December 3rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “both”

  1. the adding of one plus one. to put two things that are similar or different together. they both have a connection to mentor high school, it is a way of putting two things together that have a common background or similarity

    By akira on 12.03.2012

  2. Both of them were there. Both of them, cute in their own way. Both of them willing to give me the world. Both of them unknowing of one another.

    By Louise URL on 12.03.2012

  3. Both of them wished they were somewhere else. Both were thinking of someone else that they could be a ‘both’ with. But their parents had been so insistant. So they sipped their cocktails without tasting them, and talked without listening.

    By Nicole on 12.03.2012

  4. i ask if you would rather be
    or deaf?

    both, you say.

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 12.03.2012

  5. both is it strange that i think of its opposite… neither. i have seen few instances when i can have both and often it is easier to have neither or to simply pretend that neither option was ever available to begin with.

    By misha on 12.03.2012

  6. When both are dreaming of one another, true love awakes.

    By Anisah URL on 12.03.2012

  7. Both; two together. That had a wonderful sound to it. Marion and Robin, off to explore the world. two together. In tangent. As it was meant to be. One to drive and one to read the map, and switch places, like a wonderland tea party.

    But never again apart.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.03.2012

  8. aren’t we both the same? We both are made out of stardust, stardust that was created 14 billion years ago…. I sometimes wonder whether you realize this, whether you realize how crazy it is for the both of us to sit here tonight and share our time. To share words, share thoughts and feelings. Do you know how crazy it is that we are even able to do so? For a little time we’re at the exact same place at the exact same time in this universe and we even decide to share some of the little time we’ve got with each other. There are 7 billion people out there but tonight it’s only the two of us, only the two of us lost on a planet that’s falling through space and is being pulled towards a gigantic burning fireball, destined to be swallowed by it one day. But don’t worry love, until then let us share our worlds. Let us share our words.
    Because we’re both the same.

    By anni on 12.03.2012

  9. my mother, my father and the hatred i feel for them both:
    is it pure or tainted?

    By dolores URL on 12.03.2012

  10. both the chestnut and bay fillies were racing for the meadow

    By zoe lewis URL on 12.03.2012

  11. They were Both in a different world but wanting to find true love they were special they were suppose to fine each other

    By lexie12 URL on 12.03.2012

  12. They smiled at each other with such a pure happyness that no one could begrudge them. They were now one and the gold band on their fingers proved it.

    By stripes URL on 12.03.2012

  13. i don’t what to say cause both guy are in the car weird.

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 12.03.2012

  14. The two of them went in the mysterious house and found nothing but darkness…
    Suddenly something grab one of them and they started going crazy and ran out of the house, they never figure out what was wrong with the house.

    By poseidon619 URL on 12.03.2012

  15. Both of the men died when the shell hit and exploded the transporting truck the were in.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 12.03.2012

  16. Both what does that really mean? Both of the papers, both of the pencils? Just kidding I know what it means………..2! :P

    By fancy girl URL on 12.03.2012

  17. They both raised up up the platform, they shook with fear. When the first stone hit the mans head, that was when they knew how much trouble they were really in.

    By epicdeath12 URL on 12.03.2012

  18. I love both of my friends I share everything with them!!!!

    By vb4life URL on 12.03.2012

  19. We both love ice cream!!!!!!

    By embell URL on 12.03.2012

  20. me and both of my brothers all have brown hair….. (:

    By SydneyRae(: URL on 12.03.2012

  21. Both of my roommates are alike, yet different in many ways. One of them studies very much, but has little common sense. The other roommate on the other hand, doesn’t study as much, and has surprisingly much common sense.

    By Liz on 12.03.2012


    By iconic girl URL on 12.03.2012

  23. Both of my sisters are people I look up to. I also look up to both of my parents, and my step-mom. These are some people I look up to.

    By alliekaley URL on 12.03.2012

  24. To say ‘both’ is a lie. For, in reality there is only one. There’s no such things as two pairs. For instance, grab a shoe. There is only one shoe, though it may be accompanied by another identical pair. However, we find it necessary to wear both shoes, or else our feet will get wounded if we walk bare-footed over the hellish pavements society has created. Or, we can take a risk, just not wear our shoes, and walk over the pavements and grounds with our bare feet. We’ll get wounded, we’ll bleed, but I’m sure we won’t die. Eventually, we’ll develop cellulose, and our feet will manage walking over the unwelcoming grounds just fine.

    See, we’re taught from a young age that we need things, when in reality, we actually don’t. Maybe, just maybe, we need someone who’ll hold our hands, and walk with us until we die. However, it is not a necessity. You know this as well as I do. At the end of the day, you’re alone. You’ll always be alone. Forever alone. So stop lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you’ll find that soul-mate who’ll give you flowers, chocolates, and love. Because, there’s no such thing. There never was. There never will be. That idea of a soulmate has been supported by depressed and miserable authors, filmakers, and artists, who wish to escape from their glum lives. Are you telling me, that you’re going to put your faith into those who’re lying to themselves? Into those who are escaping from their own soul-wrenching realities?

    Well, here’s the hard truth. Accept it or deny it. It’s up to you.

    By aimlessendeavours URL on 12.03.2012

  25. both of us knew what this was. you never said it, but i felt it in the way you would glance up at me when you thought i wasn’t looking, in the way you would run your thumb over my hand absentmindedly when we were talking. both of us knew i didn’t want this like you did. and you promised me that it was nothing, but both of us knew the truth.

    By ashley jackson on 12.03.2012

  26. Both of us are lying. Both of us know

    I see it in his eyes. He sees it in my body language.

    I turn away from him and his eyes betray him.

    But both of us are OK with that.

    Both of us are lying. Neither of us care.

    By Me URL on 12.03.2012

  27. They sat there, the both of them wrapped in a warm wool blanket. A cloud of steam hovered over their mugs of hot chocolate as the watched the ducks swim across the partially frozen lake. The sun feel directly on them providing a little extra warmth from the cold; they sat in silence, and breathed it all in.

    By Duet on 12.03.2012

  28. The problem is when I try to walk both paths, it just doesn’t work. “You cannot serve two masters” could not be any more true. I can’t have both, so I made my choice. I chose life.

    By aura.rayne URL on 12.03.2012

  29. this break in battles
    This settling of the seige
    This turning of the turmoil
    It is christmas, we are a stand still

    By gsk URL on 12.03.2012

  30. Both us walked our own directions. I looked at her mouth as she peered at the ground. Then I paused, she was looking up. Suddenly I snapped my eyes down. Where was the courage? I looked up to see her smiling eyes just as she walked by.

    By Maxfield Paris URL on 12.03.2012

  31. both means together. two things.
    example : they both go together.
    Both means complementary. Both can be used in various ways.
    example : both of you, get out.
    both of them have fever
    i like you both.
    both of them have many similarities

    By Bhavana on 12.03.2012

  32. Now both cities reek of her. I can’t escape. I go to one and remember the beginning, the other and relive the end. It wasn’t fair for her to take both from me, but it’s what I have to live with.

    By Christian URL on 12.03.2012

  33. you and i are both together. together forever. together at last… that annie song. i forget the lyrics. you and i. we. nosotros. i wonder how long it’s been, it’s harder to write about both then i would have anticipated. both is two. two or too or to or tooth.

    By allie on 12.03.2012

  34. Both. Two. A couple of items or people, both of us love each other and thats how it should be.
    This is not unrequited. I kind of hope this is true but, I’m not really sure. I hope the both of us can be together soon. I love you.

    By Holly on 12.03.2012

  35. They went for a ride in the boat. The waves lapped at their vessel ever so gently as light breezes tussled their hair; the two shared a “devil may care” attitude. The sunlight glinted in their eyes when they exchanged knowing smiles. And so ignoring the world around them, they kissed, caressed, and snuggled all they way into the horizon. If you knew more about them both, you’d know this was a serene ending to an otherwise turbulent story.

    By Intuition URL on 12.03.2012

  36. both of us were in love. Well atleast I thought. I thought I was her everything but I guess now looking back I realise I wasnt. I realise that there were so many things that show me she didnt care near as much or as deeply and truely as I did and sometimes, still think I do. I love her uncontrolably, and she has no clue. I couldnt be more stuck as to what I could or can do to change it.

    By Sara on 12.03.2012

  37. Both sides of me often engage
    In battles fierce, to conquer all
    And hold me under forced sway,
    But I escape, clawing my way
    Away from evil’s prisoned grasp,
    Good’s heavy, burdening, freedom bare,
    Wrap myself in a cloak of chains
    Fashioned to my own design,
    Only to find,
    I naught did but to alter where
    Was placed the fixed boundary line
    Unseen. Now, seeing such a sight,
    I fearfully prevail, afraid of fright.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.03.2012

  38. both the sun and moon with shine in the total glory of completing each other, in each its own glory, as if death and vitality could reach my lips under their shine. Ying and Yang holy and moaning both monstrosities.

    By AYYYYY on 12.03.2012

  39. Both of us can work it out. We are great! Both of us can do it. We can push a mountain together! TEAMWORK!!!

    By Katie URL on 12.03.2012

  40. Both of us wandered through the gate and out of the backyard. He stayed a little behind, sniffing daisies along the sidewalk. I slapped the soles of my trainers against the concrete and breathed in through my nose out through my mouth. He yipped and sniffed and snorted.

    By LailaLCR URL on 12.03.2012