April 18th, 2017 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “circular”

  1. Round, unending. Circles used to be my favorite shape. They were the only ones that were different. Every other had sides. A circle never has sides to bind it. Circular what you hand out comes back to you. People ad relationships everywhere.

    By Carey on 04.18.2017

  2. There are so many circular objects in this world.

    By Aden Widel URL on 04.18.2017

  3. Round, unending. Circles used to be my favorite shape. They were the only ones that were different. Every other had sides. A circle never has sides to bind it. Circular what you hand out comes back to you. People ad relationships everywhere.

    By Aden Widel URL on 04.18.2017

  4. The charm on Samantha’s necklace was a thin, flat, circular disc of gold and silver, with runes sketched into its metal flesh, runes I could not read. She seemed to understand them, though, for she would lift the chain from her bosom and calmly recite a language that must been the one written there.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.18.2017

  5. Round and around. How do I get out of the loop that I have been stuck in for so long. How many days have I followed the same routine doing the same thing over and over again. I need to find a way to break the loop.

    By Naomi Saito on 04.18.2017

  6. Round and around. How do I get out of the loop that I have been stuck in for so long? How many days have I followed the same routine doing the same thing over and over again? I need to find a way to break the loop.

    By Naomi Saito on 04.18.2017

  7. the circular portal swirled before me, i tentatively stepped forward. One foot hovering

    By Angela URL on 04.18.2017

  8. i can’t seem to get out of this loop. I think it is because I truly wish not to. am I that shallow?

    By a false terl on 04.18.2017

  9. Round and round I got into the sky like the moon what a ballon yellow purple stars I remember when I five and I believed magic and Satna clause exited And then my dad told me when I was eight that the easter bunny wasn’t real. I remember my mom was pissed. We go full circle like the cycles. Spring winter fall. WE fall. We fall.

    By Alyssa on 04.18.2017

  10. The circular shape of the moon was the absolute most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his entire life. The shape of the circular crescent was something that even ventured beyond his wildest dreams and aspirations, which symbolically represented his spirit animal. The token. The token meant so much to him, that the circular ability to have circular logic while obtaining circular tokens as too much for him.

    By Michael Lee on 04.18.2017

  11. unit circle surface=Pi^2, circumference=2Pi, in complex analysis interesting contour of integration, am I turning in circles?

    By citrus URL on 04.18.2017

  12. Morning breaks and production begins
    Extra! Extra! Read all about
    The handbills of our heart, Today’s Edition
    We distribute our opinions throughout the day
    What should be leaflets of love
    Often become circulars of cynicism
    Mailers that malign our fellow man
    Those reading the message we deliver
    Left feeling discouraged and dejected
    For the news is their own soul reflected

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 04.18.2017

  13. Samsara condensed into a single life. Many lives into one. Many lives to make yours. Single child, post-partum killed your mother and stress killed your father. They said it was old age that took your grandparents, but no, it was you.
    Rinne. Lynne. Darling. No matter how you spell it, it is you’re fate.
    Your eyes watch the train on the loop line pass by, pass by, pass by.
    No one would ever know what it took to bring you into this world in a glance, your wide eyes wanting to see the whole world and how it stands, what it offers. They only showed you what it could take, and what you would take, too.
    The goat says step back from the bullet train. The cat guides you in the right direction. Rusty water withering the flower that signals the end coming. The crow is the next beginning: get up, you’re an adult now. Didn’t you know?
    Whose advice do you take, how to break the cycle? Train coming to take you for another ride. You’ve seen the beginning, you’ve seen the end, you’ve seen your sadness, violence, and your innocence lost. How do you push the next cycle into the next life and build on this one? Rinne, your name binds you. Rinne, write out its characters, how they keep you tied to one life on repeat. Rinne, you have come to know but have you learned? Rinne, your phone has died a quiet death. Rinne, your love. Rinne, goodbye. Rinne, Lynne, Darling.
    Darling please.

    By Ai URL on 04.19.2017

  14. The campfire was not perfectly circular; rather, it was more squashed due to the fact that there were only six people. It was a pointed oval in shape; placed precariously at its edge, I surveyed my strained relatives.
    Sighing, I got out my pen before asking; “What did we achieve today?”

    By Catty Misty URL on 04.19.2017

  15. Circular highways overshadowing circular lives like circular clouds overshadowing circular dreams.
    Gone full circle, but it seems with the shadows over head we’ve ended up going nowhere.

    By Einsmann on 04.19.2017

  16. going back and back again and always arriving at the same place from where we started. It could be a cycle but it doesn’t even change that much. Being caught in a loop.

    By Izzy on 04.19.2017

  17. something circular always reminds me of a hat.
    a child song that I heard almost everyday in my childhood was imprinted in my mind.
    luckily my life is nothing but circular, I hope.

    By Gladys on 04.19.2017

  18. The circular room was completely black. You couldn’t see anything it. That was when Eleanor knew she was trapped, there were no doors, and she had to keep her hand on the wall to ensure that she didn’t get lost in the middle of the room.

    By Wendy URL on 04.19.2017

  19. Everything moved in circular motion, like nothing else was happening and thats the only motion everything could go into. It just kept going and going like non stop. Everything was in a circle.

    By Alexus Marrero URL on 04.19.2017

  20. The sun!! No! The moon! Maybe my plate? I wish my plate is always full of yummy food! #foodcravings!

    Also, the circle of love! Love!

    By WannabeWriter3012 URL on 04.19.2017

  21. She watched the fly circle lazily above her, her hands resting on her stomach. She knew she should get up and out of bed, face the day with the same brazen attitude she had or the other days that started just the same way. But today felt different.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.19.2017

  22. circular – what goes around comes around. That’s what life is summed up to… especially depending on the people you have to deal with from day to day. I have had some jacked up circular experiences and some are teaching but none regretful.

    By Mia James on 04.19.2017

  23. circles are circular, so are pancakes. Please don’t judge me this was pretty hard for me.

    By Dylin URL on 04.19.2017

  24. As I orbit the world, I see the moon. it is pretty far away but if you are as close to the moon as I am then the moon looks like a big ball of dust and rock. though I have learned to love it. I have been in space for four years. With nothing but a computer, clothes, food, and water. I am a hacker for Russia. I don’t know why they need a hacker in space but I like being alone. here their is know one to worry about me. they send food and water for the information I have collected. My only friend is a computer. I stay as fit as I can and stay as clean as I can. one day I was hacking into a computer for some information when some one detected me. they tried to track me down. they were able to but they though it was a mistake because the signal was in space. many people have done this and always gave up after a couple days. They did not give up. it has been a week since I was detected. they sill haven’t gave up. so I sent a message saying ” stop trying to find me. you will fail no matter how hard you try.” they stopped for about a week before sending there own message.

    By angel on 04.19.2017

  25. The crown kept slipping down over his skull and covering his eyes. He swung wildly with his sword and made circular spins to ward off his attackers otherwise relying mostly on echolocation and his wits to avoid being struck. It was kind of silly though, using rapiers and foils against his frame. The Skeleton King twisted as the blade passed through his ribcage and the attacker lost his balance. Home Depot might have a large o-ring or gasket material to keep the crown on my skull, thought the Skeleton King.

    By Rover URL on 04.19.2017

  26. 1circular = Circumference Inputs Round Unified Lore/Limits At Reciprical

    By garz on 04.19.2017

  27. Round the sun it is the thing that gives us life, and meaning thanks to us trying to find how to measure a circle,Pi the thing that shall always give us something to do, Earth a 3D Circular figure out home and palace our sanctuary.

    By Ethan on 04.19.2017

  28. Around. You’re never straightforward because being is too hard isn’t it? All you do is lie and you get yourself into such a big lie that you blame it on everyone else.

    By Mackenzie URL on 04.19.2017

  29. The tomb was circular. Carved on the stone walls were the words, “Round and round we go, when life ends, no one knows.” I could feel my breath leaving my body with each rotation of the room. I didn’t know how to stop the spinning, but I knew that if I didn’t stop soon, I would enter into Death’s grip.

    By Mary on 04.19.2017

  30. My teacher give me a circular to go to a travel. My parents don´t let me so I can´t go. I feel really back. I want go with my friends. It is injust.

    By Carmen URL on 04.19.2017

  31. circular thats a weird word i dont know what it means maybe something i round i guess but i don’t know oh well i just think its a funny word to say if you say it out loud

    By Shorty_2001 (jo) URL on 04.19.2017

  32. There once was a circular red bouncy ball, and his name was John all the kids love to play with him when it was nice and pretty out but sometimes john would be upset because the kids coudnt play with him because it would be raining.

    By Trinity Byers URL on 04.19.2017

  33. It’s round. It goes from one end, in a loop, touching points in a perfect shape.

    By e g on 04.19.2017

  34. I remember, when I was about 12, I got Final Fantasy IX for Christmas. I was hoping for it, praying for it. In a family where I only really got to hope for one present, I hoped that I got it. That year, I got a boat. A wooden boat. But when I opened the box up, there it was.

    Final Fantasy IX. I played it for hours, that day, and days after. It became a daily routine over that holiday break and when I got back to school, I told everybody about it.

    I could never beat this one boss though. This swirling, circular thing. An odd globe. Ozma.

    By Nick URL on 04.19.2017

  35. Ideas are often circular. You’ll start thinking about one thing, which leads to another and another, until you’ve returned to where you originally started. Kind of like “If you give a mouse a cookie,” right? We live circular lives, starting at one point and eventually wending our way back.

    By Kristie on 04.19.2017

  36. circular constraints:

    trapped in my own pool of thoughts
    never ending
    even in my sleep

    it’s a
    cyclical, continuous, circular

    my mind an endless looming loop

    i fear i cannot break free

    By Hannah on 04.19.2017

  37. A circle.

    By hannah URL on 04.19.2017

  38. Circles. Squares. Triangles. Shapes. They’re signs of life before a flatline

    By Maddy on 04.19.2017

  39. god damnit it’s the same fucking word again how am i supposed to write about the word circular who is coming up with this is it the one word prompts tumblr that posts every hour on the hour “prompt of the hour” as if we all write every fucking hour of the day and we can go off of something as little as “circular” fucking circular one big writer circle jerk

    By Ivey Merrill URL on 04.19.2017

  40. so i’ll give this a shot one more time sheri goes to church and she sees the halo above the mother mary and thinks how was mary a virgin and you’re right sheri she wasn’t her giant circular stomach holding the salvation of the world fucked by god’s bad dark hand in the night in the back of a traincar railcar sidecar

    By Ivey Merrill URL on 04.19.2017