January 11th, 2011 | 394 Entries

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394 Entries for “blotches”

  1. Drip. Drip. Drip. Three spots seeped into my paper. Nothing came to mind, nor did anything make it on the paper. Inspiration left me, and all I had for myself was three little blotches on my story.

    By Alisha URL on 01.11.2011

  2. ink blotches
    ink splotches


    nothing to write
    just blank

    with only a blotch
    to show that I was here

    By Kayla URL on 01.11.2011

  3. “For the fifth time, I did not stain your shirt!”
    “Then WHY are there blotches on it?”
    “Last night I borrowed your shirt, but I didn’t stain it. The ketchup was on a suicide mission, I swear!”

    By Chey URL on 01.11.2011

  4. one word. one. this is it.

    By Jo on 01.11.2011

  5. I asked him if he was nervous (because I was) and he told me no. I saw the red blotches on his chest, an obvious sign of nervousness. Why did he lie? No time to think about that as his lips slide against mine. He flips us over, intensity in his eyes as he thrusts forward to make me forget.

    By Tristan URL on 01.11.2011

  6. There are blotches all over my skin, purple and black and blue and every other colour in betweet.

    They’re new. Fresh. Marks that weren’t there yesterday, but replace the yellowing ones that remain from the day before that, and the day before that.

    They’re blotches, marks on my skin that will never fade because they make me his.

    They make me his.

    By darthsneebette URL on 01.11.2011

  7. the blotches filled the room like a fire, flames extending from one room to the next, and I had honestly never felt so alive. I couldn’t quite grasp what was occurring beneath my paintbrush but as the colors continued to move, i began to dance along side them.

    By Haley Jo on 01.11.2011

  8. do you see the blotches on his face? its from the constant yearning of his lost love. the stress was never washed clean. that is why you should never be shy to ask, because you are afraid of the answer.

    By carson URL on 01.11.2011

  9. Blotches. I hate it when my bronzer leaves them on my face. It makes me look gross and I don’t reay like to look gross.
    I don’t understand blotches that much either. Lke when your painting r project gets wet. You have blotches in it. And thatsreall annoying.

    By Morgan on 01.11.2011

  10. Everything about you is amazing. Your perfect and I can’t believe i kissed that. I kissed you. It was like magic. You are amazing.

    By Morgan URL on 01.11.2011

  11. If she was ever tempted to turn the heat up in her shower, Marcella knew she would also suffer the consequences – blotches. Big, red, angry blotches all over her body. She enjoyed her hot showers, but when would she ever learn…

    By Amimee URL on 01.11.2011

  12. Thorn’s fingers slipped down the wall, feeling the blotches of red still warm from her kill. That grin crept onto her lips as she relished in the memory of the madness that had over taken her. She lived for it. The thrill, the sudden release of all her anger and hatred. It was…. calming.

    By heather URL on 01.11.2011

  13. She sat lazily under the sun umbrella. The shrieks of children around her playing in the water. The hours in the sun, taking a noticeable toll on her. Bright red blotches appearing on the exposed parts of her skin.

    By Ashleigh URL on 01.11.2011

  14. The girls tear stained and blotched eyes looked into the horizon to see the angel coming for her. It raised it’s eyebrows at her and lifted its talons at the last minute. And swooped directly past her causing her to fall into the sea. But then she realized that that she could fly without him.

    By arghavan on 01.11.2011

  15. I thought of them as blotches on my soul. Those dark spots that I would never be able to erase. The world would always know of my imperfection. Original sins, but they were lies. I am beautiful.

    By Mary Madeline URL on 01.11.2011

  16. They form on the skin. They create an uneven skin tone that perhaps is found unattractive by some. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps blotches are beautiful. Who knows? Skin is amazing.

    By Jack on 01.11.2011

  17. Ronald Mcdonald had a whole lote to answer for- not only did he indoctrinate kids into eating a dangerous concoction of heart disease and indigestion, expanding his evil empire like a virulent strain of zombie flu, striking a deep lust of meat into otherwise placid office workers and consequently destroying vast swathes of natures most biodiverse masterpieces- at least all that was on the level- everyone was kind of aware of that aspect, but the patties were too good to pass by and a mcmuffin goes oh so well with a hangover… no, there was more concealed evil at work- the shares in the washing powder companies, raking in millions from the blotches left by over-eager ketchup fiends and mustard junkies.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.11.2011

  18. The blotches of ink all over the piece of paper reveal the path of the pen.

    By A Bananie URL on 01.11.2011

  19. blotches are marks. spots. spills. things that weren’t meant to be. They are mistakes. Some people use blotches to decide how they feel about life. I think instead they should decide more carefully what blotches to make. Mistakes are the most important part of life.

    By Taylor Sharp on 01.11.2011

  20. She felt heavy in this new skin, but it was a good weight, a good feeling. Solid. Balanced, even. That she had snatched it on the train, late on a weeknight was even better. She’d simply dumped the gloopy innards down a tunnel and waited for the rats, their red eyes glimmering in the doom, to do the rest. Such a great skin, too, she thought. If only they’d last longer. This one was already showing signs of decay. “Oh, well,” she thought. “There’s more where that came from.”
    She reached for some foundation, to cover up the blotches. She first needed to feed, then she needed the luxury of new flesh.

    By ThomG URL on 01.11.2011

  21. There were many blotches all over Jacob’s skin. The doctors could not diagnose the cause of these blotches and instead resumed a hopeless guessing game in which no desirable end could be reached.

    By Tim on 01.11.2011

  22. The ink blotches on the course paper told of the difficulty she was having in putting her thoughts into written words. But with a little inspiration and creativity she knew she could make something beautiful.

    By LadyMinako URL on 01.11.2011

  23. there were blotches in his memory. the frustration he felt only served to make him forget even more. was it important to remember, he thought to himself. he reassured himself, looked up into the sky and said allowed, “it will come, when I’m ready.”

    By visage URL on 01.11.2011

  24. Examined close-up, a blotch may be ugly, bleak, meaningless, and abstract; yet when we step back and see the bigger picture, this blotch may necessitate the overall beauty of the text, of art, of our lives, and even of our world. Thus a lesson is gained – our conscious experience and individual perception may be limited, and this may hinder us.

    By Adam Cave on 01.11.2011

  25. The blotches on my jeans. of pen of sticking staining nonsense. The blotches over my heart. Of mini moments of sweeping hope, of pulled rugs, of all the etches that were too deep. You are just a blotch among the other blotches.

    By jenna URL on 01.11.2011

  26. The blotches on her face were beginning to spread. Dry and red, flaking of in pieces is if her face was snowing tiny white flecks of skin. Her once perfect complexion was now peeling of in resentment of the rest of her body. It knew her secret and it was trying to fall free and warn the rest of the world. She was becoming a monster. And it was because if him.

    By Carli Rae URL on 01.11.2011

  27. He was on the prowl. His snout to the ground he was sniffing the next one out. In the forest, damp with fresh rain, was a girl in a little red cardigan.

    As the werewolf pursued, the dripping saliva left a smattering of blotches in his wild fur.

    By tHG URL on 01.11.2011

  28. Blotches of paint covered the beautiful. Who could have done this to her painting? All of her hard work has now gone to waste. The tears begin to fall.

    By Grace URL on 01.11.2011

  29. I couldn’t believe the blotches that came up all over his skin. How could one kiss do that? I stumbled backwards as they covered his entire body. This was my fault, how could I have done that. I love him and now I have hurt him.

    By DesertSnowFlake on 01.11.2011

  30. blotches can be a form of art, they… well my keyboard is being slow so i can’t say that much without messing up.. do people tead these? can i tell secrets o here? i wonder…. i like this guy. over the internet. never met. what do i do? well idrk. he’s not all that cute. but whatever. i enjoy drawing turtles i guess..

    By caitlin on 01.11.2011

  31. Blotches.
    There are blotches everywhere. I can’t escape them. They cover the walls.. surrounding me, terrifying me. They are red and mean and angry. Blotches of blood. Blotches of sin.

    By Portia URL on 01.11.2011

  32. One time I was walking down the street and there were a series of blotches on the sidewalk. I tried my best to avoid them, but the closer I got, the larger they became until finally I found myself stepping all over the dark, inky circles. Suddenly, my feet became harder and harder to move and it seemed as if they were sticking to the ground, something I never could have predicted…

    By Sean Stein on 01.11.2011

  33. blotches are very bad they are not something that i try to dmake i am not bltohcing out my apowiefjjfs aji fand it hthink that if you took blotches away fro m humanity they would be happy or possibly asd i don’t really kow and i cant figure it out but blotches are pretty weird. i dont even know if i know wh what they are.

    By Justin on 01.11.2011

  34. The blotches on the old man’s face made you think of the moon. No one knew where they came from just that he had looked that way as long as anyone could remember. Why was he so mean, that was the real question. What had happened in his life to make him so unpleasant?

    By Alan on 01.11.2011

  35. blotches are like lakes and rivers and blood, all in the manner that they can bend and twist and sicken. i couldn’t tighten my belt this morning; i blamed not my pants, but blotches. i cut myself shaving. once again, it was the blotches. i burnt my toast. blotches.

    By Mark URL on 01.11.2011

  36. Marks on skin that can be both beautiful and completely unattractive at the same time. Marks that make you stand out or make you fit in. A stain on a perfectly clean record, a moment in time that mars something that is otherwise completely perfect. Or something that is imperfect and is made to become beautiful. Spots in the snow, where water had dripped onto the whiteness. Rocks in the river

    By Jackie on 01.11.2011

  37. The old man with the blotches on his face was at it again. Cursing at children on their way to school. Why didn’t he act normal. what was wrong with him. Why was he so mean?

    By alan URL on 01.11.2011

  38. when I’m wearing a shirt that never intends to have other colors on it I always seem to find a way to put some sort of food stain on it. White, brown, blue, the color does not matter. All that matters when it comes to these types of shirts comes second to the blotches I have put on them…

    By Gene URL on 01.11.2011

  39. the stuff my mom has on her face.
    makes cool art and therapist use it to tell if you’re crazy.
    not cool most of the time.

    …OF RED.

    i feel like hash tagging it on twitter

    By alex on 01.11.2011

  40. On the skin and on the personality, blotches are a frequent issue in any social convention. For we can visually see a blotch, a tear in any walk of life, however It is almost impossible to cure, much like a blotch on a unstained canvas, a blotch affects our visual understanding of another.

    By Jack Millar on 01.11.2011