February 20th, 2017 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “concert”

  1. Concert
    two hearts in harmony
    playing the music of love
    rhythm meeting rhythm
    in our passionate symphony

    By poetwarrior on 02.20.2017

  2. It rose like a great symphony in body. The first pluck of heartstrings put a sharp tension in my chest, and I knelt down to try and breath. Next, a rhythm barely traceable; a stinted heartbeat making swift, silent contractions to the beat of the cacophony of voices screaming in my head. Then, a crescendo – like a wave it moves from the tip of my extremities inward toward my chest, numbing everything it touches on the way. It meets where the concert began – at my heart – and I black out with watery eyes, in awe of its sheer force.

    When I woke up, I was a spectator, and not the hall.

    By mistyfizz URL on 02.21.2017

  3. music

    last Sunday





    New Year


    By Lidia on 02.21.2017

  4. Music


    Last Sunday.





    New Year

    By lidimoon URL on 02.21.2017

  5. “Vamos al concierto”, dije, enamorado. Pero ella solo supo mirar atrás y seguir caminando. “¿Qué le ocurre a esta tía?”, pensé mientras seguía sus piernas en fuga. “No lo entiendo, y quizás no la entienda nunca”.

    By David DM URL on 02.21.2017

  6. Beautiful concert did change my life. The experience at Table Mountain just listening to beauty while surrounded by beauty in nature and the people I was with. The concert was almost the background. It was a gathering of many different people to experience the same beautiful thing.

    By Kayleigh P URL on 02.21.2017

  7. Emily and Lisa were ecstatic. They could hardy believe they won tickets to the concert in the raffle. The concert was a perfect way for them to enjoy their favorite thing together.

    By Wendy URL on 02.21.2017

  8. There will never be anything else in my mind than the way his words tipped off his tongue. Like art. Like music.

    And I swear to God, his concert was for my ears only.

    By F URL on 02.21.2017

  9. The world doesn’t understand. It’s as though they find us to be the odd ones. But truly they just can’t. They don’t know. They’re too cut off to hear the concert that only we can. That’s how I know we’re perfect.

    By Charles Encharge on 02.21.2017

  10. The music pulsed around her. She tried to weave her way through the crowd of people who were dancing, crushing up against each other, trying to get closer. She ducked her head and went as fast as she could. She had to get out of there. She had to find a way through. She finally reached the back of the mob.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.21.2017

  11. Louise thought Naveen was going to the Milkweed Parlor concert with her, but instead, when she knocked on the door, his beautiful sister answered. She was already dressed for the occasion: Leather jacket, tight jeans, hoop earrings. Her tank top had the band’s logo blazing across it like hot fire. Louise felt her collar tighten. She sweated under her coat.

    “Um…is Naveen here?” she asked.

    His beautiful sister smiled a toothy smile and produced a ticket from her jacket. “You’re stuck with me, babe.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.21.2017

  12. We were in a crowd and it was getting louder by the second. We were in the front and the music was so loud that I could feel the beat. It was amazing. I’ll never forget my first concert.

    By angel on 02.21.2017

  13. I sat on his shoulders to look at the stage and sing along to the songs at the top of my lungs. I promised I would never go to another concert without him to hold me high. That was the last concert I ever went to.

    By Maddy on 02.21.2017

  14. Bon Jovi, totally envious of my older sister while I sat outside and waited in the car. She sang in the lobby and got a sneak peak of the show. High school memories…. big hair, loud music, posters in the bedrooms of teens across the city.

    By JS on 02.21.2017

  15. Place des Arts steps in Montreal, listening to the outdoor jazz strains across the smoky venue. Children baking in the hot sun, feet dangling in the water fountain. Someone mist me please.

    By JS on 02.21.2017

  16. Concerts are about when singers go on a live stage and sing songs to a live audience. They are most of the time previewed by little not as famous singers that lead up to the main singer.

    By Jonathan Walsh on 02.21.2017

  17. my fav music band Is “bullet for my valentine” favsong is scream aim fire

    By ian URL on 02.21.2017

  18. I don’t like concerts much. I find them very loud and bright, opposite to my tastes. I like to stay indoors and watch TV. A concert on TV is more pleasing for me.

    By Shreya URL on 02.21.2017

  19. The first things that come to my mind when I think of a concert, is lights, glamor, energy, craziness. People dancing like crazy loosing control of themselves and giving themselves to all in to the atmosphere that they are soaked into.

    By Secret on 02.21.2017

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    By Rahul on 02.21.2017

  21. concert is werd and

    By bailey on 02.21.2017

  22. The place I’d like to be in a few weeks. She’s the famous witch. Her voice, unlike any other, haunts my dreams. She won’t come again, and I’ll miss it. Oh to have ease and money to attend concerts whenever I wish.

    By Stephanie on 02.21.2017

  23. she finally found a parking spot, not the best one, but it was good enough. As she got out of her car it started to rain. Annoyed, she ran inside, and searched for the proper stadium in the complex. When she found her seat, the concert had just started. Then the artist came on stage.
    That was when the bomb exploded.

    By Payton URL on 02.21.2017

  24. Concert – a word that conveys’ music. A wrd that convey’s coordination. as in conert. Also too a cord that means people helping each other. A word that means focus. How i can exert concerted effor twith others. I

    By louie on 02.21.2017

  25. O concerto foi ótimo. Era minha banda favorita e eu estava curtindo tudo com minha namorada. Foi o melhor dia da minha vida. Até a hora da volta, é claro. Tudo aconteceu naquela estrada. O carro veio na nossa direção e eu não pude fazer nada.

    By Taivell URL on 02.21.2017

  26. dance concerts are my favorite things. i love watching them but mostly being in them. performing on stage is my favourite thing in the world!

    By hannah URL on 02.21.2017

  27. it’s so loud i can feel the noise
    there are people all around me
    jumping up and down, screaming
    i feel dizzy, but i paid for this

    By stranger on 02.21.2017

  28. The music was a beautiful thing. It filled my hears and my heart. I closed my eyes. I opened them suddenly. I heard a noise. All around me there was smoke and people were screaming. Fire. Danger. I was afraid of what would happen next.

    By soapdog on 02.21.2017

  29. Concert. I’ve never been to a concert unless you count the school choir concerts last year. I didn’t like those, but I am going to see Taylor Swift next time she comes to Seattle. But that won’t be till 2018, according to her.

    By circusgymgirl URL on 02.21.2017

  30. i love dancing and like to do a concert with all my beloved ones which i want to dedicate to my family. I am planning to do this on occasion of my brother’s marriage and plan a surprise for him

    By manasa on 02.22.2017

  31. I don’t know what concert really means.I think it is a function for promotion of a piece of music or something else.I Just don’t know anything about this word.Hmm.Concerts are held by actors

    By Daniyal URL on 02.22.2017

  32. the sound was roaring louder than the thunder that rolled in, rain spattering across the laser spectrum the gigantic screens created. her heartbeat thudded loud enough to make her teeth chatter, spittle and raindrops clinging to her lips, throat and nose dry from the different smoke she’d inhaled.

    By Pallavi Varma on 02.22.2017

  33. I went to the concert at bestival and now I realise I’m just writing a whole load of crap and it’s making me laugh. That’s a bit weird. Lights. Tripping on acid and the lights. Somehow it looked like every time I looked up it was the northern lights, which has quite a strange latin name. Is it latin? I assume so. Either way it looked m

    By Jimmi Sandham on 02.22.2017

  34. It’s said that performers are the people in a theatre facing the wrong way.

    By George on 02.22.2017

  35. The hall was busy with people of all ages jumping and bouncing around to the music. The group playing on stage encouraged the audience to shout louder and the singer threw his shirt.

    By Ariane on 02.22.2017

  36. Friday night, opening show and there’s no fucker here and I don’t know for the life of me why I am crying because that bitch Michelle put glitter under my eyes to make them pop but there’s nobody for them to even pop at.

    By Jack on 02.22.2017

  37. Concert- a concert grand piano is too big for my room so I’ll get a boudoir instead. I can’t afford a new one obviously- they cost zillions but you can get refurbished ones that are pretty good although some bugger has probably already played a billion notes on the damn thing

    By .stepeh glascoe on 02.22.2017

  38. estoy en un concierto en londres. todo calla, todos escuchan. me vienen a la cabeza imagenes de bosques y hadas. todo termina demasiado pronto, es una lástima que no dure un día o un año más, la vida sigue pero no habrá momentos tan interesantes como este, esa es mi opinión, quizá infundada para una no melómana

    By concha lopez on 02.22.2017

  39. I couldn’t believe how crazy people were at the concert. I mean, it wasn’t even a very famous singer performing. I don’t like concerts like this.

    By Wendy URL on 02.22.2017

  40. the effort was grave
    it didn’t improve the shade
    but what did i expect from the mess i made
    it was easy for you to duck the fade
    but i still pulled you in and played my spade

    By Kendra Allen on 02.22.2017