February 6th, 2013 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “claims”

  1. are all around, everywhere

    By Menjol URL on 02.06.2013

  2. There were none of those tiny extra signs on the one he was looking at (the one that proclaimed “For Sale” in huge red letters), and honestly he could see why. The lot wasn’t much– just a patch of dirt with sparse weeds and a few pebbles thrown in for good measure. He had no idea what anyone could use it for– anyone, that is, except him.

    By Courka URL on 02.06.2013

  3. she claims that he cheated. I hear it all the time – as a junior high teacher, it seems that everyone is constantly cheating in come way or another and, no matter what I threaten, it never seems to stop. Looking, gawking, peeping, straightout copying – the ways are endless. I hate c

    By Colleen on 02.06.2013

  4. What a person claims to be, claims to have, claims to know, claims to feel, claims to want is not always true. We know so little about ourselves really that we often try things on to see if others will believe us. Does that make them true?

    By Sheila on 02.06.2013

  5. She stormed out of her room, mind racing, feet running. An epic turbulence swarmed around her, she could not pick a direction. Collapsing, to her knees, she began to cry.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 02.06.2013

  6. She stormed out of her room, mind racing, feet running. An epic turbulence swarmed around her, she could not pick a direction. Collapsing, to her knees, she began to cry.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 02.06.2013

  7. There were many claims against her. Some said that she was too flirtatious and others said that she was too cold. Neither of these claims were false, but that did not mean that they were true. The claims against her were like a disease holding her back from her true self. The claims were a prison she could not escape.

    By Klodyah URL on 02.06.2013

  8. “This man claims he is innocent,” cried the judge before the court. The adventurer adjusted his pith helmet as he nodded. “I did not steal the artifact; it was a simple find. It was by luck that it was your’s, and I am here to return it.” But they did not agree.

    By Ashlairi Starshryne URL on 02.06.2013

  9. SO when people claim to do things alot of the time they are lyibng, and when they claim they didnt do it its the same thing. But their are other claims, Auto claim, Home Insurance claim, I mean like BRO!! Stop claiming!!

    By BeardM URL on 02.06.2013

  10. Collin was a lawyer. Now, you might immediately frown upon him for his choice of profession, but ultimately he wasn’t a terrible person. He just did his job, to the best of his ability, and at times it seemed–even to him–that his job was one where he had to be an asshole.

    By P. Alexander URL on 02.06.2013

  11. It’s that hard slam against shoulder,
    Side, elbow, as you collide
    Setting off a vibration that travels from
    Your toes to the tips of your fingers
    That leaves you breathless.
    It’s that dizzying feeling down South-East-West-oh-God and
    You’re stuck with the shakes
    And his name on your tongue
    As he claims your lips.

    By sonneillon URL on 02.06.2013

  12. The claims we make on life are temporary. How much we own, how much we think we know, the phrases or people we claim to hold dear—these are the things that pass away. But it is the moments, the small moments in each breath, tidbit of knowledge, spoken word, or listening ear, that allow us to make this permanent claim for life every second of the day: we are grateful for the small things even in the season of the temporary.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 02.06.2013

  13. Taylor thought she had the right to be complimented, exalted as the beautiful nobel person she was raised to be. When someone neglected to acknowledge her generosity or new haircut, she’d become indignant, and go lick her wounds, thinking of a new way to prove she was worthy.

    By Soft URL on 02.06.2013

  14. Ou par définition prétention, mais puisque le jeux des mots doit choisir ça langue et ce de façon entière, je choisie le mot prétention dans toute ses nuances:

    Prétendre. Prétendre être autre chose. Soi, être un autre soi. Pourquoi? Pour pouvoir prétendre êtres avec les autres. Prétendre que des relations qui ne sont que prétentions existes…
    Avoir de la prétention… Ce surclasser soi-même…. Ce surévaluer. Véridiquement ou le dire?

    By Sif URL on 02.06.2013

  15. she claimss to be from aris. but lnow one believees her. i dont understand why she would lie about her bacckground. I mean I am mexican and i dont tell people I m from somewhere else. im prud where i come from, but she claims to haver her own original painting Salvador Dali that her mom bought her in paris.

    By Monica on 02.06.2013

  16. He claims to love me, but do I believe him? I don’t know him anymore. We are two separate parts instead of one. He has seen and experienced things I have yet to see and experience. He’s still that sweet, caring Dominic. He still has those deep blue eyes, has the same dark hair, the same gorgeous smile, but even so, he’s different in so many ways. Do I still love him? When I think about it, I no longer do.. I love Jeremy. I no longer feel certain when I look in Dominic’s eyes, there’s no mystery. I know Dominic. I use to like that about him,but that’s not what I want. When I look in Jeremy’s eyes, I’m curious. I long to know Jeremy’s story. Most of all I long for his lips to meet mine. Dominic claims to love me. I believe him, but I don’t love him anymore…

    By tigerlily on 02.06.2013

  17. The number of claims are mounting up . I could probably wallpaper my house with them. Dental claims in the bath, medical in the kitchen, and surgical in the bedroom. That ought to be a conversation starter.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.06.2013

  18. tu reclamas tu derecho, pero sigues caminando sin detenerte es hora de que permanezcas mas tiempo en un lugar para poder obtener todo lo que pides y deseas, nada se recoge en poco tiempo y podría ser la clave de tu éxito.

    By veronica ferreyro on 02.06.2013

  19. She claims to be hipster, the girl with the red heart shaped sunglasses sitting outside of starbucks right now. She claims to hate her life, and she claims to be an artist. she claims to be different but in reality she lives a nice life probably with her parents in the suburbs of the a good town. just saying.

    By Aly on 02.06.2013

  20. One of my longest running hobbies is forum roleplaying, which I just got back into about a year ago. When I went back, it turns out there was this thing called “face claims” which everyone used. Essentially, it’s “claiming” the face of a pre-established anime, manga, video game, celebrity, actor, and so on for your own character to use in the roleplay. Having come from a time where you just described your character’s appearance, the idea of using someone else’s face for your own was a bit jarring.

    By Kirbop URL on 02.06.2013

  21. one should claim about his rights.
    Claiming over a person means you love them.
    claims are also done in legal issues.

    By rahul on 02.06.2013

  22. People have different ideas about anything, everything. They have claims, opinions, and all sorts of stuff that basically make them who they are. Every person is different because of all their different ideas

    By Basak on 02.06.2013

  23. He claims that she was wrong, but we all know they were both in the wrong.

    By divine URL on 02.06.2013

  24. He claimed that she was wrong. But its is blatant that they were both in the wrong.

    By divine URL on 02.06.2013

  25. A lady passes by me
    and does not even look
    And a man might glance in my direction
    A small child
    Walking by a discarded toy
    That is me
    Will pick me up
    And love me

    At least until he grows up
    And forgets me
    And so I am lost again
    But this time I am unseen
    And cannot be found

    By Maci_M URL on 02.06.2013

  26. Claims to this job. I have one. I hope I get this job, so so badly. My current job is fine, but I really want the step up. And I can’t stand working with the woman upstairs any more. She’s terrible. I can’t pretend I don’t hate her for very much longer….

    By GloriousClio URL on 02.06.2013

  27. Even small claims court doesn’t cover a broken heart. You cannot ask for the damage to be replaced. There is no retribution. No legal way to ask for the pieces back. No demands you can make.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.06.2013

  28. “It’s a sinister bannister,” said the barrister to his sister.
    “It doesn’t qualify as a disaster” responded his sister. “But, it goes long way towards explaining why I’m a spinster, despite my being sincere and never having had scurvy.”

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.06.2013

  29. It was dubious, she thought, thumbing the book and making her way to the back. “Studied in India under Ghandi.” It sounded like it was written by a high schooler. She looked up from under her eyelashes at the gentleman and scoffed audibly.

    “I’m sorry, no.”

    By Les URL on 02.06.2013

  30. What are your claims, sir? Do you have any evidence to suggest that this is entirely plausible? Reasonable? Worth our efforts? This is not a place to simply spout off your mouth with whatever ideas pass the recesses of your mind, this is a business, sir!

    By John Komarek on 02.06.2013

  31. What did you say?
    Nothing, nothing, nothing ever passing your blue, shivering lips?
    You swear?
    The sounds of the trees tickering, the aqua of senseless water slumping over
    Walls of wavering solid stuff
    Keeping you cold, you wordless
    Your claims, your unsaid phrases and blistering eyes
    They don’t fool me, you pretty darling
    You cowardly witch-like being
    I’m watching your silences
    Your teeth are sneaking graces, demonic odes
    You swear?
    You are nothing, nothing, nothing
    (You’ve nothing else to say)

    By Saudade URL on 02.06.2013

  32. Today I claim freedom
    Freedom from stress
    freedom from pain, trials, and heartache
    Today I claim peace
    peace of mind
    peace in every aspect of my life

    By Ayngel URL on 02.06.2013

  33. He claims to have aims for fame in games.

    By Marianne URL on 02.06.2013

  34. It was the principle of the matter. No one ever said that $50 wasn’t a lot of money, but really he knew that what mattered was confirmation. Knowing that he was right, that his claim was valid, that the resolution should be, could only be, in his favour.
    He filled in the paper work carefully, blowing on the ink to hurry the drying.

    By Jen URL on 02.06.2013

  35. You throw your claims at me. I’m not entirely sure what you hope to gain from this because from my standing you are worthless. You grab at the abyss and expect life to populate that hole. I cannot help free you from this.

    By Evvi URL on 02.06.2013

  36. I claim I’m right, even when I’m wrong. I claim I can’t, even when I can. I claim I know the truth when all I know are lies.

    By Ollie on 02.06.2013

  37. I have no way of knowing if the things you tell me are true. You are a person on the other side of the world, and even that I don’t know for sure is true. You’ve told me outrageous stories of your childhood, things that are hard to believe. You’ve admitted to lying to me before, but how do I even know that that was for real?

    By Sunrise URL on 02.06.2013

  38. We claim to the world to understand the minor details that it allows us to see.

    We end up trashing the land and muddling the seas.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    By JP URL on 02.06.2013

  39. she claims to be human. no one really knows if she is. she doesnt seem it. humans dont have tentacles or fins or any number of the things she has. shes not human, but she claims to be.

    By Danielle URL on 02.06.2013

  40. I claim. He claims. She claims. We claim. Voldemort claimed that he had gone further than any other wizards in the aspect of immortality. Grindelwald claimed that conquering Muggles was “for the greater good.”

    By aditi URL on 02.06.2013