September 10th, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “binding”

  1. Binding is when you bind something it is not a thing it is a word

    By Darby URL on 09.10.2012

  2. Binding is holding someone in a certain spot with Ropes or chains. It is also a form of torture to hold someone in that spot for a period of time without giving them food or water

    By Lachie Smith URL on 09.10.2012

  3. Binding is where you bind stuff together or where you put two separate items Togetheras one

    By Simranjit URL on 09.10.2012

  4. I’m not sure what binding is, it could be putting one thing in another, or connecting Somthing I’m not sure what, if I knew what it meant I could write a better paragraph. I may or may not have blinded before.

    By Daniel Wen URL on 09.10.2012

  5. Binding you are so powerful because you bind all the books. With out you binding we will not be able to read books with out to lose the pages.

    By Shaun Irvine URL on 09.10.2012

  6. A strong covering holding the pages of a book together or of an agreement or promise involving an obligation That cannot be broken.

    By Olivier Kendra URL on 09.10.2012

  7. Binding is holding someone holding someone up in a chain and it’s a severe way of torture and can kill. It just reminds me of SAW.

    By bsonnberger URL on 09.10.2012

  8. Binding is when something is winded together

    By Jeremy URL on 09.10.2012

  9. <3! It is the biggest

    By kessia on 09.10.2012

  10. it hadn’t felt eternal in the moment; it had felt haphazard and easily manuevered, as if she had only to speak the words and her decisions could be reversed or changed. As if they had never happened. It had been simple, to say, “well. yes.” she hadn’t thought twice about it, just opened her mouth and then it was over. something had shifted and it felt like forever.

    By Luna URL on 09.10.2012

  11. Binding is used for holding stuff together thing that you can use to bind can be ropes and other stuff

    By Jarryd Bowler on 09.10.2012

  12. There are a type of folder called binders; they hold in sheets of paper and documents. Binding means somethings holding together eg, the evil man had binded up the good guy with ropes and chains so he couldn’t escape.

    By Shaun P URL on 09.10.2012

  13. Binding. What a great and weird word. Some books have bindings. Binding. Binding is something attached to something, you are bound to it. This is a tough word. Binding. Bindings can be used to hold something in place.

    By AnthonyRowan URL on 09.10.2012

  14. Binding is when something is winded together. It can not be broken

    By Jeremy URL on 09.10.2012

  15. Binding is fun when you bind with everyone. Binding can mean lots of things like swinging with vines and plants binding with trees. Binding is something that nature does by itself and is a miracle. I like to bind with the people around me. It’s fun when you bind with nature binding is something that books have and trees can bind with nature by binding. It’s fun to bind.

    By Matty URL on 09.10.2012

  16. The fear stopped me cold. A blinding rush running through my body, my bones. I could not control myself enough to speak the words he asked for. To express what I had longed to slip from my lips and delve right into his heart.

    By Rose on 09.10.2012

  17. My hands are tied. I don’t have feeling in my fingers anymore. The rope binding them rips at my skin as i try to wriggle free from their power. I’m stuck. I know that now.

    By Halle on 09.10.2012

  18. twisted unable to move breath feel try attemot deny limited not able to fly be heard sing cry scream not allowed to cast or lie or tell the tru

    By Katelyn on 09.10.2012

  19. the ties that bind us, binding means you can never let go, never break them and never turn your back on the promises you have made love can be binding so can horror and death and promises

    By Allison on 09.10.2012

  20. Bindings of books like the grinding of nooks. Shall my dear aunt bertha drive drunk to the moon? Or shall I float rubber cookies? Balloons Balloons? A crooked picture hangs on the viranda, and so shall I confess my love to Miranda.

    By Aaron on 09.10.2012

  21. there was a man binding his toy together with strings then he start thing about his childhood he felt noglistic about the old days. he started crying and misses his childhood.

    By gabriel on 09.10.2012

  22. there was a man binding his cow to fence post and start to look arcoss valley he wonder if there more life to this. he wish one day he can leave the valley.

    By gabriel on 09.10.2012

  23. They swore the oath and signed it in blood, so it would bind them forever to their promise. But then, unexpectedly, a tragedy struck that left them both dead. Their promise then hung in the air like fog, forever unfulfilled.

    By Iam Me URL on 09.10.2012

  24. family is binding, its a bond that will be there forever
    friends are binding as a chosen family who will always be there for you

    By abb on 09.10.2012

  25. I sat, binding myself in a web of lies. Burying myself deeper. Getting caught more and more as I was bound by this disaster. Bound. Bound in misery and bound in distress. I can’t get out. The more I struggle the faster I fall. Will it end? Am I trapped forever? I am bound. Bound in an eternity of agony and torture.

    By S. Kay Truel on 09.10.2012

  26. binding like a binding contract. i don’t want to apply early admission to any collegs because then i will be in a binding agreement with them and holy crap, that’s not good. that’s not good because i REALLY need financial aid. if they don’t give me financial aid but i’ve already agreed to go to their school i”m screwed!

    By Lydia on 09.10.2012

  27. Friendships are rarely binding. Loyalty is a noble concept but so fleeting in reality.

    By sharon london on 09.10.2012

  28. The socialization of the 9 to 5 work day is a tight-binding bungee cord on the wrists of Freedom.

    By Clarity URL on 09.10.2012

  29. The binding was tough and slightly fraying. He ran his fingers lightly along its rough texture and shivered. He could only vaguely imagine what lay behind its covers.

    Fingers trembling, he opened the book.

    By Lapwing URL on 09.10.2012

  30. Of a book. Some people hate it when books are bent back and the binding falls apart. Personally I love an old book with all the pages coming out because they’re no longer stuck in. There is an old-fashioned book binders down the road from me, yum.

    By Kate on 09.10.2012

  31. It was a binding magical contract. That was what he said the Goblet of Fire produced. What if you didn’t want it? What if you didn’t want your name placed in the Goblet of Fire?

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.10.2012

  32. This book, sixty shades of grey? I read a review about it on some website the other day. bondage? is that really what has been selling thousands and thousands of copies of this book? I mean, sure, maybe i’ve never tried it but…

    By Clara Tighe on 09.10.2012

  33. The tie that held my hands were binded with to much force.
    My hands were starting to go numb and i knew i had to get it off soon.
    The taillights faded in the distance and i tried to stand only to fall back for my legs were bound too.

    By ThinkFast URL on 09.10.2012

  34. Binding contract. Don’t break. consequences. What will they be? Will they be dangerous? Do you really want to risk that? but without a binding, a man and wife will find no happiness. Maybe sometimes being bound is a good thing.

    By Alison on 09.10.2012

  35. being stuck to something and not being able to get out ike an old relationship or a friendship that you actually cant get out of
    being depressed you are binded to the negative feelings trying to drop a feeling but being binded to it
    being binded

    binded is a negative word i dont like it

    but i i guess it could be happy like in mairage

    By zoe smith on 09.10.2012

  36. binded by the laws of sexual dependancy can we see past our needs or our desires, where sense and virtue make no reason other than to feel free with your genitals all soggy???

    By prickly cactus URL on 09.10.2012

  37. contracts in the third laws of dominance
    falling behind to release a blank slate sheet of curling iron beneath my fists
    bright and dark lines swirling through a vortex grasping and threads that curse beneath ragged fingernails
    sweep into my heart your crumbling teeth of mercy
    fall away fall away
    with and against
    plaintiff or defendant?

    By MangoChan on 09.10.2012

  38. (the blindness that is around you) never knew what it was, still don’t, statues with their own shadows and the desire to be as them: more than one soul to spare in doors that never lock, a locket of hair behind your ear, and you are in abstract daydreams

    By robyn URL on 09.10.2012

  39. Binding a book is something you do when you need to be professional, or if you want it to look nice. A binding of two people: marriage<3, love for eternity. A binding law, one you cannot break no matter what. A Binding promise, something you'd never even want to break. Ever.

    By Rachel on 09.10.2012

  40. She had no choice. Even as he sighed ever so innocently in his sleep, and her heart swelled, she knew she had to go through with it. The contract was binding. All she could think about was how horrible she’d feel tomorrow morning, but it was better than being dead. She had to kill him, before they killed her. “Please forgive me,” she whispered, as she pressed the pillow over his head. Her soul felt cold.

    By Abbie URL on 09.10.2012