May 10th, 2011 | 534 Entries

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534 Entries for “console”

  1. The center console, she says. The center console. That word is so strange, yet so familiar. And she so dumb. But she uses it nonetheless, and I sit there and think about it. And I can’t stop thinking and my thoughts are everywhere. All the worse places as I reach towards the center console.

    By Emily. on 05.10.2011

  2. to hold an arm around the crying body of a friend, who is lost, or perhaps suffering a loss… i need someone to console me because the man I love can never love me. I accept this, but it doesn’t stop my suffering. Please console me.

    By Scottie on 05.10.2011

  3. I want to console, be consoled, love, and be loved. Consolation is not a prize; it’s earned.

    By Marta on 05.10.2011

  4. I already wrote something about this. But consoling is like, comforting. Like, a crying child. Give him ice cream. You know, unless he’s lactose intolerant. Then that would be bad. Give him… gumballs instead… (;

    By Alyx Irene URL on 05.10.2011

  5. to identify, comfort, love, create, inspire, consolidate, love love love, show you care, believe, trust, faith, empathy, sympathy, hug, warmth, embrace, belief, faith, trust, undeniable fact, begin.

    By ali russo on 05.10.2011

  6. I once had a very shiny console at the age of paltry six. It was the idol of my childhood and what was main target of my directed attention. It held all my possible Utopian dreams for the day, which truthfully, consisted only of getting past that so cankerous level in Super Mario – or whichever ever Nintendo published game I was toying with that day. It remains a grand skyscraper of nostalgia in my memory, and through these oncoming tempests of homework and future worries that seek to envelop it, it will demonstrate its true engineering genius and endure it all.

    By Alex Cancio on 05.10.2011

  7. Jon patted the NES lovingly. “It’s all right… we’ve shared so many good times together.” He thought he’d play it one last time, just for old time’s sake. After he plugged in all the cables and pushed the giant box of a power cable into the wall socket, he pressed the power button. The screen flashed green and shut off again over and over and the red power light blinked.

    “Good ol’ NES,” he shrugged. The hinge creaked as he took the Super Mario 3 cartridge out of the console and blew in it causing dust to waft up, before placing it gently back inside and pressing it down. He tried pushing the power button again. The familiar tune echoed out of the television’s speakers and the pixelly cartoon startup screen appeared. He smiled and played for a few minutes before turning it back off.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make someone else very happy,” he said.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.10.2011

  8. The thing between my front car seats, and trying to help a friend who is down feel better. The pronunciation is strange, and two totally separate meanings. I want to dig out the OED and see what it’s got to say. I bet my car console isn’t in there.

    By Melanie on 05.10.2011

  9. I am consoled by the fact that you love me. Your life and my love are on in the same. Without your consolation I would be lost. Without your enticing care for me, I would be lost. For you are the world, nothing more, nothing less.

    By Katie on 05.10.2011

  10. Ever since I was injured I have a hard time consoling someone. Its like I can’t stand people whineing.But I feel so bad about that.

    By Alex on 05.10.2011

  11. I did what I could to fix the situation. I tried. And that is enough, as long as I keep going.

    By Swifty URL on 05.10.2011

  12. it is some kind of new radio has to be diferent i love music has a lot of diferences may be the first need in a conert there are a lot of kinds of these guillermo has one in his house u

    By Karla stella on 05.10.2011

  13. to make someone feel better about themselves. To help them understand that life goes on. To help them in that present moment with the way they are feeling. To make someone feel happy about themselves and not so hurt sad angry or anything their feeling. To let them know that life is life and sometimes you have to just take it as it comes and deal with it.

    By alyssa URL on 05.10.2011

  14. I love to console you, but I hate when you need it. I never want you to feel sad, but when you do I will fill your world with light and love and be sure that you are safe. I want you to know that no matter how dark it may be I will be your light and I will venture into that darkness with you and for you.

    By Nicole Corwin URL on 05.10.2011

  15. I tried to console her as best as I could, but nothing I did would work. She just kept crying; her body shaking violently with every sob. My heart broke with every cry that came from her red lips. I so badly wanted to hold her and make all of her troubles go away; I wanted to make her bright green eyes shine again.

    By Samantha URL on 05.10.2011

  16. The water in the falls and the mist in the air went pretty far in consoling Jensen that the world hadn’t gone completely bat shit crazy. Still, it was a pretty hard sell considering all that he’d seen in the past few days. He guessed he’d take the consolations where he could find them.

    By chole URL on 05.10.2011

  17. i hope you feel better, he says. he leaves, closing the door softly behind him.

    That’s so unlike him. unlike his usual roughness. unlike when he broke my arm. unlike when he gave me this giant bruise, crushing my ribs.

    By patty on 05.10.2011

  18. I need something to console me… I can’t contain my rage right now, the fury at all of them, but most of all, my hurt. I need something, no, someone else on the outside to look to – but their is no one and for now all I have is my music.

    By Mina on 05.10.2011

  19. I felt like nothing, I felt like I was dying, and one night, one of those terrible nights, I woke up with the monsters in my heart… they burned everything inside my mind, they consoled what was inside. I can’t give up, at least that is what they said

    By leis on 05.10.2011

  20. i weep at others and i want them to feel better. I empathize when i console. It makes me feel better. To be consoled is one of the most important feelings, no one like to be alone. To feel like another is their for you in an undeniable human love

    By Haley Bollinger on 05.10.2011

  21. Console the lonely, for they are the ones that are forgotten. Console your friends, because they hide their secrets the easiest. Console those closest to you, because they are the hardest to reach. Console yourself, or else you will not do any of the above.

    By Sue on 05.10.2011

  22. She was so hurt. Crying so hard on my shoulder, i had nothing to do but console her. It devistated me to the core of my being, to the very soul of me. I felt like I did not do enough by just consoling her.

    By megan on 05.10.2011

  23. playstation, games, i have no idea

    By Madeline Phillips on 05.10.2011

  24. i didn’t know what to say… so i left.
    you could’ve said anything.
    you think that i have that sort of power?
    yeah. she would’ve accepted anything. consoling people isnt like offering philosophical insight into their lives.

    By ella URL on 05.10.2011

  25. There is no consolation for one broken so many times. Any consolation is snatched away, accused of being an inappropriate want, an inappropriate need.

    By Dawn on 05.10.2011

  26. How can he console me when I am crying for the other man? My lover is dead. The one who sleeps beside me knows I am in pain, but has no idea I am crying for the loss of much more than a friend.

    By Pinky URL on 05.10.2011

  27. I wish I could console.
    I wish I could pick people up
    and carry them out of the dead of night.
    But my voice is weak,
    my wording is awkward
    and I can’t seem to say anything right.
    Any attempt just makes things worse.
    But I’m not insensitive. I really try.

    By Faro URL on 05.10.2011

  28. I seek the advise of the wise
    and I am let down by their disgrace
    I ask for help and I am shot through the heart
    I feel I am a disappointment
    I feel I cannot make them happy
    Who is there to be my shoulder to cry on?
    Is there anyone left at all…….

    By Kari Norene on 05.10.2011

  29. i took a moment to reflect on the situation. Next to me sat the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen, softly crying. what was i to do? i slowly reached my arm around her slender waist and brushed her hair behind her ear. “Everything’s going to be alright.

    By Josh on 05.10.2011

  30. Their attempts at consoling their friend seemed to be failing as her sobs grew louder and seemed to be clawing their way out of her chest. They put comforting hands on her back, knowing full well that it was all they could do. The true happiness would evade her until she let it come forth.

    By Aaia URL on 05.10.2011

  31. My parents try to console me but they don’t understand how I think or feel. I know they love me but I wish they would stop acting like they know exactly how I feel and stop speculating about why I feel that way. They don’t understand so they should just accept that and accept that maybe I’m more in tune with my emotions and over-all well-being than they are.

    By theghost URL on 05.10.2011

  32. my heart in the car sole of shoe con man loving consistent comfortable soul mate just a word console me love me tell me how pretty u think i am

    By Kerri on 05.10.2011

  33. she feared that there would be no comfort, only pain. nothing cold console her now that her worst fears were looming on the horizon. should she just stand around waiting for fate to catch up with her or run, run, run?

    By nicole on 05.10.2011

  34. xbox gaming is the death of the creative mind in children. it will end our human race, through obessity. do not consult your doctor, jesus you text you later

    By josh URL on 05.10.2011

  35. The center console of my car is filled with sauces from fast-food restaurants. Every time I open it, it reminds me of the weight I have gained in the past few years. I feel ashamed.

    By Ashton Towne on 05.10.2011

  36. Console my soul, I long for your love my heart burns. Console my tears I cry for the long lost years. Console my ears for all the negative I’ve ever heard.

    By Michelle B. on 05.10.2011

  37. Game consoles are the soul of our young society it feeds the very core of our children and robs them of their attentions spans.

    By Patrick on 05.10.2011

  38. i really wanted to get a different word than this because i dont know what to write about it. anddd…yep. thats all.

    By Samm URL on 05.10.2011

  39. Console? That’s my word. What the heck is that? Remote console? Or console someone when they are down. Lying is what it is. To make some one feel better. Why do we lie so much? To console. We really need “man” up

    By Ayay on 05.10.2011

  40. A console is a place in the center of the car, in between the two front seats. It reminds me of the Sable that my mom used to have. The center console would fold up into a seat, and I would have to sit there. It only made sense, seeing as I was the smallest. The seats were not leather, but speckled. I still have to fold up and sit there.

    By Lauren on 05.10.2011