February 23rd, 2011 | 617 Entries

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617 Entries for “bench”

  1. some hobo’s sleep on benches because they have to sleep some where and they don’t have a bed or a house to put a bed in! i think it’s pretty sad if you have to sleep on a bench.

    By kimmy411 on 02.24.2011

  2. You can sit on benches… idk what else to say hah

    By Brittany URL on 02.24.2011

  3. a thing made out of wood so that peoples butts could sit on them ……. poor bench :(

    By nelle crandell URL on 02.24.2011

  4. I sit on the bench and weep. I weep for the wood that made the bench. I remember the tree well, it was a friend of mine, and although it is now a handsome seat, I wonder what beautiful leafy hews it would now be making. Oh woe for the tree! I miss it like I miss me.

    By Kaff on 02.24.2011

  5. i like to sit on a bench when i am very tiered of walking and standing like at the zoo. It is very tiering :) and it just is not fun but it is fun to be in the hot sun. that is what i think about benches:)!?

    By just URL on 02.24.2011

  6. walking through the woods one day, i came upon a bench. it was brown and worn out, like it had been sitting there, weathered for a long time. that’s when i saw the note underneath it. it was tied with a nice red ribbon. it looked like it was parchment paper…

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.24.2011

  7. a bench is something you sit on at a park or school. they dont have cushions so they are not comfy but you can sit when your tired.

    By chase URL on 02.24.2011

  8. You sit on it wean your tied. They are at parks most of the time and schools. They are good to rest on.

    By delgean URL on 02.24.2011

  9. hard wooden maybe metal cold during winter hot in the summer

    By josh on 02.24.2011

  10. I feel like I’m at a bus stop most days. Most days I don’t quite know where the bus is headed, but I hop on, pay the fee, and try to talk to as many strangers as I can. Maybe they know something I don’t and they’re somewhere I’m not.

    By Blake on 02.24.2011

  11. Somedays I wish I could just sit on a bench and just watch people. Watch them walk by, watch relationships develop and grow, and sometimes even fall apart. Just watching people, makes me feel like there’s more to the world than just me. It’s not just about what I’m doing with myself, there’s a whole world outside of other people who are just as lost as I am.

    By Kate on 02.24.2011

  12. She was seated on the drawing horse bench; like a real cowgirl artist. While she sat on one, she drew a bench: a park bench, and a man whose bench was his bed. The bench was red.

    By shabree on 02.24.2011

  13. Two people sat on a bench staring at the sea; they had sat there every summer to watch the sun go down on the first day of the holidays since they were sixteen. Now there are only flowers, and a brass plaque: “In loving memory of Ed and Rose.” The sun still sets, but now different people watch it…

    By Indigo URL on 02.24.2011

  14. I definitely already did bench. When does this update? The one I did for bench was actually really good. This is pretty disappointing. I want a new word! NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD NEW WORD!

    By Tomq\ URL on 02.24.2011

  15. it was summer, i was outside in the park playing with my dog. the year was 1997. i saw this old man reading the times on a bench. dressed like any other 60 year old. but something was different about him. he had one of those familiar faces.

    By maranda on 02.24.2011

  16. no idea ) may be court bench. is there in english this form?

    By Denis URL on 02.24.2011

  17. a place to: ponder for some, sleep for others, socialize, feed birds in the park, watch waves at the beach, supervise kids at the playground, eat dinner at the table, sit in the dugout during a baseball game, issue judgment in a court house…a very useful item, indeed!

    By riley1 URL on 02.24.2011

  18. So, I was playing Deadspace 2, and I come to this workbench thing. It says “Bench”. Probably the company that manufactured it, you use it to upgrade things. Anyways, I was half-expecting there to be, like… trendy clothes in it. Stupid store. :(

    By Mike on 02.24.2011

  19. sitting on these you usually find yourself in a park observing the people around you. i have taken many naps on these and found that they arent as compfortable as my bed but i always want my bed to be where the bench is. How is that possible?

    By elyssa on 02.24.2011

  20. Nice memories ahh…. the days…. I used to be and basketball games……. the days when, I could sit on a bench and enjoy the day ahh…..those days…….

    By lawfullx URL on 02.24.2011

  21. my bench is amazing, i sit there when i cry, when i want to think about the world. my whole life passes by that bench, women laughing, children playing, men walking dogs with the weight of the world on their shoulders. i love my bench. my bench is amazing.

    By Jessica on 02.24.2011

  22. i like benches especially green ones. I like to sit on benches and lean on them and stand on them. They make me think of that one movie…..The Benchwarmers. Also reminds me of softball. Even though I don’t play anymore. Bench. What a weird word. Am I done? I think so.

    By Shannon on 02.24.2011

  23. a place where people can rest while walking around the park, preferably Central Park. It’s also a place for couples to sit, talk about life, love and themselves. a bench can house the homeless. a bench can sit the pigeons. a bench is a magical place indeed.

    By Weronika Dabrowski on 02.24.2011

  24. The tramp had walked one hundred miles, and had many more hundred to go. He needed a rest. An old wooden bench, paint peeling, would serve as his bed for the night. He slept in Central Park.

    By Caleb on 02.24.2011

  25. When the green lights turn red
    Is when we notice who is sitting on the benches
    On the corner of Taylor and Cedar road
    A man in a puffy mint green coat

    He sits enclosed within three glass walls
    The fourth one, an opening for others to join him
    You can still see his grey breath, even inside the small glass house

    On the side of the road
    When the green lights turn red
    Is when he notices us

    On the corner of 117th and St. Claire
    I sit in my car with a soft hum of verses falling out of the speakers
    Warm air creeping through the sleeves of my cropped jacket

    I’m sure he can hear the beat of my engine’s heart
    The sputtering of its oil, the blood of its body
    I’m sure he can notice the sheen of its skin

    I would much rather be sitting with him
    I’d like to see my grey breath mix with his
    Side by side in a glass house on the corner of North Main and Bell
    When the green lights turn red
    We all seem to notice

    By Emma Cherry URL on 02.24.2011

  26. i sit hear waiting for you and you never came i cry and cry and cry and finally while im sitting on that bench you show and try to explain why you never came and thats when i got up and left that bench too bad you never ran after me.

    By Katie on 02.24.2011

  27. sit down and think for a while. the clock is ticking. enjoy the moment and the moment after that moment. sing along to your own song. feel the rhythm. feel the groove. Bell rings. Did you feel it? are you awake now?

    By pixipix URL on 02.24.2011

  28. He sat on the park bench, pigeons gathering hopefully at his feet. He kicked absent mindedly at them, their coo’s and posturing interrupting his train of thought.
    Why? He thought.

    By M Daly URL on 02.24.2011

  29. Benches are a resting point. They can be a tranquil spot to gather your thoughts before moving on to life’s next activity. Sometimes you’ll find yourself sharing a bench with another person.

    By Tara on 02.24.2011

  30. My workbench is my favorite place, I make all sorts of things there:)

    By Bjorn Ivar Johnsen on 02.24.2011

  31. I was sitting on a park bench, watching the clouds manuever in a slow advance against Germany. I sat, listening to the children feed the birds, blissful and ignorant of what they had to do one day: think and imagine.

    They had to imagine a world without the addiction of technology. Yet they were imprisoned already.

    By Padraig on 02.24.2011

  32. i want to sit on a bench with sam & just talk. neither of touching each other, just talking, sharing stories, and laughs. making memories of our own. that’s what i want. all i want. sounds so nice. that’s all i want.

    By dione on 02.24.2011

  33. This bench is where i sat.
    And drawing.
    Thinking of the days I spent with you.
    Remembering how amazing that summer was
    and now its fall,
    and all i want to do,
    is go back
    back to, summer
    ,so I can be with you

    By Katie on 02.24.2011

  34. man who is woman flesh

    By vikram URL on 02.24.2011

  35. siitting wondering what comfort this bench receives in exchange for the comfort it gives pleasently content in it’s being simply an bench

    By l on 02.24.2011

  36. Sitting and waiting for you. I feel like my whole life has been sitting on a bench, waiting for you to come around. I need you to look at me the way that I want to be looked at. I need you to come around. I will wait for as long as you make me wait until you finally decide to come around and see me for who I could be and for who I should be.

    By Caitlin McCormick URL on 02.24.2011

  37. You and I sat on a bench, holding hands. Full of love and hope and optimism as we sat in the park in New York City. A dream come true, being next to you, blowing on my hot coffee. We looked at the old couple across from us, clearly in love. We were going to be them. We knew it.

    By kschaffter URL on 02.24.2011

  38. The cool marble of the bench was comforting to her. Much warmer, it seemed, than the mausoleum she had walked out of moment before. Blinking in the sweet dawn light, the girl took her first steps back to life, back to the one who took it away.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 02.24.2011

  39. Sitting at the bench
    We watch the sun retreat to the horizon
    Arms around one another

    An orange sky christens our kiss
    Our love brings about a whole new dawn

    By TheyCallMeFletch on 02.24.2011

  40. they can support a family better than a black man. Made of wood, often found in parks, woods and seafronts. there is a brand called “bench”.

    By James on 02.24.2011