June 3rd, 2012 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “cap”

  1. “Sherlock, for about the fiftieth time – stop leaving the bloody cap off the toothpaste!”

    Sherlock glanced up from his phone, finger hovering mid-text over the screen, and raised an eyebrow at his flatmate.

    “But John, it just makes things so much easier. Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove a cap when I’ve got my contacts out? Nearly impossible! So I thought I’d just leave it off all together – saves time that way.”

    He replied, clearly annoyed with the whole idea of toothpaste-caps in general, and shook his head in a way that said,

    ‘Really now, John. You should understand this by now.’

    With an indignant huff John turned back to searching the bathroom counter for the missing cap, silently cursing Sherlock’s complete disregard for sanitary living.

    After nearly an hour of rummaging about the entire bathroom and finding nothing even remotely resembling a toothpaste cap, John walked back into the living room and planted himself in front of Sherlock’s armchair with a scowl.

    “Sherlock, where on earth did you put the bloody thing!? I have searched that room from top to bottom, and I still can’t find it.”

    Sherlock looked up again, his expression one of innocent surprise, and John groaned as it finally hit him.

    “Oh, no…Sherlock, you didn’t throw it away did you?”

    Sherlock put down his phone, and smiled.

  2. cap

    by Lisa Hale on 06.04.2012
  3. He tugged the brim low over his eyes and stepped outside, eyes scanning the passersby.
    “Come come, Mr. Watson. The game is afoot.”
    He climbed into a cab and disappeared down the drive, leaving Watson behind, bewildered.

    by Shinsei on 06.04.2012
  4. Graduation Cap. I can’t wait until i get my cap and gown i just want to graduate. I want high school to be over and college to begin i want the freedom of not going to a high school with a bunch of dumb cunts anymore i want the freedom to go wherever i want whenever i please, because i’m graduated

  5. i was wearinga strawberry hat and my
    mkm said it lookes nice
    i really like it
    kt is pink and red
    abd green

    by hannah on 06.04.2012
  6. Wasn’t this the word yesterday. Didn’t I already do this? I could swear I did. But anyway. Caps like on the lid of water bottles are now being made with less plastic. I don’t know why we have the same word again today. I can’t get past that.

    by Emily on 06.04.2012
  7. A gentle smile touched his lips as he held the cap in his hands. Oh the memories this single object held. Home run at the big game, his first kiss, nights fishing at the lake with is pals. Each scuff and tear has a story. He smiled thinking if any one thing could tell the tale of his life it would be this cap.

  8. Capitol letter . I think I love you capitol letter. I will call you cap for short. Do you love me? Yes? Whoohoo! Yay lets go eat sushi! So I love you and yeah. Marry me. Okay? Yes

    by Sam on 06.04.2012
  9. She touched his gray and white stripped cap. A cap that held a lot of memories. He was a sailor, from another land she’ll never know. She began to lift the cap, but stopped with a sudden firm grip on her forearm. His hand was rough but warm on her skin.

    by v-dizzle on 06.04.2012

  11. i saw a cap
    i took a smoke
    i thought about you
    and the days we had spend together
    i did not notice when you past me
    but i could smell you
    let us meet someday
    under the cap

    by fini on 06.04.2012
  12. the capitals. we call them the caps. cap reminds me of this. bottle caps. bottle caps remind be of the sodas that have the contests on the underside. they either have weird codes, or words like”your win” or “you lose”. i used to have so much fun with these when i was little. They were like little treasures to me. Now i don’t even drink soda.

    by Jessica Clayton on 06.04.2012
  13. to cap it all another thing went wrong. like it had been going all day. there are just days you wish you could start over. or scratch out. but they too are a part of life. and everyone experiences them. you’re not alone in this.

    by K on 06.04.2012
  14. They all arrived ready for their day.
    Knowing that they are all moving on in life now.
    They all walk across the stage receiving their diplomas.
    As the ceremony wraps up the tears are falling.
    They all move their tassels from left to right feeling proud of the task they accomplished and looking forward to the next task in life.
    They take off their caps and throw them in the air.
    Loud cheering and thunderous applause surrounds them.
    As they all exit, they remove their gowns feeling proud and accomplished.

  15. I can take the cap off of your bottle. I willl shake your bottle until every little bit of message is poured out.

    by on 06.04.2012
  16. something you wear, something on the top of a drink or container of some sort.