November 11th, 2011 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “beginning”

  1. beginning. isn’t every moment a new beginning? can’t you decide to begin something right now?.. or now? can’t you change your life, begin your life at any time you’d like? it’s funny- and kind of liberating to think of beginning. endless opportunities.

    By mae URL on 11.11.2011

  2. its beginning to look a lot like christmas…

    By kstru0125 URL on 11.11.2011

  3. Never again would she suffer. Never again would she allow him to treat her the way he does. She was done being in so much pain, and she was done with the crap life she was given. Her death would be an ending to the hurt, but a beginning to happiness. Her life will be made better, whether or not he wanted it to.

    By Emily W. on 11.11.2011

  4. how fitting it is really the beginning the beginning of what I ask myself and yet everyone else thinks they know the answer so why do I the one in the middle of this whole mess not know? why don’t I get to be privy to the answers on this test like everybody else? all I know is how brilliant they are those maple syrup eyes so sweet and unavoidable so I hope that if nothing more this is just the beginning of a time in which those maple syrup eyes stare into my own

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.11.2011

  5. There were those moments, right at the beginning, when things were still fresh and new. But I was mischievous, as you said, and miserable, as you said, and I loved to break things apart to see their insides. I couldn’t let it be, I couldn’t leave it alone or I would end up a disappointment, I had to take what was given and smash it apart. And then there was the silence, the guilt, the sorrow, that made me grow up. I couldn’t take anymore, because there was nothing left but a void. I could only sift through ashes and more gray ashes, searching for the last bits of what I’d destroyed. In the end, I wished for forgiveness, for a way to make amends. For a way to rewind to the beginning.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.11.2011

  6. the start of something magical or horrible. whether its something that will make you happy or sad, ruin something or make something. theres always a start, which is the beginning.

    By Cora on 11.11.2011

  7. Beginning in time is not beginning at all, mainly a transient state in which you believe it is the start, but truly it is your renaissance. We never were, we constantly are, we will not be. We are made up of the infinite unconscious, better poets than Keats or Wordsworth, grander philosophers than Plato, mightier conquerors than Alexander. An infinite potential lies within us all, and all who have passed before me have passed into me, they are me and I am they. When I pass I shall become the world and people around me, never ending, just shifting from one space to the other in infinite learning, experience and bliss.

    By Rory O' Connor URL on 11.11.2011

  8. beginning

    How long has it been since I had a “beginning?”

    Lots of endings… Lots of “same o’les… wrapping up, re-doing, fixing…

    Beginnings can be fun. I remember beginnings.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.11.2011

  9. the beginning of time happened who knows how long ago this is stupid bye wait its not over im beginning to think this is taking to long oh my okay ten seconds whoooooooooooooooo come one bro. YAy i tricked it to begin again im like a beginning genius. i have gay old man poRn on the other screen LMFAOO!

    By kin on 11.11.2011

  10. Beginnings are almost better than endings—at least in love. When love is fresh and new, it sings, it soars, like a beautiful bird released from a cage filled with loneliness. For the lucky, the bird flies on forever—till death and beyond.

    By Andie on 11.11.2011

  11. the beginning of a true love.
    It was a sunny day in the school and there she was, Eliabeth.
    So beautiful blond hairs and awsome blue eyes.
    She is just perfect and i im together with her

    By lol on 11.11.2011

  12. April morn~
    the bluebird sings of
    a new beginning

    By haikusue URL on 11.11.2011

  13. In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was something. And now, I don’t really care about any of it. Just saaaaaaaayinnnnnnnnnnn……..

    By johken URL on 11.11.2011

  14. i was there from the beginning. a little thought sparked itself clear in my mind so i pounced on it.

    it was like there was nothing else.

    nothing more, nothing less.

    like it was just me, my thoughts, and the world.

    By Daniel Johann Lines URL on 11.11.2011

  15. Birth. The start of life. An existence with no sin, with no tainting. It’s a remarkable thing, the beginning. Remarkable because it’s hard to define where it actually starts, if there is such a thing at all. How do we know? We don’t.

    By Sam URL on 11.11.2011

  16. Starts it all. Never worrying about the end. Something new, untold, changing. Promise comes with it and hope keeps it alive. Remembered the beginning when all was perfect? then end was nowhere near and i never knew how it would end.

    By Maddie on 11.11.2011

  17. Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.. Even if the beginning of something may be ruined by unpleasant circumstances, there is always a middle and an end to make up for everything that may have been lost.

    By Susie URL on 11.11.2011

  18. This is the beginning of a simple and meaningless paragraph. Why bother even reading it? Why bother writing it? It doesn’t matter.What is done is done and although I can go back and delete it all, I won’t.

    By Yuki URL on 11.11.2011

  19. The beginning of everyday is the beginning of a new life. Re-create yourself daily, never linger over what you did yesterday, move on and learn from it.

    By Lexie on 11.11.2011

  20. The beginning of a story matters. It’s the most important part of course. You have to introduce yourself. Introduce the characters, the plot. Ask a question. Propose a theory. Propose a question? Ask readers what they think. Define a word. Show them a quote. Maybe even give them a sneak peek into what they’ll be learning.

    By Allayna on 11.11.2011

  21. New beginnings are what life is made of. Ends and middles never happen without a beginning. Don’t be afraid to try new things because they are all beginnings. We need them.

    By redglassesgirl on 11.11.2011

  22. In the beginning, ha that’s how it all started isn’t it. There was no man, or anything at all really. Frankly, I don’t get how science can actually tell us what there was, because noone was there to see it. But they’re paid for something, I direly hope. Anyways there was really

    By mrc on 11.11.2011

  23. The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    By Julz URL on 11.11.2011

  24. It was the beginning of the end. We’d known it wouldn’t work out for awhile now, but we kept on trying. Trying to keep this vision of perfect others had when they thought of our realtionship, a reality for that much longer. but things kept on getting in the way. your job. my music. the infamous fight we had about the cats. everything started to change. and we had to stop pretending.

    By G. on 11.11.2011

  25. He’d hurt me, badly. I never wanted to see him again. Or, that’s what my brain said.

    My heart said differently.

    So when he texted me that Friday night, saying, “Can we start over?” I smiled and texted him back.


    Looks like we’re back at the beginning.

    By Kat413 URL on 11.11.2011

  26. It began with no more than an empty void. I was sitting there looking at the large endless blue sky and I knew that there was more to this than I was aware of. I had to go out into the world and find it. I will not sit and wait for it to come to me; when would that be? Life is passing me by. I will chase it down before I leaves me behind.

    By Erica on 11.11.2011

  27. Today is a new beginning. I have taken the week off of work to regroup and prioritize my life. I have been giving the wrong things too much attention while overlooking the more important ones, and it is now time for a change.

    By knighttime on 11.11.2011

  28. Wow, what a moment.
    And everyone tells me it was not true.
    But how not?
    It must be simply cause of your never experiences.
    That I against, unwillingly, discovered.
    But honestly, I do not mind.
    This is a wonder, that few meet, and I don’t know why I did.
    For it has ended, and something else is about to start.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.11.2011

  29. Getting out will be the beginning. The beginning of me. I have many years behind me. Or so I thought, yet I know. I am positive my start has not even come. No I will find ow though. For I am still here. I need away from these daily judges. Do not reprehend me. Do not judge me. Find me. Accept me. Or don’t. See if I care.

    By Olivia URL on 11.11.2011

  30. So much has happened from the first time we met. Neither of us are the same girls. Was it because we met? Or simply because of extraneous events? All I know is that, never again, will I underestimate the power of hello at the beginning of a friendship.

    By Lalemu URL on 11.11.2011

  31. I had to go back. I had to repair my first ever error, for many a seed grows in the wrong soil, and corrupts the land.
    If you were wrong at the beginning, you have always been wrong, even if you have said some of the right stuff. It’s not tough to say the right words to defend being wrong, which is the crazy about being a person.

    We’re so deep

    By Dovikles URL on 11.11.2011

  32. The beginning is never happens when you expect it to. You never expect to make friends with a random person sitting beside you on the tram, but unexpectedly a friendship began.

    By Gina on 11.11.2011

  33. It was the beginning. We could forget the past, forget everything, and move on to our future. We would laugh, cry, dance, and sing, and now we would wait for the celebrations to begin. We were reborn.

    By Meg on 11.11.2011

  34. i want to go back to the beginning …. when my heart was pure, and i could see the world in clarity and in ease for what it was rather than what it could have been. But that’ ll never happen, and that’s okay because I’ll start my own beginning all over again. like they say, a new chapter in a your book, or a whole new book even. Beginnings.
    They’re scary, but they’re
    they happen after an end, but only to end again.
    they’re continuous… on and on they go..
    beginnings. today is our beginning… no?

    By zainib URL on 11.11.2011

  35. Jensen thought back to the beginning, back before the massive bombardment. “I mean, who on earth would’ve even considered dropping an A-bomb on my home town, let alone a whole string of the god damn things?”

    And then he was jostled again, and opening his eyes he found himself face to face with the black boots.

    “Oh, what now?” he groaned limpishly.

    By chole URL on 11.11.2011

  36. I miss the beginning of our relationship. I would get nervous ans excited to see you. I wanted to spend all my time with you. Now we are together all the time and comfortable with each other. I miss having to longing to be with you. But when I’m with you it feels right.

    By Marina URL on 11.11.2011

  37. In the beginning there was whipped cream
    In the end there were crumbs on cracked plates
    What started as a simple yearly ritual
    Turned into a heavy cream battle
    Vanilla flecks flying
    We were supposed to say what we
    Were grateful for
    As we sat amongst the rubble of our
    Favorite dessert

    By ellie griffith on 11.11.2011

  38. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was formless and void, and God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. And God said that the light was good. Then Gos said, “let the waters of the deep separate from the dry lands.”

    By Lauren on 11.11.2011

  39. Every loop has a beginning. We just got to figure out where that was.

    By Tamador on 11.11.2011

  40. in the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth. and the earth was formless and void. and god said let there be light. and there was light, and god said the light was good. and god separated the waters of the deep from the dry lands.

    By scarletdistraction URL on 11.11.2011