February 12th, 2011 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “charge”

  1. taking charge of your life
    taking charge over a regiment
    charging with plastic because we need something NOW
    charge someone with a wrong doing
    charge charge charge charge

    By she53lly URL on 02.12.2011

  2. Charge! Charge at the enemy! Those blasted, devilish creatures! Charge at the infantry! Charge at the cavalry! Banish the invaders from our land! Render them worthless! You are the champions of today! For the sake of your people, charge!

    By C. Cheung on 02.12.2011

  3. At first I thought this word said change, and I freaked out. Then I looked closer and I saw the word charge, and thought of basketball, plain and simple. Maybe that’s what being a bleacher kid does to you. Take a charge; make a change.

    By Mickie JaMonday on 02.12.2011

  4. Immediately I think of buffalo charging after me. Then I think of being in charge of a large group of children. Then I think of going to teh grocery store and being charged for my purchase. First thought though is buffalo.

    By Alfred Hitchcock on 02.12.2011

  5. i rushed through the crowd unaware of intention or intrusion.
    “excuse me,” mentally pronounced but otherwise silent as i slipped through unannounced.

    By victor URL on 02.12.2011

  6. is it the re-charging of one’s emotions? or rather the charging into something unreal, unusual, and desirable? let’s hope for the latter. we all need something different.

    By katie URL on 02.12.2011

  7. charge my batteries, charge it on my card, charge your worst enemy and knock the wind out of them, now there is nowhere to get a boost.

    By ryan on 02.12.2011

  8. That’s what they do at a store. They charge you. Or at a police station. No, more like in court. You’re charged. Where does that happen, actually? At the police station or at the courthouse? I’m confused. And who charges you? The police or other people or lawyers? Or does the judge charge you? No, that’s not right: it’s the cashiers.

    By Kyle URL on 02.12.2011

  9. Once upon a time I needed to charge my cell phone. I forgot. Then I was driving in the middle of nowhere and my cellphone died. It really sucked. So what I did was walk about 30 miles south. I found a gas station and called someone to come pick me up. Oh yeah. my car died. thats why i had to walk.

    By Chase on 02.12.2011

  10. charge charge go go. don’t stop, keep going. CHARGE! CHARGE! GO! GO! never stop, don’t stop. keep going to the end. don’t give up! Charge! go! go! go! Charge! to the end, charge!

    By anya on 02.12.2011

  11. Elecirical charges are the result of circuitry and magnets. A “charge” can also be a colloquial term used to describe the thrilling feeling one gets during a moment of happiness or euphoria. It can also be correlated with adrenaline. The phrase “oppoistes attract” come from the fact that oppositely charged particles attract one another, like a positive and negative side of a magnet.

    By Meghan on 02.12.2011

  12. I used to charge things and when the bill came, I wasn’t always able to pay it easily. That was never a good feeling. I washed pots so that I could pay phone bills; now I treasure that experience. I cashed U.S. savings bonds to pay for something I bought and couldn’t afford. Now it feels pretty good to use a debit card, and pay as I go. I take it for granted, though.

    By ruth URL on 02.12.2011

  13. I like to take charge. There may be 2 meanings to the word, but the one that strikes me first is being in charge. Leading, controlling. But charge has a positive connotation to me, it’s knowing what you’re doing, and making it the best choice for everyone.

    By Jane on 02.12.2011

  14. I held my breath and pressed my knees closer into the sides of my horse as our gallop became a full run. He charged ahead into the wide valley the long grass and wild flowers grazing his belly and my feet, the wind grabbing at our hair pushing it back from our faces. The mountains lifted from the ground like majestic walls hovering around the valley and forest, their peaks dipped in white clouds.

    By Karissa la on 02.12.2011

  15. I charged up the battery to my toy car and drove down the street. The emotions were charging through my veins, as complex as a 5 year old could feel. There was a strange mix as I pedaled turbulently away.

    By Rachel on 02.12.2011

  16. a team of horses stampeding after something. a cashier telling me my to pay for my item. being punished.

    By ariel URL on 02.12.2011

  17. I’m running. Like batteries, my speed is building. Sweat runs up and down my neck. My head is pounding. My legs are jello. But I keep going. The pounding of my sneakers makes a rap-tap-tap on the pavement. But I need to go.

    By Amanda on 02.12.2011

  18. Once a month my dad would pay the bills and most months he would question my mom’s charge card–Strawbridge & Clothier. In an exasperated way he would say, $121 for Strawbridges? And she would justify each thing–“Ruth needed this or that; I bought it for vacation; it goes with my slacks; it was marked down!” Now whenever I buy something, even though no one questions me or even particularly cares what I spend, I justify it: “Look at this, it was $200, marked down to $79, and I used a coupon and got it for $40!” Like I’m telling myself it’s okay to buy things for myself.

    By ruth URL on 02.12.2011

  19. Into the steam of fog and the drizzle of blood so fine and warm, it falls on your face like mist.

    This is war. This is what you came for.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 02.12.2011

  20. There was only one chance for the salvation of the chicken people. They had to charge. Charge like a bullion of manifested demons, to the conclusion of this epic quest. The Dog people salivated, sensing the defeat of the chicken people. But one cocky rooster bared down, flared his nostrils, and cockled forward.

    By Kevin Craig URL on 02.12.2011

  21. Charge…how do you stop an elephant from charging? You take away his credit card. Since I do not have any credit cards…I will talk about elephants.
    Elephants are amazing animals who are very intelligent and have incredibly long memories. They live in communities and care for their young, almost like humans.

    By Terri URL on 02.12.2011

  22. Charge is a serious word. It was much more serious than barney burns thought it was going to be. Because as he walked home on the night of the 25th, an october night, it had to be, he realized that there wasn’t any wind.

    By Bernie Katz on 02.12.2011

  23. One should not heedlessly charge into an enemy. You may inspire courage in those around you, but is that worth dieing for? Is that the purpose of life you imagine, to inspire confidence in a few soldiers who will die aswell?

    By Eph on 02.12.2011

  24. It means that someone’s in charge.
    You’re in charge? Well, i dont think everyone has their own place to boss other people around. ignorance. Being in charge can help, but it can fuck up some peoples egos. yeahh. ): I’m not sure what else to write about.

    By elizabeth on 02.12.2011

  25. The men, readying themselves, settled down to the task of their last acts. A quick letter to a loved one, a wedding ring stabbed into the trench wall with a dagger, one final drag on a cigar before the gunshot rang. To them, it was a chance to preserve their humanity before they were slaughtered like cheap cattle.

    By Eleanor Langford on 02.12.2011

  26. “Just put it on my card”, she said. Her bracelets jingled lightly as she placed the card in the cashier’s hand. “It’s not my money, that bastard of a husband owes me anyway.”

    By Sopdet URL on 02.12.2011

  27. Something we hear every day when we buy things, charge it to your card and you don’t even have to think about it. Well, until you have to pay the bill, anyway… tricky.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 02.12.2011

  28. I’ll push forward. I’ll break through the glass in front of me. Nothing is going to hold me back from what I want. When I want something, I take it. When I’m in a situation, I take control. I’ll charge forward.

    By Ang on 02.12.2011

  29. The charge was far too strong for mark to take, it was like the flash combined into some sort of super force. it could not be controlled no man or senitnent entity could controll this. It… was far to strong. no one stood a chance.

    By Kyle on 02.12.2011

  30. i want to take charge of the situation of our relationship of us whatever us is…whatever us is meant to be. dont play the fool you know you feel it too you know why i kissed you last night i did it because i had to because if i didnt i would always regret it. i am in love with you but i dont know ho to take charge of this situation…i wish i did. i really wish i did.

    By Violet Silk URL on 02.12.2011

  31. You’re Not in charge of me. I do what I want when I want. Don’t make me get out of this chair to show you who’s really in charge. Can’t stand when you think you’re the boss of me. You’re not in charge of me!

    By Laura URL on 02.12.2011

  32. Crowds of men began gathering around the bodies. Each was attempting to recognize his fellow soldier on the ground, and few succeeded. The dirt and blood and sweat masked each face. It seemed like years ago since we all screamed “charge!” into the masses of bodies, completely full of rage and war.

    By Megan on 02.12.2011

  33. It did not matter who the enemy was, anger like this can not be controlled a simple outburst of emotion would suffice to make it stop. Stop the throbbing. Stop the pain. Stop life as we know it

    By kyle URL on 02.12.2011

  34. They charged down the aisle desperate to get as much produce in their basket before the time limit expired. But the seconds trickled away quicker than they could run.

    By Shelma Vaughan on 02.12.2011

  35. Positive charge. Negative charge. Neutral charge. As I sit in science class drifting in and out of sleep the teacher is talking about neutrons? electrons? protons? I don’t even know.

    By Laura URL on 02.12.2011

  36. I know this waitress better now charge me for this meal. how does she expect me to eat something that looks like the dog in the back of the kitchen chewed it up and spat it back out. This meal better not be on my bill. I will press charges!

    By Laura URL on 02.12.2011

  37. Charge me what!? Today’s cost of things is rediculous! I went into a store today and a bag of chocolates that said “fuck me” was 15 bucks! What the Hell!

    By Jessica on 02.12.2011

  38. paper or plastic? cash or credit? bulls running mad electric currents. did your cell phone die?

    By owen on 02.12.2011

  39. run the hill
    fight the fight

    always endure
    the pain of up
    always up
    never ever stop

    By david hood on 02.12.2011

  40. Charge forward into battle, into new things. Blindly charging with purpose.

    By Di URL on 02.12.2011