March 12th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “belief”

  1. dream: a belief in something future, something futile.

    how many people have dreamed of being a writer someday –

    and how many people have done it?

    it’s a delusional belief, and i count myself among the millions of ununique people who have it.

    By MJ on 03.12.2012

  2. a fervent belief in something; a leap of faith. sometimes in the wrong direction. belief in the supernatural. belief in others. Trust in others, the belief that they will catch you when you fall.

    By Francesca URL on 03.12.2012

  3. All I could think about was how I would stand by my beliefs till the last moment. Till my dying breath, I would put my beliefs first. I nodded my head and accepted my fate. I was gone, but that didn’t mean my beliefs had to die with me.
    The crowd grew silent, I had never imagined that my last breaths would have quite so large an audience.

    By MK on 03.12.2012

  4. One day all your beliefs will sail
    like paper boats from you
    on and on to the horizon.

    By mermelanie URL on 03.12.2012

  5. I don’t know what I believe in. Especially mental illness, if someone can talk to God, why is ot so hard to imagine someone could talk to the devil. Instead of medicating them to believe theres something wrong, why cant we accept schiophrenics? Sounds strange to me.

    By claire on 03.12.2012

  6. belief in the supernatural, belief in others. trusting, believeing they will catch you when you fall. Misplaced belief, silly belief, fairytales and trappings of childhood. Songs of yesteryear and tomorrow.

    By Francesca URL on 03.12.2012

  7. I believe in God. I believe that he loves everybody. Some people don’t believe that he loves gay people, but the Bible says he loves everybody, and that’s good enough for me.

    By Mia URL on 03.12.2012

  8. belief is the most important part of life, you need to believe in something in order to keep going. I believe in my future, and without that i would be screwed. i believe in my family, friends and boyfriend. We all need someone to believe in us. We all need belief to survive this cruel world. Whether it’s in God, ourselves, our family friends significant others and more. Everyone needs that push and everyone needs support. Everyone needs something to believe in. :)

    By MacKenzie on 03.12.2012

  9. Is for the needy and insecure. Belief seems to be one of the first steps to hatred and close-mindedness.

    By Mel URL on 03.12.2012

  10. He held many beliefs, none of which I ever fully understood. As far as Fractal wrongness went, he was the King.

    By Hanna on 03.12.2012

  11. i believe belief might be slightly underestimated, look at souldiers shooting at one another, in the face of their god allmighty they believe their belief will benifit them somehow.

    By simon on 03.12.2012

  12. I belief that what makes us strong is to get out there everyday and prove everybody else wrong.

    By mad on 03.12.2012

  13. faith it’s
    what we pray to or what
    we trust in those moments there’s no one to trust.
    it’s that
    spark of a feeling
    when “existing” becomes “living”
    because now you have a

    By Wetterhound on 03.12.2012

  14. Believing in something is amazing, it gives you hope and joy, something to look forward to. Believe in love, so you’ll believe that you will find love someday.

    By ALLY URL on 03.12.2012

  15. do i believe in God. or do you even have to have faith in god to say that you have belief? It’s a question that I wish there was an easy answer for this. but i do have belief in people. Well most of the time not all the time though

    By bonmon22 URL on 03.12.2012

  16. Belief makes you chase after the wild things in life. Dont stop believing…ever.

    By Hannah on 03.12.2012

  17. I dream of clouds drenched in golden champagne where the sun paints the landscape. I have this belief that I’m floating and floating. Until one day like so many before me, I settle for some mythic land. But there’s no sign from the heavens; for I’ve no divine guide. I will know my home, see it with fresh faceted eyes, there I will find the rarest of violets glowing. My heart for a hearth where the firelight never dies.

    By Marmalade on 03.12.2012

  18. Belief is a persons view of the world. I have beliefs, but not religious. I believe in being a good person and getting out of the world what you put in.

    By Imogen on 03.12.2012

  19. Belief makes the world go round without it there would not be a bunch of people chasing their dreams but people hanging their heads. Belief we all need it

    By honeymae URL on 03.12.2012

  20. Have you ever wondered, how did religion even start? Who thought of such an absurd idea, and yet such a genius one. Able to control the masses with a single idea of a higher being, that if you do good in this life, you will continue to live on forever up in the clouds. However, if you disobey “his” law, you will be damned to life in hell. Yet, now, in today’s world, there are so many hundreds of different religions. Who is to say that only one is the real one, the right one? Who is to say that any of it is true at all?

    By zoe URL on 03.12.2012

  21. Beliefs are pretty bitchin. Everyone has them. No beliefs are right or wrong completely, I guess. I don’t have any real beliefs, even though I’m supposed to. Fall Out Boy says that, “the best part of believe is the lie.” Pete Wentz is kind of sort of good looking. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. This timer is taking forever. My attention is drifting. I believe that beliefs are believable.

    By Genevieve R on 03.12.2012

  22. you must always have these for your life to ever have meaning. your beliefs are the most important thing a person has, it shows how you want to live your life

    By michelle on 03.12.2012

  23. There is no such thing as belief anymore. It’s been strained, cut open, and drained of all meaning. Because no one believes in him anymore. They let a trick, a slip of the hand fool them. They no longer believe in the mad, beautiful genius that could have hurt them if he wanted to, but he didn’t. They no longer believe in him. Sherlock. But I do. I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

    By Nicole on 03.12.2012

  24. We have arrived at an age where we know much but believe little. The idea that the universe is wondrous, is beautiful and mysterious, and the idea that the human mind is capable not only of bad but of good has departed from us. Humanity has always been a child of sorrow, a great mistake. But maybe we can make it right in the end. No longer strike away the open hansds of the poor, no longer look side to side but forward. The cyclone of change has swept up everyone in its madness, and we have long forgotten how to change ourselves. We no longer believe.

    By Doug URL on 03.12.2012

  25. I grew up in small-town Oregon in a very protestant white neighborhood. My mother never liked to put the menora in the window during Hannukka because she was paranoid that there might be anti-semites in the area.

    By Adrienne on 03.12.2012

  26. I don’t really understand belief. Belief is what happens when you don’t know for sure but you just accept something and you really, truly believe it’s true. Sometimes, most of the time actually, you don’t even realize you don’t know it for sure: you think it’s completely true and real. And then a lot of the time, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, it believing something incorrectly happens a little too often to humans.

    By Andrew on 03.12.2012

  27. Beliefs are important, but your beliefs are the most improtant.

    By Alex on 03.12.2012

  28. His beliefs were built on dreams. Long-ago thoughts of love and happiness, dripping with friendships and interesting, fulfilling work.
    Never did he see real life come creeping. He was overtaken, shaken. His beliefs just thought balloons in a nightmarish cartoon.
    He wants to wake up.
    Believe again.

    By ThomG URL on 03.12.2012

  29. belief is a strange word actually because its hard to describe.i feel like the older i get the less i believe in anything.

    By ashlianna on 03.12.2012

  30. I am not sure what I believe in. My mom tries to skew me one way. My father tries to skew me another. My friends, though they don’t judge or pressure, are not easy to talk to about beliefs. I feel like I am in my own battle, trying to find out what I actually think.

    By Sarah on 03.12.2012

  31. belief is what you feel when you are pretty sure about something, sometimes are feelings but sometimes can be related to some galactic movie philosophy.

    By coral on 03.12.2012

  32. The guard looked right in her eyes, and all he saw was a reflection of himself staring skeptically back.
    “I still can’t let you in,” he finally said. And he went back to ignoring her.
    The little girl began to cry. She cried for three hours.
    And as he expected, no one came out to claim her.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 03.12.2012

  33. It ties us all together and it divides the rest. We become these pillars of ideas and see a uniformed web of how our views came to be below us. Others don’t look down at the intersecting pathways of us being human. They just look up and wonder how to make their pillar taller and knock all the others down. These ones will try to destroy the world in their own image and we will sadly shake our heads and continue to build ours.

    By River Ranter URL on 03.12.2012

  34. The reason. For us to live. We have morals. And we survive with this belief in our heads. As though its our guide through life. Saying we’ll make it. If we stick to our rules. I don’t think it’ll work. No one has a set of rules that flow perfectly through life.

    By Kim Calderon on 03.12.2012

  35. what do you believe in? do you believe in magic? love at first sight? these are the morals our parents instilled in us as children growing up to become adults. the religion we practice or just the way we carry ourselves out in the everyday world.

    By jayla on 03.12.2012

  36. Oh, what a greatness this universe entails. That I would go to the same website, look for change, see none, and leave. Repeat. Such desperate clinging to repetitive destructive patterns. Existence.

    By Tessa on 03.12.2012

  37. Beliefs are what cause the world to follow their dreams, to cause problems, and keep us sustained at the same time. You don’t often see a person without belief. They hold us down and keep

    By Annie URL on 03.12.2012

  38. I suppose I had held out a hope. I had kind of mapped it out, this is how it will go down, this is the plan.. I believed every word. I don’t know what changed but I felt it.

    By Blá URL on 03.12.2012

  39. i had a feeling the bananna was going to see my tralala
    So, I ate a farmers tractor.
    I don’t like my grandmas dog fluffy. It’s a bitch
    I wonder if my time it almost up. OH SHIT>

    By Mike Hunt on 03.12.2012

  40. Hard to find is belief,
    When you find it it is brief,
    When you lose it you might have grief.

    By Maryann on 03.12.2012