July 8th, 2012 | 388 Entries

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388 Entries for “bucket”

  1. She kicked it. Hard. It skittered across the yard, throwing up dirt and stones, and hit the side of the house, right beneath his bedroom window. She smiled when that happened, a wisful smile, and I knew instinctively what she was thinking. When she spoke, her words mirrored my thoughts exactly. “I kicked the bucket and it wasn’t horrible…but it would have been perfect if I had shattered his window in the process.”

    By Julie Hephzibah Doolittle URL on 07.08.2012

  2. It’s full, it’s empty. Who knows? It’s all perspective. Charlie didn’t think it was half empty, nor did his grandfather. Nor did his mentor. All from something that can be hung by a rope.

    By Jonathan on 07.08.2012

  3. A colossal bucket, one the size of, say, a pyramid in Egypt. At least, that was what she compared it to. . She had quite an imagination, that one.

    By Evan on 07.08.2012

  4. Silence. The only sounds in the room were of rain drops that dripped into the bucket at her feet. She continued to weep.

    By AZ on 07.08.2012

  5. Buckets are nice when you need to hold a lot of stuff, like water, or dirt, or dead bodies. This is weird as hell, what am I even doing. What does “bucket” have to do with anything? Oh, that’s right. NOTHING. And I’m only on this website because I saw it on Facebook, and oop. My time’s up, okbyeeeee.

    By Maggiie on 07.08.2012

  6. Bucket list. A list of things you’d like to do or see before your time on earth is done. It’s a list that only seems to get longer. All the things we’v seen and done never seem to be enough. We’re always working on ways t

    By Joe on 07.08.2012

  7. Eradicate me from these terrific walls, release me from this unearthly temple,

    said Mr. Sandcrab

    By EvS on 07.08.2012

  8. terrie! I screamed and there he was in all his glory raining down on me. i waved toward him, the bucket in my hand we had found two days before, its contents gone.

    By midnight on 07.08.2012

  9. Lists of things to do and the making of your life to be something. A receptacle of what you think you should be like. And the “doing” makes you that thing. But then you are just a thing that does. What is life when you live it by some list?

    By Brianna URL on 07.08.2012

  10. there once was a bucket. but it wasnt an ordinary bucket. it had a secret. but no one cared about this bucket because it was just a bucket. so it got rusty and unusable. one day, this little girl wandered upon this magical bucket. she thought it would be a swell idea to fill it up with water and splash around in it,

    By chloe on 07.08.2012

  11. a pail, usually made of plastic or metallic material, used to carry solid or liquid substances in somewhat large quantities.

    “hey, i see you got a bucket of garbanzo beans”

    By VC on 07.08.2012

  12. it can hold water and all sorts of things indoors or outdoors. It can be made of many materials. Should I be writing adjectives? It holds sap, liquids, objects, can clean a room, can be a decorative item, etc. Let it collect rain water outside. OOOOH. I get to write more because I failed to enter stuff in the required fields and pressed the back button. Hello anyone reading this. I’m being a party pooper. My favorite color is blue. I love playing ocarina and kingdom hearts. I am sitting around in my room knitting and thinking of watching a disney movie.

    By Naxan on 07.08.2012

  13. kids catching frogs with toy nets and bleached buckets beneath street lamps.
    I am one of them and so are you.

    By Brannon Brakefield URL on 07.08.2012

  14. empty or full so much to do stress trapped things i have to complete before i die or before something happens before that i think of the worms and the beatles that i found at the mulhalls with riley ad how i used to make md pies with buckets i had a yelow one in the bathtub

    By monica on 07.08.2012

  15. I’d never seen anything look so serene before; so peaceful. That one bucket resting carelessly amongst the rolling foothill, its gorgeous bright red contrasting with the bright blue background of the cloudless sky.

    By Leasha on 07.08.2012

  16. So fill it up with your words, your love, your tears, all the hate you’ve been holding back, the jealousy that eats away at the back of your brain, the thoughts that creep in late at night and don’t seem to leave. Fill it with anything you want. It’s yours and you can do whatever you want with it. You can choose to fill it with love or hate. Chances or regrets. Your life is a bucket. You choose what’s in it.

    By Sunny URL on 07.08.2012

  17. bucket is spelt bucket. it is a weird word if you think about it. but i dont have time you think i have to write about a bucket. i think buchets and writing is pretty cool. lke buckets can be very colourful. :)

    By sophie on 07.08.2012

  18. This bucket full of happiness. What is this feeling? Magnificent and sharp like an arrow going through her heart. Clouds fume from her head as if she’s floating on cloud 3. Life is amazing isn’t it?

    By Bluecab URL on 07.08.2012

  19. This reminds me of the Bucket family from Willy Wonka. They don’t resemble buckets in any way and they are really adorable. especially the grandfather. The little boy Charlie is so cute and deserved the factory. Buckets are useful because they hold things. When you swing a bucket 360 degrees, something prevents it from spilling. One kid in 5th grade did this for a science experiment and it was pretty cool.

    By Hanna on 07.08.2012

  20. Kick the bucket already. Kick it and watch your life spill out in front of you. Akick it to see how pathetic you are. Take your last breath knowing there’s no one standing behind. No one to receive you. maybe finally you’ll feel it. I hope it terrifies you

    By micheline on 07.08.2012

  21. When I think bucket I think bucket list. It makes me wonder what i want to do with my life before it ends. I often say i would like to open a bakery. Sometimes i would like to write a book. Sometimes i would like to travel. Other times i say i would like to perform on broadway. Ultimately, i just want to be happy.

    By Lauren URL on 07.08.2012

  22. holds water and hac and jill went p the hill to wetch this also jack nickolson and morgan free man ade a lst out of this and when o die you tend to kick the bucket also the catch 22 song a lone in my room with a bucket full of flem i also have thoughts rom fantasia when the broks ar using th fuckets to clean now

    By joe on 07.08.2012

  23. When i think bucket, i think of a lonely bucket only dusted off to be used to catch water from a leak in the roof.

    By Lauren URL on 07.08.2012

  24. there was a bucket full of apples and then i bobbed my head in and i was bobbing for apples in a small bucket and then the water was splashing out and i hadn’t gotten an apple yet so i knocked the bucket over and grabbed the apple with my teeth and then was done. no more bucket bobbing for me.

    By Grace on 07.08.2012

  25. If you could make a sandcastle right this second, what would it look like? Would it have a moat? Would it have a drawbridge over that moat, and alligators surrounding it? Would it have multiple towers, or would it be a simple, one column tower? Oh, but what is the point of imagining your fantasy, if it is destined to be destroyed by an oncoming wave?

    By Abby on 07.08.2012

  26. i have a bucket of a whole bunch of confusion i have no clue why he’s mad or why he wont talk to me , maybe its because wont apologize maybe its what i said i was joking at the mean parts i said once he wont talk to me ugh this bucket of mixed emotions is starting to over flow oooo !!! i hope the bucket’s lime green, or electric blue oooooooo a bright or neon red or orenge or hot pink ugh i love it here in nyc on almost every corner turn there are silver buckets or italian or dominican or spainish or idk the rest type of iciess i dont think i have a favorite omg there AMAZING!!!!! ugh i kinda dont understand why im mad or happpy or psyched or confused or irdk how i feel and i wish i knew dang it i deleted his cell number maybe there is a reason i did that or not or i just screwed myself over ha i do that all the time not suprising!! lmao maybbe we will never talk again i think im loosing him like im loosing all my friends at fairplay ughh there is always a time to move on just let go and accept change ughhhh that sounds hard to do emotionally but i have to there it goes and im gonna have to wave and grieve :? :/ -_____- >.<

    By zim . poisoncupcakw . nana on 07.08.2012

  27. There’s many a thing you can send in a bucket. Fuck it. I just kicked it.

    By Gmarshall URL on 07.08.2012

  28. There was an old rusty bucket in the corner of the garage, green with a white stripe on the middle. It has its own story, as everything in this world has, but it won’t be told to everyone, only those who have the patience to listen and the knowledge to understand.

    By Alex URL on 07.08.2012

  29. My bucket list is not finite. It wouldn’t be fair to write a list because never will it be fully completed, thus I would die just as disappointed as if I hadn’t written it in the first place.

    By Simone URL on 07.08.2012

  30. I’ve filled out this bucket thrice. I’ve filled it over and over again. I walk back to this website with it full. Again. Again, again, again. Submit the bucket. Submit will you? Just accept that this bucket is as full as it’s going to get. Don’t slop it!

    By Gmarshall URL on 07.08.2012

  31. and you think about blood that’s wet and cold against your face; you think of your old grandmother’s red bucket beside a red wheelbarrow glazed with rain, and you say, “sometimes the world just stops.”

    and he laughs and goes, “but not today.”

    and he pulls the trigger and the world explodes and you’re frozen in place, watching the red stain with one thought in your mind.

    this is the end.

    By Drew URL on 07.08.2012

  32. bucket. the world is a bucket. we are held in place, stuck inside this bucket of perceived reality. the truly strong are the ones who do not spoil the fruits in the bucket, but find a way out.

    By Olivier on 07.08.2012

  33. There’s a hole in my bucket is a children’s song that happens to really sound dirty to the reluctant teenage viewer. I should know, I watched plenty of children’s programs with my little cousins that constantly had weird costumes and sometimes creepy characters. Right, dear Henry?

    By Sabrina on 07.08.2012

  34. Kick the bucket…
    Build a sand castle with a bucket…
    Mop with a bucket full of cleaners…
    ummm Idk

    By Allissa on 07.08.2012

  35. i picked up the bucket. the cold tin pressed against my palm. i filled the bucket with ocean water, the water toppling over the edges. today was a good day.

    By whiterabits on 07.08.2012

  36. I have a huge Bucket List. Everyone does. I hope and pray that I will be able to fulfill everything on my list. It is literally never ending. I keep adding more even though I have not fulfilled any of them. Life is so short. I want to be able to see the world and experience every little thing there is to experience. I am so blessed with great health and talent. But I want more. After all, I am only human right?

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 07.08.2012

  37. Filling buckets with dirt and water and bits of grass. Collecting berries and creating potions with them. As children our minds are so versatile, but then we grow up and become closed off and weak. We become unimaginative.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.08.2012

  38. The rain dropped against the tin, and the bucket began to fill up slowly. The water seemed clear, but it was a tinted sage green, transparent but reflective of the grime on the bottom.

    By Sarah on 07.08.2012

  39. “Well, I can’t believe that this small bucket could contain all his blood.”

    “yeah, its pretty swell.”

    “sure is man, sure is.”

    By weatherby URL on 07.08.2012

  40. i have a bucket in my hands what should i do with it i think well sand, with a river i think its best to make a sand castle today then go home with that bucket nice and red.

    By kittykins on 07.08.2012