September 15th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “blindness”

  1. Blindness is a disease that causes you to not see. Your eyes will not be able to see anything. There are different types of blindness. Some who can’t deal with get surgery. By getting surgery, some will get permanent blindness. Helen Keller had blindness, along with no hearing. She had to learn a language that was different from ours.

    By Ali on 09.15.2012

  2. A glittering drop of morning dew slid from an emerald shard of glass onto her bare knee. She flinched, it always made her jump when it’s so quiet.
    Dawn was her favourite time of the day, it was always so quiet, no people running around and making noise. She loved to imagine the beautiful golden sunrise that she would never see. Little did she know, she was sitting in a rubbish dump.

    By BekahCat URL on 09.15.2012

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    By joseph on 09.15.2012

  4. I walk down University street, my shoes in my hand, bruises forming on my thigh. The orange lights skew my vision – or maybe it’s the liquor in my glass. I don’t care to care. I am a never ending blur – I pass myself between boys and I have lines at the corners my eyes.

    My hands are dirty

    My dress is dirty

    My glasses are dirty

    And I will go home with someone new and dance parallel pirouettes in the dark and in the morning I will search for my purse and walk home, ignoring the stares. Blind to the fact that I have run myself into the ground. Blind and warm, but still blind. Blind and alone.

    By Julia URL on 09.15.2012

  5. blindness is common people are to blind to see what they really have and be appreciative.

    By Kirsten URL on 09.15.2012

  6. Sometimes I feel blinded by love and deceived by lust. I wish life was simple, but then again it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

    By Isabel T. Crane URL on 09.15.2012

  7. it is hard to have blindness. many people have blindness. blindess is the number one source for all murders. the government has blindness as it is a criminal offensive to be blind. the year is 2078 and blindess is the number one cure for cancer!

    By richard URL on 09.15.2012

  8. “no” the girl said. “i do not want to write about blindness.” she looked really angry. she had gotten the same prompt three times in a row. she thought it was very uncool.

    By laurie URL on 09.15.2012

  9. Her blindness caused her more pain then anyone could imagine. She can’t see. Even though that part is obvious most people underrate it. Imagine, walking around in total darkness, all the time.

    By Beana on 09.15.2012

  10. I walked for days. Not knowing where to go. I opened my eyes. And was still blind. I put my hands to my face. And felt nothing. I walked until there were no longer footprints.

    By Allison on 09.15.2012

  11. A landscape made up of the unseen is the most stunning of them all. Beauty takes on a new meaning when you feel it rather than see it.

    By Sydney URL on 09.15.2012

  12. It was as if we were in a state of perpetual blindness when it came to seeing how damaged he was. We chose to ignore the endless signs that were right before our eyes.

    By leelee on 09.15.2012

  13. can’t see white reaching for what is there white finding the way what’s there/ can you hear? Can you feel t

    By a on 09.15.2012

  14. Henry had his eyes gouged out the day before his birthday. He is now blind. Not that it would be an improvement really he’s already blind to the fact that a young girl named Penelope loves him

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.15.2012

  15. They say love is blind, but I disagree. I think love can make you blind. Blind to a person’s flaws, wrongdoings, etc. Which is glorious and blissful, but also detrimental.

    By Sabena on 09.15.2012

  16. Blindness is, not being able to see yourself.
    Blindness is not being able to see your love.

    By Shayla on 09.15.2012

  17. he was so caught up in his own thinking that created blindness to the simple needs of his son who just wanted a hug to reassure him

    By John on 09.15.2012

  18. What I see on the page of one word at the top is only half of the word. It is in grey and black and not in very plain veiw. When I think about the word one word I mean i dont really know what to say about it . So Im’ justt writing to fill up this sixty seconds until the cursoer stops going . HOw would you describe one word only saying it once there is no description. If i had to only say one word I’ would kproblably say it overe and over and over again to try to get my point across or maybe even write a poem about it.

    By Deborah Pope on 09.15.2012

  19. I would prefer blindness over being deaf. That’s also because i am I huge music listener. Though playing video games would be much more difficult. At least I’d be able to read.

    By Alice on 09.15.2012

  20. It’s more than being unable to see with your eyes. It’s remaining ignorant of what’s happening without your knowledge, missing the verbal ticks and gestures that tease at a secret someone’s keeping, whether from you or for their own protection.

    By Ashi URL on 09.15.2012

  21. You can walk around in this world and not see things clearly. Being blind fromever seeing the true heart of someone or the love of another. Seeing the bad in others and thinking that your the only one is right. Not seeing the love of a child or husband, mother or someone who is close to you. Doing what you want to do and not thinking how it could effect the heart of another could possibley cause your blindness.

    By Deborah Pope on 09.15.2012

  22. I think I’d hate to be blind. The darkness I would see and nothing else. I think of auggie in the show covert affairs. alkjasdilkjkjasldkjasdoijadlkj akljadlksjalksjdalkjdalkjdlkjd adlkjaldkjakdjalkdjkldjsdkdksmdthe endkslaskdj alkjadkljasdkj adaslkdjasdklj asdlkjasdlkjasdkjasdjaklsdjasdkjalksjdakljdakljdaklsjdalksdjalksjdlksajdaklsjdlakdjskjdklsdjakljdakljdaksdjakljdlksjdalksjdakljsdalksjdakjdlkjdalksjdalksjdjlskadjlkj

    By Shannon on 09.15.2012

  23. Sense touch smell pity visions dreams sadness blackcat in a coal bunker mary from little house on the prarie blind school for children alientated self hate nice down to earth treated differently. Sadness longing , sticks guardogs disability relief that I can see with my eyes.

    By Emma on 09.15.2012

  24. The blindness was what made her let the world in. The blindness was what made her finally forget all that she’d seen and accept what was happening now. But unfortunately, the blindness was what also made her turn into someone else.

    By emlex URL on 09.15.2012

  25. I woke up and saw my dog eating the goldfish. It was kind of disgusting. Then the dog threw up. The cat came over and ate the goldfish. I threw up. Then the dog ate my puke. Suddenly a blindness came over me and I awoke. I was in hell. Damn, I really wanted to go to heaven.

    By Glenn H. Myers URL on 09.15.2012

  26. i am suffering from inspirational writing blindness. there are hundreds of words bouncing around in my head with no verifiable pattern or message. i am trying desperately to write an essay for my english class, but i struggle to string the words together methodically and convincingly enough to actually comprehend.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 09.15.2012

  27. Sometime during the night, the dogs had gotten loose. No one saw them chew through their tethers and skulk under the slats of the fence. In the darkness, their shadow forms whispered in the tall grass down to the meadow where the sheep slept and bleated lethargically.

    By N.J. URL on 09.15.2012

  28. She never though about how her feelings of self-deprecation blinded her to the world’s delights. Every time someone said they liked her, romantic or not, she refused to see that should could be liked, loved even. And it was not an easy ride to self confidence.

    By Jessica G on 09.15.2012

  29. Without sight. Althought blindness doesn’t always mean lost sometimes it means trusting others to lead the way.

    By Jordan on 09.15.2012

  30. Speckled wings flash before his eyes. Madness ravages those susceptible to greed and prominence. He sees the crisp green that crinkles not the vibrant red that vanishes. Woe to he that descends to this. Begone with you, good-for-nothing merchant!

    By 5arahZ0ey URL on 09.15.2012

  31. What an amazing challenge, but you would learn so much and be strong. You would be so strong. Jesus can cure the blind and He is so powerful, but who’s to say they are ill and need a cure? Helen Keller jokes are really funny-sorry!

    By sarahsmiles URL on 09.15.2012

  32. Everybody is blind to some degree, be it literal, philosophical or emotional. Even knowing that, as far as I try, I can’t get away from my own blindness–blindness to others’ feelings, or others’ ways of doing things. Or just blindness to myself; I hate ignorance of myself the most. For me, that’s the biggest handicap in life.

    By C on 09.15.2012

  33. I couldn’t see anything, it was like the world had turned the lights out. I could hear the bustling of the cars and people behind me, but my I couldn’t see any of it. How does this happen to someone who needs their sight to work. I need to see the world in order to picture it.

    By Rachel on 09.15.2012

  34. blindness is the absence of sight. This sight is not limited to vision but could also include spiritual, emotional, or social blindness. Just like visual blindness, we come up with methods and practices to navigate our world, but are still limited from the whole beautiful picture

    By sarahsmiles URL on 09.15.2012

  35. She was absolutely terrified of the dark, yet lived within it every single day. Nothing but the touch of her cat and the heat of the sun could she feel. Nothing but the taste of a plain wheat bagel and some English tea.

    By Lucy on 09.15.2012

  36. It’s when you can’t see the real version of that bully in front of you, what you call your friend… yet you’re still so blind that you decide to trust them. To love them. And to let them in. Only for them to hurt you again.

    By Unposted on 09.15.2012

  37. he went to the diner alone…except for his cane. Tap Tap Tap along the floor finding his familiar table in the corner next to the window. He shook his coat to dispel the water that had gathered on it from the misty rainfall. It had been months since he’d been here.

    By michelle on 09.15.2012

  38. I couldn’t see, the light was too blinding. I cried for the souls that had perished outside while the rest of us continued on as if nothing happend. The screams of the people still dying were still fresh in my mind, as the blindness of day took over me.

    By Erin on 09.15.2012

  39. hindsight blindess is the phenomena of thinking you should have known then what you know now.

    innocence broken.

    i should have know better.

    By sarah marie URL on 09.15.2012

  40. the light is so bright, I can’t see. I hear them whisper, “who’s there?” I question. the whispers stop. The light dims, but I still can’t see. blindness encompasses me.

    By Jennifer Louise URL on 09.15.2012