March 23rd, 2013 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “boots”

  1. Walk a mile in the snow that sticks to your eyelashes and has you falling through its whiteness to the crunch of the hard ground. Come here, and step after me, where my heavy boots have tread. Say you won’t deny me this right to disappear, a snow angel covered by the falling frigid flakes. Say you’ll leave, but think of me whenever you pass by.

    By Saudade URL on 03.23.2013

  2. wear them in winter; high heels; sexy with short skirt; black, red, green, dark brown; leather; ski; romantic walks; in a couple; dance

    By Kristina on 03.23.2013

  3. I tugged my boots on, lacing them up tight. I tucked a dagger into them and pulled my britches down. I hoped no one would recognize me. I was, after all, the princess. And princesses do not dress in boy’s clothing. Nor do they run away.

    By Kristina URL on 03.23.2013

  4. Puss. But really, boots, like any piece of clothing, are a representation of how people are feeling when they put them one. Some women (and men) have tens of different boots depending on their outfit. Clothing no longer only serves as a sort of shelter for our body, but as a statement.

    By James on 03.23.2013

  5. The solitary boot sits alone in the cold, dark closet. Boots weren’t made to be alone, they were made to have a right for their left, a companion with the same goal. What is the boot to do? Go join the lonely socks?

    By Archori URL on 03.23.2013

  6. ekh hate them

    By amy on 03.23.2013

  7. If you were to dance in the boots of a dead man, you would dance poorly, for the dead man’s boots would not adequately fit your own feet, no matter how worn in they may be. At best you may be able to perform a poor approximation of the charleston, but in a graveyard such as this, on a night as wet at tonight, on a grave so recently disturbed, it would be a muddled, inelegant sort of victory. Much better just to piss upon it and be done with the whole matter.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 03.23.2013

  8. So I got a pair of boots. They were tall and they were black. They had buckles gleaming on the sides and zippers down the back. When I walked in my new boots, the heels made dents on the street. Several gentlemen tried to follow me, but they couldn’t take the heat. When my boots touched the asphalt, there was fire in the air, and it lingered on my eyelashes and danced across my hair. I felt hot in these new boots, and what luck I really had, to have shiny boots to show off, and a super wealthy dad.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.23.2013

  9. the system booted up.
    “c’mon, c’mon” she thought as her watch tick echoed loudly in the dank room.
    Just one little admission was all she needed.
    Who knew one would have to rely on something as trivial as technology for saving everything they knew…

    By Audrey URL on 03.23.2013

  10. I love boots. Actually shoes. I’m obsessed with them. I want to own 366 pairs of shoes and fill up a cupboard like “In her shoes.” I’m crazy about shoes. I think I made that quite evident. But I really don’t know what else to write. I like brown, leather ones. And red, shiny ones.

    By Samhitha on 03.23.2013

  11. His boots represented much about himself. Practical, worn, and scuffed but taken care of. He was practical, weather-beaten, and blunt, but he had a warm side to him and everyone under his protection knew they were safe.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.23.2013

  12. They’ll never take my boots away from me. They were the most amazing Texan boots I had ever had. And they were mine.

    I took the gun out of my pocket, and killed the bastard.

    By Antonio Jose on 03.23.2013

  13. I love tall boots. Leather with laces crisscrossing in a giant cross-stitch hugging my leg from ankle to calf. Pretty heels that perch a foot into a delightful little pose. The click upon the floor as I walk, turn, pause, step.

    By JDwrites URL on 03.23.2013

  14. My boots have traveled everywhere. From ocean to ocean, sea to sea. Every country one could imagine has been touched by these boots. They’re full of memories, full of dreams.

    By Leah on 03.23.2013

  15. It was winter. And, as usual in winter, I was wearing boots. But not the kind of boots that nobody spots. No, I mean the big boots, just like the moon boots. I was really embarrassed when I arrived at school.

    By Jonathan on 03.23.2013

  16. I have a great boots collection, low high, suede, leather, buckles, zippers.
    here is something about boots frees. Us up, makes us feel sexy.

    By Robin on 03.23.2013

  17. She stole them again, my favorite fucking pair. I swear if I wasn’t treated like a slave in this goddamn house I would still murder her for having the audacity to take my favorite fucking pair of boots. Bitch. You will pay dearly.

    By Domino URL on 03.23.2013

  18. Boots are a pair of shoes that you wear on your feet. They are shoes that close in the foot and come in various styles, lengths and design. They can be flat or with heels.

    By Louise URL on 03.23.2013

  19. Are really long shoes. They often don’t look as cool on short people. Drugstore.

    By Khadija on 03.23.2013

  20. Again with boots.. Shoes. Boots remind me of a fun game in an old amusement park. Again, drugstore.

    By Khadija on 03.23.2013

  21. Naomi had three pairs of boots that her mother bought her for the start of the school year: one lined with fur for when it got cold, a pair of lime green rain boots, and lace-up boots that she wore most days. When I talked to her about the other two pairs, she said that she had thrown them in the back of her closet and waited for the weather to change. Unfortunately, she told me, the weather doesn’t change, just like the windows and mirrors and schedules. Everything’s still the same, and she hates it.

    By EJ URL on 03.23.2013

  22. i have these broken boots that i don’t want to get rid of because they’re super fashionable. I bought them on sale and had to buy a new zipper which put them over how much they were originally worth. oops. I like my boots.

    By Kaitlyn Kowalski on 03.23.2013

  23. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.23.2013

  24. rain boots, a bad show, to boot rain. rain. rain. never bought them. wish i had. time is running out what is the point? hmm.. tick tock…waiting waiting

    By Kayla on 03.23.2013

  25. I have a pair of brown cowboy boots. I bought them at a big mall in Nashville, Tennessee. I was there visiting my brother-in-law and I decided if I was ever going to buy a pair of cowboy boots it should definitely be in Nashville. My favorite part of the boots is the little heart that is at the back of the heel.

    By Andrea F. on 03.23.2013

  26. The muddy boots were strewn in the corner. I dnt know what to write right now. im tired and i just want to sleep under a tree on a warm summer day with the smell of freshness pass through my nostrils. How relaxing and invigorating it would be

    By matt on 03.23.2013

  27. boots are one of the main staples of my wrdrobe. i have a pair of some stylish army-esk boots that are worn out from my love of them. but i still continue to wear them because in some way i think they reflect me and my way of life. its weird but i think the scuffed tips make them mine. no one

    By Keara Jay on 03.23.2013

  28. the main thing i love about boots is the leather that makes them. They are so much better than trainers because they are actually waterproof. The only annoying thing about them is polishing them. The thing i like the most about them though is the categories and types that you get. Boots you will always be my favourite type of shoe whether it is summer or winter.

    By Will on 03.23.2013

  29. Her boots slammed down in the puddle and she laughed like bells in the wind.

    By Kaylee Rowena URL on 03.23.2013

  30. Leather and sticky in the puddles beneath me. Splash splash splash, protecting my pale feet like armor. So full of history and previous rain showers, yet always there no matter the hour.

    By Kylee on 03.23.2013

  31. Leather and sticky in the puddles beneath me. Splash splash splash, protecting my pale feet like armor. So full of history and previous rain showers, yet always there no matter the hour.

    By Kylee URL on 03.23.2013

  32. I like boots because they are shiny and big and clumpy and warm and snuggly and they remind me of autumn which is the best month because you can go on walks and its not too cold but not too warm and its not snowy but it is sunny and the leaves are really pretty

    By Jess on 03.23.2013

  33. Slip onto your feet with a thop, and guide you on your way. Not simply shoes but a foundation, one for a magnificent journey. A journey led by boots is one that includes imminent danger, and extraordinary excitement.

    By Madison on 03.23.2013

  34. they are very usable during the winter, also when you are a fisherman, there are very different designs, both men and women wear them, in the 17th century and before even men wore boots with high heels

    By Marten on 03.23.2013

  35. The dog bit and began to pull the leather boots she had prized the most.

    “No don’t!” she cried desperately.

    But it did no good. The dog had already darted across the street and was dashing.. somewhere. Reluctantly, she chased him as quickly as her little legs could take her.
    She could almost reach him when suddenly a car whizzed past and blocked her way.
    The dog was gone.

    By OneJen URL on 03.23.2013

  36. Everyone needs shoes, right? And different shoes fit different people. They could be anything from trusty wellies to fashionable Uggs. But whatever they are, they shape your life in a way; you live in them. Some shoes fall apart, are cheap and fake. And some last you so long, you don’t know what to do without them. And a boot is a very special kind of shoe. No pair exactly like the other; even if they look the same, they tell a different story. Like people really; all different shapes and sizes, but all making their own mark in this world…a footprint? Sorry… I mean, I know boots won’t change the world. But people can. And everyone needs shoes, right?

    By Miss Who on 03.23.2013

  37. I had a pair of boots. I loved them. I abused them. I wore them in the desert, in triple degree heat, so hot that the soles melted onto the pavement. I wore them in the sun, until the tan was bleached almost bone white. I wore them to war.

    By Chris Clow URL on 03.23.2013

  38. I like walking, and staring at the landscapes. I like the confort of my view, and my strenght moves me towards it. I like wearing appropriate boots to make my journey the best one.

    By Simón Balsero on 03.23.2013

  39. I like boots, they are worn in winter or on rainy days. I have two pairs of them, I ´d never wear red boots, they are a bit too much.

    By Antonella on 03.23.2013

  40. I grabbed my old worn out boots from my cupboard. They were caked in dried mud from the last time. I always forget to clean them. I guess that’s just a perk of doing what I do, you never have to clean your boots, no adventure is forgotten.

    By Abbi Waters on 03.23.2013