June 3rd, 2012 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “cap”

  1. It was a windy, the day I met him.

    I had worn a newsboy cap out to perform an errand for my neighbor. It was a old cap, a present from my older brother. It was very special to me, as it was from the last time I had ever seen my brother.
    The wind was very playful that day. It picked up my cap -right off my head- and started tossing it about, blowing it to-and-fro. I chased after it, errand forgotten.
    However, I could not catch it. It would be in my grasp, but then the wind would sweep it just past my fingertips.
    It continued for an hour, and I was getting very tired. I had chased it all the way into the downtown district, into a park.
    The dark green cap danced around the center of the park, teasing me. I sighed, and collapsed to my knees on the lush green grass.
    My eyes followed it as it flew away from the center of the park, and into the trees. Warm tears trailed down my cheeks as I realized I would never see it again.
    As I hugged my knees to my chest and cried silently, there was a crackling of leaves in front of me. I looked up, a spark of hope just barely there.
    There stood a boy, with ink black hair and cobalt blue eyes, that were framed by rectangular glasses. He had a few freckles placed about his expressionless face as he stood before me.
    The small amount of hope I had crumbled up and burned itself to ash.
    I buried my face back into my knees, hoping the cold boy would go away.
    “Here.” Came a soft voice. I looked up again, to see the boy holding out my cap.
    A grin spread across my face as I unfolded myself and reached out for the cap. As my fingers closed around the worn material, a wave of relief surged through me.
    The boy let go and turned, wlaking slowly away.
    “Hey! Wait!” I yelled, standing up and running after him. He paused only slightly, then continued on.
    I caught up with him grabbed his shoulder. “Thank you.” I whispered, releasing him. He turned his head to me, a small smile on his lips.
    “You’re welcome.”

    And ever since then, I’ve had a good friend that’s always there to catch my cap on a windy day.

    By Abbie Rhoads on 06.03.2012

  2. it’s blue, a dark blue, maybe you’d call it a midnight blue if you were going to get technical. All he really sees though, is that it’s cool. It’s COOL. It looks like it would fit perfectly to his head, would look great with everything that he owns. It looks, it looks- it looks like someone else just picked it up.


    By perfectlydiseased URL on 06.03.2012

  3. He loaded the gun with caps. They would never know, it was jus tto scare them into telling the truth. And there would be no hard evidence if they decided to press charges. Stupid bitch stealing my life savings. Then laughing about it and slandering me. I’ll show her. She will confess and they will do prison time. Their kids can go to their fathers. Justice will be served at last.

    By leo on 06.03.2012

  4. i hate it when i go over my cap. it makes me angry that I’ve wasted money probably on people that don’t even care about me and do not deserve it, i wish they could pay it. this month i will probably goo over again, yay.

    By morgan on 06.03.2012

  5. I got a new orange recon style cap today. It goes great with my poofy orange vest, brown shirt and green pants. The perfect topper to my autumnal ensemble. I don’t care that it’s still spring.

    By CJ Mitchell URL on 06.03.2012

  6. i hate it when i go over my cap, it makes me so angry that i have probably just wasted the money on people that don’t even care about me, i wish they could pay the bloody money. i will probably yet again go over it this month, yay.

    By morgan URL on 06.03.2012

  7. I took off my cap and just looked at her. Both of us were smiling away and I knew that I would love her for as long as she let me, and further. She hated this damn hat and I knew it, I just liked to tease her about it. It would always get in the way of our kisses, that damn cap. Sometimes she would hide it from me.. but I would always find it, just like her smiles..

    By Siobhan on 06.03.2012

  8. The black pea coat she wore was wrapped securely around her midsection, blocking the cold as best as it could. She pulled down the matching black cap so that it covered more of her face as she walked down the busy streets of the city. It wouldn’t do to be seen so soon, and if she blew her cover this early, there would be hell to pay.

    By Kelsey URL on 06.03.2012

  9. The cap is my head. It kinda keeps everything down and brings much pressure into my life. Oh my head. When will the discomfort of worldly dissatisfaction be accepted up there…

    By Cadience URL on 06.04.2012

  10. She adjusted the cap roughly and spat on the floor in one smooth motion. Her hair tied back, and eyes narrowed, she grasped the bat and positioned it on her opposite shoulder.

    By Mandy URL on 06.04.2012

  11. Cap off your drinks
    Even if they are sweet and distorted vodkas,
    Sugared down candies,
    The iniquity of a social drinker.
    He fawns upon the rim with his lips,
    Fondling the bottle with brusque sips.
    Fixedly the room watches him,
    Somewhere vivid
    His cortex is still with propinquity.

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 06.04.2012

  12. Cap Cap Cap….Captain.
    A captain wears a cap.
    A cap is worn on the head.
    The head is worn on the neck, not by choice.

    By Manu on 06.04.2012

  13. The cap on the bottle suddenly pinged off without warning, without cause and we just looked at it gathering the courage to look into the icy mist that surly contained some horrid little monster.

    By Harley Quinne URL on 06.04.2012

  14. the cap i wore when i was young is now a burrowed memory in a box upstairs in the attic. I remember leaving it inside the car and my mother just putting it away with a vague reminder to get it when i needed it.

    By Julissa URL on 06.04.2012

  15. It’s fancy and prancy and Andy’s gotta have one…
    Don’t call it a bonnet or you’ll have a problem.
    it’s not for all but those who do, are really quite dapper still.

    By Jess URL on 06.04.2012

  16. The cap covered his eyes from the summer sun’s beams. His dad gave it to him before leaving him and his mom. That was the only thing the bastard ever left him. It was such a hideous item that maybe it wasn’t a gift, it was just something he didn’t want to take with him on his journey of finding himself.

    By eva on 06.04.2012

  17. Cap it off! Quick! Don’t let it out, don’t let it escape! No, I think.. I think it went that way. Grab it. No, kill the darn thing. Oh no. It got away.

    By Harley Quinne URL on 06.04.2012

  18. when i first heard about the word cap i didn’t really know what you mean when you say you mean a pen-cap ? or a cap that you wear on a sunny day ? Though it has different uses, a cap is a very useful thing.

    By aakriti on 06.04.2012

  19. Cap – puccino

    By BR on 06.04.2012

  20. The faded colours seemed to cast a dull contrast to the energetic youth that it had previously adorned. The worn elastic and torn fabric a distant reminder that brought her to tears as she caressed it between her fingertips.

    By sjp URL on 06.04.2012

  21. The cap made him look so smart, like my little boy was finally growing up. I might of gotten one size too big but he’d grow into it

    By kirsty booth URL on 06.04.2012

  22. The cap on the man to the left of me was brown and cocked to one side. he had a funny look about him, like he had a secret, or something close to it. He looked out at everyone on the subway through light gray eyes that told all he had seen many things. All I could do was watch quietly.

    By RJ Herndon on 06.04.2012

  23. you know what is cap?cap is the small or big thing that you place it on your smelly or bulky head like in the television…cap has various type of colours

    By lee URL on 06.04.2012

  24. take the cap off your bottled up feelings. i will, too.

    By tericampos URL on 06.04.2012

  25. A cap is a limit. a definiton is not full understanding. all understandings have caps. Caps hinder, definitons englighten. Is it truth? is there a cap to what a definiton can be?

    By SnakeBro URL on 06.04.2012

  26. mushrooms. funny little things. their fragile wee hats. whoever thought gills were a good idea?

    By Sam on 06.04.2012

  27. my dad has a baseball cap. last night he gave it to my unle. he loves him. we all do. he;s vary funny. i love my dad i hope when im older i can be as strong as him as hard working as him im so proud of evverything he does hes never stopped trying to make us smile. i know he doesnt have an education or the most money in the world but hes never missed anything in our lives i hope he knows i love him so much probably more than my sisters.

    By karina on 06.04.2012

  28. It was a cap and gown kind of ceremony. No fancy schmany riff raff of apologies needed here. Didn’t she know that this was what they were expecting? Seriously, a cap and gown? Ugh. She traced the appalled look on her face as she gazed in the mirror. How did she even end up here?

    By Krystal on 06.04.2012

  29. Cap is a thing you put on your head. it can be because it is too cold outside, or you wanna look cool or just because of fashion (which, when you think, has something to do with looking cool)
    i don’t know what else to write and i’m wondering if my 60 seconds have passed. they should have.. so come on

    By stef on 06.04.2012

  30. The man wore a bright red cap, sticking out in the crowd like a cherry on top of a sundae. His gait was long and strong and he quickly moved through the masses of people dodging baby carriages and golden retrievers, just barely avoiding knocking over an elderly woman hunched determinedly over on her cane. He was late, but then he was always late, especially when he was meeting Marta. It was his one form of control – a passive aggressive “fuck you”.

    Zigfried and Marta had been dating now for over a year. He wasn’t quite sure why. Yes, her lithe, willowness made her beautiful to watch and the sex was mostly good, but they had little in common. She was a party girl, while he considered himself an intellectual, a great thinker whose greatest pleasures came from proving someone wrong.

    By Gwen Lannaman on 06.04.2012

  31. The market cap of the company was dwindling by the day. The owner hid his face under a cap and ran out of the office and out of the city to get away from the constant media battery about his scam.

    By Omkar Thakur on 06.04.2012

  32. a cap i ware in school I used to love cap I never tought a cap have so many color. I believe it comes in different size and dieffernt arrangments. a cap can have many characteristics to it. I thinks it is best to wear a cap on sunny sayd since it is very hot. the weather is rainy

    By kelly on 06.04.2012

  33. Cap is the top of anything ! It could be a hap on top of one’s head, the top of a pen, that covering on a jab of food or the ice cap of the earth.

    By test on 06.04.2012

  34. Cap. When I think of the word cap I think of hats. About how back in the old wearing a cap or a hat was the classy thing to do. And now all I see is people wearing hats because they think it’s cool. What has this world come to when a simple hat has turned into a sign of ignorance?

    By Lynn on 06.04.2012

  35. Cap, it is essential for sunny or rainy days.. but nowadays, people wear them just to get the “swag” look. I mean, it has been used far more than its purpose rather for the look it gives.

    By Nikko Lou L. Araneta URL on 06.04.2012

  36. She tucked the ridiculously floppy bunny earred cap down over her own ears, concealing them in the furry warmth before taking a deep breath and venturing out into the snow.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.04.2012

  37. To cap off a fine evening, they walked through the empty botanic gardens and kissed by the river under the stars.

    By Liz URL on 06.04.2012

  38. you wear it on your head, no play time in primary school if you forget it, that’s the worst, stuck inside, no swings, no running. it could also be something for a tooth that gets broken, like my friend shannon who lost her tooth by knocking it out when she was diving off a boat. you could cap your internet as well. that’s a bitch. i hate slow internet. RIP dial up.

    By Tara Dennis on 06.04.2012

  39. cap. i have one
    it’s color black
    it’s not your usual cap because you can extend it
    it’s not actually mine but my cousin’s
    i just borrowed it, because i love it
    i haven’t returned yet

    By sef on 06.04.2012

  40. To be wore on head. I like Hats better than cap like the ones Jhony Depp wears.
    They protect us from sun, gives us a cool look.

    By jellboi on 06.04.2012