April 23rd, 2013 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “checkmate”

  1. Aha! She exclaimed silently in head, a quick glance up at her opponent through thick eyelashes. I know that I have him, she thought. His character like putty in her hands, she molded, caressed, and pawned him into the position she wanted him in. Checkmate.

    By Theresa URL on 04.24.2013

  2. My new girlfriend comes from Prague. I call her my Checkmate.

    By Thamus URL on 04.24.2013

  3. i

    By Lars berger URL on 04.24.2013

  4. “Checkmate,” she said.
    The surrounding spectators fell silent.
    Austin stared at the board, trying to convince himself that there is another way out of losing everything he has ever had, all in a matter of 15 minutes.

    By Torie C.R. on 04.24.2013

  5. i never was good at chess, but I loved the how the pieces looked. I wouldn’t mind spending a load of cash of a beautiful set that would probably never be touched. And it would make me look smart. Good enough.

    By Dorothy H. on 04.24.2013

  6. you’re my mate,
    i checked
    look how the late
    sun flecked
    the ground under
    your feet
    let us wander
    to the beach,
    float along
    in the breeze
    our song
    is indeed
    the click
    and the clack
    the bric
    and a brac
    of beloved
    wood stained plates
    we’re shoving
    the image of our fates

    By berenique URL on 04.24.2013

  7. I don´t know what checkmate mean. May be mate about your exam,

    By Auxi on 04.24.2013

  8. Checkmate is when you have a mate at the post office, he gave you a check: checkmate. Checkslovakia!

    By Thomas URL on 04.24.2013

  9. His moves aren’t wrong, exactly. In fact, if he were up against anyone other than Joshua, maybe Megumi would be winning. But Joshua knows him too well, knows how he works and what he’s thinking. And with his choice of Proxy and his knowledge of Shibuya- he knows his Conductor isn’t going to succeed.

    He knows this through Neku’s second week in the Game. He knows this through his time in the parallel universe. He knows this when he returns and Megumi pulls every last trick out of his sleeve in what can only be classified as desperation.

    And when the end comes, he smiles, though smiling is the last thing he wants to do. “It seems I’ve won,” he says with a chuckle, as if nothing is wrong, and, “Shame your plan didn’t work out.”

    He doesn’t know if Megumi understands that he’s not taking this as flippantly as it appears. But Megumi flinches back in disbelief, then catches and calms himself. “You gave me a wonderful opportunity,” he says, gratitude where despair belongs. “Thank you, Sir.”

    A rather empty feeling strikes Joshua, and he watches as Megumi turns to speak to Neku, figuring out his biggest mistake in the process. “It’s all up to you now,” the man says, and Neku has no idea what that means, but Joshua has to turn his face away for a moment to regain his composure.

    All up to Neku to win- to overcome the Composer that he, the Conductor, could not beat. And it’s all the hope he’ll die with, knowing that all his other hopes are gone. Even this close to Erasure, he won’t give up. Of course, Joshua doesn’t want to destroy Shibuya, but it is logically the best choice; he doesn’t feel for his city, but he will mourn this man who has been with him for years.

    He is perfectly capable of restoring Megumi to his status as Conductor- of preventing this Erasure altogether, while he can. But a Game is a Game, and they agreed on the rules before they began to play. There is no escaping checkmate, and Megumi is fully aware of this.

    A moment later, Megumi is gone, vanished in a flash of light, and Joshua puts on a nice show for Neku, outside smug and little more than amused, but insides torn and searching for answers.

    By Li URL on 04.24.2013

  10. Chess is not my forte. I can’t keep up one step ahead let alone ten or twelve. Love is the same way. No checkmate for me.

    By star on 04.24.2013

  11. it’s like a person has succeeded in manipulating somebody which has eventually led the second person into some kind of trouble. Sadistic tone.

    By Nikita Setia on 04.24.2013

  12. checkmate you called out
    as you boxed me in a corner
    unable to move
    seeing the fire in your eyes
    and the smile on your lips

    By elaine URL on 04.24.2013

  13. In the game of life you never want to be in that checkmate position of utter and complete powerlessness. No defenses, no possibility of victory ahead. A divorce, a job loss, grief and distress they can all overwhelm…… but God! Where there is life there is hope.

    By Tracey URL on 04.24.2013

  14. It was a trilling game indeed. Everything that you wanted to see and enjoy was well packaged and delivered. Checkmate is the word that I am looking for, everyone came away a winner that evening. Wow! is all I can say.

    By victor URL on 04.24.2013

  15. He had me. Despite all my precautions. My error wasn’t visible to me. I didn’t leave anything to chance. Nevertheless, there it was. He had me. Checkmate.

    By Dave Rogers URL on 04.24.2013

  16. Where could I go that would stop the constant dread, the sense of some circadian clock ticking away, counting down to my doom? If I don’t see him then I am worrying and fretting about how I can avoid the next meeting.
    “Checkmate,” he said. “I know you like coffee. It was going to happen that we would meet here one day.”
    The choice I had now was to give up coffee or go into the witness protection plan, that is after I witnessed his bludgeoning by unknown hoodlums in a blind alley.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.24.2013

  17. “checkmate” he said as he slyly slides over the golden brown pawn half smiling to himself.

    By erin on 04.24.2013

  18. It is something you say when you win over someone in chess.

    By Ray on 04.24.2013

  19. He dipped her swiftly,caking her hair sway as she was pressed flush against him. “Checkmate.” He murmured against the core of her throat.

    By Holly on 04.24.2013

  20. checkmate. my opponent is five years old. where did he learn to play chess?!? when i was his age i was following my big brother everywhere he went, especially to the ball field. i couldn’t get enough of watching the big boys throw around the ball. i hoped that one day soon i would be invited to join them. but, chess? never crossed my mind until after the accident when there weren’t many places to go since my legs had stopped working.

    By l on 04.24.2013

  21. Their eyes locked over the table, the chessboard between them empty of all save a few pieces. Most of them were black. Her eyes scanned over the board, and the black queen was moved once more. “Checkmate.” Her voice seemed to echo, for all that it was only a murmur.
    The man, playing white, stared at her, one hand reaching out to knock over his king piece, and he stood, eyeing her with a look that spoke of many things.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.24.2013

  22. Checkmate, game over, I subdue my love to her!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 04.24.2013

  23. That’s it, you’re done. There’s nothing more you can do. Checkmate, mate.

    By Calico URL on 04.24.2013

  24. You wasted my life, you stole my children, you took my happiness. But I had the last word. I took away those who loved you. I gave all your money away. I crashed your favorite car. I slowly destroyed your life. Checkmate.

    By Sara on 04.24.2013

  25. The chewing of bones in a hidden pit: checkmate, my father would say. The last move had been mine, a cautious dash through blackened forests not ancient, just forgotten. Behind me, a border world of fallen logs, burned past decay.

    I hoisted my quiver, last arrow ready, and crept to the pit’s edge.

    By RS Bohn URL on 04.24.2013

  26. When you play chess, sometimes a player might yell checkmate. I don’t play chess so I can’t really tell you much about this word. I think it means they win! I guess I better learn how to

    By Jen Grupp on 04.24.2013

  27. checkmate, in chess where you automatically have no choice but to loose. in chess, where you have no more place to move on because you’re all guarded and surrounded. perfect in some times in life; sometimes the only way is to just give up.

    By deuxbu on 04.24.2013

  28. Smugly, I leaned back in my chair to observe the final move I had placed. It had been a long time since I had started practicing, preparing for this moment. Those long nights spent sparring with my grandpa at the living room coffee table seemed to finally pay off. Who would’ve thought, someone like me, could come this far?

    By Gyarados URL on 04.24.2013

  29. I like to play chess. Chess is a fun go

    By Krista URL on 04.24.2013

  30. This reminds me of playing chess, obviously. Chess is a game that I have played throughout my entire life. It’s a link between my life as it is now and the child that I once was. I associate the game with an elementary school teacher I had, Dave Mowrey, who not only taught me how to play the game, but also was a huge role model and father figure in my life. RIP.

    By Sam Howard on 04.24.2013

  31. She was trapped into a corner, trying her best to keep quiet. Something she was currently failing at, seeing as she couldn’t stop the little giggles escaping her mouth.

    He heard the sweet, high-pitched giggles, and smirked triumphantly. He followed the sound to where he supposed she was.

    He turned and was confused at the site of an empty corner. He swore he heard her…

    Then she jumped on him from behind, her laughter ringing off the walls, her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

    “Checkmate.” She whispered into his ear as he smiled.

    By Rio URL on 04.24.2013

  32. I was once playing checkers in my grandmas house. I would always loose. I love playing checkers because of the challenge you had to put into it.

    By Megan Slotten on 04.24.2013

  33. Chess is a game that involves a lot of skill. There’s different strategies and rules. I’m not completely sure what happens when you get a “checkmate” but I’m pretty sure it involves chess.

    By Rachel on 04.24.2013

  34. Chess is a well known board game across the world. People use it as competitions for school, like chess team. They get together and play for practice then compete against other schools like any other sport would. Chess can also serve as a bridge between two countries, by bringing them closer with something to agree on. Chess is a great way to have fun! Checkmate!

    By Jaci Brungardt URL on 04.24.2013

  35. It was all planned out before it even started.
    Unfortunately, Steve was never fooled.
    He sacrificed himself to save his queen
    The only way to save his county was to die.
    We are put upon impossible situations,
    and only one choice can save the day.
    Who anticipated the human rook to be so brave?

    By Siege URL on 04.24.2013

  36. novel, i’m stuck with no where to go
    wandering around in this same existence,
    in circles,
    when will this end?
    there are no grey areas for me,
    just black and white.
    this world is cold and harsh,
    lines are straight and the floor is shiny,
    always looking, checking behind me

    By Miranda on 04.24.2013

  37. “I believe that is checkmate” He whispered, his voice cold. He puffed his cheeks with air and let it out. I sullenly watched his knight take out my king without him touching it.

    By vicky URL on 04.24.2013

  38. Her walls were tiled black and white. The walls mirrored the floor which was the same as the ceiling, leaving her trapped in a prison of black and white, moving in her peripheral vision like an optical illusion.

    “checkmate,” she would whisper to herself at night when she pretended to play chess across the checkered expanse of her ceiling, picturing an enemy who fell, each time, to her skill in a game of chess.

    By Joy on 04.24.2013

  39. And just like that, I was done. A slash on the wrist and a tear in my eye. A scar that I would have for the rest of my life if I lived to tell the tale.

    Which I did, and I thank God every day for that very fact. A near checkmate.

    By Madi URL on 04.24.2013

  40. Checkmate, end game, game over, give it up; it’s really over. You lost. Your life is now over. No restarts. No do overs. No extra lives upon which to rely.

    By Maggie on 04.24.2013