December 29th, 2011 | 163 Entries

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163 Entries for “cactus”

  1. I like cacti (PLURAL!). They live in the desert. They are spiky. Sometimes they have flowers and sombreros. I would not like to eat one. YAY…froan.

    By THIEF on 12.29.2011

  2. This reminds me of my pap. He loved cowboys and he loved us. I miss him in little ways everyday. I hope he’s found peace.

    By Laura on 12.29.2011

  3. I had prepared to type about white letters on blue, because what else can you do in those few seconds of hang time and now I am faced with the reality of the prickly pear. Forgive the terminology it is most wholly incorrect, and forgive me for doing what I hate most. I suppose that would be that opinion of a cactus. “I do apologize for hurting you, but it is my job, by design.”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 12.29.2011

  4. Jesus, I’ve never seen a human being look more like a cactus than Mac. His spiny hair sticks out at odd angles, he has no shape, and he’s got a greenish pallor about him. He smiles, but he’s still a plant. Still thorny.

    By heidi on 12.29.2011

  5. A cactus is a pointy plant that grows in the desert. I think it looks kind of like a fork with three prongs. Some people grow cacti in their house, but those are tiny cacti. The plural of cactus is ‘cacti’ not ‘cactuses’. See, the word processor agrees with me!

    By Damaris URL on 12.29.2011

  6. Cactuses have water inside. Cactuses need nearly no water. Cactuses are prickly. cactuses live in the desert.

    By sue URL on 12.29.2011

  7. A cactus has water in it. It’s outside is prickly, and it hurts if you touch it. It lives in the desert. There is an animal that eats cactus. I think it is a lizard. It does not hurt itself when it climbs on the cactus.

    By sue URL on 12.29.2011

  8. Era un cactus verde, lleno de espinas
    Levantado en lo alto de la montaña, tapándo el sol y proyectándo su sombra bajo el abismo
    Me levanté y lo miré sorprendido
    Giré para todos lados, estaba solo
    O no?
    Había llegado a un mundo nuevo

    By Tohe URL on 12.29.2011

  9. Ever since I was young, my dad always grew a cactus in our house. My older sister and I would play games around it, avoiding its spikes. One day she accidentally pushed me into the cactus and one of its spines stuck into my skin. I cried and my mom came into the room. She pulled it out for me. I noticed half the spine was red with my blood.

    By Shineapple URL on 12.29.2011

  10. Prickly thorns and spiky spines guard water, the most valuable treasure in the desert. The cactus may not move, but it can protect itself and the sparkling liquid it saves inside.

    By Jocelyn URL on 12.29.2011

  11. Spiny, sharp and green as emeralds left out on the sun. Leaning
    Above my unknowing head.
    I wonder when they will fall and pierce me.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 12.29.2011

  12. The wind was blowing over the barren landscape. And out on the horizon a lone inhabitant stood complacently in the sun. The cactus doesn’t mind the heat and seemingly lonely nature the dunes possess.

    By Taciturn URL on 12.29.2011

  13. cactus, desert… I see a pattern here?

    By lolooloooo on 12.29.2011

  14. Prickly as a pear… cactus? But greenest with envy. Sharp as a tack. Thirst quenching yet sustainable. One lonely cactus stands in the dry desert of my heart for years.

    By Adeline on 12.29.2011

  15. I was walking through the garden store, looking for the perfect plant for my new house. “Juliet! Don’t touch those!” I took my one year old daughter’s hand and told her, “That’s a cactus. You’ll hurt yourself on it.”

    “Spiky!” She exclaimed, pointing at it.

    By Chrissi URL on 12.29.2011

  16. The cacti grew in the winter snow. The bears were lumbering in the tundra. Dry grass growing red roses in autumn. Leaves falling in the blazing heat.

    I filled a mug with cocoa and sat on the porch, watching the rainbow in the sky melt the frost away. My skin had grown tough and very, very dark. My eyes were dusted silver instead of river blue. This was the way life worked now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.29.2011

  17. I’ve known Ky for as far as i can remember. Ky is like a cactus. He’s really rough and tough, hard and cold on the outside, and sometimes a flower with sprout to the surface and he’ll let out soft hidden emotion that don’t involve his fist. But all and all inside he’s really sweet and generous. Inside he’s still a child. And sometimes, like a cactus, his inside feelings can save someone’s life like mine.

    By Alibay on 12.29.2011

  18. The hollowed out side faced East toward the rising sun. A bird continued to peck at the growing whole, desperate for any drip of moisture. on the West side of the cactus, a flower offered a sign of hope.

    By Chris on 12.29.2011

  19. Mark waved his hand at the cactus.
    “Up,” he commanded. It wobbled, but sat there. Infuriated, he lashed out at it with a kick. Not only did this hurt very much, but it also pricked his shoes.
    “Smart,” snickered Kyle. Mark was tempted to levitate the cactus in his face.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 12.29.2011

  20. Er hat Spitzen oben und an den Seiten rundherum. Meistens ist er grün, manchmal aber auch grau oder gelb oder braun. Es gibt ganz verschiedene Größen von winzig klein bis meterhoch. Wenn man welche im Geschäft kauft und es sind Blüten drauf, dann sind die meistens nicht echt.

    By Eli URL on 12.29.2011

  21. There are cacti in the desert
    Many of them

    In fact I think that if weren’t for the tiny cactus on my shelf I would say
    that all cacti live in the desert

    Where birds make their homes in their fleshy insides
    And where Sokka drinks the wrong cactus’s juice

    By Cloud URL on 12.29.2011

  22. It’s hurtful..isn’t it? To be hit hard by a cactus! And I wonder do I deserve it?! And what the hell has happened to lead us to here? Being beaten hard by cactus?!!

    By Salma Elkhamy URL on 12.29.2011

  23. Cactus.

    green and spiky, small and dark, big and bright.

    Prickly Pear.
    Mexican Lime.
    Organ Pipe.

    Arizona, Montana, Texas, Mexico.


    By sophi on 12.29.2011

  24. Tall. Short. Big. Small!!
    Green. Yellow!
    Dark. Bright!
    All different.
    All love each other.

    By Norma-Bertha Marge Santiago on 12.29.2011

  25. Desert. That’s what surrounded us. Desert to the left and right. There was no more drinkable water…all we had left was the bathing water from the night before. The smart one said cutting open a cactus might provide enough water for the whole group…but having two dozen people, mothers and children included…could become an obstacle at a later date.

    By Tari on 12.29.2011

  26. I love cacti.
    Tallest: Pachycereus pringlei 19 m
    Smallest: Blossfeldia liliputiana 1 cm
    I love cacti.

    By Harry-Carlos Tommy Fredrick Wilson on 12.29.2011

  27. cactus is:
    largest: Pachycereus pringlei 19 m
    tiniest: Blossfeldia liliputiana 1 cm

    likes to live in deserts and savannas in
    southwestern United States, Mexico, and Chile.

    By Alejandro Alfonzo Antonio Augustino Augustin on 12.29.2011

  28. quaisquer

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.29.2011

  29. Wow, this cactus stings more than your abandonment. Or something along those lines. Juno. I can’t remember how long ago that was. I went to see the movie with my cousin (female), my sister, my aunt, and my mother. I’m a guy. Well, I’m gay, but still, it was a little awkward considering I was pretty young when this movie came you.

    By Jules URL on 12.29.2011

  30. Cats would run away
    dogs howled until freed
    goldfish played dead until dead

    even stones would crack

    It wasn’t until a cactus
    bought at a closing down sale
    that something other than animal
    lived in his four walls

    at midnight, the spikes rested
    Green skin against his blooded grasping palms

    By gsk URL on 12.29.2011

  31. Maybe cacti are alive

    By Bert-Fred Roy Napoleon Eugene Wrack on 12.29.2011

  32. the word cactus makes me feel ichy.

    By drewd leisenring on 12.29.2011

  33. desert
    no water
    Cannot get close to. Repulsive.

    By Y B on 12.29.2011

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    By d on 12.29.2011

  35. deceiving callous
    rough, dry, biting exterior
    though rich at the core
    and blooming beauty
    even amidst the seemingly endless, stretching desert

    By unbornsymphony URL on 12.29.2011

  36. Strange, stretching, clustering cusps. Joyful untouched.

    By Sam URL on 12.29.2011

  37. Be careful, she’s the prickly type. Choose your words precisely when you talk to her because you never know what will make her lash out and sting you with her spikes.

    But you know, underneath her terrifying exterior, she’s really quite nice.

    By Julia M URL on 12.29.2011

  38. i’m not sure why I’m writing this must be some kind of mechanical turk thing. Cacti don’t need a lot of water don’t think just stream of consciousness what is the point of this app? the only thing that makes sense is the timer below slowly going up aasdf.

    By steve on 12.29.2011

  39. “Ughhhh, my legs feel like a cactus,” Ana whined to her sister, who, in return, rolled her eyes.
    “I don’t see the point in you shaving your legs tonight; it’s a first date,” the sister teased back coyly. “Unless you’re planning on a little more than a movie?”
    Ana sniveled her nose up, “It may be in the cards. Safe than sorry, right?”

    By Tori URL on 12.29.2011

  40. like pricks in my iris
    but i shrug
    and back they roll.
    they’ll force themselves out
    when i’m left alone.

    By kalena URL on 12.29.2011