August 13th, 2013 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “chivalry”

  1. “I never was one for chivalry,” she said, holding the door open for him.

    “Why is that?” he said.

    “It’s just an excuse for a fella to check out your arse,” she replied.

    “Huh,” he said, glancing down and grinning. “Surprised they’d have to trouble themselves with an excuse. Or maybe that’s why you don’t like any of them.”

    “Could be,” she said. “But don’t sell yourself too long either.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 08.14.2013

  2. We live by codes, personal codes of conduct, civil ones miltary ones, general ones of the community in which we live. Some are written, some unwritten. Whether we like it or not, few of us are freethinkers who keep their thoughts to themselves and do not seek disciples or at least approval.

    By Bunty on 08.14.2013

  3. “Chivalry is dead,” she muttered bitterly. It was supposed to be such a lovely night, and it was all ruined because he couldn’t be bothered to look at the clock and get here on time.

    “Actually, that’s a good thing,” pointed out her brother, glancing over from his place on the couch. He had spent the last two and a half hours playing video games, and didn’t look to be anywhere near bored of it. “It was basically founded on the idea that women are weak and can’t do anything.”

    By hannah URL on 08.14.2013

  4. It was something he lacked, I could not put it into words, or name it, I tried to understand him, but something was missing, and one day I watched the movie Brave Heart, and how he treated his woman, and I knew he lacked Chivalry. I think the word so important it….

    By Louisa J. Gilani on 08.14.2013

  5. Too bad he lacked the ability to see through her charm, he was not going to step aside for the man that really loved her. She was doomed to be taken in by the strapping young devious manipulator and bypass a man of chivalry.

    By Louisa J. Gilani on 08.14.2013

  6. what is it about the men in books novels really who are chivalrous? what makes them so attractive? Is it the fact that they seem to have a power that they feel instinctively in touch with? Do we sense they are givers? I tend to like them. They always have an appeal. They also seem to be a bit old fashioned which makes them appear mysterious and deep. At least to me.

    By Vig URL on 08.14.2013

  7. The young man laid his jacket across the mud puddle for the elderly woman to cross. “And they say chivalry is dead,” she muttered, and stepped across the mud.

    By Dave Bessom URL on 08.14.2013

  8. i can carry my own damn stuff
    i can buy my own damn dinner
    i can open the goddamn door
    by myself

    but i earn less than you do and the government’s trying to police my own damn uterus
    and i can’t wear a short skirt without getting wolf whistles
    or walk home alone at night without people saying i asked for it
    i spend too much f*cking money on clothes and makeup to look “professional”
    and simultaneously not be taken seriously because fashion is so

    so the least you can do is pay for the date
    and not say a word
    when i kick your f*cking balls in
    on behalf of each of the fairer sex that mankind has ever wronged.

    By h. b. URL on 08.14.2013

  9. Yrlavichc told me that his name was from a kind of person that I would like, if I could just figure out what is name meant. Spelled backward it was: Chivalry.

    By Louisa J. Gilani on 08.14.2013

  10. Chivalry is not dead but is a hermit that many people do not know it is still in existence. Being politically correct sent it into hiding.

    By Jacqui on 08.14.2013

  11. it is one of the most noble jobs in the means to have jonour, to have pride and to have courage. in my dreams i picture myself doing it

    By cemre on 08.14.2013

  12. hmmmm, thank you for holding the door, oh and the car door too! wow – I am impressed. it happens so infrequently. Men and chivalry..does it really still exist?

    By BB on 08.14.2013

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    By Jennifer Snowbank on 08.14.2013

  14. He looked down at the woman he loved, “I’ll come back; I promise!” She looked at his retreating figure with tears in her eyes, “My knight in shining armor is leaving once again.”

    By zzzoooeee on 08.14.2013

  15. Knights, castles, and honor… a thing of the past? Chivalry means a specific course of behavior based on an honorable point of view. Doing the right thing, not just saying the right thing.

    By Bill on 08.14.2013

  16. Chivalry shivers the timbers of modern traditions that have supplanted social graces to attempt parity. It’s absence does little to enhance daily life. Perhaps we should simply change the name to “Kindness” and bring it back.

    By P J Colando URL on 08.14.2013

  17. he was not dead,
    he was hiding.
    held in captivity by
    the only ones who talked about him
    were not willing
    to make it worth
    Mister Chivalry.


    By xxcey URL on 08.14.2013

  18. I used to think chivalry was dead
    But your insistance to hold open the door for me
    Has me convinced otherwise

    By Rachael URL on 08.14.2013

  19. perhaps you’ll never understand
    that meeting you for lunch
    is not what I’d consider fun
    and going to the mall is an ordeal

    I would much prefer
    to sit across from you and read
    but friendship does require
    a certain chivalry

    By slantedstories URL on 08.14.2013

  20. A “bump in the night.” Beneath the shallow light of the distant moon, Ember rallies her senses. She knows she can show no fear. In Ember’s world, fear means weakens. And weakness begets only one thing: death. Here, there are no knights. No chivalrous men upon horses. But, there are certainly damsels. And, as always, there is never ending distress.

    By Gabi URL on 08.14.2013

  21. Chivalry is dead when the man falls asleep with cheese in his feet. I say to you, this smells my dear. And you say to me, love is love no matter the smell. You cannot change my feet and I cannot make you love thee. But love thee I say back because i love no matter what

    By Alyssa URL on 08.14.2013

  22. Chivalry is sexist to me but I don’t care today because my mind is overshadowed by Ana and the crushing pressure I feel to lose weight. I’ve never been one for chivalry or relationships. Today I’m overpowered by being terrified of gaining any weight. I’m not even close to emaciated so it’s not like that. I’m 154lbs 5’3″ and curvy and I hate my existence. If I could be bones things would be better.

    By masked habit on 08.14.2013

  23. Chivalry isn’t dead, but evolved. Problems are never solved with cliche`s.

    By Tangles on 08.14.2013

  24. Chivalry should never have existed at all.
    Don’t look down my shirt and pretend you believe in
    equality, because I’ve looked down yours and your
    manly breasts just don’t inspire me.

    By letusbelennon URL on 08.14.2013

  25. I caught her standing naked in front of the mirror, her midnight skin hid in the shadows like a patience dragon. I was certain she would sweep me off my feet, tied me up and throw me in the trunk of her car to be kept for random. But it turns out she was a very gentle and kind assassin. She shot me twice in the chest. Clean. Simple. No fear or confusion, pure chivalry.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.14.2013

  26. chivalry is dead they say, or is it?
    would you really faint over a sword-wielding, horse riding, armored prince
    or is the +20 knight who saved your ass from the fire spewing giant spiders in your online game more to your liking?

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 08.14.2013

  27. It’s supposed to be dead. How sad is it that you get excited to see a man hold open the door for you? Shouldn’t it be normal? Instead of giving him the I-don’t-need-a-man look, I actually blushed. It was nice to be treated like a lady. Chivalry isn’t dead after all.

    By Kellie H. on 08.14.2013

  28. He steps aside to avoid disaster. He’s going to watch her walk into the puddle instead. Delights in it, almost. He knows that at the end of the day, being kind does nothing. He doesn’t get his favourite weapon wet, and she doesn’t even batt an eyelid. Chivalry is dead.

    By genahtastic URL on 08.14.2013

  29. It’s true romance is dead, isn’t it? When you take into consideration the social justice on the topic of chivalry, it makes it pretty obvious. It doesn’t matter if it’s holding open a door or picking up a check, no good deed goes unpunished.

    By Cole Taylor URL on 08.14.2013

  30. Chivalry is not dead. Oh what a cliche. And we should all avoid cliches in our writing, shouldn’t we? But who makes up these rules? And how do people find fresh images? I wish I could. How does this sound: the wind rippled over the grass like a wave.

    By Linda S. URL on 08.14.2013

  31. chivalry is a beautiful idea,
    the part that catches my attention though
    is that only gentleman are seen as chivalrous.
    i’m a gentleman,
    and chivalry certainly isn’t dead;
    hopefully it never will be.

    By Courtney on 08.14.2013

  32. Ah chivalry…girls often complain that boys aren’t chivalrous anymore, which I agree with, but its a unfair statement. Some boys are. And they’re lovely. And anyways, the only thing constant is change. Especially for people.

    By Bobbi B URL on 08.14.2013

  33. I hate the word chivalry because it is so lacking in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
    The men never open the door for you at Starbucks and rush ahead of you in the coffee line.

    By Louisa J. Gilani on 08.14.2013

  34. Chivalry is dead. She learned this the hard way. Not once has anyone pulled out a chair or held the door. Chivalry is dead, and it is never coming back.

    By Kate URL on 08.14.2013

  35. i felt like the second most watched person in the world, like everyone was leaning over the railing just to see me. but not in a good way. they wanted to see my toes grow into snails and they wanted me to turn pale enough to become a ghost. they begged for the chance to see my hair become strands from a willow tree and i felt like where my heart should be an owl had nested there

    By corrine marie URL on 08.14.2013

  36. Sure, I’ll hold the door for you.

    Yeah, I can get your bags.

    Of course, I’d love to open your car door for you.

    Yes, I’ll defend your honor.

    Why would chivalry be dead?

    By Brittanie URL on 08.14.2013

  37. He gets the door, carries the bags, want’s to do everything for me that I can do for myself. It’s his way of showing respect, adoration & love, I understand but it makes me feel……weak? Weak. And terrible for not allowing him to express his love in those ways. But I can carry my own bags, thank you. It’s all new to me, really.

    By Clo URL on 08.14.2013

  38. chivalry is acting well in any situation. It is doing the right thing when others are doing wrong. It is thinking about others instead of thinking about yourself. Chivalry is dead, some people say, but that really isn’t true. Chivalry is a little dusty, but it is not dead. It needs to be pulled out of the closet, dusted off, and be put back to work.

    By Gail on 08.14.2013

  39. he opened the door
    and suddenly
    he thought the world
    was his.

    i thanked him
    and smiled.

    he smirked
    and grabbed my ass
    then rolled his eyes at me when i yelled at him.

    ladies and gents,
    chivalry is not dead.

    it is misunderstood.

    By mk on 08.14.2013

  40. Women love to say chivalry is dead but maybe they have become so cynical, and so self righteous about women in general, so determined to believe that men are evil, that they simply refuse to acknowledge it when they see it. Moreover they may have a very restricted and obsolete idea of what defines chivalry.

    By Nathan Mylott URL on 08.14.2013