March 12th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “belief”

  1. I believe in a lot of things. Belief is a powerful thing, it drives people and emotions and reactions. It can also cause major conflict, which devastates many people. I believe that belief can change the world.

    By Ellie on 03.12.2012

  2. the only true belief she had was wrong…. they would never make it home, never go to school and would certainly never learn how to drive.

    By eileen sheridan on 03.12.2012

  3. i have belief. i believe in religion, god and tht there is something out there waiting for us after our death. my belief with this is very strong. i believe that there is a place where all os the good people meet after their death. belief is a gift that you have to be born with.

    By Fran on 03.12.2012

  4. In my hands a glowing mist spreads till it spills over my finger tips and into your mouth. It trickles at the corners of your lips and yet you do not stop. Hunger drives your hands to clasp onto mine, your face greedily nuzzles into my palms. You want all my light for I am the one who banishes the foreboding sense of dread. You seek comfort in knowing no matter how grotesque you feel, think and act, that someone understands. I know what you want of me. But it is not fair. You have this belief that I’m mystic. Never do I wish to fail such high expectations, and yet like all earth bound beings it is in my nature to. That is why they call it enchantment. Strong enough is belief, but only if I make it real enough for you. But still I’m left wondering, who will comfort me after all the stories have been told.

    By Jammies on 03.12.2012

  5. is a strong word. I don’t know if I hold any beliefs that I stand by. In theory, it’s what most knowledge applies as since you can’t really know anything. But I guess some beliefs are stronger than others and as such, you hope they are backed up by evidence. I guess no one is entitled to their own opinion, they must back it up with facts.

    By Jason on 03.12.2012

  6. I belive that we can bevive whatever we want.

    By kyria on 03.12.2012

  7. I think that beliefs are very important in life and so on

    By kyria URL on 03.12.2012

  8. Belief is having faith that someday everything will work out. If you believe, you are a dreamer. Belief in yourself is important, but believing in others is beautiful. I believe in you. I believe in change. I believe in the world.

    By Emily URL on 03.12.2012

  9. Other people might think this is something that we need because we need something greater than ourselves. But i think it’s what drives us to do the same things that we do everyday. It is something that will push us to our limits and go beyond what’s expected of us. We need this because we’re human.

    By d.o.m on 03.12.2012

  10. i believe the grass is always greener on the other side,
    i believe you can’t choose or control your sexuality,
    i believe in what you give is what you get return,
    i belive karma will bite those who are nasty on the bum,
    i believe we are going to be friend

    a combination of song lyrics and thoughts

    By rachlea URL on 03.13.2012

  11. They hadn’t made it quite all the way to the top of the ridge. It was a part of the dream, a part of the real that made one foot in front of the other. A broken tree. A piece

    By Cliff on 03.13.2012

  12. i belive someone is going to rescue me from all this. i belive we all are going to be saved. i belive god is watching us. i beive it`s all wonderfull

    By anca on 03.13.2012

  13. trust in your beliefs because they make up a part of your being, your soul and they play a big part on you make your decisions, big or small. trust in them but ensure that what you believe in is worth every minute and every second of your life.

    By katsg URL on 03.13.2012

  14. I’m glad for those people who have something to believe in, because it makes them feel good, even though I don’t believe in anything.

    By Alma URL on 03.13.2012

  15. She walks out the side door of the sherrif’s office and begins the long walk down the hill to her uncle’s house. It will be a far colder winter without him to cut the wood. Didn’t really make sense why he was imprisoned. All he said was “I believe”

    By Ben Coppin on 03.13.2012

  16. Sometimes, I wish I had something to believe in, because I don’t. But, since I don’t believe iin heaven and hell, I don’t really have to worry about ending up in either one of those places. That is good, I believe.

    By Alma URL on 03.13.2012

  17. She walks out the side door of the sherrif’s office and begins the long walk down the hill to her uncle’s house. It will be a far colder winter without him to cut the wood. Didn’t really make sense why he was imprisoned. All he said was “I believe”

    By Isaac URL on 03.13.2012

  18. The word belief includes many different things. The first thing that comes to mind is religion. Many people that the beliefs that you hold are due to the pre-determined religious thoughts and ideas that you have when you’re growing up. I happen to agree with that in some sense. Whatever you’re brought up believing is what you’ll most likely know for the rest of your life.

    By Robbie on 03.13.2012


    ‘Belief takes you a long way,’ he said. ‘You’ll master your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.’

    For the look he had in those big brown eyes, pupils dilated, I wanted to reach out and embrace him. He probably would’ve liked that. But even with all the pleading muscles in my body directing me to pull out my arms, hold him, his face and his being, I couldn’t.

    I didn’t ever want to let go of him or stand up for myself. I liked being cradled. I preferred it. No doubt, my self-efficacy was also the source of my destruction. For the most part, I was fine with that.

    By UnderWater URL on 03.13.2012

  20. belief is a flawed system. one believes in all sorts of crazy things. beliefs can be formed on faulty information causing all dorts of craziness to occur based on said belief. many wars have been started, and lives ended because anothers belief system was different from those in charge.

    By gummo on 03.13.2012

  21. rhymes with grief
    great barrier reef
    too big to contemplate

    By Angela on 03.13.2012

  22. belief in god in nature in the spirit of life, belief in everything that matters and that would matter in the near future. future? the future of our beliefs is known in deed but we don’t know it yet it is because we don’t want to think about it , because we re afraid of it.

    By Lamis on 03.13.2012

  23. Is all that one needs, along with love.

    By Jeanie URL on 03.13.2012

  24. Maybe Pete just needed to believe in something. Even if what his new found belief was that love isn’t better than just finding someone to bed for the night (Brendon’s words, not exactly Pete’s own) maybe he was tired and confused and he missed his ex-wife, he worried about his daughter. So, it was easy to wind up with Brendon more than anyone else.

    By Cassie URL on 03.13.2012

  25. emmotions, moods. belief, thoughts, views..becoming emotionless, no moods, no believes, no thinking..what is happening
    growin up

    By tamar on 03.13.2012

  26. belief, what should i believe. is it like the song with john mayer? The thing is I actually dont know! life is about belief, in people.

    By Sbastian Elhoej on 03.13.2012

  27. I belief in lots of things and i believe in God. My beliefs are important to me just as i’m sure everyone else would feel. A belief is wht we need, it keeps us strong and guided when we are lost. It keeps us healthy in our minds and family. A set of beliefs would be good for a family as it can unite all members. Belief in your self is the most important and sacred belief of all. Without this you’d be lost. Belief in yourself no matter what happens or comes along, you can face it and conquer it. Just do it! A belief is the best guidance when faced with many choices in life. I belief in me! In us!

    By jordan,mummy on 03.13.2012

  28. can be a sad and happy state. a cause for fear a cause for hope. war and peace come from belief

    By Paul Greenwood on 03.13.2012

  29. Everything he had ever known was tethered to her world. His whole system of belief in love was centred around her. He vomited as soon as he heard the news that she was gone…

    By Julia URL on 03.13.2012

  30. belief
    a relief
    a thief
    you all seek.

    a thief
    no relief
    you are weak.

    By Words That Entangle URL on 03.13.2012

  31. belief is what you used to have when you were five…
    no questions, just law and blind faith

    By kimlyn stanyon on 03.13.2012

  32. Not belief. Wow. Once I was a strong believer, now I am in no man’s land, I’m blank, lost, floundering. I can’t comment on belief because I don’t know what I think.

    By @Menabiily URL on 03.13.2012

  33. belief is what you obtained when you were five…
    no questions, just instructions and blind faith

    By kimlynstanyon URL on 03.13.2012

  34. What you truly believe, where your loyalty should lie. not just religion, belief can be anything, or anyone, any time, any place.

    By Victoria Paget on 03.13.2012

  35. There is so much crap happening in the world because of religious belief. There wouldn’t be half as much war and famine if Religion did not exist, That being said we should all believe in OURSELVES not in something we’re not even sure exists!!!!! This is the problem with the human race. If we all just learnt to take the important values and sense of community from faith and religious practices and held it as important, not because of our beliefs in a deity but because of our beliefs in people, life would be of so much more value.

    By Hannah on 03.13.2012

  36. Belief is everything. Nothing will stand the test of time if there is no belief. The past, the present and the future is made up of belief. It is stronger than the great wall of china.

    By Sriram on 03.13.2012

  37. Limit the beliefs, think.

    By Nadin on 03.13.2012

  38. i believe in Jesus and that he rose from the dead this is a good timing couse its almost easter

    By harhodes URL on 03.13.2012

  39. I don’t believe in anything. Everything changes, shifts too often as frequently as the rivers to carry my belief in anything. I won’t let it carry me. I wish that I did actually feel something to trust in, to lay my head down but people break like glass if you actually put your faith in them. They dry up like wells.

    By Leah Rantz on 03.13.2012

  40. Limit the beliefs; think.

    No primordialism.

    By Nadin URL on 03.13.2012