September 15th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “blindness”

  1. Walking down the busy street, oblivious to the lives around her. Passing by life and death as if they were small children playing with roses.

    By S.C. on 09.15.2012

  2. It took me during class, like a fog it began to creep over and construe the information on the board, letters became symbols and then smudges and then smears, until finally, blindness took me and I lost all dear to me.

    My sight was my life, now if only I can find a way to reconcile the loss.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.15.2012

  3. the world around is never truly seen. we don’t use our eyes hardly at all. the beauty around us is wasted on our blindness, and it’s extremely disappointing to someone who is truly at a loss for sight. this treasure that is always so near to us is a wonder that cannot be replicated. i only wish that these eyes could see that which so many take forgranted.

    By delaney on 09.15.2012

  4. blindness in mind may keep you happy. but would that what you want?

    By kaorita on 09.15.2012

  5. There were stars flitting back and forth though the night sky. I wished on one, but when I opened my eyes, I still saw nothing; and when I touched the gaping wound beneath my cheekbone, I still felt everything.

    By Kaitlyn O'Bryon on 09.15.2012

  6. People, looking past other people, not seeing, not acknowledging, not greeting, other people in their day, blurred images pass by and there we are isolated in our lives though not alone. Blindness.

    By Kristen Wilson on 09.15.2012

  7. It was always Yuri who looked after the village children during their romps outside the outskirts of the forest. Despite his partial blindness and lame leg, he was a source of comfort and security for the children.

    By Lapwing URL on 09.15.2012

  8. This is going to be kind of ridiculous.

    But yesterday I was just goofing off with my roommate and somehow I got to the question “What if there was a pirate who was blind so he just always wore two eyepatches?” Like, they’d crisscross over each other? I don’t even know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Sorry, no brofeels today.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.15.2012

  9. I thought that I was blind when I walked through the forest. Having the pepper spray squirted into my eyes didn’t quite fit the romantic date I was planning. It maybe would have helped if she would have known about the date too..but all ends that will end. Is that the quote? I’m not sure anymore. I just want love. Silly love, gooey love and unbelievable love. That is all I could ask for. Just love. L

    By Kelsey on 09.15.2012

  10. blindness
    darkness shrouds the park and i can see nothing but black
    quiet fills my ears and i can hear nothing but silence
    i don’t know what’s going on all i know is you are no longer here
    and i’m left behind–lost and broken

    By paige URL on 09.15.2012

  11. I grope for a foothold, a hiding place.
    I run from an unseen danger.
    This is not a game.
    it is fear,
    it is blindness.

    By Jake D. URL on 09.15.2012

  12. it is what most people suffer from. they see with their human eyes instead of their soul’s “third eye”. they think seeing is visual but it is physical. learn to see with your soul, which is simply feeling and letting go…

    when will we learn that there is so much more than meets the eye

    By Julienne URL on 09.15.2012

  13. one who cannot see, blind to the world and its beauty, sights of beaches. water, waterfalls, mountains, animals, life as we know it.

    By corne on 09.15.2012

  14. blindness

    By jared geaslin on 09.15.2012

  15. blind is when your eyes are shut to the little beauties of life, small things like smiles, small gestures, love, kindness and patience.

    By Bee URL on 09.15.2012

  16. it’s everywhere. It stops me, I hate it. I can’t overcome it. I’m just so oblivious. Blindness will be overcome, it cam be overcome. It must. Blindness is a friend, it is a companion that must be killed. Always, and again.

    By Tyler White on 09.15.2012

  17. There was something about her.
    It could be her voice, how sweet and melodic it was in the silent and cold room, or it could be the way she shifted on her feet, making him feel the air around him. Perhaps it was her bubbly personality.
    Whatever it was, he couldn’t pinpoint it exactly. What he did know was that he liked her anyway, and it wasn’t because of her face.

    By Pisha URL on 09.15.2012

  18. here I am. or so I think I am. I put my sunglasses on. I cannot see in the bushes. The slightly reflective path is all I see. And I block out the other people’s judgement. That I wear these glasses at night though I can perfectly see. It’s something about being blind, or pretending so, than makes you invisible and noticed at the same time. It’s like when you were a child, covering your face with a comforter seemed to hide you from closet monsters, but you really knew they would find you anyways.
    Even if they don’t exist.

    By Cara URL on 09.15.2012

  19. Maybe being blind isn’t a bad thing. You’re indifferent to everything and you can’t tell if someone is hideous. You don’t become bias because one person is good looking but they’re stupid and you still like them.

    By Any on 09.15.2012

  20. The world around me closed in, the colours fading until everything turned black. The noises turned to blurs.

    By Rachel on 09.15.2012

  21. i had a coin. I cant find it now. My hands search and paw. They find sand and dirt. Its hot out. If I could only be a boy again. I will never forgive myself.

    By -Stan- URL on 09.15.2012

  22. Is our football team BLIND?!?! The score is 38 – 27 but we should really be 38 – 14. This is disgusting…it’s Northwestern; it’s a team that’s not even noteworthy enough…it’s so bad that it’s shadowed by LA Tech.

    By MollyJ URL on 09.15.2012

  23. I am legally blind without my glasses or contacts. Sometimes, I feel like that’s a blessing. When I don’t want to see the horror in this world, I just close my eyes, or take my glasses off. Becoming blind to the hate that everyone seems to carry. Sometimes, blindness can be a blessing.

    By Bree URL on 09.15.2012

  24. blindness: the ability to not see. When hearing blindness, one may think of darkness, but to me blindness would keep the darkness at bay. Perhaps blindness is better than being able to see the darkness in the world.

    By Bee URL on 09.15.2012

  25. The young man’s vision had just tested 20/20. He was clear for the military now, and he could clearly see where his life was going.
    Until the day that she died.
    That was when he realized that she had been the one tying him together all along. That was when he fell apart like an unwrapped package, the paper carelessly torn.

    By bekkah on 09.15.2012

  26. Being in Love makes us blind. When were in love, we blind ourselves to the bad. We go against everything we’ve ever stood for or believed in.

    By kaitlyn on 09.15.2012

  27. Technically, I didn’t have bad vision, 20/20 to be exact. But when I saw them together, and then the knife on the kitchen table. I was blind to common sense.

    By savannah on 09.15.2012

  28. there was this girl who couldnt see she wanted lovee but could never find the right guy who would treet her right then she met a boy named luke he loved her even thought she was blind even though she was differnet

    By Olivia on 09.15.2012

  29. Sometimes I wish I was blind. And I would never have to see that look on my father’s face. And his hands clench. And my mother hide away in the corner. The first sting on my arm would always be a surprise.

    By savannah on 09.15.2012

  30. the darkness in his face made me squint, his white smile blinded me with surprise, it was only a year since we slept between 2 beige sheets. The darkness made everything blueblack.

    By LO on 09.15.2012

  31. And then it hit me, the name of my illness: a complete and utter lack of the ability to which we see things. This was a blindness I’d be plagued with my entire life, an unhealthy devotion I’d given to the color of skin, to the appearance of others. But looking at her, bending down to touch the petal, the scales fell from my eyes.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2012

  32. He lost his real vision at age forty-three. His eyes forgot how to function. But his heart never did. She asks, Do you think I look alright in this? He answers, You look stunning.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2012

  33. What is that? What? What is tha…? Are you still there? Hello? Are you there? Don’t eave me alone! I can’t be alone. Not again.

    By Michael URL on 09.15.2012

  34. what is there to say? everything i’ve ever read about has been about blindness, the blindness of culture, the blindness in my life, the blindness i see in other people. But i can’t help but feel helpless. I feel blind to my own life. i feel blind to the things that matter. i want to see, i want to see the future, i want to see what the passing of the years will bring. i want to see what the right choices are. but there are no right choices, only blindness

    By Kathryn on 09.15.2012

  35. “oh my god, the white light. where am i?!?” i will no longer see what lays ahead of me. the horror of never seeing what feels most beautiful.

    By sara on 09.15.2012

  36. BLINDNESS. When you can see. Seems all of life is really blind because truly how often can you plan what will happen? I don’t know its never worked for me, how ’bout you? sometimes blindness is good though, if we all knew what would happen how sad a world this would be.

    By Margaret Harris URL on 09.15.2012

  37. I suffer a sort of blindness
    An involuntary reflex that dims
    the possibilities in front of me
    that are buried in
    some simple limitations

    By Kevin Kelly URL on 09.15.2012

  38. I think that sometimes I blind myself and hinder myself. It’s something that I’m actively working on. I’m working to become a whole person that’s surrendered herself to the Universe. I am growing each and every day and I am learning to successfully address, forgive or change what’s currently present, as well as accepting my past.

    By Mindofataurus on 09.15.2012

  39. Snow blindness. Everywhere we looked we saw white. Even the cloud covered sky was a dirty white. There wasn’t even respite when we closed our eyes, for the memory of the white lingered.

    By ariel4thou URL on 09.15.2012

  40. Blindness is contagious if it’s in a hypothetical form. otherwise it is kind of amazing if it’s in physical form. It gives a person a different perspective on things. Kind of lovely. Births new skills forcefully. Blindness. I think that physical and hypothetical blindness are nearly the opposite.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2012