August 26th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “carbon”

  1. Carbon is a element. I saw on Breaking Bad that carbon is in everything and is a massive part of our make-up as humans, make up as in bio-make up not face make-up. I always imagine it to be black.

    By Abs on 08.26.2012

  2. All around us, in us. The food we eat, the air we breathe, all have elements of carbon.

    We are what we are made up of, but is the sum of our whole equal to all of what we are made up of alone?

    By jo on 08.26.2012

  3. carbon is the base on which most living matter is composed around on earth, it come in many forms, notably in diamonds and grapphite. carbon 14, and isotope of the more regular carbon 12, is often used in archeology to date artefacts.

    By shurley on 08.26.2012

  4. We filed into the Gym closely packed together, due to all the equipment pushed up against the wall. As we all settled into our seats, the teachers lined up in the front of the room. “Hello students! I hope you are all enjoying Green week at Lynnsdale High!” I rolled my eyes. the cheesiness is just too much for me. “We are doing a great job with erasing our carbon footprints and recycling and whatnot, but wee need to work harder. The planet still needs our help you know!” By this time I’m starting to zone out, when I hear “and know to hand this over to Ms. Rakrmam!” Ms Rakrman is my favorite teacher. She actually makes school enjoyable. I lean forward in my seat, hanging on to every word she says.

    By Isabela on 08.26.2012

  5. Carbon dioxide. I can’t concentrate on this right now. I was supposed to go out tonight with someone but again, for the second time, he gave me a bogus excuse and canceled out plans. Carbon dioxide.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 08.26.2012

  6. “Carbon,” I muttered to my lab mate, who nodded and scribbled down the word with his bit-into pencil. I held up a flask, closely examining the sticky green and blue substance that swirled around the glass with a sick look to it.

    By Kelsey Gloria URL on 08.26.2012

  7. dioxide…poison…and very bad for your too. and what about the writing inplemaent…that me be be thinking too hard…

    By Deona on 08.26.2012

  8. Carbon monoxide entered the house and killed everyone but one person. Why? We now know it is because he was an alien. After many tests, we found that his bodily system was immune to gases toxic to human.s It is reported that he supposedly planned this cruel act against his family, in order to take over the whole world, one home at a time for his home planet, according to his records. There is now proof that more of these aliens exist. Could you be housing one?

    By Yen on 08.26.2012

  9. i really dont know what to write about this because im not quite sure what carbpon is and thats really sad but im sorry and well i hope this is good enough :))

    By jordan on 08.26.2012

  10. It burns, it’s still hot. I didn’t realize, but now I’m hurt. It’s dark, my hands are dark too, they’re stained and dirty… they hurt.

    By Joey URL on 08.26.2012

  11. This makes me think of carbon monoxide which apparently you can’t smell? So people can be like breathing it in and dying and wouldn’t even know it? I think it has a taste though. I can’t remember what I’ve heard about it clearly enough.

    By Allison on 08.26.2012

  12. harder than carbon, raw, unored carbon from the heart of the earth, her anger flew out of her fist and punched her jealous lover in the face.

    By Allison URL on 08.26.2012

  13. Carbon is the most important element in nature. It creates everything and I hate learning about it because there is so much to be learnt. Chemistry is fun. Glass is Carbon. The symbol for Carbon is C.

    By Laura on 08.26.2012

  14. charred, blackened earth poured over her, filled her mouth and nose until her brain began to scream. filled with panic she clawed at the burning soil, and soon she could see once again the light

    By Allison URL on 08.26.2012

  15. Carbon,
    That’s all you are.
    Just carbon.
    You’re nothing special,
    Nothing truly unique.
    You don’t deserve to be revered at all.
    You’re carbon.
    A random jumble of atoms,
    Based on an Element.

    You’re nothing special at all.

    By OtherJo URL on 08.26.2012

  16. I have already done this once today because I am new to this one word thing and I thought that new words would keep on coming up but alas they do not and now I am running out of things to write, I really want to read other submissions from other days this is a superb way to have a website and this is good as my typing gets a work out. I really should be writing my uni essay on Carbon right now…

    By Laura URL on 08.26.2012

  17. Who the hell invents these words? They’re like ‘yacht’ or ‘onomatopoeia’. I think people who make these up like on Webster all go out drunk one night and say “WATCH OUT! CAR! WHERE ARE MY BONBONS?” And then Mr. Webster goes, “Oh, that sounds like a good word. Let’s include it in our dictionary to confuse the whole world!”

    By Andy URL on 08.26.2012

  18. dioxide i love to drink carbonated water yet strangely i am absolutely 100% phobic of tiny oxagyne bubbles it amazes me how they appear and re appear one minute you’ve brushed them all off and the net they are back sitting on the surface of your skin as if they never went anywhere

    By jelly pie on 08.26.2012

  19. We all make carbon footprints. The task we all have is to make ours as small as possible. I don’t want to be Big Foot.

    By Carol S on 08.26.2012

  20. dioxide
    foot print

    By jordan on 08.26.2012

  21. remember carbon paper and carbon dating.
    relics of a past world. Maybe you are a carbon copy of me.
    Or vice versa.

    By Robin on 08.26.2012

  22. nothing like making a carbon copy of yourself. i would love to see what i would look like in my eyes and then in the eyes of someone else. would i be the same ? i want to make myself out to be a carbon copy of a better me.

    By Cynthia on 08.26.2012

  23. carbon tax! carbox tax! you evil scurge. now there is no osama, we need a new devil. you will be the death of australian battlers all over. need an enemy. carbox tax is it. or asylum seekers.

    By Burger Clap URL on 08.26.2012

  24. carbon paper is used to imprint. most versatile element in the universe. bonds with 4 other molecules. makes up graphite and diamond. 4 valence electrons.

    By Minoya on 08.26.2012

  25. of life and love makes us all death and distruction part of fire and brimstone carbon the bonds the bands the base of it all that unflods and refolds layer on layed until clear stone and a thouusand lights.

    By luther on 08.26.2012

  26. diamond in the uncreated.
    burnt out coals of lives.
    Everything we hope to be, and everything we used to be.
    Swept across the page in a semblance of human form.
    Diamond, pencil, ash:

    By livingoakheart URL on 08.26.2012

  27. leaf there ya go done. nuff said yo actually Barry is pretty and he has a big big big BIG heart that he wears on his shoulder but then again who wears hearts on their shoulders? that’s it.

    By brain on 08.26.2012

  28. carbon, its crazy i guess. its science. i cant think much im new to this. but i will tell you carbon is also used in drugs… hmmm i dunno wat to write

    By sarah dandrea URL on 08.26.2012

  29. fiber. modest mouse ” one day you’ll die and something’s gonna steal your carbon” death, dirt. rod. atoms. space. galaxies. far far away.

    By lauren on 08.26.2012

  30. Don’t want to breathe, can’t breathe, won’t breathe. I feel my body convulsing. It’s not as bad as they said it would be.

    By Gullsy_ URL on 08.26.2012

  31. I’ve made this new synthetic carbon fibre suit last night. Finally finished it after months of work. I’m proud of it, of course. I think I watch too much Batman these days – I mean, a carbon fibre suit? Next, I’m going to go out and fight crime or something. Ridiculous.

    By Justin URL on 08.26.2012

  32. all it is is carbon. or is it? fuck. whatever it is it’s here and it’s next to me and it’s lifting my shirt over my head as i try not to blow my smoke in his face.

    By Joan on 08.26.2012

  33. Why do I know nothing about carbon? I wish I knew more about the elements–about what makes me real and alive. I wish I knew everything, but I suppose it’s better for me if I learn about the world instead. I guess that’s all I have to say.

    By Maloire on 08.26.2012

  34. Carbon. Carbon dioxide. It’s what we breathe out. A sigh of relief. Holding you’re breathe for too long because you don’t wanna move, you’re scared and then you just let it all out. In one big whoosh of air.

    By Sammy on 08.26.2012

  35. Carbon is an element we exhale it carbon-neutral it is causing global warming periodic table has the word car in it banana

    By Lisa Sharpe on 08.26.2012

  36. c carbon is an atom on the periodic table in the somethingth row and the somethingth period, co2 is carbon dioxide and it can be dangerous if there is to much of it in the air. the increase of co2 in the air can be a result of the burning of fossil fuels like coal. carbon is also usefull for other things like carbon dating, this is finding out how old something is by using carbon atoms.

    By Sarah on 08.26.2012

  37. the taste of mint in my mouth and coal painted on my fingertips. inhale, exhale. it is that moment before dawn in my mind, where the world is peaceful. black painted on my cheeks, light in my eyes, smoking like the dragon atop his pile of gold. inhuman satisfaction. inhale, exhale.

    By sectumsempra URL on 08.26.2012

  38. i didn’t want this again copy black ink my actra contracts actor cheque books copy mail in black ink someone who acts the same twin the same two of the same copy copy black or blue ink hands dirty careful don’t touch too hard.

    By elle downs on 08.26.2012

  39. Smoke blackened your lungs as you leaned over him.
    Well, what used to be him. Nothing much left but a charred piece of carbon. Tears drip down your cheeks, but they are not the product of any kind of sadness. You had soot in your eyes.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.26.2012

  40. footprints. copies. the earth.

    By Andi Kemperoni on 08.26.2012