March 17th, 2013 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “cities”

  1. The cities glittered beautifully. We looked down on the people and their lives, disconnected from whatever troubles they had or things they hoped for. “Come.” Our leader whispered. Heads held high, we made our way unnaturally fast through the forest outside the city. It was time to shake things up.

    By Megan URL on 03.17.2013

  2. They’re all the same. No stars. No sleep. Always running and running and never stopping. People creeping around corners, strolling down streets. Crashing, clanging, crying. Screaming, shouting, shuddering.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 03.17.2013

  3. cities. it’s where i’d like my life to pass. Not pass my by, but just..develop. I’d like to be in different paces, places in which I am allowed to be some place different at the same time. to be surrounded by people, to be overwhelmed by my suffoundings, to have the opportunityto escape, to have the choise of staying there or going elsewhere

    By silvia on 03.17.2013

  4. For the common man an abode if peace persists, hell if there is chaos. Try to match the pace and you might just survive. For there will be opportunities, watch out for it and you might just reach your dreams. Do not give up, you might just be missing on something you would have cherished.

    By Manish on 03.17.2013

  5. I want to live in the larger ones. The ones where you can walk the streets and know that so did others, great others who will never be forgotten in the history of forever. People live in small towns, and I do not see why.
    Perhaps they do not crave to walk in the shadows of greats, but look at all around them and feel the comfort of their own creases, turning to each landmark, each tree and saying “this is mine and only mine.”

    By Rachel URL on 03.17.2013

  6. I grew up in two cities. They both used to mean something to be, but now I feel like neither matters. I now live in a third city, and it feels like that’s my home now.

    By Jamie URL on 03.17.2013

  7. We sit and drink to the evolution
    To the decimation

    To the singing singed ember of decrepitude
    living like the unholy gods of Rome
    Living like the gatekeeper of tartarus

    By jonathon URL on 03.17.2013

  8. people crowded, people walked, people talking, nobody living.
    unreal city.
    the zombies follow their routines, their idols, their gods
    they live to die.
    unreal city.

    By Meredith on 03.17.2013

  9. cities are places where you can go and escape.
    escape the things from other cities.
    little hubs of people and lights and experiences that you’ve never had before.
    are there things about each city that may not be so savory, yup.
    doesn’t make the good times any less of the learning experiences that they are.

    By Jennifer URL on 03.17.2013

  10. Bg, full, and crowded to the brim. Noisy, polluted, claustrophobic. Many people, many places, history. Markets, homes, suburbs. Roads stretching everywhere.

    By Delaney on 03.17.2013

  11. the graybluesilver windows stretch higher than i can see from my seat in the car. the building is the sky. my neck strains to see the tippytop floor. what does it feel like up there? the car speeds up and passes the skyscraping god.

    By Meredith Faulkner URL on 03.17.2013

  12. sitting on my knees in the back of a
    camel-coloured pickup truck,
    I’m a fucking princess and
    these pebbles are peas.

    there are two traffic lights in this town.
    one has been broken
    since the graduating class of ’99
    decided to leave their mark on this
    rusted tin can of a town
    before running off to all edges of the country.

    By smnthbll on 03.17.2013

  13. I wish I could travel and be able to try new things. I wish I could just escape and find something new. I want to just move into a big city on my own and find something. I don’t know what necessarily but something. I want something new.

    By Mirella Huber URL on 03.17.2013

  14. I have always lived in cities.
    The concrete runs in my blood.
    I enjoy the green of the country but
    I always long for the blare of car horns.
    I like to measure my life in city blocks,
    twenty to a mile. I like tall buildings and
    elevators which lead you up to a city heaven.

    By Robin on 03.17.2013

  15. i live in a concrete jungle and yet with all the beauty that surrounds me i can not find the one thing i am looking for. i search the streets made of stone and stare at the buildings made of steel and yet i feel incomplete. when will i find it?

    By Brittany Ann URL on 03.17.2013

  16. She had lived here for exactly two days, and they were moving again. This city, she never even bothered to learn it’s name. It was just another of the endless cities she was running to. her parents had never stayed in a city for more than a month, so she was used to not having friends, to be alone, to traveling without the hope of ever stopping. So, no, she hadn’t even bother to learn the cities stupid name, she would have just forgotten it anyways.

    By Leah on 03.17.2013

  17. I lived in the cities. I miss the cities. You can take the girl out of the cities but you can’t take the cities out of the girl.

    By teeda URL on 03.17.2013

  18. Cities are such ugly places when you’re right up next to them. the grime the grub the musty smell of alleys that have long since been glossed over with graffiti. that’s why I come here. Everything looks prettier from far away; when it’s only a reflection of its truest self.

    By Katherine147 URL on 03.17.2013

  19. Have you ever flown in a plane? I flew from NYC to LAX and flying over the bible belt is the most beautiful thing. Beautiful flowing plains. Then you cross a city, and it looks like a cancer on our beautiful globe. Fuck cities.

    By Tyler J on 03.17.2013

  20. Cities all around.
    Cities in the sky.
    City in your mind,
    ruling over the kingdom in your body.
    The ruler of the city it only one,
    that voice in your head
    who cannot be argued against.
    A tyrant, a dictator,
    Your Majesty.
    Is it God ruling the city?
    Or simply human vice and folly?
    The cities are plagued.
    One shining hope remains,
    untouched, pure.

    By Lanie on 03.17.2013

  21. Cities had popped up all over the world — all competing to be the biggest and brightest. They held nation-wide competitions for the most qualified people to live in their cities, to make the most money, to be the most well-known. This was what the people were invested in: fame. Not their lives, or their futures, but only their fame, and their image.

    By Kristina URL on 03.17.2013

  22. No one likes cities like Anastasia likes cities. She breathes them in; fills her lungs with big, gulping mouthfuls and still keeps coming back for more, like maybe she missed the best of it the first time around. She likes the noise and the bustle, the jostle of the crowd, the way you never see the same two faces two days in a row and that’s

    By Ellen on 03.17.2013

  23. The cities were rampant with litter. No one person could speak. They looked at each other in shock as the reality of the impact hit them…this was what it felt like to be terrorized.

    By Laura URL on 03.17.2013

  24. There are many cities around the world, but the city that is most important to most of us is the city where we live right now. God bless our home town!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 03.17.2013

  25. There are many cities around the world, but the city that is most important to most of us is the city where we were born. God bless our home town!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 03.17.2013

  26. The cities had all come together to give tribute. It was a heavy price to pay, made only slightly lighter by the fact that it was demanded only once every ten years. It was enough time to rebuild and recover. It was enough time to raise a child. And in that time, the crimson lady Telma would return

    By fire_ball URL on 03.17.2013

  27. Cities are places which are full of everything beautiful. Although nature has its charms, cities have more life than any garden. People laugh and die and cry and fall in love ten thousand times a second in cities, and the lights and the music makes everything just like a movie. Cities are beautiful.

    By Lexi URL on 03.17.2013

  28. i havent been to many yet
    but but planning to see
    so many of them in my lifetime
    and cherish the scene

    so when i die all the moment
    that will flash before my eyes
    will help me escape
    to a paradise through time

    By shawn URL on 03.17.2013

  29. The tall buildings hung overhead. Their eyes staring down at me as I walk around the unfamiliar streets.

    By Rachel on 03.17.2013

  30. Tall buildings surround me. Their bright eyes staring down upon me, watching my tentative steps. Yellow bugs congest the streets. Where are the stars?

    By RachelMStorer URL on 03.17.2013

  31. Cities are my realm. Not my ownership but rather cities are the place that my life owes itself to. To be separated from the burgeon and the noise and the surmising tide of silence means a silent death. Rural life, suburbia, it can be beautiful but so can artifice, so can motion, in a way despite being so far from nature I still feel closer to life. Maybe this opinion is from modernity, maybe from comfort or fear of the unknown but in experience, I can sit at a bench on a side-walk and get more pleasure, bear more thoughts and access more ideas because of the potential movement. The silence and relaxation doesn’t feel forced as the only option as it can in nature but is more deliberate because of its pronouncement. I intended to talk about the guiding force of a cityscape but I’ve realized a fact about myself as my small thoughts and ill-formed observations now coalesce into this paragraph. This is why I write on oneword.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 03.17.2013

  32. I could see the lights from all of the cities we passed over, like beacons in through the dark. The airplane was high enough to see the ocean as well, and I was glad the night had turned out clear. I glanced around me, and the empty seat next to mine seemed to be crying out for an occupant. I look around for my brother, but I assumed he had probably gone to the bathroom.

    By Esme on 03.17.2013

  33. when lights stretch their necks into a pool of ink
    stained by something more than just their appearance
    and polluted with abstract ideas
    the stars hide their faces
    to the disregard of those
    trying to hail taxies

    By slantedstories URL on 03.17.2013

  34. i want to live in a big city far far far far far away from everyone. sometimes i think that i hate everyone. isn’t that fucked up? hating everyone? well i do. even the peopel i claim to love. but i think i do love cities. there are so many places i could get lost and never be found again and that sounds really wonderful to me.

    By Reilly URL on 03.17.2013

  35. cities are beautiful,strange,full of color and poluant.there is a lot or not in them,some of them are popular and some of them not.cities are cool.

    By Lisa on 03.17.2013

  36. they are so empty. they are full of empty people. cities make you stupid, make you robots. you lose yourself. you lose your creativity. you forget how to live. you forget how to love, how to breathe, how to create. you became just a creature who works for monsters.

    By dennis on 03.17.2013

  37. made of skyscrapers and incessant traffic, flowing as a winding brook. quiet apartments and loud restaurants

    By 87freckies URL on 03.17.2013

  38. Towards the sea, across the oceans, the mighty city of Delphinus roars and demands itself be heard. Its people standing proud, brandishing their swords and all sorts of armory, ready to take back their rightful title as citizens of Eora.

    By Tricia URL on 03.17.2013

  39. sometimes i wonder what it’d be like to live in a big city that i love. other times i think i’d like to be away from as many people as possible. not living on the head of a pin with millions of them. but in a city, it’s easy to get lost. it’s easy to get away. the one thing that ISN’T easy? being found. i’d rather not be found. that sounds slightly horrifying, if i’m being honest.

    By reilly URL on 03.17.2013

  40. The cities and their light poked through the holes in the nighttime clouds. He looked down from the plane window with an odd nostalgia, calmed by the soothing noise of the jets and the silent cabin. He saw the stars above, and the stars below.

    By Archori URL on 03.17.2013