August 26th, 2012 | 269 Entries

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269 Entries for “carbon”

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    By Sarah Lee URL on 08.26.2012

  2. carbon emission is a contributing to the destruction of our planet earth.carbon footprint is the part and parcel to it.

    By rey on 08.26.2012

  3. She looked up. She saw the blue sky. “Oh how much carbon-dioxide the air has.”

    “We will die.”

    By Haley Thompson URL on 08.26.2012

  4. Carbon copies of himself, he thinks

    Carbon escapes from his maw with a wince.

    It hurts.

    He limps to the garage and dies via carbon monoxide poisoning.

    By deliriumatic URL on 08.26.2012

  5. the way the stars blink so prettily- it’s amazing.
    the perfect mix of carbon, hydrogen and all of those other chemicals swirling into a big ball of shining joy
    its wonderful

    By melody on 08.26.2012

  6. carbon carbon carbon
    an element
    a word
    a jumble of the persise letters of C-A-R-B-O-N!
    GO carbon!!!

    By melody on 08.26.2012

  7. The carbon from the car ahead of me is aweful. I can smell it and it is making me sick.

    By teeda URL on 08.26.2012

  8. it was pretty dark and dingy down in the cave . The way ahead was filled with carbon darkness that created an eerie sense of being watched by someone from the opening of the tunnel. we still went a ahead, mustering up courage though we knew we were walking in to something dangerous and unknown

    By zufah on 08.26.2012

  9. Carbon makes me think of coal. Coal is made up of carbon right? I like coal because you can cook over it and make some great food. I don’t remember exactly what is special about carbon atoms, but there is something I’m supposed to know…

    By Nicole on 08.26.2012

  10. carbon is science. chemistry to be exact. it is paired with other elements to make compound substances. carbon dioxide. CO2. its what your body breathes out when you breathe in oxygen.

    By alex on 08.26.2012

  11. carbon is an element and it is often found in most life forms. carbon dioxide is bad for the planet in lagre amounts as it contributes to the green house effect penguins can die. and that is never good because they are cute and fluffy.

    By jessica menzies on 08.26.2012

  12. It was strange, she thought, to imagine distant planets, in other galaxies, which neither knew nor cared about her existence in the slightest. Planets with fields of graphite which would write on her feet as she walked and mountains of diamond that would glitter in the orange glow of a distant dying star, some other planet’s sun. She glanced to her right, just long enough to take in his image, and wondered if he was thinking about distant places, too, or just about the way her hair would feel tangled in his fingers, or some other girl’s hair, maybe. Amazing how, in such a vast universe, the thought of his fingertips on her collarbone could make her heart skip beats, and somehow dwarf, in her mind, even the most massive distant galaxies.

    By Kay URL on 08.26.2012

  13. The basic of chemical construction, the element and primordial piece on the construction of sentient life, complex life. What would we do without it? This, my dear friend, is the building block of life in the universe, you should respect it.

    By Alexis URL on 08.26.2012

  14. I thought all along that you were as essential as oxygen to my survival, to my making it in this world, to my ever fleeting happiness. I knew realistically that I would not physically die without you, but it wasn’t a corporeal death I feared; I feared that the light in me would slowly splutter out and all the good in me would burn away if you were to not be there anymore. I feared the death of my soul. Like air, I breathed you in with desperate rapture and blue lips, for you were carbon monoxide and I had already lost my soul with you before I could even know.

    By Lorel URL on 08.26.2012

  15. an atomic element found in the air

    By shubby Shahani URL on 08.26.2012

  16. I know that carbon is an atom. I don’t what it to mix it with to make something else. I also know that carbon is in something very important to humans, maybe water or air.

    By Dodie on 08.26.2012

  17. carbon filled the air chocking me, intoxicating my heart. My head crashed to the floor leaving the light nothing but empty and dark.

    By gemma on 08.26.2012

  18. I don’t know about you, but carbon always makes me think of cars. Need for speed-esque black metal that covers the bonnet like a far stretching horizon of modern industry and, well, speed. I know that carbon is gas and it’s all very scientific and whatnot, but speed is so relevant to everything. The speed of life, the speed of a car, the speed of everything. I guess what i’m trying to say is… everything goes so fast nowadays. Traffic wheels by us at 90mph on a triple laned motorway and no one takes time to stop and look over at the trees and cliffs that lie not 30 feet from us. It’s just a sorry state of affairs, really. Thanks carbon, thanks a lot.

    By James on 08.26.2012

  19. Carbon is a gas I think. Or maybe it’s a metal. It makes me think of the song carbon copy. But I have no clue or idea what carbon is. I know what carbonated drinks are. They are sodas. They are pretty good.

    By Kiki on 08.26.2012

  20. El carbon me induce a pensar sobre las energias no renobables, cosa que nos esta llebando a verdaderas catastrofes ecologicas

    By sara on 08.26.2012

  21. She was a carbon copy of her sister Meredith. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes, the similarities between the two sisters was rattling. He smiled faintly at the woman before him, she returned his smile. “So pleased do meet you,” Henry said in a voice just above a whisper, the woman nodded in return, “Your name, Miss?” he asked.

    The woman bowed faintly, her rosy lips twisted into a faint smile as she said, “Jezebel Monsieur…”

    She had a french accent, Meredith didn’t have a french accent Henry realized, “Ah Miss, have you grown in a French environment—sorry I’m just asking as your sister speaks with an English accent,” he asked, his eyebrow twitching upwards in confusion.

    The woman with a perplexed expression on her face responded, “Sorry sir? But what? I am French and to my knowledge I do not have a sister. I was born in a family of four sons.”

    Henry, startled by the new information the woman bore took a step back, “What? But, no I know someone who looks exactly like you! I thought you were her twin sister!” He yelped.

    By Aisha on 08.26.2012

  22. Carbon. That was the page that separated the copies when you needed to make them. It was a deep purple, but we know carbon to be black. So what was that “carbon” copy paper anyways?

    By Dan on 08.26.2012

  23. Carbon copy paper. Paper clips. Pens. Paper. Envelopes. Secretary.
    Everything needed for a successful business. Unfortunately, no business.

    By Jacqueline Carbajal URL on 08.26.2012

  24. I know what the carbon foot print of a middle class citizen is like because I am one. But how large is the carbon print of the rich and ultra rich?

    By paulie aragon on 08.26.2012

  25. Diamonds are made of this. And so is coal. I think we’re based on it, too. Add ‘ara’ and you get a type of pasta. But coal and diamonds make shitty pasta.

    By Joe on 08.26.2012

  26. The carbon was building up in his stomch. Tyler then felt his stomach tightning. Like it was in a knot. All of the sudden his eyes started to water, his nose got runny, and as he raised his hand to ask to go to the bathroom. PLAHH.

    By sam on 08.26.2012

  27. God, leather-jacketed, hair black back-slicked and thinning, wild madness lighting his eyes, had pushed his Cadillac forth from the darkness of the road, wound spooled across the concave cliffs, screaming, from the observation decks of his lungs, “Let there be flight!” And a rolling staccato roar blew backwards from the engine pipes, a jet-engine thrust and wings of angelic fire, burned toward the Morning Star, himself a greaser type–adopted the look, not native. Pale knuckles wound ’round the wheel, saddled akin, an equivalent armor of Detroit Steel, a rectangle of oblong forms, and a blasting furnace coughing like a machine gun, each hack pushing him forward another twenty feet. The distance between them narrowing like a long-ish blink.

    “I got ‘im this time,” Satan said, retracting one arm from the wheel and sliding a comb through his hair. “I’ll kill the bastard!” hooted God, and he hooted more and more into a crazy scream. The two blew carbon from their exhaust pipes, like chrome birth canals.

    The two wailing elemental fools, never doubting themselves or their opponent, intersected in a clamor that was not entirely unlike a train full of howler monkeys derailed by a grand piano. Carbon spilled out, was swept up in the waves of gasoline and spite, to wait for a billion years for its chance to repeat the same scene, ad naseum.

    By mattlock URL on 08.26.2012

  28. I was talking to someone about how the olympics in China caused all the factories to be closed down temporarily for the runners and temps went up two degrees in CA because of the pollution blocking the sun less. Does this mean the carbon footprint might actually be cooling Californians off? Weird.

    By keynor URL on 08.26.2012

  29. I already wrote about carbon. Whereas it is an interesting start – I wonder how this site works, and how random the word choices are. The dust on my desk from the carbon of the last hour is slowly spreading and dimming my sight, along with my interest in this page.

    By niemczyk URL on 08.26.2012

  30. Carbon is a girl’s best friend.
    Carbon is a diamond.
    Diamond can cut through glass.
    Just as a girl can cut through your heart.

    By MD on 08.26.2012

  31. Carbon built up agaisnt the walls of the clay jar from all the fire crackers thrown in by the kids on Cinco de Mayo. It could be scrapped out with the finger nails and filed itself under the nails. The poser farmers did this to appear hard workers when all they did was look pretty

    By matt on 08.26.2012

  32. The world is being fucked by carbon. We are releasing much more of it into the world around us than the earth and it’s plants are able to absorb. This is creating global climate change and that in turn is killing more of the carbon absorbing plants. It’s all conspiring to create a vicious death cycle and we are going to have to shape the end result.

    By Adam URL on 08.26.2012

  33. Dear Madam,

    Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Little, Brown and Company Publishing. Unfortunately, we are not interested in ‘Blood Lovers Part One: Vampire’s Masquerade’ at this time. While we feel it has potential, the theme is similar to other successful titles recently published and we’re looking for more original and cutting-edge stories.

    Good luck.

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.26.2012

  34. We are all made up of carbon. Well, not entirely. But as humans we have carbon in us. But so much of us cannot be described by the elements on the periodic table, but rather by the elements of our soul. Love, companionship, greed, etc. These things cannot be explained by science.

    By Emily URL on 08.26.2012

  35. “I can’t breath!”
    “I know, I’m working on it…”
    “You… you have the mask… I need it!”
    “I need it too, I can’t just give it up, there’s no oxygen!”
    “Only…only carbon diox…”
    “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…but I need to breath too…”

    By Bekah URL on 08.26.2012

  36. i think carbon is a part of the periodic table. Either way it’s something that’s always floating in the air, like some sort of weird thing. like thoughts, and feelings. awkward silences and pauses, filled with looks that mean more then just normal looks. Looks that mean everything to someone and nothing to someone else. those are the worse.

    By Katelyn on 08.26.2012

  37. The fire burned until the only thing left was ash.
    “There’s only carbon here now. You’ve destroyed everything. How could you do this?”
    “I felt it. I felt the destruction in my and had to do it. It’s the only way.”

    By Rachel on 08.26.2012

  38. Carbon is an element found in almost every organic thing. You can find it in people, foods, the ground and lots of other places too. Carbon is a big important element in life.

    By Dakota Nickel on 08.26.2012

  39. So scientific. Carbon monoxide. Carbon Dioxide. Where is it supposed to go? Where did it come from? Who named it this!? I have no idea. Carbon waste. The more I look at this word, the more I see garbage. I don’t know why. Is Carbon really garbage? No, we can’t survive without it. Therefore, could anything?

    By tinsley on 08.26.2012

  40. They said it was going to be easy to work on the gold mine, they never tell you you’re going to end all covered in carbon and sweety, they only promise you that somewhere down there you’ll find what you’ve been looking for… gold.

    By Cezar Croupier URL on 08.26.2012