February 23rd, 2011 | 617 Entries

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617 Entries for “bench”

  1. Moet ik dit in het engels doen? Nouja. Een kooi is het. Voor honden. Van die grote zwarte. Die kwijlen. Ik vind 1 minuut wel kort. Ik word er gestresst van. Ehm, bench. Kan ook voor andere dieren. Denk ik. Katten. Ehm.

    By Aletta Top on 02.23.2011

  2. bench.. this bench is in the park.. and the park have many benches but they are all empty as its snowing.. some benches have so much snow that you dont see them. but this bench is warm and i see someone coming towards it.

    By magic on 02.23.2011

  3. Parks have benches. My puppy went to the park with me to practice volleyball. She loved chasing the ball from the day we bought it. She can’t bring it back because it is too big for her mouth.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.23.2011

  4. I sat at the bench wondering what to write. The top was loose, the wood was ragged. The instructor approached. Time was running out. The bench wobbled and my chair scrapped the floor. What do I say? After all, it is only a bench.

    By Ken on 02.23.2011

  5. The bench was as stolid as any I’d sat on: most of which, in parks, constructed out of some kind of unrustable, powder-coated iron, remained as uncomfortable as anything nature could have provided. I’d rather sit on a rock, and have the cold of the true earth melt into the seat of my pants.

    By scott on 02.23.2011

  6. The bench was empty but for the old woman. She sat with her cup of crumbs for the ducks. The park was empty this time of day. No one took time to enjoy nature anymore. There was too much technology. She didn’t like all that buzzing about, she was happy here with the quiet and the ducks.

    By EliseV URL on 02.23.2011

  7. It was chipped and splintered, like it had been left in the rain for too many seasons. When he sat down, he hoped she would walk by. He held the paper and hoped.

    By BeeBee URL on 02.23.2011

  8. Benches are like trees and walls. They witness love, break-ups, strangers becoming acquaintances, the poor man and the rich man. If they could speak, what a story they would tell!

    By Care URL on 02.23.2011

  9. the judge is at his bench==
    we need to just bench this conversation until another time convenient
    put your boots under the bench in the hallway
    and the park bench to sit and feed the birds

    By she53lly URL on 02.23.2011

  10. There neat, you always see the most interesting people. Benches are for everyone. What I hate are the stupid ads on benches, just let a bench be a bench….

    By Ellejoon on 02.23.2011

  11. Sitting in the park, sun is shining, ducks, lake. I like park. I love sitting on a bench, socialising to people. 3 benches

    By Ernestas on 02.23.2011

  12. Who is sitting beside me? No one. Why? Fate, I guess. I’ll be alone forever.

    I never realized how lonely a bench can be.

    By BLS on 02.23.2011

  13. Best seats in the house
    Everyone knows it
    Near the third base line
    Comfort found with the team
    Home is to the right

    By Amy URL on 02.23.2011

  14. benches?! i love benches. benches are great. i would love to sit on a bench right now. maybe at a park. or the zoo. or the mall. i want to go the mall actually. if i got to the mall, i’ll obviously get tired. so then i’ll wont to sit down on a bench. and i’ll buy a cookie. because i like cookies. and i like the mall. and i like to sit on benches

    By dusti on 02.23.2011

  15. To sit on, and fall asleep on, and lean on, and rest. To hold you up like clouds, like wings, to stare at the sweetness of beyond. You are mine, sturdy, and strong and solid.

    By Diana on 02.23.2011

  16. There is a man on a bench. Another enters.

    Man- Hello.

    Other- What are you doing on my bench?

    Man- Your bench? This is my Bench!

    Other- Says who?

    Man- I do! It’s my bench after all!

    Other- I think I know my own bench!

    By Galen Velonis on 02.23.2011

  17. wooden and warm, alone and inviting

    By biz markie on 02.23.2011

  18. you can sit on it. It is long and not always comfy. It is hard and most of the time the color brown. Uhhhhh, uh, bench, uh, bench idk. uh, yikes! time’s almost out

    By FaithLovesGod URL on 02.23.2011

  19. i wish i could sit on a bench with the person i love talk about life and caress their face. breath some fresh air and maybe look at the sunset. i want to sit on a bench and indulge life!!!

    By megs on 02.23.2011

  20. I sat over there. On that bench there. Yes, that’s where I met him, the boy with the tearful eyes and the melancholy smile. He strummed the ukulele with the wind blowing his hair on his forehead. It was all so romantic, until winter came, and the bench was covered with snow.

    By C. Cheung on 02.23.2011

  21. I was sitting on a bench in the local park one day when a squirrel happened along, as squirrels are wont to do in a local park. This little fellow was no ordinary squirrel, though it seemed at first that he was doing his duty as a squirrel picking up a small acorn and filing his little cheek with its mass.

    By Josh Kobel on 02.23.2011

  22. For her, the ocean was a relaxing bench to sit on after a long, tiring day of standing amidst life’s chaos.

    By Harry Potter. URL on 02.23.2011

  23. He always sat on that bench over there, the boy with the tearful eyes and the melancholy smile. I don’t even remember his name or the clothes he wore, but I remember him strumming his ukulele, brushing aside his windswept hair. I fell in love with him, but it all changed when the winter came, and the bench was covered with snow.

    By C. Cheung on 02.23.2011

  24. Solid and wooden with traces of age that look as though they are lines. Quiet and resolute, it waits for someone to lean on it, sit on it, take advantage of it. Always giving, silently taking in the world with every second.

    By mika on 02.23.2011

  25. a bench is a lovely thing, it allows you a place to rest. Hobo’s can lay on them, they offer comfort, support..and a memory..

    bench is also a lovely trademark

    but I prefer a lovely bench in a park.. a sexy wooden one. Love it. BENCH. time.

    By Joanne on 02.23.2011

  26. a bench is a curious thing. I wonder what it’s purpose is. I may be sitting on a bench right now. But I’m not. A lot can happen on a bench, you never really know. Maybe your life will change while sitting on a bench.

    By Jane on 02.23.2011

  27. yeah i was there like sitting on it and then this guy came up to me and was like hey what are you doing here and then i punched him in the face and he went all apeshit and called the cyber police. then i did a falcon punch because i am awesome.

    By BOB SAGET on 02.23.2011

  28. the bench is made out of wood. it is of bamboo and has simple lines and is very smooth. the bench has so many purposes, you can sit on it, you can put your feet up, it can serve as a table a place where you can set your phone while doing the crossword puzzle.

    By grace on 02.23.2011

  29. He always sat there at exactly the same time, every day. As I grew up playing at the playground, walking my dog, going to school, he was always there, reading his quaint book or just observing the world, including me.

    By Nick VH on 02.23.2011

  30. They sat on the bench together, waiting for the bus to arrive. No words were exchanged, no glances were passed. The bus arrived, they entered their metro cards, got off at different stops and didn’t see each other again. Ten years later, after meeting again by chance at a bar, they’re in love and engaged. You never know what will happen in your life and who you’ll sit next to on the bus, but if something’s meant to be, it will be.

    By Sabena on 02.23.2011

  31. The park bench, if it had a voice, could tell tales of the human heart unlike anything you could imagine. The tears that have been spilled;

    By cassy petrich on 02.23.2011

  32. Clutter piles up on the lab bench day after day, ever growing and strangely no one knows where all this clutter comes from. It remains a mystery in the chemistry lab.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.23.2011

  33. Park in centre of the city, Where I’m sitting with my soulmate. trees, flowers, birds,snow,laughing, smiling.

    By yulia on 02.23.2011

  34. I sat on the bench in front of the flowers in the park. I watched the children play. I wondered if they would see me if they looked over here. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my hair. Or maybe that is an illusion. Maybe none of this exists except in my imagination. Maybe I’m still in that dark room.

    By URL on 02.23.2011

  35. The street bench flakes
    pretty green strips
    on the gravel by the birds.

    Pigeons flock and flap around
    that place
    where I first loved you

    When you sauntered by,
    with your imaginary parasol
    high above your head
    I knew our epic had begun.

    By jenpen URL on 02.23.2011

  36. I sat on the bench next to her. She was reading a paper. I tried not to stare as the wind blew and her hair fluttered about. Her eyes were bright blue, the sky couldn’t have even been a brighter shade. She smiled with her eyes. Then she packed her things and walked away and I was lost in the day dreams of what could have been.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 02.23.2011

  37. In a park I sit watching the passers by considering their lives but why cant they take time to sit on a bench easy viewing but they have to answer their phones

    By Kaelie URL on 02.23.2011

  38. Johnny bench, one of the greatest, if not the greatest catchers of all time. He played for the big red machine back in the 70’s and let them to multiple world series titles. He is the poster child of catchers.

    By adam on 02.23.2011

  39. The bench was where it happened, the bench that will remain engraved in my mind for all eternity. Just a hard wooden seat but when invested with that memory, it means the world to me. My life as I know it began on that bench. And I am so thankful for that.

    By S on 02.23.2011

  40. I’ve always envisioned us
    sitting on a bench
    growing old together
    as time passed us by.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 02.23.2011