September 6th, 2010 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “calling”

  1. She heard the calling, the voices up above. She heard the clouds, she heard the wind, she heard the graceful dove. She heard the calling of the sky, she heard her heart beast fast. She heard her nature calling her, calling her at last.

    By Abbey on 09.06.2010

  2. I hear him calling my name in a carrying whisper, and it is enough to gently wake me. And there he is, daring boy, grinning on the other side of the window pane. My exhilarated smile cracks my face just as my practiced hands crack open the window, and in another moment we are flying.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.06.2010

  3. your calling is the one thing in life you were made for what your purpose is, you will live a happy life once its found.

    By Sean Pascuzzi on 09.06.2010

  4. She could hear him calling her, somewhere in the distance. Her attention was elsewhere though, she couldn’t take her eyes from the marvel in front of her, drawing her in, closer … closer …

    By Alana URL on 09.06.2010

  5. It is really frustrating! I have been calling you forever!

    By dooby URL on 09.06.2010

  6. llamando a un mundo

    By jean URL on 09.06.2010

  7. What is my calling?
    Why am I falling?
    Where is my true spot…? I can tell this is not…

    By Tay URL on 09.06.2010

  8. calling, calling. no one is calling me now. i’m in a far away land. the only phone calls are from my mother and father making sure i have enough money. i wish he was calling me right now. i’d stop writing that’s for sure.

    By schmmart on 09.06.2010

  9. the teacher was calling her name but in her ears the sound of a bell kept ringing and ringing. she couldn’t hear anything other than the dinging of the bell. she couldn’t hear the teacher calling.

    By colourrxn URL on 09.06.2010

  10. I am calling for you now.
    Calling, listening, wishing to hear your reply
    Where are you, dear?
    I need you next to me.
    Still, no answer.

    By Shelby URL on 09.06.2010

  11. Ring ring ring ring ring FUCK IT, I’ll pick up already, hello?
    Hello, I say to no one in particular, the ring is so many different things, it’s my girlfriend calling, it’s a wrong number, asking for a pizza, it’s someone calling to tell me my parents are dead. Today it’s a telemarketer. *Sigh*

    By Wil on 09.06.2010

  12. i could tell you how to survive cancer. i could tell you how to bring god down to the checker game and whisper satan a sorrow song or two. but that’s not my calling.

    By John Austin URL on 09.06.2010

  13. He was calling her again and again. Couldn’t stop. Wanted to. Didn’t want to ring again. But inside him, somethig stopped him from stopping. So he rang again and again. Untill one day – she answered. He hang up. Never rang again.

    By Ida on 09.06.2010

  14. the phone is ringing like it never rang before.There is a certain distance from the base to the floor.Who are you. Hello? No, she’s not hear right now. Also destiny

    By Chan on 09.06.2010

  15. I ran. They were calling me, begging for me to return. I ran faster. I could hear their shrieks of beckoning. I ran until my feet were on fire. I ran and I ran and I ran…until I reached the ice cream truck at the end of the block.

    By taylor URL on 09.06.2010

  16. Some people say they look for their calling, some think it finds them. I think that’s a load of crap and there is nothing each person was meant to do.

    By allan on 09.06.2010

  17. Thinking about the future reminded her of the first time she ever saw the ocean. It was too vast.

    But when she met him it was like she finally knew her calling.

    By NewbieGK URL on 09.06.2010

  18. I called him thousands of times. Over and over I called, but he never answered. What was I to do? Sit and wait for him to call back? No. He wouldn’t call back, that’s for sure.

    By Knucxsonia on 09.06.2010

  19. Was that your voice on the other end of a disconnected line? If not you, then who, and how and what makes me do the crazy things I do?

    By smattc on 09.06.2010

  20. You’re calling my name, in my dreams that is. It’s weird to know you actually want me. Well, I guess it’s not–more like it’s unfamiliar to me that someone actually wants me the way you do. You love me. For me.

    By Mel on 09.06.2010

  21. Calling. Calling my name, finally. He wants me.

    By Amelia URL on 09.06.2010

  22. BEEP BEEP! Choo choo! I’m calling you! Pick up the phone, Philip. I need to talk to you about something in regards to what we discussed the other day in the planetarium. You are so coy sometimes when it comes to fulfilling conversatory obligations, my friend!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 09.06.2010

  23. I love it when my friends call me. The phone ringing brings me joy haha. Actually… some of my friends should never call me. Like briana! UGH. She is so annoying omgggg. I can’t stand her lol.

    By Danielle URL on 09.06.2010

  24. I could feel the mirror pulling at me, ever since I was little. Whenever I chanced to walk past it, I felt a tug, a subtle but strong calling, an involuntary yearning to go to it, with no basis whatsoever. And as strongly as I felt that, I felt that I should not, under any circumstances, succumb to it.

    By Coral URL on 09.06.2010

  25. I have yet to find my calling. It’s gonna take some time, and I’m going to need a lot of help. I really wish it were as simple as everyone makes it out to be. I don’t know how much it’s going to take for me to find it or what it’s going to be. I like surprises, I know that. I don’t even know myself yet. I need more time, but I feel like I’m running out and getting older each second.

    By loudnonesense URL on 09.06.2010

  26. i like calling my friends on the phone, we talk about all kinds if things, especially best friends. they’re always cool to takl to .

    By jdnfyrhge on 09.06.2010

  27. I still hear him calling me name; it drifts in the swift night air.
    He’s gone, I know but
    He taught the air to caress my skin like he does.
    I taught the sky how to fluff his pillows.

    By Gabriela Diaz on 09.06.2010

  28. i thought i knew you
    my heart belonged to you
    my dearest friend
    but the calling has changed
    the birds have sung
    i know my direction now
    as long as i live i will remember you
    but i can not

    By Marcell on 09.06.2010

  29. She was calling my name, and I wouldn’t listen. I knew I should, but instead, I pushed forward into the dappled sunlight of my familiar woods. It would only be time before she forgot me; this was for her own good, I told myself. I dropped my wet nose to the ground and moved forward.

    By Jenny URL on 09.06.2010

  30. A slayer is called when she reaches a certain age to come and kill demons, mainly vampires. She is normally hot.

    By Albert Sock on 09.06.2010

  31. cant be bothered mate. to write about this word, ive laready done it hj fh that many times and it wont go on to the next word like. gay!

    By Albert Sock on 09.06.2010

  32. The night kept calling to me,
    Come closer,
    Breath deeper,
    Grow darker,
    But there is evermore light.

    By Sam on 09.06.2010

  33. He left a calling card.

    Margeurite couldn’t believe it. She had spent HOURS making herself look perfect. She had thought he was about to propose. But, no. He just stopped by to say hi before his all-important business meeting today.

    By Drii-joon URL on 09.06.2010

  34. I’m calling you today from the beyond, all my clothes now belong to the priests and I have no use for them anymore, without writing I can safely say that this is the way it is

    By mike on 09.06.2010

  35. Am a kind of person I will trying now thing. I love when people look at me the way that see me. Girls come to for advice and I give them some comin on to me to solve there problem and I try my best trying to solve them. Done of them I solve there problem vt sleeping with them. And that always come back for more.

    By John on 09.06.2010

  36. His calling was not from any of the shores he had visited as a young boy. It was from his own backyard where there was no wizard in residence just a climbing weed that reached over into the yard the other side of the wooden fence and kept going for more than 86 years till he reached the age where it loved him back and called him away to those shores.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.06.2010

  37. I believe everyone in life has a calling. Whether it be some sort of hobby they pick up, or a job which appeals to them which they do unbelievably well. There are many ways for it to be a calling, what they have in common is they will be exceptionally good at it! To the person, their calling should have a huge impact on both themselves personally, and the world, no matter how miniscule an effect it has. Every little counts!

    By Tommy Hodge on 09.06.2010

  38. Today I picked up the phone. My mom had told me to call her. I put it on speaker to make it easier for me. “Calling, Mother Julie” it said as it dialed the numbers. I smiled. Technology these days.

    By Julee.a Wables URL on 09.06.2010

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    By shay on 09.06.2010

  40. i am in the irrigation room. can’t you hear me calling you? when did you last clean out your ears or is the earplugs? maybe your limited intelligence doesn’t extend to the irrigation room. Perhaps the flushing room is as good as it gets.

    By cleany URL on 09.06.2010