October 20th, 2012 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “charge”

  1. You charge ahead of him, snatch it before he can, and don’t look back. Your feet are pounding the ground and tearing at soft earth as you run faster than you ever thought was possible – your lungs scream for air you can’t give as you try to look into the bag while keeping out of his reach. Your legs aren’t fast enough though, his fist connects with the side of your face and you tumble to the ground, blood filling your mouth. His foot presses into your chest and you can’t fight back as he snatches the leather bag from your hands. Failure consumes you.

    By Sheonaid on 10.20.2012

  2. The enemy lines were a dark line against the horizon, jagged silhouettes and roars of loyalty to their nation.

    The prince bit his lip, thinking of his father back home–the father sick and weary, the people who needed him.

    He raised his sword, the silver glinting orange in dawn’s light, and his army roared with one voice in turn.

    By Brill URL on 10.20.2012

  3. Don’t think, just write. Don’t think, just write. Boy I sure wish B of A had not made it so easy to borrow money from my charge cards! Don’t think, just write. Don’t think, just write.

    By Lucinda on 10.20.2012

  4. I’d like to charge you for some heinous crime but there’s just too much potential that I see in your future. For what you did, Jill, you hurt me so bad, stole everything I had. So what do I do? Do I forgive you? Or do blame you for everything?

    By Eric Harrell on 10.20.2012

  5. you took charge of my life like no one else had.
    you took charge of my fate like no one else had.
    and that’s why I loved you.
    and that’s why I hated you.
    and then I took charge.
    and that’s why you hated me.

    By ashley on 10.20.2012

  6. Charge. The connection two people feel at any moment. Whether it be a charge of lust, a charge of hate or a charge of something neither one of them can put a word on it is there. always.

    By Katie on 10.20.2012

  7. I am in charge. I do not like to be out of charge. Batteries need charging just like the human spirit. If I were to be a mobile device, I would require electricity for charging. I am just human and my electricity is life. Take charge of life and you shall be your own charger. You would not need any external means of charging.

    By Alicia Browder URL on 10.20.2012

  8. The bright, glaring lights were coming closer. I sped up. Closer again. I pushed the car into the sharp corners and willed my turning to come. The lights followed down the dark street. Then the flashing blue lights and I knew.

    By Louise URL on 10.20.2012

  9. The boss in charge that day had told me a lie about how things were supposed to run. He told me I had to slap the maid with a fish after she finished all her daily tasks. The maid got up set and started to charge at me with a wild fire in her eyes and with that she dissappeared.

    By stanley on 10.20.2012

  10. Charge is like the wind. It goes without knowing. Without thinking. It just does. Does. Have you ever done something that made you want to change the world? Try. Don’t. Always do your best. Charge is a way of life. A peace of the world all set withing each and every on of us. Deep. Soulful. Beautiful. One day all of us will realize the Beauty within our soul.

    By Morgan on 10.20.2012

  11. “Charge!” the commander yelled. His men took off down the hill as the bombs began, and people screamed. They ran around and carried the wounded back to the safe haven as the earth shook, and the everything went black. After a while, everyone woke up in a white room with one blad man standing in front of them

    By Emma URL on 10.20.2012

  12. ‘Charging the bull my not be the best idea,’ he thought. ‘Too late to stop though…

    By all4imagination URL on 10.20.2012

  13. The battery fell out of its receptacle. Joe scrabbled to grab it as it rolled underneath him. The scruffy wood of the floor was caught up under his nails and he inhaled in pain but the urgency drove him to push on, and finally he caught the battery and locked it in to place, whipping the flashlight up just in time to catch the motion of a shadow disappearing into a doorway.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.20.2012

  14. For eight months, I charged you.
    I’m still paying off the balance.

    By Stuart URL on 10.20.2012

  15. i felt it

    you were miles away, but with your every word i knew that there was some vibrant force behind it. just like that, as my eyes danced across the slender helvetica and bore into your soul, splayed out across my screens like a pit of flowers.

    By annaise URL on 10.20.2012

  16. My pet rhino loves charging. Any kind of charging,too.He likes charging at other animals. He likes charging at people. He especially loves charging at toddlers, I’m not quite sure why. He like charging all my credit cards too. That dratted Rhino just simply loves to shop. He buys charging gear with all my credit. Oh. Did I mention his name is charge?

    By Anisha Russell URL on 10.20.2012

  17. CHarge! And the bulls sped across the smoke-rising prairie and across the fields of wheat and the tomato crops and over the little dilapidated shed where we once played house and made mud soup and grass pasta.

    By Neelvar on 10.20.2012

  18. Intense noise accompanied the stagnant stench of still water disturbed; it was a beast. A BIG beast. It’s soft stately flow had been replaced by an angry bull rush, a charge. In the glint of his teeth, in the obsidian of his scales, in the steely, practiced murder of his eyes…. I saw what I’d been looking for this whole time: my teddy bear.

    By Dave on 10.20.2012

  19. “Hey, Ricky! Enough!”

    He didn’t stop. He just sneered at me.

    “Ricky, who’s in charge here?”


    I scowled. “Try again, Ricky.”

    My little brother stopped bouncing on the bed for only a second. “Fine then. Bitch is in charge.”

    My face went very red. I stormed up to him. I grabbed him by the arm as he was up in the air and pulled him toward me.

    “Let go!”

    “Call me a bitch again,” I snarled, “and you can sleep in the garage tonight.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2012

  20. lets charge the cavalry.

    By Dativo Marques on 10.20.2012

  21. Take charge of your life she spit at him. He was laying there in the end of the tattered couch broken. He couldn’t he told himself deep down, he meant nothing, he was nothing he could change nothing. This was the end of his life.

    By AshleyKay URL on 10.20.2012

  22. We stand in formation
    With anticipation
    Our shackles clanging
    We narrow our focus
    Slow our breathing
    Our heartbeats banging
    Who will summon the trumpet
    Point to the horizon
    Our lead weights straining
    A cry of charge
    We begin our march
    Our destiny is waiting

    By recogirl URL on 10.20.2012

  23. Full charge. Battery fully charged. You can use your phone now. One million new text messages. Geez I shouldn’t let my phone die.

    By beetle on 10.20.2012

  24. Take charge, take control. Take ability. Become yourself, become what you strive for. Charge through the crowd, through the midst of empty minds and blank pages. Take Charge.

    By Mariah on 10.20.2012

  25. There was never enough charge on Marisol’s phone battery for her to really do what she needed most days. It was always situation’s like this where she had a flat and her car was stuck on the side of the road that it always failed her.

    By Zarra URL on 10.20.2012

  26. Charge me with a crime. I swear that blood’s not mine. I’m like a ghost, always hard to find.

    By Jordan Perez on 10.20.2012

  27. bosses are in chrge of the work place, just like my parents are both in harge of my house. They have big resposabilities and thats why they always seem to be stressed out. i hope that when i grow up i can be my own boss.. i dont want to be goig round following someone’s orders! Plus i want to be involved in some kind of artistic job. LIke a publisher or graphic designer… I don’t know where i want to study though… i want to go to europe. i like it there! There’s an amazing University in Switzerland for art. I think i might go there but first i wanna have a gap year. Go to china, india, japan, and alll those places my mum doesnt want to go to.. i dont know why she doesnt want to go, i find their cultures very interesting… i remember when we went to Egypt. It was very different in a cultural way but so beautiful at the same time. I dont think i would be able to actually live there though, Women mean nothing there, that really annoys me.

    By Domenica on 10.20.2012

  28. I froze. I regretted doing this, doing any of it. I watched as the bull charged towards me, and I had nowhere to go. I broke out of my shocked trance and tried to look around, but I was backed up against the wall. This is not good.

    By Jessica URL on 10.20.2012

  29. When I worked in a cafe, I never charged extra if people wanted marshmallows with their drink. We were supposed to charge 40 cents, but these were the cheapest marshmallows I’d ever seen and it just didn’t feel right.

    By alleycat URL on 10.20.2012

  30. That’s not right. “They’re wrong” I thought in my head. Looking at the receipt, I knew that they were lying. I could see it in their eyes. “I want my money back!” But they just stared, like they always do.

    By Gabrielle on 10.20.2012

  31. i use a charger to plug in my phone, computer and other electronic things. the charge provides things that work on their own energy with power.

    By rachek on 10.20.2012

  32. A lack of inspiration is what keeps me grounded. My feet, firmly planted on the dirt of such a comprehensible world, are testament to my static life. One day it’ll sprinkle rain and I’ll breathe, realize, charge.

    By Parka URL on 10.20.2012

  33. Charged with emotions and never ending thoughts, she began to spill out her mind into a painting. There was simply not enough canvas.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.20.2012

  34. she charged down the stairs demanding what was going on. she was lost. she was confused. her frustration didn’t take her anywhere, definitely not to any answers. She lost her mind as she met a wall of silence. Nothing can answer her fears.

    By Stephanie on 10.20.2012

  35. Its charge, the charge of its current was so electrifying. We could almost see it flowing between us. They way it moved and swayed with the breeze. Our eyes were locked in an intimate embrace that none could disturb. I wanted to reach out and touch him, to see if he was real, if this was real.

    By umbazachika URL on 10.20.2012

  36. Poised to battle. Ready to fight. All you can depend on is yourself in the heat of battle. Sweat drips down as you see your captain shout, “Charge!”
    Capture the flag was my favorite game when I was young.

    By Camille on 10.20.2012

  37. how can we charge on when we don’t know how to move our legs according to our will? how can we keep our balance if we don’t keep moving? how can we see the right tomorrow if we don’t know the way to go?

    By Stephanie on 10.20.2012

  38. Oriana’s football team and marching band. Competitions, missing seeing Kevin, the beach, Old Saybrook, failed romance, one of many. It always happens that way, until now. Matt, conducting, fame and fortune may or may not come but what do we care. We may end up somewhere together.

    By Gemma on 10.20.2012

  39. you charge a phone or an ipod…you might charge yourself sometime…you need it to go on with things. charging seems to be necessary somehow. don not charge yourself too hard.

    By Nina on 10.20.2012

  40. He charged.
    Like a bull.
    Maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised when he heard the other guy’s nickname (Torro) or seen the tribal tatts and the nose ring.
    This guy didn’t need a damn shotgun.
    He just needed his thick skull.
    As Bradley took Torro’s head in the gut, the previous had a flashback to when he was a little kid and a girl, name long forgotten, suddenly started to play leapfrog with him. Needless to say, it had ended in tears and a bloody nose.

    By Mari Xavier on 10.20.2012