January 17th, 2013 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “choose”

  1. i don’t know what i want to choose. i am terrible at making decisions. how can i choose when there are so many options and choices. i want him, i want to go here, i want to do this with my life. i cannot just choose these things so easily.

    By Camille on 01.17.2013

  2. “Choose” The words echoed in my ears. I licked my lips nervously. This choice would change my entire life. I had to choose between my parents, who i love dearly, and the love of my life, who i cant live without.

    By Shira Cortez on 01.17.2013

  3. Everybody feels we’ve done something wrong in life… We’re not perfect, but our imperfection makes us who we are, adorable in our imperfections! Love & respect each other, We’re all the same, simple as that! Deep down in our genome we’re engraved with the same basic code of being humane and reasonable, care giving lovers who seek the same – love in peace and harmony! Don’t be selfish, your ego is what’s tear-splitting our humanity apart! That’s why there’s rapid growth of global self alienation, sense of unfulfillment and depression… YES, we’re all special, BUT ONLY FOR EACH OTHER, NOT FOR OUR OWN SELVES! WE ARE SPECIAL! Be the change you want to see in the world!

    By Igor on 01.17.2013

  4. if you choose to do something is a thought out process in order to decide a certain thing that will or will not happen in your life. you may either choose or choose not too, but the desired outcome will not change because it will be what it will be anyway because your choice will not change because you are you and no one else

    By Amy on 01.17.2013

  5. Choosing means making a decision, one I’m not ready to make. What if I walk down the path less traveled that no one walks because a monster lives at the end of it?

    By Sadie on 01.17.2013

  6. You can choose a lot of things in your life. Nobody will tell you what’s really right for you. Yo have to decide by your own.

    By Simon on 01.17.2013

  7. i want to choose myself from the crowd. i will choose my family b/w family and love. i am not able to choose dress for myself.

    By dimcy URL on 01.17.2013

  8. I choose to be an artist, since this was the word that I was willing it to be. I feel like this has been my calling my whole life or my dream that I am choosing to make a reality. I have to choose a new life everyday since the old one was boring.

    By charlie on 01.17.2013

  9. I choose, from this moment forward, to live for me. Not for you. Not the mother that held me to her chest and gave me life and breath and love. Not for you, the asshole commanding the house from his recliner, barely able to see over the ever-increasing hump of your belly.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 01.17.2013

  10. stars
    gummy bears

    By ginaalex on 01.17.2013

  11. I never seem to choose my words carefully, even when I do.
    They always come a-tumbling out and I never learn through
    My mistakes which ebb and flow, compounding on themselves;
    Perhaps I should learn instead to leave my language on the shelf.

    By Megan H. URL on 01.17.2013

  12. Choice is a luxury, and so, predictably, is a torment to those privileged enough to enjoy it.

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.17.2013

  13. We choose to be evil. God doesn’t design us to be hateful, fate doesn’t force us to kill each other, and destiny doesn’t tell us to steal and betray for monetary gain. God doesn’t make the world this way, we do.

    By Matt Burke URL on 01.17.2013

  14. There are days at a time when he chooses not to move, stretched out in a shaft of sunlight like a greedy reptile. His answers come slowly, languidly, and with each passing moment his eyes flicker shut, only force themselves open again when he remembers who it is precisely he is speaking to.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.17.2013

  15. I choose to be free from these worldly constraints. I want to be free from persecution and judgement. I choose to live my life without having to worry about the embarrassment. Why am i subject to the choice of others? when did they decide these rules and laws?
    I choose love and noise and art. Choose isn’t choose when there is society.
    Society chooses for us.
    We think we can choose, but we are influenced everyday.
    Nothing is ours.

    By Katie URL on 01.17.2013

  16. To choose something implies one has options, which is not always the case so consider yourself lucky from the start. Whichever way you decide to travel, make sure you make the most of YOUR choice. From this point on you have no one to blam e but yourself for your conditions.

    By Christian on 01.17.2013

  17. This word kind of scares me, I generally shy away from making choices, especially important choices. So seeing the word “choose” in big black letters just causes adrenaline to shoot through my brain as the “flight” instinct comes to mind. Just get the fuck out of there. Goddamn choices. Maybe it’s just me.

    By Dan on 01.17.2013

  18. I hate having to make choices.
    This or that?
    I don’t know, I can’t choose.
    My confidence is so low, I feel like every choice I make is wrong.
    I hate having a low sense of self-worth.
    I hate being so insecure.
    I hate hating myself.
    I wish I were able to see what would have happened if I had picked the other choice instead.
    Just so I can see if I made the right choice,
    the ideal choice.
    Don’t you?

    By tiffany n. URL on 01.18.2013

  19. You have to choose between us, she said, pointing at herself and then to the girl lying on the sidewalk.

    I couldn’t choose. They both had their pros. She had a smile that could make you forget you can only afford Ramen. The one on the street reminded you every day that Ramen was the only thing you could keep down. I guess I started thinking out loud because the one still standing said,
    Fine! You want her? She’s yours. Then she jumped into traffic. No one hit her, but her gesture was still appreciated.

    By DavidRyanM URL on 01.18.2013

  20. “You want me to chose?” I asked.
    “No,” I said. How could I chose between the lives of my two best friends?
    “If you don’t all three of you shall be slaughtered,” the man said, his lips curling in a sneer as though he found the prospect of three dead teenagers appealing. I caught eyes with Blake and Jemma. Jemma looked terrified, but Blake was trying to look strong.
    “Then kill all of us,” I said, “and never find out where we hid the key.”
    The man scowled- he seemed to have forgotten this essential fact. I smirked at his expression.
    “You can spend another night in the dungeons to think it over, otherwise we’ll start using other measures to change your mind.”
    I tired to hide my terror as the guards came and dragged me, Blake and Jemma back to the dungeons.

    By antonia on 01.18.2013

  21. i see you dying
    in my arms
    in a dream
    lost in space
    veins cold and unwilling
    pale pallor and shallow breathing
    we choose to continue
    not for your sake
    but for our own
    i’m sorry
    i’m so fucking sorry.

    By Matty M. on 01.18.2013

  22. They choose to get married. So soon after they met. They knew they were in love. No one could tell them any different. She wanted babies…lots of them. She needed love and she knew that they would love her unconditionally. That’s how kids were. How would they be when they grew up though.

    By Marie URL on 01.18.2013

  23. I choose to alone. I choose to be someone I am not. I choose to give up. I choose to let down everybody else. How can I do this to myself? How I can choose things that I don’t want? Simple. I choose this.

    By Anne on 01.18.2013

  24. Don’t ask me to choose. I don’t know what the road will bring in the future, and choosing the wrong fork could mean certain death, or it could mean eternal life. Choosing would be easier if it weren’t a choice at all. If someone would shove me into my choices, I would be forever grateful.

    By Leah on 01.18.2013

  25. “Choisisez.”

    Huh? Choisi-what? I’m confused. My teacher babbles to me a foreign language. My mind is foggy, like the mist of a forest. Everyone is staring at me with piercing glares, and I don’t like it at all. Please stop staring. Why can’t they hear me asking them to stop? Why aren’t they confused about the “chois-blah” comment? How come they understand? Where am I?

    By Nicola URL on 01.18.2013

  26. Why would I hide? Who am I to be ashamed of myself? I choose to be this. I choose to be someone I don’t want to be. I choose to be alone. Should I change my mind? I would if I could. But I can’t. I choose this. I choose to be like this.

    By Anne URL on 01.18.2013

  27. There is a lot of choice in life; which town to live in, school to go to, who to give your heart to and who to avoid like the plague. But there is always the nagging feeling, looming in the back of your mind when you make these big, life changing decisions. What if I make the wrong choice? What do I do then?

    By Jenny URL on 01.18.2013

  28. She chose much in her life and was given the rest. But yesterday her choices were beyond poor, forsaking what she’d been given, pushing away what she wanted, and all the while hoping that it would hold on to her, that it would prove itself, though there was no real need. The contradiction was so painful that never again would she choose such an egotistically foolish path, or at least, so she said.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 01.18.2013

  29. Choose today who side you are on. Whether the side of good or the side of evil. We need to be focus on the good things in this world and strive to walk in the right path always.

    By victor URL on 01.18.2013

  30. choices are moist but i dont think that i have the right equipment for that. ill keep my gun in my pants just like my daddy told me.

    By Justin on 01.18.2013

  31. Choise, the only consitant thing we can do in life. choise is what most gets confused with free will.

    By BL on 01.18.2013

  32. Choose the right path in life because it will be the most rewarding. You won’t know it’s the right path until you have made it or failed it. It’s never too late to start over. You get to choose what you do. Noone can take that away from you. It’s pretty cool. Choose wisely.

    By Conrad URL on 01.18.2013

  33. i must choose my path. my life is in my hands, though some play factor. i choose work or love, life or questions, both. how can i choose when my mind is at such a loss of direction? there are too many ways i wish to go, too many choices that will lead me away. right, but away from the other choices i wish to make. so which to choose, which to choose?

    By Devon Why on 01.18.2013

  34. when i choose to be free i will be in the event that i am not i will blame the person who did not choose to be free with me, therefor i choose to blame you reading this piece. mostly because i choose to do so, i just think it is more then fair seeing that u chose to make write this.

    By Marlon on 01.18.2013

  35. The right to choose has always been given to a person just after his birth. It comes as privilege because it has given us the right to decide our paths. Choosing is as important as living because it has signifies our freedom as a human being. Without the right to choose we are nothing.

    By Sheen on 01.18.2013

  36. Sometimes you have to choose between things that are important to you. It gets damn hard at times because you don’t know what should be put first ahead of the other.

    By Abbie on 01.18.2013

  37. choose, chose, chosen. well, aint it something. it all comes down to a choice. its all anyone can take credit for. everything else is a gift and victims of circumstances.

    By solomon munene on 01.18.2013

  38. How do you choose your place in life. Is it where you decide to go or is it what you decide to do? Choosing is very prevalent in today’s society and societies of the past. Where you want to eat or sleep? What you want to do or feel? It’s all about what your choice is. What will you choose?

    By Ashley on 01.18.2013

  39. Such a loaded word. What springs instantly to mind is of course the epic opening from Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting: to horribly paraphrase only a portion of it: “Choose life. Choose a bigger TV. Choose spawning the fucked up brats you create to replace you. Choose to end your days in a nursing home….” and so on. And it ends “But I chose something different.” And that’s what I want – or do I? To choose something different.

    By Ara URL on 01.18.2013

  40. The two roads spread out in front of her. So many possibilities for each, she thought. What should she choose? It seemed impossible to decide which way to go, so the girl closed her eyes and spun in place. Feeling disoriented and blind, the girl unseeingly placed a foot in one direction and walked on, having made her choice.

    By flutefrog URL on 01.18.2013