December 17th, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “boa”

  1. a feathery snake to wrap around my neck in luxurious glee! a little bit of pampering just for me.

    By Mel Gallant URL on 12.17.2010

  2. The boa constrictor slithered from the top branch down the tree, tracking the movements in the tall grass with slanted eyes. It could sense it, every instinct in its body pounding as it readied itself to strike. Raising its flat head above, it dove forward, fangs out, striking its prey as it enclosed the mammal in its death grip.

    By Sarah Roither on 12.17.2010

  3. Something you wear around your neck, or perhaps a rather large reptile. That’s all I can really think of when I see the word. That’s pretty boring. And uncreative. Wow. Disappointing.

    By Annonymous on 12.17.2010

  4. constrictor feather purple oh snake harry potter stripes quittich noah

    By sarah on 12.17.2010

  5. the large snake that suffacetes you and devours you whole. it never kills you if you handle it. it’s like love. it kills you, but when you know how to act you win. your victory makes you happy. you never control it you just make ot less wild

    By Frosty URL on 12.17.2010

  6. you’re constricting me, suffocating me. i can’t take it any longer. but i don’t want to hurt you, so i choose to do nothing but sit here and let you slowly kill me.

    By stellar URL on 12.17.2010

  7. boa, like snake, boa constrictor. like a ‘boa’ tie around your neck. is that what boa ties are to men? a restriction in social situations? a snake around their neck choking them into an existense they hate!

    By sarah on 12.17.2010

  8. She threw the boa over her shoulder and looked at herself in the mirror
    “You have to be pretty. You have to be funny.” she whispered to herself, picking up the red lipstick and smearing it across her lips.
    “Make them love you.”

    By Emma URL on 12.17.2010

  9. its a accessory, and a snake!!! how cool1 feathers, scales colour, awesome ness. backwards is aob. how

    By Lauren on 12.17.2010

  10. constrictor. Squeezes you. And not in a good way. Takes away the sweet air you need.

    By Alexis URL on 12.17.2010

  11. A small smile crept upon the lips of her brother. Thade gently picked up a feathery chain and draped it across his shoulders, laughing at the stupidity of the object. “A feather boa!” His excitement was impossible to deny, as he laughed and twirled, wiggling the boa like a child with a new toy. Thorn growled and shook her head, walking away. “I knew a costume shop was a bad idea.”

    By heather URL on 12.17.2010

  12. She wrapped the boa around him, daring him to come closer. Reluctantly, he did, and she let him go, sending him down the stairs in a fatal crash. The hospital picked him up, and asked what happened. She didn’t take the blame.

    By Erin on 12.17.2010

  13. You’ve got me tied up like a boa constrictor.
    I’m tugging and writhing, but I can’t get out.
    Release me from your stranglehold.
    I need air, I’m going cold.
    The world is going dark and I keep getting sicker.
    All tied up like a boa constrictor.

    By Julia A. URL on 12.17.2010

  14. Is it a hat or an elephant in a boa constrictor? After so long, I still see nothing but the hat. Shame on me. Perhaps I am becoming more and more like the adults, dwelling in numbers instead of appreciating the beauty of a simple rose. Where is my little prince?

    By A Bananie URL on 12.17.2010

  15. What does a feather boa mean to you?


    What did you say?

    “It reminds me of my mother.”

    Excuse me?

    How can a feather boa remind you of your mother when you have never met your mother? She wondered to herself.

    I guess that’s it.

    By cooper wood on 12.17.2010

  16. Boa constrictors are related to the ball python. I have such a snake and her name is Esme. I have not seen Esme

    By MELLEN URL on 12.17.2010

  17. B is for the bright colors of the boas they sell at WalMart.
    O is for the only thing with feathers that I will ever wear.
    A is for the attention that wearing a feather boa will attract as you walk down the street.

    By cooper wood on 12.17.2010

  18. Board. Used to build. Building. English muffins. Ins and outs of my mind are not as inny and outie as one would think. Think about that for a moment. What does it bring to mind? What is “it”? I’m not entirely sure.

    By sierraCs URL on 12.17.2010

  19. The thick, red vines curled and tightened around her like a boa constrictor. They squeezed her muscles, ripped hair from her head. She gasped for air, but none relieved her from the suffocation.

    By Scarlet URL on 12.17.2010

  20. I had a feather boa. I also like to think of the snakes. I love how the word has two awesome vowels and only one consonant. I love they way it sounds BBBBbbbbbbooooooooaaaaaaaa , with a lilt in between each of the vowels. Yummy.

    By maia on 12.17.2010

  21. It’s feathered and the way it curls around my neck reminds me of the way your arms would wind around me when we were lying in bed together. The way you curled up like you were alive, almost, and you were, but I didn’t have to know that to keep breathing next to you, and appreciating how warm your skin felt, until your dad came up the stairs and spoiled the fantasy by saying, “Nathaniel, there’s someone on the line for you.” And he looked at me like he was asking, “What are you doing in bed with my son? Again.”

    By Lancir URL on 12.17.2010

  22. I never had a boa. One of those fancy neck scarves with feathers. When did they become fashionable

    By Chris G on 12.17.2010

  23. The red boa goes up and down the tree. What a fearless animal, so fast… so slow. The red boa does not look back. The red boa only goes, runs, runs, till the boa finds the end of the tree. The boa is on the top, the fearless red boa.

    By Cristela on 12.17.2010

  24. The woman on the bus shuffled noisily into the seat next to me and wrapped the boa round her neck.

    By marlinhoister URL on 12.17.2010

  25. beautiful n lustrous n shit. i am a fabulous beauty queen. my colors don’t need feather fumble funnies. i slink on the ground like all kinds of colors and no one need understand my movement or style or chyme. slithering is equal, greater, and less than one of mine.

    By rachel on 12.17.2010

  26. The pink feathery boa hung from one of my teacher’s neck. My school was crazy, always making up weird “spirit weeks” so the school could raise money. To tell you the truth, I liked the idea. I just didn’t have enough courage to dress up like everyone else.

    By Paige URL on 12.17.2010

  27. boa constrictors are terrifying. squeezing the life out of whichever they manage to abduct into its grip, a boa constrictor purees the soul out of a creature. how crazy and powerful and almost magical is that? once i had a feather boa that was this disgusting, pepto0-bismol-pink colored monstrosity.

    By laura catalano URL on 12.17.2010

  28. A boa? well i remember i was a couple years old, and to dress up i would always put on a feather boa on first. My mom would always take pictures of me with that boa. I still probably have those pictures somewhere. I would give anything to be a kid again. Everything was better

    By Isabel on 12.17.2010

  29. feather boa – the dance of laughter
    a snake slithering around her shoulders
    in the darkness a feather drifting
    across her skin
    she begins to dance again
    with boa’s and laughter

    By Wrick19 URL on 12.17.2010

  30. Being strangled by a boa constrictor would be worse than wearing a feather boa. Not by much, though. The snake would hurt more, but it’s a pretty badass way to go out so I might choose the snake over the accessory, particularly to save my pride.

    By Miskowiec on 12.17.2010

  31. I used to have this pink and black boa when I was younger. I used to wrap this feathered snake around my neck and parade around the neighborhood. In my room I’d pretend to accept my academy award. Then, one day, it broke; and like my dreams is scattered somewhere in the oblivion.

    By Jenna on 12.17.2010

  32. boa constrictor eating people. like harry’s fat not-brother. not quite a bow but a bo-a . or something to tie around your neck -preferrable feathery and/or glittery.

    By Molly on 12.17.2010

  33. I really don’t like this word. It is short, and boring. What does it mean anyway; snake, fuzzy tranny scarf, costume wear? Three boring round letters.

    By Ornamental Egg URL on 12.17.2010

  34. When I was younger I had this pink and black, feathered boa. I used to wrap this fluorescent snake around my neck and parade around the neighborhood. In my room I’d pretend to accept my academy award. Then, one day, it broke; and like my dreams is scattered somewhere in the oblivion.

    By Jenna URL on 12.17.2010

  35. I petted a boa constrictor at the zoo today. He was very friendly. Maybe too friendly. He gave me a big hug. And then he squeezed. I felt so loved, but I started to become short of breath. I’m now dead.

    By Sara on 12.17.2010

  36. boa-constrict my insides, tight, like i’m falling apart, like i’m breathing too much, like you never want to let this shit go because you don’t even know what is still to come

    By Grace URL on 12.17.2010

  37. constrictor is constricting me in my mind, the boa approaches slither(ither)ing through the silent trees in the dark damp jungle. The trees are as moist as the belly of the beast you can see coming from your dreams through the night to devour you and your worst fears. It is a sad fleeting thought to look back, who ever would have predicted an ending like this. Years have been sacrificed.

    By Brooke on 12.17.2010

  38. I thought of 2 things when the word boa came up. First, was a Korean pop singer who goes by the name Boa. And then forcing myself to think of something else, came up with boa constrictor. Did I even spell that right?

    By curiousdee URL on 12.17.2010

  39. boa constrictors never constrict more than they need to. they do it, things die, they let go, they eat. some feather boas should be constricted more than they are. until things die, then let go, then mourned, then forgotten. that, is love.

    By Eli URL on 12.17.2010

  40. That’s what my boyfriend calls me. It’s a cute nickname that we came up with before we met. I love it whenever he calls me that because it shows that he still remembers that we called one another penguin and boa. I do love him, and I am so glad that I met him. I’m running out of things to write.

    By Shea on 12.17.2010