June 3rd, 2012 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “cap”

  1. the cap covered my eyes so that i could not see, but i could hear. every word came slow, like it toppled from the lips of the priest as she told me i was a sinner. she told us all we were sinners.

    By rebecca on 06.03.2012

  2. The cap flew off the mountain.
    The cap flew of the bed.
    The cap was yours and then it became mine.

    By teeda URL on 06.03.2012

  3. My name is announced to the crowd and I step forward, my legs shaking beneath me. I reach for the hand thats extended and shake it, and step forward to the next one waiting. I cross my other hand and grab my diploma. I toss my cap in the air. I’m done.

    By KelCee on 06.03.2012

  4. i remember the day i went to a baseball game and lost my cap. I was so upset. i found it later in a little boys hand with such a big smile on his face. It was worth losing it for that.

    By danielle on 06.03.2012

  5. It goes on my head, has a Yankees logo, and is something that shades me from the sun when it is bright and hot outside. It keeps my head dry when it is raining, it keeps my hair flat when it is windy, and it looks super cool. I like to wear it forwards, backwards, sideways, slanted, any way I want. It makes me look like a gangsta, and people think I’m a poser because of it. But fuck them, haters gonna hate.

    By Evan on 06.03.2012

  6. The cap sat on her head snugly. She looked in the mirror and sighed. This was it. 6 hard years trying to complete her courses. So many hardships along the way – tough classes, changing her major, family problems, heartbreak… Graduation was finally here.

    By Britney URL on 06.03.2012

  7. Cap, like cap on the mouth, or mind? that’s what i think of, generally. No one ever really cares about peoples’ opinions anymore. They put the cap on the overflowing bottle of opinions and strengths and leave it to rot. Like politicians do all the time, no one cares.

    By Wish URL on 06.03.2012

  8. a cap is on top of a bottle. Pop, usually. My favorite pop is actually Coca-cola because it’s addicting. the original coca-cola was made to cure headaches and was made with cocaine in it. some say that it’s still in it and that is why it is so addicting.

    By katie on 06.03.2012

  9. It was that cap. Faded denim and battered, it bore the memories of his childhood. The endless summer days playing baseball in the field, the lost nights watching the sun set on the beach. It had to be that cap.

    By Yasmin on 06.03.2012

  10. Putting a cap in someone is frowned upon. War is glorified. The ghetto is criticized for being barbaric and uneducated… How is their war different from ours? They’re simply battling for the rights we already have.

    By Angie Merrill URL on 06.03.2012

  11. the cap of my pen fell off the other day. I wish that there was some way to keep track of those little things that are always needed but always missing. I am notorious for starting to do something, and then getting up to do something else…just real quick…and then returning to my original intention and realizing I have lost a necessary item that I need.

    By lindsey on 06.03.2012

  12. With the NB slung over his shoulder, and moaning, Jensen continued his sprint to the far side of the huge compound, past where the wheeled vehicles could reach. Only then did he stop and reach into his pocket to grab the scope. Removing the cap from the lens, he peered back at the small gaggle of rapidly dispersing people in the quad. “A reporter?!”

    By chole URL on 06.03.2012

  13. The end. The finish. The finale. The last of all her years of hard work held together in this moment. As she walked across the stage in the streaming sunlight, she could hear the chants and cheers of her family and friends. YOU DID IT! And then, in a final gesture, the caps flew.

    By Megan on 06.03.2012

  14. The top, the closer, the end of the leak. The Economiser.

    By PaulaKate Prince-Meserole on 06.03.2012

  15. Today I wore my red cap. It was a gift from my father. He was always a special part of my life, but ever since he died a few years ago, the cap has become a very important accessory. I really miss him. I love you dad.

    By Samantha on 06.03.2012

  16. once there was a little boy who lost his cap. he searched far and wide for this cap but couldn’t find it. he thought and thought and suddenly he remembered where he had been earlier that week. only the zoo! so he returned to the site of many an animal and low and behold, there was his cap, resting upon the head of a crocodile. the little boy felt that the crocodile looked much more dashing in it than he, so left it balanced rather elegantly upon the animal’s head. indeed, since that lovely day, people have often remarked upon the curious widening of the animal’s smile.

    By Emily Kidd URL on 06.03.2012

  17. Cap. Woosh. Flap. Cap the bird was off. It wasn’t his first flight, but who knows? It could have been his last. The feeling of wind flowing through his feathers was his favorite part.

    By Megan on 06.03.2012

  18. Fuckin baseball cap new York Yankees, cap to the peanut butter that I’m using for the sandwich when I get home blasted at 2 am wtf cap PAC PAC cap dirt your out steroids swing batt a.

    By Joe on 06.03.2012

  19. I saw a cap on the man’s head. Dapper, I thought. What kind of man wears that type of hat? It couldn’t even be considered a hat really; it was a cap. You know, one of those woolen ones. Men wear them with vests.

    By Ailin URL on 06.03.2012

  20. I wore a cap and gown when I graduated from South High School in June of 1988. I also gave birth to my oldest son Justin, in 1988 as well

    By Lisa URL on 06.03.2012

  21. it off the right way, blow job and burrito. m There’s 16 days in each month on mars. Every other thursday is actually the tuesday from the week before. There are several varieties of languaged catfish, none of which can walk, just talk.

    By Vince on 06.03.2012

  22. At the boy had a cap on his head and was walking to the store while whistling a tune he had heard on the radio earlier. He stopped when he heard a car driving by playing the same song. The man pulled over, and said, “Hey! I penned that song!”

    By Ka on 06.03.2012

  23. Cap reminds me of graduation. When people graduate they wear caps. I’m going to be a freshman this year in high school. Our high school’s caps are purple because our school colors are black and purple. We’re the wildcats:)

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.03.2012

  24. I placed the baseball cap on my head and turned towards my father.
    He was back from the war, and in celebration, we were going to a baseball game. It was my first one ever, and I was overjoyed.
    That was, until that truck come. Dad started to cross the street as it flew around the corner. Of course he didn’t see it. How could he? I miss him. </3

    By Steffie URL on 06.03.2012

  25. there once was a boy who loved to play baseball with his dad. one time he went to a baseball game with his dad and his dad bought him a cap to cheer on the team. that cap was the boys life. he never forget that day

    By maddi on 06.03.2012

  26. Cap is that thing you put on your head to stop the sunshines going to your eyes, right? I don’t use caps. Don’t really like caps. Doesn’t make me pretty. I just preffer using my polarized Ray Bans.

    By Clara on 06.03.2012

  27. It moved at a speed less than glacial.

    By Joanna on 06.03.2012

  28. caps capstone capitalize capitalization why is it so hard to spell? what if I cannot capitalize on this opportunity because you do not want to go even though I want to go because it is a wonderful opportunity on which to capitalize. planning things together is hard.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 06.03.2012

  29. with a quiet fizz
    at first
    almost unnoticable
    at least unrecognizable
    the cap came off of the bottle that had been sitting in the top shelf of the closet for years
    The cap
    that had been put on so tightly..years and years before…
    so long ago that it was forgotten that there even was a cap there…
    nevermind a bottle

    Anyone too close to the contents of that bottle….that had been sitting…gurgling…ready to explode in the heat
    that was generated by the closed door
    in the darkness

    Standing too close
    Was impacted by the explosion

    as she scrambled
    To contain the content of this bomb
    She realized that the cap was destroyed
    Never to be put on again
    So she waited
    For the contents to settle
    Before approaching the bottle
    That lay open
    Amidst a puddle
    On the living room floor
    for all to see
    and she
    took a deep breath
    and cried
    about the loss

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.03.2012

  30. She placed the cap on her head. Her blonde ringlets poked out from underneath, and it’s grey shadow hung on her freckles. She smiled and her eyes looked up at the red cap. It wasn’t just any cap. It was her father’s cap, it was the cap he had wore when they went camping, the hat that had fallen in the creek, the hat that was left in her suitcase instead of his, right before the car accident. She could barely remember anything, but she remembered the red cap.

    By Mimmy URL on 06.03.2012

  31. An old man sitting on a park bench in the middle of the afternoon shifted his old baseball cap on his head. Pigeons were surrounding him as he carelessly threw bread crumbs on the floor

    By Michelle URL on 06.03.2012

  32. caps lock. i use it all the time. even if i’m not supposed too. i don’t know. i just like to use it. i am a loud person and it’s basically shouting on the internet i know it’s rude but then again so am i. and i like the way it looks when it come to certain words. lol vs LOL. it’s just a nicer effect in general, you know? it’s a big no-no but whatever

    By amanda on 06.03.2012

  33. i put a cap in ya ass. don’t step to me homie.
    i wear a cap on my head.. it stays there forevermore.
    cap, hap, slap, map, crap…

    By Annie Thomas on 06.03.2012

  34. cap what is cap i dont know do other people know because i dont know what do I do with the word cap the word isnt crap but cap so idk wats next

    By Rowan URL on 06.03.2012

  35. its the top to a bottle, it represents the surface, it sounds like gap and hat. and cat. its the the that covers the container for it to stau fresh

    By Felicite on 06.03.2012

  36. Open. Open so it spills out, drip drops down into a little puddle on the floor. I don’t want to close it up again, screwing and unscrewing the lid. Uncapped, left off. Open, open.

    By cf on 06.03.2012

  37. Spilled feelings lay sadly on the linoleum floor. The cap is gone, no longer sealing any deals. No more bottled up emotions, stirring the carbonating anger inside of me. This cap will forever be away.

    By Liz Crandall on 06.03.2012

  38. It was old, and almost pink, the red dye having been well washed away. He put it on his head, perhaps for the last time. This old baseball cap was the last thing he had left to remember his dad by, and now he was going to give away.

    By Sallou on 06.03.2012

  39. There’s a cap on everything in this world. Sometimes you can see it or feel it, and it stops you dead. Other times you don’t even know it’s there, it’s as though you’re pushing against something hard that you can’t budge.

    By Rosie on 06.03.2012

  40. It wasn’t written in stone that he would lead us through the next stage. Yet we all foolishly trusted the Captain would continue on with the responsibility of keeping us all alive. What are we to do now that he’s been taken from us?

    By Ruben URL on 06.03.2012