September 15th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “blindness”

  1. Snow blindness. We’ve all been getting worse, out here alone. There’s nothing but a vast expanse of cold white nothingness, extending in every direction. Tears leak out of our ruined eyes. They freeze to our cheeks, leaving us to wonder, if there is a way home, how would we see it?

    By WearyWater URL on 09.15.2012

  2. I wonder sometimes how other people see color. The only way to describe a color is just it’s name. Orange is orange. Green is green. Yellow is yellow. Dark colors are dark, and light colors are light, but it’s all relative. Are we blind to the colors others see?

    By Elizabeth on 09.15.2012

  3. It ain’t nothing but blindness that goes on in the world today. There are good folks everywhere and nobody seems to be looking at them and celebrating them. Nope. They’re just looking at the folks who do the bad things. Like they were heroes or something. Celebrating them in newspapers and on tv. It’s a crying shame I tell you. There’s plenty of good people that they should be putting on tv — ordinary ones that do brave things like give up their last dollar so someone can live another day.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 09.15.2012

  4. blindness is one of the biggest curses a person can experience. The colours, the beauty of the nature that any normal human being can experience-all of them are missed and cant be experienced only because of blindness

    By Harshit Jain on 09.15.2012

  5. Black cloth folded in thirds, lashed round my head. I blink, and my eyelashes flutter across the fabric — and eerie feeling. I wish that it were your hands tying it against my neck.

    By peca on 09.15.2012

  6. Their blindness is due to not wanting to see — this is the worst kind of blindness. I don’t pity them. I loathe their choices, and I walk away to keep from saying things that they would only choose to misconstrue.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 09.15.2012

  7. The letter was indeed as damning as he had been lead to believe, but as it concerned his son, the old man turned a kind of wilful blindness to it. He knew that it distressed his wife to see him denying what their child had become, and his daughter disapproved of both his behaviour and her brothers, but even their feelings could not persuade him to take the necessary steps to control his boy.

    He could not bring himself to hate his only son and so he took the knife and blinded his common sense.

    By Libby URL on 09.15.2012

  8. Blindness is a simple thing. You cannot see what most can, but you are able to see into new dimensions that none are able to. Nothing is more of a gift, or more of a curse than those who posses blindness…

    By David Campbell III on 09.15.2012

  9. I wish I could see. The darness though it comforts me makes me feel isolated and lnely. Like I have to build a barrier of lights like those fish stuck deep underground who are lovely but are really just protecting themselves from others that want to eat them; that is how i manevour through the darkness, as if wearing an amour.

    By Kendra Ware on 09.15.2012

  10. Everything you can and cannot see, gone. Those you do not have this see what you don’t, and you see what they can’t. Life is much harder, yet so much more simple, so much more easy and happy. Nothing can compare, and nothing you would trade to get sight back.

    By David Campbell III URL on 09.16.2012

  11. Point of views; there are endless amounts of them. We prefer our own and those similar to ours. We receive blindness in return, unwilling to accept something so different.

    By Armando on 09.16.2012

  12. When you can’t see what other people see.. When you don’t understand the colours, When you don’t see at all. When black is in your eyes

    By andreea on 09.16.2012

  13. For those few moments in the morning
    When I drag myself out of bed
    Pull the covers over
    And knock over 10 books that I have read
    Reach for a glass of water
    And miss cuz I can’t see
    I am blind
    Just for a few minutes
    I’ll be blind.

    By Abby URL on 09.16.2012

  14. i don’t get it why is my life like this it’s seriously ruining my mood the people around me, i’ve been mistreating them i feel like im such a sucker like literally feel worst than insecure my life now

    By norfazirah on 09.16.2012

  15. Blindness.

    She knew that it was all her own fault. You can’t possibly expect to be able to completely disappear, then reappear and have everything as it was.
    However, she was not expecting this blindness, unable to see or discern what was happening around her, having missed approximately six months of everyone’s lives.

    By Chrissie on 09.16.2012

  16. “Seems that I have been held in some dreaming state. A tourist in the waking world, never quite awake. No kiss, no gentle word could wake me from this slumber, until I realised that It was you who held me under.”

    Florence and the Machine- Blinding

    By Billy URL on 09.16.2012

  17. I cannot ever imagine being blind. Having to live with blindness for the rest of your life must be a horrible thing to do. I depend on my eyes for everything. Blindness may not always mean being physically blind. It may also mean oblivion. You can be blind to certain things, selective sight. You choose to put that thing aside and forget about it.

    By Marissa Jamie on 09.16.2012

  18. you cant see ten meters in front of you. You wish you could watch your life go by; tipped beer cans gone sour and sweet and sticky. Almost empty, but just not quite. Waste. They were free anyway. Take another guy upstairs and grant his wish. You’re quite the genie.

    Probably better you can’t see.

    By Kim URL on 09.16.2012

  19. i was told to follow you through blindness, until i saw you coming from the wilderness i hadn’t realized you existed

    By filza URL on 09.16.2012

  20. For I am blind to the opportunities in my life, as the bills the responsibilities which block my true intentions throughout the days, weeks, months.

    By Leonie on 09.16.2012

  21. I can’t imagine being blind, not being able to see everything around, my children, the trees the flowers the sea, on the other hand if I were blind I wouldn’t miss any of these thing, I would appreciate sound, touch and smells. I don’t know anyone who is blind.

    By Jenn on 09.16.2012

  22. Wszyscy byli ślepi. Rozglądali się dookoła w poszukiwaniu rzeczy – nowych, świecących, drogich, imponujących – ale mnie nie widzieli. Śmieszne, bo ja byłem tym, co miało zadecydować o ich życiu.

    By Bejcej URL on 09.16.2012

  23. I had survived the fire but my eyes didn’t I couldn’t get them lasered it cost too much blindness was always my worst nightmare I lay there trying to think of a cure nothing…….

    By Teileah Pullen on 09.16.2012

  24. He wasnt sure about most of anything anymore except the blindness that consumed him, led him to evil, and ultimately to destruction.

    By Pauline on 09.16.2012

  25. Its a state where a person is not able to see. A person can be blind by birth or by accidents. So, its term associated with root word” Blind”.

    By Pallavi on 09.16.2012

  26. blindness is a condition that cna be managed and people who are blind often can lead very full lives if given the opportunity and support. Blind people have developed senses to make up for the loss.

    By marsha on 09.16.2012

  27. Nothing, black, yet not black because even the dark is visible. Though not to me, I am blind to the world, the black and the white. How can I go on like this?

    By Emily Ralls on 09.16.2012

  28. Blindness is for people who are close-minded and can’t see the beauty the world has to offer. Some people are more blind than others. I think love is blindness. That is why it is best to stay away from it.

    By Gwen on 09.16.2012

  29. The damning signs compel me towards fear, the edge of sight becoming blurred, the twisted pigments that haunt like static. And then I see your face.


    By sjp URL on 09.16.2012

  30. blindness. oh to blindness where one cannot see,
    is the microwave easy to accuses at the moment ?
    if so then why can’t it all be this simple,
    ooh to blindness. colorless.

    By rhianna on 09.16.2012

  31. blindness is an handicap that affect many people, but it has not prevented them from making something of themselves. those that are blind live a normal life and have no regrets.

    By victor URL on 09.16.2012

  32. im scared i could never see again. Living without the gift of seeing, i would not survive i guess. i look up to the people who can.

    By Darleen Meister URL on 09.16.2012

  33. I couldn’t see past my own ego. Bold and brawny, unfit for my small frame.

    By Kim URL on 09.16.2012

  34. homeless man with a walking stick.
    shoes worn
    cold weather

    By Siobhan on 09.16.2012

  35. Sitting casually on the waiting room chair Sophia thought about her future. Her blindness to this point hadn’t been an issue, but she knew the minute she walked through the door, her world may change.

    By Amimee URL on 09.16.2012

  36. Blindness of course comes in many forms. Emotional blindness troubles me in particular; the complete inability to see how others are feeling. We can certainly ask if it even makes sense to talk of seeing how others are feeling – what does the subjective sensation of awkwardness look like? – but still, everyone knows what I mean, to some extent

    By Jasper Heaton on 09.16.2012

  37. The feeling of cold in the soul, an absence of light that wraps its icy tentacle around eyelids, suffocating them until they are forced to resign and hang vacancy signs signifying a lack of availability. They are the elderly, flying to some southern Florida-esque state, geese v-ing together to escape the winter winds.

    By Kassandra Kurzhals on 09.16.2012

  38. to be blind is to see. that is the truth. to see without prejudice and judging. the only way to judge through blindness is from words. words are the true measure of someones personality, of their character. what one says truly shows what one knows and believes

    By maria on 09.16.2012

  39. Some people think about being blind and not able to see. However, the problem is, most people are able to look with their eyes and yet be blind to the world around them. Why does this person think that way? Do you see this person reaching out for your help? Do you look at the world around you and what you can do to make it better? Helen Keller did. You could do the same

    By Jake on 09.16.2012

  40. For that moment she couldn’t see. All around her there was perpetual blackness. A cold wind chilled her to the bone, and the far off cry of the others in the park danced over her head. Where were they now?

    By Jeffreigh Lush URL on 09.16.2012