July 8th, 2011 | 402 Entries

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402 Entries for “chores”

  1. He misses being told what to do. Chores. Ha. What a memory of being home. He remembers that he used to whine everytime he had to do chores.
    But now?
    He’d kill to have chores to do.

    “I miss you, mom, dad.”

    By Christine URL on 07.08.2011

  2. I would wake up early every day. Do the wok assigned. Rode my bike down to the store to pick up something from a list one day. Met your eyes from across the room. And all my prayers were answered.

    By Mattie URL on 07.08.2011

  3. i never get paid to do my chores. it makes me sad. i remember once reading in a magazine that the jonas brothers do chores. im not really a fan of them. but ya. the mentioned taking the trash out. my elderly neighbor pays me to do chores around the house for her. like taking her trash out. and cleaning out her cat’s litter box. easy money. woooooooooooooooooooh!!!
    k well no more time

    By Isabella on 07.08.2011

  4. I HATE CHORESS!!! But it’s ok i guess because it builds character. Really. I honestly believe it builds character. Another rason why i can live with chores is because I feel independent. I don’t need a mommy to take care of me :)

    By Jorge Pesquera on 07.08.2011

  5. When I was young I couldn’t leave the house until my chores were done. Most of the time I was content to stay in the house. Or at least that’s what I let my mother believe. There was always a power struggle between us. And it was the only way that I could “win” because not doing chores would tick my mother off something terribly. :-)

    By ChaCubed on 07.08.2011

  6. He didn’t like sweeping. He saw it more as a woman’s job even though he could easily be placed in that category, the illegitimate son of the head maid. Though there was a rumor that his father was the king. He didn’t see it. He was a spitting image of his mother, or so people said.

    By Calla URL on 07.08.2011

  7. Susan was not one for chores. Her mother would insist she clean out the severed heads at the end of the day, sweep the pools of blood from the floor, and chase the lingering monsters from the basement. Sometimes, she would take extra pleasure in imagining her revenge one day, when she would get to be the one lopping off heads and draining spinal fluids from unsuspecting beasts.

    By Loraine URL on 07.08.2011

  8. there are always chores to do no matter who we are
    young or old we have responsibilities
    no one is exempt from chores or jobs or duties

    By she53lly URL on 07.08.2011

  9. I am working- cleaning cooking washing . all i ever do is work. chores to be more exact. friday is the worse. all day chores. but there is a plus. the more i clean the more i get what i want from my parents cause then they feel like a deserve it.

    By Sarah on 07.08.2011

  10. chores aren’t exactly fun. especially if your parents don’t give you allowance. my parents always make me feed the dogs and give them water. i also always do the dishes, while my sister does nothing.

    By Regan on 07.08.2011

  11. chores are things you have to do, sometimes they are easy and you get paid but sometimes they just suck and you don’t really gain anything from them. like cutting the grass, it just grows back.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.08.2011

  12. I always have chores to do! But I consider myself lucky, because I know that there are people who don’t have any because they are in housing transition, or in the hospital, or feeling so depressed that they don’t have any energy for them. So even though they bog me down sometimes, I would have to say I am blessed with chores to do!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.08.2011

  13. Chores are things you have to do that contribute to the overall, general well-being of the immediate environment and those who share it with you. The word has a negative denotation, probably because it implies an obligation. No one likes to feel obligated or required to do anything, and the feeling of being trapped often leads to rebellion for rebellion’s sake. It’s much easier to do tasks that seem voluntary in nature, rather than required.

    By Heather on 07.08.2011

  14. shores are more a lifestyle than a
    i enjoy every moment of a chore
    only after having told mytself time and tie again that a chore
    is a potential.
    potential to be open, and observant of the moment.

    By Hoot on 07.08.2011

  15. Dishes. Laundry. Weeding. Mopping. Cleaning. Scrubbing. Polishing. Cooking. Washing.

    lather, rinse, repeat.

    The work is never done. If only I could be zen about it and accept this fact, even find beauty in the cycles…

    By Jspeed29 URL on 07.08.2011

  16. I hated chores.They were the one thing I despised about being home. Otherwise, I loved my house. But those chores…they were so useless. So unnecessary. And I hated them. They made me feel like a servant; like I was good for nothing else. Meaningless…Why? Why did I have to do these insignificant tasks? It just didn’t make sense to me. It never did.

    By Christine Marie URL on 07.08.2011

  17. Sometimes life is a chore…. sometimes it’s all you can do to drag yourself out of bed or off the couch in the morning, brush your teeth and put on a brave face. Sometimes all you want is a hug, sometimes all you want is a little peace.

    By mollyruth URL on 07.08.2011

  18. chores are the worst. lately everything in my life feels like a chore. except work. which is weird. the word itself is ugly. sounds like “whore” with an unpleasant slap at the beginning.

    By emerald nash on 07.08.2011

  19. shally kissed her forehead,”you’ll have to do my chores,”a tear fell from her eye,”i hope you can learn to accept me before I die. “

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.08.2011

  20. I can’t believe he left me here with all these chores, again! I’m not your slave, dad. And if I’m going to be forced to do all these things I think I deserve at least a monetary reward. Or at leas some money for food after you leave me here alone all day. Ugh… my life.

    By Meg Murray URL on 07.08.2011

  21. I hate doing chores. They’re really annoying. Washing the dishes is the worst chore, because it makes your hands all slimy and the gloves smell bad even if you wash your hands with soap a billion time after. Plus the water gets all over your shirt and the floor and maybe I’m really bad at washing dishes, but it seems like a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Paper plates are where it’s at, don’t lie. You do it too. We all do. Laundry isn’t so bad, though. Folding it is sort of zen, and it’s nice to have warm, clean clothes to put on.

    By Jen on 07.08.2011

  22. Gabriel had watched so many people, living their daily lives, going about everything, from warwaging to cooking, to household duties, to cleaning the stables, and it all came down to the catergory which it deprived from, and that catergory is chores. Chores are something every place has, and every child knows and knows to dread at times, as well as adults because they are heavily laden with chores that are expected to be done, for wars, for family, for anything.

    By Anne Harlow URL on 07.08.2011

  23. not doing any because i’m on holiday. isn’t it just great? now i’m gonna stop writing too…..

    By Iwy on 07.08.2011

  24. He trudged through his chores, trying to gather courage to say what needed to be said. As he swept the floor, he thought of sweeping her off her feet. As he wiped the windows, he wondered what it would be like to wipe his indiscretions away just as easily as the dirt smudges.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 07.08.2011

  25. She hated the suburban life, the aluminium bucket and the brass tap; both with more cracks than body. She had to wash the clothes, hang them, do the utensils, feed the baby……

    By suriti on 07.08.2011

  26. Chores are rubbish unless they are your own. Unless their for someone that you love, then its for you as well. Because it makes you happy when their happy.

    By James on 07.08.2011

  27. people hate to do chores. personally i like them: they take my mind off of what’s going on in life. just scrubbing plates makes me feel calm and collected, and gives me a chance to recollect on what is important: i.e. the fact that i have running water and soap, and plates to scrub. and tidying my bedroom reminds me that im someone lucky enought o have one.

    By Francesca D'Argenio on 07.08.2011

  28. i am not a proletariat. i shall not bow. shovel and hoe do not tie me. i am my own master. pin me to my land, i shall abandon it so, for I am a human, rightfully so.

    By Philip on 07.08.2011

  29. The man had a slight accent. He said, “There’s a strange spirit along these chores.” I knew what he meant, but Serena was confused momentarily before I clarified in a whisper for her. He continued, “Some people accuse the spirit of stealing, and recently, murder…”

    By maddie.rae URL on 07.08.2011

  30. chores

    By chris on 07.08.2011

  31. It is not my time today. I did tons of yesterday, and the day before that, and before that. I want to have butterfly wings and antlers of fairydust. I am no ordinary boy. I am not your housewife. I am me, and I live life my way.

    By virginfell URL on 07.08.2011

  32. Chores are boring. We only do chores because it is part of what keeps our daily routines flowing smoothly. I would rather hire someone else to do my chores if I was filthy rich. LOL

    By serendipity on 07.08.2011

  33. chores are things my mother used to use as punishment. You have to do the dishes for 3 have to sweep the floor for a week..instead of the way most parents do it…that everyone gets to share chores. my mother was a horrible mother. she was too young and far too selfish to have had children. she should have never had children.

    By Stephany URL on 07.08.2011

  34. When considering the day to day in the self referential color mundane it is impossible to separate what belongs from what does not. Chores are named so for how much they belong in this category. If not for their difficulty and repetition, than at least for one’s desire to be doing anything but them.

    By R Beatty on 07.08.2011

  35. we are soupposed to do a lot of chores wen we are on this earth…..every single person is born to do chores of different types….some chores are life for people…….

    By maitri URL on 07.08.2011

  36. I dislike chores i remember them as a child. i was very mad i never got paid. my parents were cheap. but i took out the trash, swept the floors, and did dishes anyways. i will pay my kids not much, but some so i teach them the values of work for their future. i believe it brings up successful people.

    By Bree on 07.08.2011

  37. Chores. Figurative or literal, they still suck. Laundry, cleaning, sweeping: annoying, but tolerable. Living through a little nit of Hell when you least expect it? Not so nice…

    By Vanatron URL on 07.08.2011

  38. i wish i didn’t have to guilt myself – call your dad, write a few paragraphs, clean the kitchen – into believing that life is a series of chores.

    By Axe on 07.08.2011

  39. When i was kid i was given chores to do. I dreaded them then and i do now. I hate washing dishes, cleaning house, scrubbing the toilet…everything….the only thing i love is laundry. So I guess i better marry a man that is rich enough to hire a maid…or live on my own in a dirty abyss.

    By JennK URL on 07.08.2011

  40. why did i get this word again???? anyway i was talking about how my dad would pay me for dioing chores without being asked!! wich is cool becasue i have no money. i really need a job i have applied at 100 places but noone will hire me.

    By Emma on 07.08.2011