May 31st, 2016 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “bread”

  1. Bread and butter makes my heart flutter with the smell of garlic on troubled children in the summer. Follow your dreams.

    By Viren Noronha on 05.31.2016

  2. The bread is very big. And hot, the cutting is hard. My grandfather just brought it from the baker. It is the only hot bread I have ever seen until now. and not completely white. the butter is melting. Is so good. As good as holidays at my grandparents with their happiness to be with us. they never got annoyed. this bread is pure love.

    By Zephirus URL on 05.31.2016

  3. white and brown bread .grows mold when old, can be used to make sandwiches.

    By Meghan on 05.31.2016

  4. I make bread everyday for the poor people who live under the bridge. I make brown bread with seeds in them and I make white bread.

    By Tallissa on 05.31.2016

  5. She stuck the knife deep into the jar, scraping the bottom for those last dregs of peanut butter. She carefully laid the knife onto her toast and spread thinly. It was like watching a medical procedure. A very boring medical procedure.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.31.2016

  6. The bread was heavy and chewy. It was so delicious and contained all the nutrients that one needed for life. It was organic and made an impression in one’s hand. The children grabbed at the loaves in the back of the cart as it was wheeled through the refugee camp.

    The children’s parents looked on sadly. They would never know the bread from their homeland, light and fluffy. Maybe not so nutritious but it was part of their culture, to break bread together during big family dinners.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.31.2016

  7. Shawn picked up two loafs of bread from the grocery and was wandering in the butter aisle when she bumped into Lacey, who was wearing a frilly purple dress and carrying an empty shopping basket. Their chit-chat was forced and awkward, but Lacey’s smile was contagious. It seemed to light up the entire vicinity. Shawn couldn’t help whistling a tune to herself as she reached the check-out lane, as if the frivolity of it all had somehow melted into a sweet, golden bliss.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.31.2016

  8. The bread was very stale and old but it was the only bread we had so I forced myself to finish the sandwhich.

    By Caden on 05.31.2016

  9. bread is usually very soft and fluffy if it is made correctly. otherwise it could turn out very rough and lumpy and not very soft and fluffy.

    By thisGuy:) on 05.31.2016

  10. back then bread was one of the things that armys used as food they called it hardtack on the matter that it was so hard.

    By Caden O_O on 05.31.2016

  11. I don’t really eat bread, but when I do it’s sourdough. That’s the real San Fransisco treat!

    By CA$HLEY URL on 05.31.2016

  12. Bread. Food for my soul. It feeds, warms, energizes, and makes me whole. The bread of life. Food for my soul.

    By Shelly Cameron URL on 05.31.2016

  13. I like to eat bread every morning. Sometimes I eat it with butter or eggs, It tastes delicious. And I love it with Nutella. Actually, Nutella is good with everything.

    By Juliana on 05.31.2016

  14. This morning i decided to make some bread. I didn’t know what kind to make so i asked everyone and they wanted rainbow unicorn bread. Rainbow unicorn bread is a funfetti batter then it is split into six different bowls colored all different colors then swirled into the pan. It also sometimes has a crumb topping that’s white chocolate crumbs then glitter sprinkled on top.

    By risa on 05.31.2016

  15. Delicious fluffy straight out of the oven loaves are one of the best things ever. Soft white centre with golden crust that breaks in your mouth and hurts. Best served still warm with a fuckload of butter and raspberry jam with seeds in so you can pick them out of your teeth later.

    By Sarah Kennedy on 05.31.2016

  16. She stumbled down the stairs in her footed pajamas and rubbed her sleepy eyes. The scent of fresh-baked bread had lured her into the kitchen where she found her grandmother pulling a piping-hot pan of biscuits from the oven. She could almost taste the buttery flakiness as she took a seat at the table.

    By Traci Sanders URL on 05.31.2016

  17. He took a slice of bread and spread peanut butter on it. Then he grabbed another an put some jelly on it.

    By Katy URL on 05.31.2016

  18. I called the bakery to get my daily loaf of bread.
    “Hello? This is Rye.”
    “Rye! Wheat or rye on this fine morning?”
    “Rye would like some rye.”

    By mars on earth URL on 05.31.2016

  19. There are few things in life that’s better than freshly baked bread. Growing up and smelling bread baking have embedded so many memories that its source of alot of nostalgia.

    By Darryl Grant on 05.31.2016

  20. There are few things in life that’s better than freshly baked bread. Growing up and smelling bread baking have embedded so many memories that i its source of great nostalgia. Every memory that’s been stored during the baking of bread from birth to this day.

    By dsgrant07 URL on 05.31.2016

  21. oh my god! i absolutely love bread! of all kinds, rye, soy, multi-grain, etc. I also love wine and cheese. I would love to live in france for a while and learn bread making, wine making and cheese making. Most importantly, eat only bread wine and cheese everyday! that would be so wonderful! i hope i am able to do just that one day. i will take a short sabbatical from work and go there. i would also like to write a small fantasy fiction novel while i am at it. Thats my dream! i hope i can realize it some day. As you can guess by the nature of my favourite foods that /I am exteremely serotonin deficient. Thats why i tend to overeat the aforementioned things. Which ultimately leads to weight gain, breakouts and overall poor self esteem. Yep, you got me! throw in body image issues into my mix of crazy. But I am really coming around now. I do not obsessively track calories, kill myself with exercise or avoid social situations which may push food my way. My body mass index is in normal range now and i allow myself occasional treats.

    By confused doc URL on 05.31.2016

  22. I like bread. I eat it every day. It’s made from Wheat. Some people have gluten allergy and cannot eat bread. What a shame!

    By htiek URL on 05.31.2016

  23. it was a cold day on the ranch. i only had one goal for today. make bread. toast bread. i just got a toaster i need to use it. bread should be made today. it will be gluten free. later that day the beloved bread was nice and hot. i took a bite of the glorious piece of heaven. my mouth melted as bread danced in it.

    By jessica on 05.31.2016

  24. bread is my favorite food and i refuse to eat anything else. it makes my tummy happy and delights my sad and shameful soul. i will order a big mac and only eat the bread. everything else is a waste of my time.

    By jessica on 05.31.2016

  25. Soft. Tasty. Love the corners. Comforting. Best homemade! Without it, we couldn’t have cinnamon buns. Oh how I love thee! Toasted, plain, jam topped, buttery goodness.

    By Ms. R. Doan on 05.31.2016

  26. something i desire, but can’t have. i want to stuff myself with it, become doughy, and crusty. but i hold back, always hold back. bread, you represent things i cannot have, and a sadness at my desire for them. fuck you bread… i wish i could.

    By emma on 05.31.2016

  27. What a common item, a stable of food in western culture. An enemy of the image obsessed, both praised and discriminated against by experts. So many types of bread today; white, wheat, rye, wholemeal, wholegrain, 9 grain, sourdough, honey wheat, french baguette… Such a simple commodity with so much variation thanks to the preferences of others.

    By ABot URL on 05.31.2016

  28. When comparing life to a loaf of bread I laugh.. I mean there are so many similarities it is crazy. Slices are like days, softness and smushiness is like my mood and how sensitive life is.

    By NikiLee URL on 05.31.2016

  29. The stale piece of bread itself was a miracle. There were many more things in the bag but she happened to choose the old bread. It was so rare to eat it, such a treat.

    By Kallik URL on 05.31.2016

  30. Such a simple request. Yet to her it was the world. She remembered when she young and her family make it in thier bakery. It had been the hightlight of her tiresome days. And now as the woman was handed her loaf of bread, all the forgotten memories rushed back to her and she found herself trembling.

    By Kallik URL on 05.31.2016

  31. Blessings fall on me like bread from heaven. Everything feeds my soul, my body, my life. It is wholesome and good, sweet tasting like a fresh loaf from the stove in the early morning.

    By Teri McClanahan URL on 05.31.2016

  32. he comes home from the bakery with flour trapped in the threads of his beanie and a loaf of bread tucked under his arms. his face hurts from smiling and his feet are aching from all the pacing he’s been doing at the shop, but he rather he’d be feeling this way than be in a foul mood like he was in the day before.

    he toes off his shoes and kisses his mum on the cheek before heading to the kitchen to cook up a storm.

    By amandaxx URL on 05.31.2016

  33. Bread sustains us. This is the bread of the afflicted, this is the bread of the rich, this is the bread of the poor. It sustains us all. The great equalizer. We all need it to survive…kind of like G-d.

    By hindi on 05.31.2016

  34. what the fuck is the only thing we write about bread ? i’ve tried this thing three times and i’ve only gotten bread. is this a scam to see how much people love bread by making them write about it for 60 seconds? well guess what, i almost saved this page bc i was like wow this will be a good writing thing but no. i was wrong. fuck u. hate u.

    By ashley on 05.31.2016

  35. I went to the market to go buy some bred for my grand mother. She likes white bread
    so i got the freshest one there was. It was so soft and warm.

    By Rebecca on 05.31.2016

  36. Something that is soft, inexpensive and easy to make, but it takes time. A food that is versatile that it can be part of any time of day. My roommate used to make her own sometimes and it was delicious, but we don’t eat enough of it so she doesn’t make it anymore. I’m a bit sad, but soon we will make some again once we get our chest freezer from my parents.

    By Too Gay To Function URL on 05.31.2016

  37. Eren’s mother broke the bit of bread in half. she handed him a piece and continued talking.

    By BJ on 05.31.2016

  38. Bread is something eaten on a daily basis, or she assumed this was so. For sixty seven years all was well on the bread front until two words change her world in an instant.
    Gluten Free, her mantra from now on and every day became a challenge.
    Challenge one was where to source said bread. Supermarkets were not in harmony for a change and if found the loaves needed a mortgage before considering purchase.
    Challenge two was home made bread in packet form. These when purchased or given by friends languished at the bottom of her flour basket in the pantry under the stairs for weeks on end until the day she decided to try one before the use by date caught her out.
    The resultant bread loaf was edible but by now she has take the decision not to eat so much bread, so the birds had a feast. She wondered what they made of it and if they felt the benefits. She would never know.

    By LMB URL on 05.31.2016

  39. Ann spit the bread out onto the plate. It was now a big lump of soggy slimy fluff.
    “ewww, whats wrong?” Sally asked.
    “It tastes moldy, don’t eat yours!”Ann cried.
    The two girls inspected the remaining bread but could see no mold.
    “You’re crazy woman.”
    “I’m telling you it tastes like its gone off.”
    “Okay miss super taste buds… maybe you’re pregnant,” sally giggled as she continued to eat her sandwich unaware at how her words had hit Ann like a runaway train.
    maybe she was pregnant.

    By Trista URL on 05.31.2016