been accused of having committed a crime by your peers, is conviction a good thing? Perhaps, determination is the better meaning. I want to have conviction in my life but not a conviction … what a difference an “a” makes.

    By Christine Vellacott on 10.11.2011

    there was no proof.
    there were no pictures,
    no witnesses,
    the evidence was hidden in my heart,
    the one place i couldn’t lie…not to anybody…not even to myself.
    but you were too smart for me…
    you caught me as i ran away,
    you found my hiding place,
    you should have dragged me away and locked me up,
    because me loving you could mess up your perfect life.
    thats why i hid everything…
    to avoid conviction.
    to avoid the inescapable, impossible truth that i prayed was a lie.
    i knew deep down it wasn’t.
    and thats what scared me the most.
    and thats why, to find that one little secret,
    you’d have to tear my soul in half,
    stomp on my heart,
    and make me cry until i can’t think anymore.
    and you,
    Mr. Amazing,
    you’ve already done all of those things,
    so why am i not convicted?
    why haven’t you figured it out?
    the answers are there,
    out in the open,
    yet you turn away and close your eyes,
    as if you can’t bear to see them.

    By Melanie on 10.11.2011

  32. Convicting someone of a crime. Maybe a crime they didn’t really commit. Maybe failing to convict someone of a crime they did commit. A strong belief in something. Religion. Faith. God. Being sure of something, having no doubts. Unwavering. Unchangeable. Unstoppable.

    By Hayley on 10.11.2011

  33. Conviction can mean determination and that is a good thing to have in your life. A conviction can mean that you have been accused of a crime. What a difference an “a” makes.

    By Christine Vellacott on 10.11.2011

  34. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing? An X-acto knife? Could the woman have been her sister? Her Aunt Tabitha? Now she was being convicted and there was no telling what she would have done with the fetus she cut out of the other woman’s belly. It was the grossest thing she’d ever known.

    By Mel on 10.11.2011

  35. I really believe that I need to have conviction in order to be successful in what I need to do. If I really love something, I will have the conviction to go after it. I have to avoid procrastinating here, as well.

    By jb on 10.11.2011

  36. He had spoken with such conviction: “I will never marry. Absolutely never!”

    But here he was in his nicest suit, the ring in his pocket.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.11.2011

  37. It’s easy to sidetrack yourself in choice. For most, choice simply doesn’t exist. It’s not a choice to be homosexual or heterosexual, not a choice to be religious or nonreligious. It’s a conviction. The only way to change a conviction is by arguing about it.

    By Anonymous on 10.11.2011

  38. Conviction is when a person is determined to do something. Or a person is sentenced to death or community service. Convicts clean up America’s highways but people with guns have to follow them around so that they don’t run away and rape lots of people or kill someone.

    By Zoe on 10.11.2011

  39. I wish i had a passion for something. Something other than making sure bills were paid, the guy i liked is thinking about me, how i look when i go out into the world, but everyday these things overcome any type of potential passion i could ever develop.

    By joanna on 10.11.2011

  40. Youre convicting me on a daily basis. I want to leave. Im hurt daily, and cant overcome it. Im so tired of this SHIT. I Cut, mom. Ad I’ve tried anorexia, youre lucky im too fat to not eat, and bulimia too, except i cant puke. Sucks huh?

    By rachel on 10.11.2011