February 12th, 2011 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “charge”

  1. The different parts of a neutron have different charges. Neutrons, protons, and electrons have neutral, positive, and negative charges, respectively.

    By Rachael on 02.12.2011


    By Lisa URL on 02.12.2011

  3. I thumbed my reply, my hands clammy. I am nearing desperation. My mobile phone is dying. Not now, I desperately need to send this message. I need to tell him this. This may be the last message I ever send, I thought to myself. Fear enveloped my senses, I can no longer think.

    By Nadine Isabel URL on 02.12.2011

  4. He charged. Why not? What was there to lose? Well, technically there was everything to lose. If they were defeated he would be destroyed. Everything he worked for and everything he cared about would fall into Steve’s hands. But really, what was the point of everything he had worked for if he was too afraid to fight for it?

    By Hagedorn URL on 02.12.2011

  5. In the front lines
    the man takes to the field
    His boots to his knees
    and the dirt in his eyes.

    he points to the sky and prays
    that his shot will count.

    By Destin URL on 02.12.2011

  6. As in horses, or the start of a battle. Or how we charge through life and never think about the things in front or behind but more importnatly around. We never stop, because time doesn’t stop. In our lives we are only connected to the time we live and nohtng more it seems. What else can we do but move forward and look behind.

    By Seb on 02.13.2011

  7. “Take charge of the situation!” Ellen declared.
    Charlie fumbled with the switch.
    Goodlord, he thought, was she ever bossy!
    She said she wanted him to take charge but it was such a lie.
    His silly older sister AWLAYS was in charge.
    But no, this time he really would take charge.
    She had no idea what was coming…

    By Eva URL on 02.13.2011

  8. I charged at the coming rain! As if it was blank and black and harsh, I charge against it’s will! Charge, not defeat. Carge as if my life depended on it!

    By Kim on 02.13.2011

  9. i take charge of my mind, and my mind takes charge of me then other days, i don’t know who’s in charge.

    By b on 02.13.2011

  10. There is this boy i know. When i am near him i feel an electricity run through me. a feeling I cant control. when we are close sparks fly. its a charge I can not escape.

    By Koala on 02.13.2011

  11. i would like to take charge of my life. Really, I feel so out of touch with the dreams I set for myself as a child… a child in a home where making it was not getting pregnant by the age of 16. I made that. I managed to make it out of high school without having any children but… what else have I done. Yes. i went to college and yes I fell in love. But did I do all I set out for myself?

    By Jade URL on 02.13.2011

  12. Charge? I have no charge. It seems like everyday is made up of endless, tireless tedium. How do I motivate myself to live when life makes it extremely difficult. Everything is empty.

    By Phil URL on 02.13.2011

  13. The electrical impulse charged through her body – looking into his liquid brown eyes had sent a smoky energy leaping through her veins, infusing her with a scorching longing, a smouldering passion erupted into life engulfing her with the fire of an attraction which she had long fought against.

    By debbie k on 02.13.2011

  14. I take charge of my life by being myself, I don’t let anyone stand in the way of how I feel, who I am. I believe that if someone doesn’t like the person that I am being, then I don’t need to surround myself with such people.

    By Kelly URL on 02.13.2011

  15. Charge of the light brigade – the lines no longer etched on my brain ready to fill the pages of an exam paper with random quotes to prove a point. That was so so long ago in a different age with a quite different me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By Anj URL on 02.13.2011

  16. Someday I would like to take charge. I would like to be able to admit to my ex that I am in love with him still, just so that I can finally get that shit off my back. It’s not that I want him to love me back, it’s just that I want this nightmare of feelings to finally be over so that I can move on with my life. I WANNA BE A NOVELIST.

    By Beano on 02.13.2011

  17. I can feel it when we touch. It’s electrical, like we could power cities with the energy between us. Is it positive or negative? I don’t know. I don’t think you do either.

    By Chloe Adams on 02.13.2011

  18. The charge that rippled through his system straightened his body out like a plank. First came the needles, then came the slam. The intensity of the charge made the needles feel like a massage. With eyelids clenched tight, tears leaked out of the corners as his mouth opened, but nothing came but a silent howl of desperation.

    By chole URL on 02.13.2011

  19. Charge. Charge me up with your energy, your electricity. Make me feel alive with your touch. Throw me that lifeline.

    By jell on 02.13.2011

  20. Hij werd beschuldigd van de misdaad, maar John liet het langs zich heengaan. Hoe had het zo ver kunnen komen? Hij wreef over zijn voorhoofd in een poging om de spanningshoofdpijn te verzachten, maar dit lukte hem eigenlijk niet. Hij dacht terug aan de momenten die zo bepalend waren geweest voor zijn lot.

    By ping URL on 02.13.2011

  21. The air smelled sweet, nothing like the experience, He screamed at me like a possessed but weak old man, I wanted to run, I felt my feet pushing down into the grass but it was like the grass had tied my feet together paralyzed, he put his head down and charged at me as if he was a bull and i was his swaying red flag

    By shea URL on 02.13.2011

  22. The batteries don’t ever work as long as you want them to. Neither does anything else. Bunnies don’t march to the beat of their own drummer… influenced by the charge… neither does anything else. There is a certain sadness in this, something that I can’t quite understand, because my batteries are dead.

    By Courtney on 02.13.2011

  23. blown up
    its dangerous
    not placed properly
    who taught them
    who was in charge
    dangerous to play with fire

    By ani on 02.13.2011

  24. I hate it when I’m in charge. The weight of responsibility is oppressive. Somehow I’m expected to know better, when the truth is that we are all flying by the seat of our pants.

    By Emil on 02.13.2011

  25. its time to charge foreward with the little time we have .the hourglass is slimming down to nothing but sand spilling through her fragile glass bones. she will charge you, and there upon you charge yourself. plug into the outlets and feel your drained batteries refuel withe liguid of life.

    By jenny cox on 02.13.2011

  26. He charged up the hill leaving his fellows behind. The dark forest was beyond that hill and if she had gone into there, she was as good as dead. Sprinting as fast as he could he barely cleared the hill in time to see his charge’s head, vanish into the canopy cover of the Dead wood. There was nothing for it. He was her guardian. He stepped forward.

    By Tyrian URL on 02.13.2011

  27. This word reminds me of a song called “No Charge”. It’s about a mother who tells her child about all the stuff she does for them for no charge at all. Because a mother’s love is unconditional.

    By Tinna URL on 02.13.2011

  28. the charging into battle
    gave the ground unearthly shudder,
    but with ipod charged, the general failed to turn and see.
    oh bugger.

    By Thomas Edward Freeman URL on 02.13.2011

  29. A charge can have something to do with electricity, sometimes control. Sometimes moving forward rapidly at an army. I prefer the last of these examples. Also I like it when my cellphone is full of CHARGE. UNRELEATED BUT ALSO GOOD: BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO.

    By DAN on 02.13.2011

  30. one word, what does that mean to you?! can you tell how much you love somebody in one word? a word for example love – when you think of love who is the first person who pops in your mind?!

    By yasmin malik on 02.13.2011

  31. I’m in charge now! You have to do as I say because the I’m the new HOD.

    By yasmin malik on 02.13.2011

  32. charge. charging. mabey it will stop sometime. at least i hope it does.

    By Rebecca URL on 02.13.2011

  33. I am plugged in, I am electric. My body shivers in wake and illuminates the darkened room. The reflections my shadows cast dance into the sweet night. I am charged. Fully.

    By Austin Farmer on 02.13.2011

  34. You’ve got to take charge of the situation. Don’t fade back and hide in your office. Go in and solve it. Call the right people. Sometimes yell at the wrong people. But you’ve got to make moves to make things all right. That’s why you’re the boss.

    By wemuma URL on 02.13.2011

  35. I am in charge of my thoughts, my actions , my feelings, the words I choose to say and those I don’t. I am in charge of me and the moments that make up my life.

    By natasha on 02.13.2011

  36. You charge a high price for the damage that you cause. I pay you for your time and destruction and I’m terribly in debt.

    By Sam URL on 02.13.2011

  37. charge on capacitor ,
    charging yourself for an exam
    electrical charge
    charge of an electron
    positive charge and negative charge
    charge a battery
    charge in brain

    By ansh on 02.13.2011

  38. I didn’t know what would become of me, I just thought it would be a good idea to charge him for his crimes. I know I want her, I think she doesn’t need me, but what I see is that she needs me. My love comp

    By Daniel on 02.13.2011

  39. deep beneath our feet, something was happening- like any other day really, often disregarded, much of the earth is forgotten, taken on face value, except where further value is there for the extraction; oil, ores, diamonds or as in this case, opals. The desert dawn was expidited as a charge went off in the distance, a plume of dust heralding the shockwave which stirred the birds into a cacophony and jarred life into being like a last stab with the defibrillator.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 02.13.2011

  40. “How do you have the gall to charge that much?” Cynthia demanded. “It’s a creation, a masterpiece, a work of art. If you have to ask that question then you don’t deserve an Artemis Centrepiece,” came the reply.

    By Shelma Vaughan on 02.13.2011