March 25th, 2013 | 201 Entries

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201 Entries for “calamity”

  1. He looked around. Just for a second. Everything was in slow motion. The screaming kids. The fighting. The angry husbands. The weary eyed housewives. How did we get this way, he thought. How in the world did we get like this?

    By Marissa on 03.25.2013

  2. Calamity is the chaos, the danger, the thrill that comes with disaster, destruction and mayhem.

    By Rua on 03.25.2013

  3. “it’s all a mess, an absolute mess,” he blustered. anxiously, he smoothed down the ends of his white moustache, which were damp with sweat.

    his assistant, a young, plump thing with mousy brown hair, shushed him. “there, now,” she said placidly, “I’m sure it’ll all work out.”

    micah said, “no, it won’t.”

    the assistant glared beadily at him, the sort of look you gave dogs before you smacked them with a rolled-up newspaper. the mayor, however, had not seemed to hear him speak. his attention had been caught by something outside his window. micah looked out, but they were on the fourth floor and he could see nothing but sky.

    before either micah or his assistant could stop him, the mayor had waddled to the window.

    “I don’t think that’s a good–” said micah.

    the end of his sentence was swallowed by, in quick succession: the sound of a gunshot; glass breaking and raining down into the office; and the mayor toppling to the ground like a felled tree, a bullet in his forehead.

    By mira URL on 03.25.2013

  4. A problem.

    By anon on 03.25.2013

  5. Oh the horror. I do not know where to startbdescribing what I saw today at that horrible place. It was unfathomable what had just happened, that levelmof destruction unforeseen…

    By Eddy Baltazar on 03.25.2013

  6. There is no way to describe a cat fight except with the word calamity. Broken claws lay in the dust on the ground. Their blood makes mud. Two felines sit, hissing at each other from a distance. They lick their wounds, each one declaring itself the winner.

    By Kristen URL on 03.25.2013

  7. I don’t know what to write about, means disaster, but looks like calm?

    By Jazmin on 03.25.2013

  8. Oh the calamity this and other things shall bring. A broken string is just a broken string, but can represent many a thing. Oh the calamity that one shall face when meeting all the world’s disgrace.

    By Justin URL on 03.25.2013

  9. clamidia? clamydia? calamity? clamy? calim me? claim me…
    chaos and confusion and caution and calmation. which isnt a real word..
    claim me.

    By Mary C. on 03.25.2013

  10. In the calamity that in sued, I tried to break free from the holds of my capture. When I finally did, I ran freely through the streets, laughing at the people crying and the buildings burning. This was my kind of world. Then suddenly I taken down and bitten, the flesh tearing off of my arm. And I looked up into the gnarled face of the first zombie.

    By DeionDakota URL on 03.25.2013

  11. it was a calamity in the fact that the reds were almost brown
    things touched each other so intensely that everything was one
    and that was the calamity
    that individualism
    that identity,
    and idiosyncrasies
    were lost in the sea of melting reds, and almost browns
    almost anything
    except singular,
    and proud

    By Alison on 03.25.2013

  12. its a calamity i tell you. those kids have no idea what they just did. wrecking my lawn like that. hooligins i tell you! all of them.. what are these young folks thinking when they go chopping up my lawn. THE NOISE I TELL YOU! just the noise of it

    By Carla on 03.25.2013

  13. Calamity is an interesting phenomenon. I wish I could tell you more about it but alas I can’t as I don’t fully understand the meaning of it. I guess you could say calamity really calms me down if you know what I mean.

    By Paula on 03.25.2013

  14. Maybe its the way his hair hides his face, or the way his tattoos pop out of his skin. Either way, he’s never trusted–never accepted. He looks like a walking disaster–someone that can’t be trusted. You can say he intimidates people, just by the way he looks at them. The way he talks, its like no one else. I don’t think he means to be this way, however. For some reason, despite all the presumptions made about him, I can’t imagine that he was the perpetrator. To cause a disaster such as this. He couldn’t have done it. We were too in love.

    By CTorrieC on 03.25.2013

  15. Everything was going black. My eyes giving out, trapped in a world of monsters in a pitch black abyss. This was all my fault, but even if I could help myself, ther was no avoiding this calamity.

    By Jess on 03.25.2013

  16. The wave washed over the beach, the shrubs, the condos, the hotels. Most everyone was evacuated already, and very few were injured, but it was still a calamity. The newsman told me so. That was the calamity of the day, the giant wave. It wasn’t even a tsunami, just a giant wave, but that was still somehow more important than my own personal crisis.

    By Shea on 03.25.2013

  17. peeling skin.

    tough love.

    you’re part of this destruction;

    you’re the calamity.

    By Daphne Tay on 03.25.2013

  18. I do not know what this words mean. That’s sad. But it doesn’t matter. I wish I knew what it meant. Ah well. I shall look it up later. You know, I’ve never even HEARD of this word before, I think. Phooey. Anyways… It’s a brand new word for me.

    By KAT URL on 03.25.2013

  19. I feel like this word is chaotic. Do you think it feels that way? Like someone pulled it’s teeth out and tripped it up as it was walked down the street? Like it got jumbled up, and now nobody truly understands it?

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.25.2013

  20. As the waves flow over the sand and smooth the rough edges of the rocks, your lips flow over my body effortlessly, causing all my worries to go away, and all my muscles to relax.

    By Calico URL on 03.25.2013

  21. Sunlight woke her as she came to life. The steering wheel of the car through her sister’s chest was all that she saw.

    By Mitch Schoeckert on 03.25.2013

  22. the calamity erupted
    with the ringing of our house phone
    and I swear to you,
    I could not describe the dread
    that gripped me in the chest
    as I listed to my mother’s muffled voice
    and longed for just one more drop of pain
    before she ripped it from me

    By slantedstories URL on 03.25.2013

  23. Calm. So calm. The sea breeze blew her hair across her face, but she didn’t mind. The ocean was a soft roar in the background. She was buried in her book. She was so into her book that she didn’t notice the runner who had stopped to admire her beauty and elegance. The look in his eyes as he so badly wanted to talk to her, to get to know her, but he didn’t want to disturb her. He was so torn.

    By Cierra White on 03.25.2013

  24. Chaos, Disorder, Ruckus. Yet the word seems to have the word ‘calm’ in it. It’s weird. It’s so ironic and holds such a contradiction. But doesn’t everything? The ying to everyones yang– i suppose everyone has one.

    By Jonnea Herman URL on 03.25.2013

  25. when you found me here
    there was nothing left for us
    but calamity

    By s. p. on 03.25.2013

  26. Guests for dinner; roast and vegetables in the oven. I pulled out the tray and the lot fell on the floor. Calamity? No, just shoved it back on the tray and kept smiling.

    By keri on 03.25.2013

  27. The pots and pans were flying around the room! All the cooks were in a such a hussle to make all the food that was ordered. The dinner rush was in full swing, and John’s restaurant was alive again.

    By Cashmoney URL on 03.25.2013

  28. Monstrosity. Wells of emotion emploding. Inside is a chaotic mess of undiscovered thoughts and hidden anger. What is happening to my sanity?

    By Sarah Catherine Hlavaty URL on 03.25.2013

  29. Everyone thinks they know what a calamity is, but how many of them actually deserve the description? A child, unwanted by her parents, left to find her own way and who is then condemned for her poor choices . . . the opportunity and talent that is squandered and lost because of the adults around her who fail to take the time to listen . . . the self-doubt, self-loathing and utter sadness that emerges as a result . . . .

    That, my friend, is a true calamity.

    By Max on 03.25.2013

  30. Waiting, waiting, waiting, nothing, no sign of life, none of the usual machine gun popping and warm smells… life can be so empty, like a pan full of kernels that just won’t pop and choose to burn instead… calamity has its place, but the kitchen ain’t it.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 03.25.2013

  31. The calamity at the same of the other feelings (bad for somebody) is the very path to knowledge and inner peace. The way to transcend (…)

    By Steve Benitez on 03.25.2013

  32. Calamity. It can be subtle. It can be the misfortune of being so far from those you love most. It can be missing people who live in the same building as you. It can be missing a person you’re sitting in the same room as.

    By Sally on 03.25.2013

  33. i felt calm today when i was laying on my bed. staring at the ceiling. feeling almost motionless and dead. it scared my how calm being that still made me feel. i wasn’t sad. i was completely neutral.

    By linda on 03.25.2013

  34. The heart causes calamity. You’re in distress of new or old feelings. You’ll always be at a battle and most likely it will cause you calamity in one way or another.

    By olivia URL on 03.25.2013

  35. planes crash bodies slam slam slam into the floor with great force. disaster strikes and blood rages like an angry nazi soldier, beating the prisoners of war. disaster with every bomb and blood spill urge to strike

    By summer on 03.25.2013

  36. Jayne…
    The man they call Jayne…

    By Chris Glynn URL on 03.25.2013

  37. Our love, the calamity of this all, the way it drowns us both and fills up our fragile lungs until they are seeping, mixing blood and water, diluting our precious fluid. We grasp one another in the depths and pull one another so tightly our flesh becomes one, we find beauty in the way we wreck one another, we find beauty in our own broken parts…….blah blah blah I don’t know.

    By Kayla. URL on 03.25.2013

  38. The calamity of our wretched bodies. The misfortune of our fresh, unscathed flesh. The absolution of this ripping void between souls that can only be filled with harsh words that we think we deserve. We wish to wreck our bodies, these fleshy tombs that hold us down so tightly, we think the things we throw at one another are cracking anything other than our souls, we act as if we can scar one another with these miles we have stretched between our mudded feet. There is a deep scar within my being that can only be filled by your body, lying quietly on its side, weeping into the pillow beside my head. I will never be whole at this rate, we will never be whole at this rate.

    By Kayla. URL on 03.25.2013

  39. The State was a real chaos after that occurency. The mayor had already tuned the calamity alert on when the population decided to come out of their houses wearing the most terrible staying-home clothes to claim for help, in a total despair. It’s not new for anyone that it’s just the reflex of a bad conduct of sheerly everyone. “So they looked at each other and looked at themselves” was what Kufner thought would happen next.

    By Jade on 03.25.2013

  40. Oh what a calamity! Here we are, eight weeks into the new country, and yet to find our footing. It is actually quite an absurd time and we are floating around – in physical space and head space. Be patient they say. The job offer will come they say. They’ve said it for far too long now. Money is running out. Time is running out. C.A.L.A.M.I.T.Y

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 03.25.2013