August 13th, 2013 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “chivalry”

  1. As time went on my dear
    you see the world lost hope
    in mannerisms and chivalry
    too busy to be bothered
    by such trivial things
    yet those are the things.
    those little things
    those not so important things
    those little instances
    that happen in the blink of an eye
    and done like a speck of dust in the wind.

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 08.13.2013

  2. The days where chivalry were a standard: he longed for those. These days, it’s what you do if you want something in return. How to make her understand?

    By Holden URL on 08.13.2013

  3. Chivalry maybe a lost art but I keep hoping for my knight to ride up on his white steed and rescue me, take care of me and make me forget all my worries. What a pipe dream!

    By Tracey URL on 08.13.2013

  4. throwing one’s cape down before shoving someone into a puddle

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 08.13.2013

  5. A white horse ridden by a gentle knight is not the same thing as doors constantly opened in front of me. Both are things I do not need, antiquated, weak in that they assume I need protecting and saving.

    One of them was appropriate in its time, as appropriate as it could be. The other is a remnant of an outdated, unneeded practice.

    I am no damsel. I rescue myself, open doors to reach goals spread out in front of me. I do not need protecting.

    By Anna Meursault on 08.13.2013

  6. Who has time for chivalry in times of war? And I don’t mean all out, fist on fist, steel on steel, blood in blood war.

    By Criss on 08.13.2013

  7. He makes her blush. Sometimes he’ll pull out her chair, offer to take her jacket off. Once he even carried her across a puddle so her (worn out and ruined) shoes wouldn’t get wet. It was cliche and horrible but she loved it. Sometimes she found herself missing him simply for that fluttery feeling she had in her chest when he was feeling nice, but for the most part she was glad to be done with it.

    By Sara URL on 08.13.2013

  8. Is it deax? I think not. But oerhaos it is a rare commodity,,, one that has been placed on reserve so to speak, set aside for the deserving by the individuals courageous enough ti stikk exhibit it.

    By kerry on 08.13.2013

  9. I’m not going to waste time on any chivalry; I am going to beat the fuck out of you. You deserve no proper conduct or ettiquette, all you deserve is to have your face in the dirt. You cheating motherfucker.

    By Amanda URL on 08.13.2013

  10. I don’t think that chivalry is dead. I just think it’s evolved. It’s no longer just something that a man does for a woman. It’s everybody for everyone. Holding the door for the person behind you regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman. Buying flowers for your boyfriend just because. Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s just different.

    By Lauren on 08.13.2013

  11. It was awfully backwards. She opened the door for me, gave me her jacket, treated me to dinner. People always say chivalry is dead, but this girl…she wouldn’t dare let it.
    I still wanted to be a gentleman though, so I figured, why not fix her a picnic and drive her into a park? She sounded ecstatic over the phone. God, I just wish she could know. I wish she could know the effect her smile has on a psyche like mine that was born face down in the mud. A psyche that lives on the border of content and contrived. But her smile….

    By Samantha URL on 08.13.2013

  12. You’re becoming more and more lovely
    to me with every smile
    and every laugh (and I swear
    it isn’t just me)
    and maybe you know you’re
    beautiful, because god I hope so;
    when you’re so alive
    and carefree
    you can’t tell me it
    doesn’t make
    you happier,


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 08.13.2013

  13. When you opened the door
    and I sailed through
    Chivalry preened in public gaze
    when the dinner was cold
    and you give me a black eye
    Chivalry hid itself in the dark cellar of our home

    By Shail URL on 08.13.2013

  14. There were moments when i hated my piercings and tattoos, my brightly dyed red hair, a shade just past fake and bordering cartoonish. Because men dont hold the door open for me, or peck me on the cheek. Rest their hand in the small of my back. Instead they treat me as a man, and i know, welcomed into their clan, that chivalry is dead to a woman like me.

    By Rachel Juillerat on 08.13.2013

  15. “Chivalry is a dying art form, my lady. One I’m happy to propagate.” she said, offering a cheeky grin.
    She rolled her eyes. “Are you forgetting that you, yourself, are a lady as well, Arya?” she chuckled. “Wait, what am I saying? Of course you’ve forgotten.” her tone was light, teasing, and it did nothing but highlight the affectionate shine in her dark eyes.
    Arya laughed. “Right you are, Etanie. Right you are.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.13.2013

  16. chivalry is dead…

    but women killed it.

    By mouse URL on 08.13.2013

  17. This was a heavy door. The heaviest I’d ever encountered, without exaggeration. Just as I was giving it the final shove and heading through, a girl approached from behind me. “Thanks a lot. This door is always tough for me.” She was beautiful, her dark eyes glittering in the afternoon sun and her short brown hair being teased by a passing zephyr. She gave me a small, genuinely friendly smile as she began to follow me through the doorway. “Chivalry is dead,” I said to myself, and I let the door slam on her face.

    By Charles Christopher on 08.13.2013

  18. He’s well acquainted with the concept of chivalry; it’s one of his favorite weapons. Holding open doors for women here, patronizing there, playing white knight despite the darker colors he may be hiding inside.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.13.2013

  19. Chivalry was dead, without a doubt. I had been walking down the hallway, calm as can be when a boy my age or older came along, shoving in front of me to get to the front door before me. Instead of ignoring this blatant rudeness as always, I grabbed his shirt, shoved him to the ground and raced to the door. I turned around when I was outside and flipped him off. I could deal with chivalry being dead. I could.

    By SourNothings URL on 08.13.2013

  20. Being an army officer’s daughter, chivalry is one characteristic I saw in most men when I was growing up. And it continued to be a characteristic I looked for in men after I grew up. It just spoke of the kind of upbringing a man had.

    By Meghna on 08.14.2013

  21. Chivalry is dead, she ttold herself, choosing not to believe his many gentlemanly advances. Only when she started believing did he make sure their private life was splashed all over the papers.

    By Teesta on 08.14.2013

  22. She has the chivalry of a steed of muscle.

    What is chivalry? It is a synonym of bravery.

    She was brave enough to save a drowning kitten out of a drain near her house.
    Some even says that she is plucky like a determined person always winning when chances are slim.

    By Brenda on 08.14.2013

  23. Dad hatte mir viel von dem weißen Ritter erzählt. Und doch war es anders, als ich ihn sah. Er sah nicht so aus, wie ich ihn mir vorgestellt hatte. Sein blondes Haar war weiß geworden, die Jahre hatten seinen Rücken gebeugt und er hinkte.

    By Lya on 08.14.2013

  24. it’s simple. Chivalry is when a girl ask a boy to open a can for her, and the boy willingly to open it with a smile. An act of chivalry can be as simple as walking an old person across the road.

    By Pham Hoang Ha on 08.14.2013

  25. Like hero. They sacrisfy themselve.

    By Tania URL on 08.14.2013

  26. freedom

    By Luna on 08.14.2013

  27. where’s it now?

    By jyn on 08.14.2013

  28. He walks around the car and opens my door. At the restaurant he pulls out my chair. At the end of dinner he gives me his jacket. Our 500th date was just like our first.

    By Ellen on 08.14.2013

  29. I don’t belive that chivalry is dead. Just taking a really long nap. Maybe in a hundred years it will wake up and rule the world again, maybe!

    By star on 08.14.2013

  30. Such an old-fashioned idea and word: chivalry. You rarely meet anyone you could apply that word to nowadays. We live in such a selfish, rude society. I guess you could say that chivalry is dead, but that is so trite. Is it dead or on life-support?

    By Linda Kay URL on 08.14.2013

  31. I left my purse in the car. The guy in line behind me paid for my donut and coffee. All business, and he paid for me before I had time to stop him. My thought was *what do you want from me* and I waited for the arrangement, the negotiation, the hook, the hook, there’s always a hook. But he didn’t say a word. Didn’t even look at me. I watched the door close behind him.

    By amygdala URL on 08.14.2013

  32. Chivalry is not dead. I open doors for people all the time. I’m not in the habit of opening car doors, but doors to establishments are a prime target. What other forms of chivalry are evident? Isn’t just plain politeness considered chivalry? Is chivalry only directed at women? What is the actual definition of chivalry?

    It is the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 08.14.2013

  33. loyal opinionated caring decent understanding champion honest hard working hero legend fighter freedom powerful real believer confident trustworthy

    By elala on 08.14.2013

  34. His chivalrous behavior was refreshing, but a bit creepy as well. He seemed like a character out of a fairytale; too good to be true.

    By mrsmig URL on 08.14.2013

  35. Holding a door open for someone or giving up your seat on the bus isn’t chivalry, it is just common courtesy. Don’t confuse the two. General standards of politeness aren’t some relic from our medieval past, but rather treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

    By Ara URL on 08.14.2013

  36. Chivalry … a virtue almost extinct…this is what won my heart 10 years back when you came in my life.. you define this word for me. I still remember how while walking on the road you would always keep me to your left, never on the side of traffic. And on scooter how you opened the step for me… it is not just respect but love and affection that oozes from a person who know the true meaning of this word

    By Apoorva URL on 08.14.2013

  37. There is no lack of chivalry in this world, it is merely hiding behind the facade of equality. Which would you prefer?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.14.2013

  38. It was the days of peaked hats and veils, favors tied around a lance, and glittering armor. Days of hardship, toil, and serfdom, under towering castles of story and romance.

    By Another-Mom URL on 08.14.2013

  39. He came to my rescue, climbing the tower that was my mother’s alcoholism, and falling down. He landed hard, and threw up all over the seats of his ’67 Chevelle and since someone had to put him to bed, I thought it might as well be me.

    By Rose URL on 08.14.2013

  40. Mary gaped at the open door in front of her. There was a strong hand attached, and the man attached to that hand was smiling at her. “After you Ma’am,” he said in a slow drawl. She blinked. Chivalry was still alive in New York City.

    By Soft URL on 08.14.2013