October 13th, 2011 | 378 Entries

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378 Entries for “compassion”

  1. Compassion is a very intense word I actually wrote about this today about an hour ago about keeping an open mind and a compassionate heart. Very import an in life.

    By Leslie Marie on 10.13.2011

  2. Compassion is perhaps the most difficult kind of passion to have towards one another, especially when we have done one another wrong.

    By Chrystal URL on 10.13.2011

  3. I have compassion for those people around me. This is what God calls me to do. God has compassion upon me, every single moment of my life. Even when I mess up completely, he is still compassionate. And so, because God loved me first, I will others. Put others before myself and have compassion for the things that the Lord has compassion for. For the weak for the lost even for those who are strong and find themselves to be strong, because even they are weak in their pride and need compassion. I pray for compassion.

    By Marina URL on 10.13.2011

  4., essentially. like how she felt for the bitty blonde kid who destroys everyone’s sculptures. after her boyfriend pushed him to the ground.

    By Shoshana on 10.13.2011

  5. i am sitting here in barnes and nobel, pretending to do schoolwork, across from my other (who thinks she is convincingly pretending to do schoolwork as well, but I can see her phone. she isn’t very subtle). we just had an argument. per usual. so i am sitting here, after an argument with my mother, pretending to do schoolwork, and i think, “wouldn’t it be funny if the word today strikes some sort of chord with all of my problems with my mom, or something blatantly sentimental about them, or some obvious way to solve them?” and the word is compassion. of course it is.

    i chuckled. (almost blew my cover.)

    By phoetus URL on 10.13.2011

  6. Darwin did not usually have compassion for a human, let alone the spoiled royal types, but when he first saw the Princess in his dreams, he knew she would be different. Before even meeting Lia, the wise Dragon felt protective of her.

    By Mrs. Leigha Desmond URL on 10.13.2011

  7. So many people have had compassion for me, I should be grateful. Richard did. I think of him often now, which is strange considering he was such a small part of my life for such a short time. I was so young then. I feel as if I have aged forty years.

    By Nymeria URL on 10.13.2011

  8. Her fingers had magic in them. Her eyes moved from the shining nails to the pads of the fingertips, and why were they so soft if all she had to do each day was scrub the neighbors’ laundry clean in harsh lye and hard soap? the fingers danced a little, like the butterfly nearby, where the light from kew gardens filtered into the soil.

    By Jessica URL on 10.13.2011

  9. i have nothing but compassion for the old people i see sitting alone on a bench i know that inside they still feel twenty but they KNOW the world does not see them anymore despite the fact they have so much too offer

    By Patti URL on 10.13.2011

  10. He turned is face toward hers, light glittering in the moistness of his eyes. And she knew right then that no matter what happened, no matter what she had done, he would love her. He would forgive her. His look held such a tender, loving compassion that it made her heart melt. She was his. She had always been his, and she would always be her his. “Take me”. She said, and together they fell.

    By SiriuslyRemus34 URL on 10.13.2011

  11. Compassion is something not to have but to give. To be compassionate is truly wonderful and irreplaceable. It’s something that everybody wants but only the fortunate get.

    By raychel on 10.13.2011

  12. Compassion. We need more of it, I guess. The every-one-for-themselves thing isn’t working so well.

    By strotherahill URL on 10.13.2011

  13. I barely even believe that compassion exists in the world anymore, but can anyone really blame me? I look around and I see a bunch of people who just go about their days and live their lives and don’t ever think twice about the people around them. On the rare occasion that compassion actually shows its face, it’s almost always selfish.

    By Theresa URL on 10.13.2011

  14. so it goes:

    tongue caressing your name
    against the sound of dishonest teeth

    maybe you’d laugh boyishly
    swinging in a gait that looks more like
    controlled falling.

    but then again, i wouldn’t know


    eyes purple from an unwound clock
    naked and tired and dry but i don’t care

    still, with your name on my lips

    i can hear murmurs from the first floor kitchen.
    he’s crying now, lost
    in the stairway looking for
    a way out
    (but there are no answers.)

    in the dark, my compassion sits so lost
    perhaps i could be a murderer.


    we’ve learned to smile again

    the smell of wet asphalt and young grass makes me wonder
    about your class picture.
    my bitten nails
    trace reverently, the contours of

    your bleary
    hollowed face

    and maybe this time i can remember your name

    By invinculis URL on 10.13.2011

  15. Compassion.
    It’s what I feel when I go to India and see poor children roaming the streets begging for money.
    It’s what I feel when I watch helpless dogs be taken into their inevitable doom at the pound.
    It’s what I feel when I look at people who are letting life fly by their eyes.

    By Natasha on 10.13.2011

  16. I wish the world had more compassion in it. People go on and on about having a passion for something all the time. We don’t need more “passion”. We need more compassion.

    Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if everyone was just nice to each other.

    Will this do?

    By Dave on 10.13.2011

  17. when you care very deeply about someone or something. parents can have compassion for their kids, a couple in a relationship can have compassion for one another in a more intimate context, and compassion means that you are very caring and loving towards others and have a good outlook on life!

    By Gabriella on 10.13.2011

  18. Compassion, there are those who feel it and those who don’t. There are those who act on it and those who don’t. There are those who hide it and those who don’t. But we all have it, whether we want to or not.

    By Natasha on 10.13.2011

  19. Throw out the ‘self determiniation’ materialistically based belief systems and see the humanity. We are one. Not everyone is born with an equal chance at prosperity. Show compassion, see compassion, be compassion.

    By neanymac on 10.13.2011

  20. He knew not compassion and so could not endure receiving it as his friends and lovers so openly did. Emotions tied to his intimate being were a foreign concept to him, something so utterly alien that he could not bare to look it in the eye and accept it for what it was; he shoved the feelings down until they were naught but a smoldering ash in his core.

    By Ambrose URL on 10.13.2011

  21. The light of his tears glittered in the sunlight.
    ”You mean it? Can I come home?”
    This time, this girl, this foreign woman, was filled with compassion. Something the couple hadn’t seen in years. Maybe it had taken a while, but the thing is; it was worth it.

    By Sarah on 10.13.2011

  22. compassion is nice. niceness and kindness. i dont really use this word a lot. it sounds really nice and i’m more of a raw, truth, tell-it-like-it-is person. reality is tough and life isn’t fair, i think the word compassion is sort of a different view on life than mine. i really don’t even like this word that much. it’s in our core values at school but i think it sounds stupid. compassion…..passion about something? i don’t even know. me and this word don’t have much of a relationship…….yeaaahhh i don’t care about it. i like to be nice to people but not “compassionate”.

    By Briana on 10.13.2011

  23. The young little boy stared up into his grandpa’s face. “Grandpa, please don’t leave.” The man just smiled and embraced the boy.
    “We all have to leave this earth someday, son.”
    An idea popped into the boy’s head.
    “Wait here.”
    He came back a couple of minutes later with a piece of paper in his hand.
    “Grandpa, I drew this for you.”

    By OnTheRoadtoHappiness URL on 10.13.2011

  24. You’ve always been dark and emotionless.

    You didn’t give a care to the world, it could all go to hell for all you cared.

    You were quiet, but spoke your opinions when your emotions were stirred.

    You were fierce, you were determined. You were independent.

    But, now…in this life-or-death situation, you seem…more open, kinder towards me.

    More dependent.

    More compassionate.

    And…I kind of like this part of you.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.13.2011

  25. That story got me thinking about your compassion for us. Your kindness. Your deepest desire to help us. To heal our pain. To raise our dead. To free us.

    By Little Shark on 10.13.2011

  26. Compassion is the thing on life that shows people that you care. it makes everyone feel loved and wanted. who wouldn’t want that? i have someone who shows me this everyday,and idk what i would do without him. thanks so much Dominic… i love you babe(:

    By Lauren on 10.13.2011

  27. you wanted my compassion,
    but denied my affections.
    but its ok, i only put my entire life in your hands…

    By katie URL on 10.13.2011

  28. Compassion.
    What is it? If I tear open your cheast, will I find it there?
    If I rip out your veins and drain your blood, will I find it there?
    If I crack open your skull, can I find it there?

    By Cady Williams on 10.13.2011

  29. no one has much compassion anymore i just don’t see it anymore. I hope I have compassion. I really do. But I don’t think I do sometimes, I judge myself wrongly most of the time. I think I have some compassion. I’ve shown it once. Twice, maybe. But life needs more compassion.

    By Tarisa Olinski on 10.13.2011

  30. what i feel when i get with you. how i am when i feel the need to do something. focused, zoned in, nothing can get in my way. loving you, and everything about you, about anything, about whatever i’m doing at that moment. i’m compassionate when it comes to you, because you are my everything. always will be. there’s nothing in the world i’d rather be more compassionate about.

    By Amal Hijazi on 10.13.2011

  31. when someone loves something and feels for them with all their heart and soul no matter what. they appreciate those around them and love them for who they are and nothing else.

    By Lydia Hemmerly on 10.13.2011

  32. i love this website soooo much.

    By jane on 10.13.2011

  33. I feel like my heart is breaking but the trouble is not my own. I feel hurt but the sorrow is not mine. Why must I feel so much compassion for others. Sometimes I think I have too much compassion.

    By Michaels on 10.13.2011

  34. It was raining very hard last Wednesday. I was the only one left at the fx. The driver dropped me off the nearest jeep station. I was so grateful. I REALIZED THAT COMPASSION DOES STILL EXIST. :)

    By Cindy URL on 10.13.2011

  35. Before you, I was just a kid.
    An innocent child…
    Picking flowers in feilds
    and eating ice cream
    and throwing on whatever I could find in my closet.
    I didn’t care about anyone’s opinion…just my own.
    My biggest problems were with my friends and my little sister.
    Life was so simple before you.

    When I saw you,
    my eyes opened for the first time: brown eyes, amazing smile; an image of perfection
    When you touched me,
    I could feel for the first time: tingles, butterflies, and fire
    When you hugged me,
    I could smell for the first time: a mixture of cheap cologne and fresh fruit and rebellion
    You had me from the start
    I fell under the twisted, fatal spell
    you cast over me when I had my back turned.
    You caught me unawares.
    I fought, but it was useless.
    The pull was too strong.

    Thoughts swirling,
    images twirlling,
    every hour,
    every day.
    Your face in my mind…it wouldn’t leave.
    I saw you in my dreams…
    My life revolved around you,
    I saw you around every corner,
    down every hall,
    and in every room.
    My vision blurred.
    I couldn’t think.

    I coiuldn’t have you…
    I wasn’t good enough.
    You were amazing…I was just average.
    I tried to fight,
    but love was too strong, and it won.
    I sat, exhausted, on the floor,
    tears streaming down my face,
    praying you would get out of my head,
    and let me rest.
    you didn’t listen.

    my heart was breaking.
    your facebook status: In A Relationship
    you didn’t hug me for two weeks
    you didn’t look at me
    your brown eyes weren’t mine to look into,
    your arms not mine to fall into,
    your smile not mine to return.
    I cried.
    I shattered.
    you didn’t notice,
    too caught up in your own little world
    like always.
    you didn’t care about me…
    the ugly, shy girl who was always reading a book.

    my future is you.
    i will always be thinking about you,
    dreaming about you,
    crying and sighing and breaking and dying for you.
    i wish i could move on,
    but the pull is to strong.
    i keep getting dragged closer to the center of the whirlpool…
    spinning and spinning,
    until i get sucked into it’s center.
    just notice me.

    i loved you
    i love you
    i will love you

    i can’t write anymore…</3

    By Melanie on 10.13.2011

  36. She’d always wondered how he’d gotten his scar. She’d asked many times, but he refused to tell her. Finally, one day, he caved.

    “My father gave me this scar.”

    And she was overcome with a wave of compassion for this man, this boy that had had to grow up to fast.

    By Kat413 URL on 10.13.2011

  37. Their fingers clasped together, full of nothing but the feeling. They were in it together, innocence alone among masses of strange bodies. Their eyes met, desperate yet comforting, a tentative smile breaching both of their lips.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 10.13.2011

  38. You’re like me, sometimes, in the way you can look at someone and say you’re sorry for them, because you know what it’s like to be in that situation. That you can experience exactly what’s going on, somehow, because you’re compassionate.
    But I think you’re misusing the word.
    You’re empathizing, because you’ve got a greater imagination than I do. You’re taking bits and pieces of what could be and making it reality – making yourself go through it before you talk to the girl with the bruises on her face, say hey, I know what it’s like to have someone I love beat the shit out of me, too.

    By Lancir URL on 10.13.2011

  39. Love and hate is an interesting thing. People who experience it say it’s something unlike anything else, I’ve always wondered the basis for their claims, even going so far as to try online dating… Big fail.

    By Alyx Miller on 10.13.2011

  40. The horse had fallen to its knees, and the soldier was standing above it, the gun to its head. As his fellows watched him, he cried, shaking in agony. The horse didn’t utter a sound. The man then shot it in the head.
    Everyone knew he’d done it to spare the horse. But it was still painful.

    By Hanna URL on 10.13.2011