May 10th, 2011 | 534 Entries

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534 Entries for “console”

  1. She tried to console her but she just shrugged her off. Kaylee never had seen her this way before, her younger sister had always been kind and fragile but everything had obviously gone way to far.

    By Sayge URL on 05.10.2011

  2. Something about comfort i think.

    By alena URL on 05.10.2011

  3. What will it take to console me? Can I ever be whole again? confident again? sure of my place in his heart again? I don’t know what it will take, or if the result is achievable at all, but I’m going to try and find out what it is. That he is here is my one true consolation.

    By Andie on 05.10.2011

  4. I drew my eyes quickly over the console, looking for the pistol I had left lying there. It was gone. I felt the intruders gaze burning into my face as she pushed the point of her blade deeper into my ribs.

    By Mr E URL on 05.10.2011

  5. Games consoles takes people’s mind.

    By Antonia on 05.10.2011

  6. how could I console her, when it was my fault he was dead. He was just trying to protect me. I should have told him what I really was. That I could handle myself. I should have been faster, I could have saved him.

    By Cat URL on 05.10.2011

  7. the computer console of the game was os hard to understand that I amost threw it away. I wanted to lay the game but the game wouldnt work and I was getting angry. #Why wasnt it working it was kmew. I had just gotten it for hhg

    By La on 05.10.2011

  8. hmmm… console like the emotional response or like and electronic console…

    There was no consoling her. Her world had just ended. Everything felt numb. Looking out the window, seeing people outside, walking by, going about their days… sunlight, leaves waving in the breeze… It all seemed surreal. Muffled in a way. She stopped speaking in time. What was the point? Nobody listened. She had talked. She had screamed! And nobody did a thing. No one had done anything at all. Words were useless. Why talk at all.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.10.2011

  9. I console the cold of the stars,
    I carry the weight of latitudes,
    the ages of all forms and all forgiveness.

    By cuellum on 05.10.2011

  10. Console. Con-sole. Depending on your emphasis, you have a piece of hardware, or a verb. I like the verb better. It seems to have a longer history. And history is nothing if not fascinating. Etymology!

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 05.10.2011

  11. She put her hand on her shoulder, making soft noises in an attempt to console her, but she smacked her hand away. Lucy turned to look at her with cold eyes. A single tear beaded out of her eye, and she turned to leave her. Never again would anyone try to console Lucy. She turned into the lost cause that she never hoped to be.

    By lovedaily URL on 05.10.2011

  12. Consoling a friend is one of the nicest things you can do. Sympathizing with them, then attempting to cheer them up can lift anyone’s spirits.

    By McCall URL on 05.10.2011

  13. xbox
    xbox 360

    By steve on 05.10.2011

  14. The console was beeping. If it wasn’t such a dire situation I would have laughed at the cliche. There was literally in front of me, a console, flashing red, and beeping. It was ridiculous. Still, we were heading uncontrollably towards the Occlusion, and hell it was the last place I wanted to be. I hit a few switches, kicked a level, spun around and slam dunked a gear chip. Thrusters fired and we were propelled to safety once again…

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.10.2011

  15. Take 2

    His fingers darted across the console but nothing seemed to be working right. “Damn it” he thought. It was as if all knowledge of how to operate the system had left him. Lights blinked, images and messages flew by, but he didn’t know how to interpret them or what buttons to press in response. He’d known it before. He knew he’d known it before. Hadn’t he?

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.10.2011

  16. Devin does not like consoles. I dont know why. I like to put stuff on my console like my tv and things like that.

    By Ian URL on 05.10.2011

  17. As he holds her tight in his arms, he thinks about the evening’s events. He knows there is nothing he can say, or do, to conquer her pain. Her anguish and grief are not without warrant. He wants to say something, but he knows it wouldn’t make a difference. He can feel her breath on his chest, as he waits for time to pass.

    By Tanya on 05.10.2011

  18. is something used ot cotrol something, a board with buttons and switches tha do different tasks. manmade items can have consoles, usually electronic or technological.

    By wa-wa on 05.10.2011

  19. Video game console. Fun. Playing with friends. Creates bonds between people. Entertainment. Transforms dull and boring moments. Brings back memories. Family entertainment. Relieves boredom. (Almost) a free activity.

    By Cristina on 05.10.2011

  20. I am constantly the one who has to console her friends. All my friends have disasters which they come to me to help them fix. Whether it be “i broke up with my boyfriend”, or “my parents are divorcing”, i always have to deal with my friends’ shit. It’s annoying sometimes, but it’s nice to know that they trust me.

    By Lela on 05.10.2011

  21. He bent foreward to console me. I turned and stared down his hand on its’ way to my shoulder and it faltered…Then ceased its’ path. His eyes whispered “Why?” but his face knew. I couldn’t forgive, even in the light of such a tragedy. What was there is STILL gone and no sudden jolt to my life was going to change that. The separation was not mutual, but a requirement. This weight would be born on my own.

    By JustAPoet URL on 05.10.2011

  22. makes me think of one of those old giant floor tvs from the 70’s and 80’s. Called em console tvs.

    By Sherri on 05.10.2011

  23. A console is one of the most interesting sources of consolation. It allows one to enter the life of another in a rather wonderful way. It allows one to ignore one’s own troubles and to take up those of another.

    By Wes URL on 05.10.2011

  24. To bring comfort to someone. Thats how you console someone, to comfort someone when there down or to just try and brighten there day.

    By Alison URL on 05.10.2011

  25. the

    By Megan URL on 05.10.2011

  26. He had never been one for consoling crying women; their faces would grow red, their eyes would overflow, tears dragging thick lines of mascara and eyeliner down over their cheeks (and eventually onto his shirts). And then there was the wailing…The entire thing was repulsive.
    He braced himself for the outburst, but it never came. She simply turned away from him, easing her weary body down onto a nearby boulder. Her shoulders shook faintly in the light from the fire, but she made no sounds, gave no real indication of her pain.

    By Sheila URL on 05.10.2011

  27. The electronic console before him in the cockpit hummed with a brief joy. He gave it a smirk and returned to fine-tuning its many buttons and screens. He’d worked with it before, and he’d probably always work with it as well.

    By Mike Mcpeeper on 05.10.2011

  28. Crying, dying, lying. She couldn’t stop anything. Her entire life ripped at the seams. The fabric of who she was shredded to peaces in a matter of seconds. The screams. The sirens. Nothing seemed real. All seemed lost and surreal. Running through slow motion in a dream. All she felt was the hand on her back that belong to a close friend that she couldn’t remember the name of; “I guess I love her,” was her only thought.

    By Madi URL on 05.10.2011

  29. to console is one of the greatest things a human being can do for one another. everyone needs a little help, a small amount of reassurance that everything will be okay in the end. to console is to remind someone that you are never alone.

    By Kelly on 05.10.2011

  30. verb – to offer consolation to one who suffered or is suffering.
    noun – a table like structure usually with a control panel for electrical apparatus.

    By Bob Luke. on 05.10.2011

  31. He consoled me. I was sad to think that it would end this way but thats the way things were going to be. He rested his hand on top of my hand as cold teardrops ran down my cheeks.

    By jennifer on 05.10.2011

  32. I sat at teh console, playing with buttons. Nothing seemed to work, although there were an awful lot of words flowing across the screen. I hit a dark blue button, and was rewarded with a dim light and a whir coming from inside the machine. The words stopped flowing. It was working.

    By Andrew Fisher on 05.10.2011

  33. sadness overcomes until someone is there to help. someone will be there to hold your soul. to console every part of your being. Whether accomplished or not, that is their aim. Find someone to console. To help when needed, to be there when wanted, and to try all possible to console.

    By loki on 05.10.2011

  34. You Harry put his arms around her, rubbing his hands up and down her back, feeling the change of texture from tank top to soft, soft skin. Some things in life couldn’t be helped, consoled, or fixed. the situation with her father was one of these. Harry had always known that life was not like a disney cartoon, with the evil always vanquished and the absentee parents suddenly caring, the children unnaffected by their heretofor cold prescence. What he had not known was the feeling of utter helpnessness, of cold horror, that would come from being unable to help his friend.

    By obscenecupcake URL on 05.10.2011

  35. there, here, anywhere. be there for someone one. console someone. needed, wanted. be wanted, be needed.

    By snuggle on 05.10.2011

  36. His eyes were tearing up from the hours spent staring at the buzzing screen. He rubbed at them, and then scowled when the console fritzed. Slapping a hand on the side of the screen, he prayed that he’d get the signal back. He heard the screeching start up outside his bunker. He didn’t let his imagination linger on what was out there; the door was still strong enough to keep his fears at bay. Instead, he hunkered down back into his blanket, popped the tab on another beer, and continued his waiting for a response from any soul still living out there.

    By wulfcade URL on 05.10.2011

  37. I want to console her but suddenly I don’t know how, though I have embraced the dying and their loved ones so often that my arms have memorized the dance but they stutter now and hang useless as a tongue in the mouth of an old dog spent and sightless by a fire.

    By nannan on 05.10.2011

  38. The old TV was one with a console. The whole unit sat on the floor, and by now it was so ancient it could legitimately be called an antique. George wouldn’t let it go, though. It was the last item he had to remember his mother and his father by.

    By Karen URL on 05.10.2011

  39. Is it bad that my mind first jumped straight to a sony playstation or an x-box? Shouldn’t I have thought of the sharing of empathy with another human, or helping a fellow man through an anguished time? But then again isn’t that just what those systems do now a days anyway- they are the new friend for hire right?

    By Trista URL on 05.10.2011

  40. They tried their hardest to fight their way to the console, it was the only solution, yes it would mean all of them on the ship all die but it would kill billions were it allowed to follow its current course.

    By hannahj URL on 05.10.2011