March 11th, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “bond”

  1. “Calm down Jeff! I told you that I would do what I said I would. My word is my bond.” I took the saw and ran it under the garden faucet to clean off the gore. I silently cursed the promise that I made to help my stepbrother solve his marital problems.

    By MsShel330 URL on 03.11.2017

  2. An unspeakable bond lies between us,
    in your eyes and the links that surround.

    By Marissa URL on 03.11.2017

  3. I thought we had something, in the end. I thought we shared a bond. I thought the words meant something – the gestures meant something – the smiles meant something. I thought that the way you held me in your arms as I cried over my broken heart meant more than just a favor or a kind act. I thought we had connected. I thought we were strong. But here we are, with an angry email and a screaming phone call – whatever friendship I thought we had? It’s gone.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.11.2017

  4. Fingers to wrists. Limbs wrapped in waist coats. Touches fumbling toward something more magnificent than the mere daily interaction. A deepwe sort of passing than traffic jams and menu item enunciations. More a moment dancing betwixt the touch of time. The intermixing of bone marrow, two voices hushed beneath the pale scattered light of a street lamp. Together, alone, they are found.

    By Stacy L. M. URL on 03.11.2017

  5. james
    a carpenter who reframes
    but doesn’t not specialize in stains
    to win in small claims
    but only on tv
    because he’s bond
    james bond

    By chelsea on 03.11.2017

  6. Bond is a short beautiful word with a deep meaning.
    i’ll talk about my bond with my family.
    it’s no explicit but it’s strong.
    i have a friend Ishita with whom i share the strongest bond

    By Jigyasa Maheshwari URL on 03.12.2017

  7. Bond is a short beautiful word with a deep meaning.
    i’ll talk about my bond with my family.
    it’s no explicit but it’s strong.
    i have a friend Ishita with whom i share the strongest bond
    distance doesn’t matter in bond

    By Jigyasa Maheshwari URL on 03.12.2017

  8. whoa this is a lot harder than i expected hmm i guess the first thing that comes to mind is family and the people in our lives we think we are eternally bonded to– sometimes it feels like it could be possible to deconstruct this kind of inherent and unavoidable bond but other times it feels like there’s no way because blood is blood and it speaks to us at some biological level? lmao idk

    By yamyam URL on 03.12.2017

  9. Written on a float, the word bounces back and forth with a mass of drunken bodies. 「絆」。A word I inadvertently came to know how to read through a gift from you to me. A word I only understood what it meant from countless hours spent by your side… or the time in between, hoping to be. There are many things to get done, as there have always been, but I will put them all on hold without a second thought if it means one more hour, one more minute with you to spend.
    I used to think the word was related to injury, or scarring, because of its similar pronunciation. Then I felt foolish for such an amateur mistake. Now again I see I wasn’t so far off. I can feel it, like a hand on my back, supporting me as I walk on a rounded curb, eyes forward; but also taking my shirt in fistfuls, making my balance waver, grasping tighter until it slips further in, grabbing my skin, my bones, not allowing my lungs to expand, not allowing my heart to beat outside of its fingers. Yet it manages to make it beat faster, harder; to hold me upright and push me on at the same time. Can the reading not be fully separated from the sound?
    I sit closest to the float and watch the torch descend, instantly bringing the dry float into joyous flames. Cheering, drunken jeering. The character is eaten away the fire- purified or destroyed? I spot you in the crowd, hundreds of hours of ties, little red threads, woven between us.
    Neither. It was neither.

    By Ai URL on 03.12.2017

  10. i watch you sleep
    the isles
    a tide
    tugs at me

    I kiss a breast
    in 2010
    another in 1990

    above the bed
    an open widow
    heat pours in
    over slicked limbs

    I imagine
    dying for you

    I close my eyes

    the heat devours
    clicking things

    our breath and mine
    tilting the room

    our shapes
    becoming abstract

    By minimalist URL on 03.12.2017

  11. a connection of something between something and someone, trust,

    By sam on 03.12.2017

  12. we had a bond
    we shared secrets
    we talked for hours
    what happened to that?
    i thought we’d withstand time
    i thought we’d see old age
    yet again, another person lost to me
    i wasn’t made to have friends

    By stranger on 03.12.2017

  13. a commitment between something or someone (s) that joins the two together that can not be broken usually with guidelines or trusts.

    By sm1l3r URL on 03.12.2017

  14. The molecules of his sweat were forming in his glands as he glanced at his cyanide spraying watch, trying to find the right moment he could untie the knots that were binding hands, knowing that time was not on his side.

    By Justin on 03.12.2017

  15. i already bonded with this word. it was quite absurd, and probably smelled similar to a turd, what’s tomorrows word? bird? how about curd? cottage cheesy makes me queasy

    By chelsea on 03.12.2017

  16. A gargole, frozen, behooven, he seems.
    He gilds himself with his father’s bond.
    The chapter he wrote, he can’t forsee.

    The course, the lengthy course, has been winter,
    but now its summer, and he’s not all for getting dummer.
    Now, all of its completed, every assignment,
    he’s rolling, steadily page-flip strolling.

    What were the crop fields, where he diminshed
    every layer of skin,
    a plastic bottle, rotted by the sun’s full gleam throttle.

    For all season long, he became the crop-scholar,
    wanted to sit out, underneath a shade of a bamboo-umbrella cove,
    and get to know, all of the world, that should start to bestow
    father’s bond.

    He invested in all different type of bonds, not just one.

    An investor life, if you will.

    and thats the shrill truth.

    By Milad URL on 03.12.2017

  17. There’s nothing more pure in this world than an unconditional bond between two beings. A bond in which if the world were up in flames and one could choose life or death, they would sacrifice their own to give life to the other.

    By Maddy on 03.12.2017

  18. “I told you that you can trust me”
    “But, it’s mine…please”
    “It’s for your ow

    By a false terl URL on 03.12.2017

  19. James Bond. Had to do it. Bonding with people: cost (time, emotions) vs. outcome (friendship, happiness?). Glue bond–gorilla glue. Found, lost. Sudden, long-term. Dynamic, or slow burn. Bonds with people…how to maintain when you’re not very good at it? Key: Have friends who operate friendships in the same manner.

    By Sarah on 03.12.2017