December 19th, 2010 | 306 Entries

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306 Entries for “cannon”

  1. It was the sound of the cannon that woke me up. It was midnight, as dark as ever. The air was humid and heavy and i felt a drop of sweat drop from my forehead.

    By Emmi Mäkiharju on 12.19.2010

  2. i shot the cannon at the rebels, but nothing seemed to stop them, and again and again. I can see that we were facing defet right in the eyes, at this second I thought of my family, my home, my children, my mother and brothers, and I just hoped that they would let me survive for just one more day.

    By Ashley Sanchez on 12.19.2010

  3. immediately the thought jumps into my skull of the love cannon, I cannot get the image of a burgeoning pole pertruding from the hedges, yuck, the thought is mildly unpleasant. Surely this word could instill different imagery but unfortunately for me today I am at work and so can think of nothing but that of what I cannot do.

    By james on 12.19.2010

  4. black cannons about the white dunes in a spectacular array. They sprawl about their bones, with the things that sink beneath the murky waters that froth against the shore. Among these are our dead

    By cisforcalamity URL on 12.19.2010

  5. Large and in charge, like a cannon ready to fire. That’s how she led her life. Not in the physical sense, but in the essential way of her being.

    By Ilene URL on 12.19.2010

  6. beautiful, gap, a scence i want to see. God gave us a pretty thing to look at. It is breath taking. Adventures are waiting

    By miaread URL on 12.19.2010

  7. the cannon sang not for thee, but for thy blood.

    By Natalie URL on 12.19.2010

  8. “It’s a fucking cannon man!” he shouts.
    “Cannon?” Sllick replies, “this six shooter here is my most trusted companion, show him some respect muchacho”
    He shifts the revolver to his left hand . . .his death dealing hand, and waits for the arrival of the bastard who is going to feel it’s full brunt.

    By J Williams URL on 12.19.2010

  9. I feel the pain of a scrape. I feel the joy in seeing a breath taking look of one. I feel God. Mysterous and majestic. I want to seeone

    By miaread URL on 12.19.2010

  10. faster than a cannonball, faster than the speed of light. everything passes, everything changes. everything that’s left behind, never returns. i’ll see you in the future, cheers, goodbye.

    By Rutger on 12.19.2010

  11. The cannon shone brightly at the top of the hill, sunlight glinting off its metallic structure. The open end was shielded from view, pointed not toward the group gathering below but toward the trees and bushes on the opposite end of the field.

    By Rachel on 12.19.2010

  12. cannon is something from which balls are short which are used for destruction but they can also be used for amusement in carnival where stunt men are shot for fun into vats of ice cream or the like for popular amusement. It’s usually associated with huge stuff.. like a cannon size boo

    By Ramya Julian on 12.19.2010

  13. cannons aren’t the destruction that ends people’s lives. its the people who control those cannons. Measures of destruction

    By hannah on 12.19.2010

  14. The cannon roared on either side of the valley. The Light Brigade rode down between the two. It was suicidal but none of them knew.

    By marlinhoister URL on 12.19.2010

  15. cannons blast, but I don’t run fast
    enough to miss the crash
    fire crack boom
    hate blasts

    By Luvlylici URL on 12.19.2010

  16. A cannon shot. My head jerked up. my heart rate accelerating as the wall of the building nextdoor was blasted apart. “I love you,” i said suddenly. and we kissed as we were blown to pieces.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 12.19.2010

  17. When the cannon boomed, I stumbled, caught off guard. It had started. The war that I had seen c

    By Sivad on 12.19.2010

  18. My mind is one big cannon. Just waiting to be set off and destroy not only everyone around it but also it’s self. And no one but I know of it.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 12.19.2010

  19. a big thing that shoots big metal balls. a war machine. a gun.

    By Felicity on 12.19.2010

  20. They go BOOM. and are very loud. Pirates use them. I like Pirates. They are much better than ninjas. Pirates at least have a sense of humor. Tyr cracking a joke with a ninja and you will soon not have a face. Just like if a cannon was shot at your head! full circle, yes!!

    By Alexis on 12.19.2010

  21. Like my brother, a backyard quarterback. Going long.

    By Chris on 12.19.2010

  22. People pull on the rungs of the ship. I don’t even think before I’m shouted at to move, cannon fodder is added, it’s almost me. We’ve ran out of cannon balls, we’re in trouble.

    By Rebecca Ashcroft on 12.19.2010

  23. The 21 gun salute
    In 3s and 7s they were arranged
    The widow sat there adorn not with a veil
    For she wanted all
    to see
    to feel
    to clearly hear
    the sound and sight
    of her tears
    the blast of even cannons
    all 21 of them
    could not compare
    to the impact of a single tear

    By tHG URL on 12.19.2010

  24. my heart shot into the air like a cannon, with direction, but released into the air with a destination, sometimes unknown. i loved him, i didn’t know where that would land me.jennife

    By jennifer on 12.19.2010

  25. the cannons were going off all around her, the din deafening. What could she possibly be doing in a place so terrifying.
    then she remembered her duty. It was to service the men of this militia. PUtting on a brave face she resumed her place inside the hospital tent, fully aware of the danger awaiting outside, and the brave men charged in her care.

    By Gabriella Ubill URL on 12.19.2010

  26. when a cannon is fired, its not only a loud sound but its explosive. once it dissipates, you have a cloud of smoke. it leaves behind a sulfuric scent and a death moan in its wake.

    By Tiffany Ferguson on 12.19.2010

  27. It’s a weapon. A quite effective one at that. Irvington is where a man lived who wrote about a ghost who had his head blasted off by a cannon. I liked his stories. Especially on Wish Bone.

    By Molly on 12.19.2010

  28. He saw the shadow, large and looming. It lay in 30 feet of azure liquid.

    By rlawrence URL on 12.19.2010

  29. there is a cannon in my eyes
    one where it shot through your heart
    the cannon through your soul has shot back around and into my heart
    the pain i caused i feel it now
    the cannon misfires and i look the nerve
    this is where the places belong and where the cannon misses aren’t as strong.

    By Miss Mishi on 12.19.2010

  30. Cannon ball, on the top of the hill, yet its moving fast, down the hill just rolling, rolling and rolling so fast with, its big black hard shell.

    By Karen on 12.19.2010

  31. one shot, one word it’s hard to really talk about a single word. i’m not even sure what to write. one word can’t describe life, it can’t describe an individual. we encompass so many different identities with in us – it’s impossible to just write a single word.

    By Jennifer Lettsome on 12.19.2010

  32. Cannon goes flying through the air. A symbol for war. A metal ball willing to destroy anything in its path. When will it it stop?

    By nosylani88 on 12.19.2010

  33. i think about wars and history. people getting hurt and killing. cannon is violence and loud. it is a murderer and i breaks families apart. cannon is a loud hard bully that kills. cold and metal

    By chelsey on 12.19.2010

  34. The cannon blows. My life is over. I don’t know how to handle this. The cannon blows right through me. His body is the canon. His words are the amo. My body is the damage. It’s over. And Life will not go on. Not without him. Not without my true love.

    By Brittnee URL on 12.19.2010

  35. the cannon shot the human out. he went far into space and landed on a planet. the planet was inhabited with many creatures and things not familiar to the man. the man’s name was joseph and he was a salesman for a prestigious company.

    By carolyn URL on 12.19.2010

  36. camera. or possible a sort of gun thingy that was used in wars, old time wars. cannon balls like the jummp into water. and they were used in forts like in the olden times. not as poopular now. but the camera is and a really nice camera company

    By colleen URL on 12.19.2010

  37. well i have a cannon camera. it’s pretty great :) i love it. it takes great pictures. :D

    By cady on 12.19.2010

  38. Cannon. Boom. bang. Wounds. Hurt. Pain. Defense. It all comes down to this. Violence. There is no other answer to come to accept violence. We try to bring out the best in people. But this what we get. Not so optimistic, eh?

    By Brittnee URL on 12.19.2010

  39. I think of um lol a cannon in roleplays like they are people already made up and then I think about pirates like lol oh god they’re going to shoot us with this big ass fucking cannons run bitch mother fucking runnn I don’t know what the point of this website is why in the fuck am I typing about a cannon this is dumb really dumb.

    By Morgan URL on 12.19.2010

  40. shoot bomb ball smoke gunpowder pirates ships old time wood war fights sails castles grey aim death destroy bam

    By Fenris on 12.19.2010