March 8th, 2011 | 679 Entries

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679 Entries for “bee”

  1. bees sting abd rthen the y hurt that die after that get stung i mean when they sting ive never been stung by a bee before so i dont know if it hurts i wonder if im allergic, probably not i like honey and bees make honey bees are cute but theyre also a bit scary and i always wondered if they are soft to touch or not

    By Katherine Glover on 03.08.2011

  2. There are flowers all around, and you can see them stinging the flowers with their juicy stingers. You’d like to be a flower. You’d like to be pricked, picked, made juicy like the bees. You’d like to be stolen away behind a tree and made, you’d like to be the petals drifting to the ground you’d like to be violated until you’re cells, just cells.
    You’d like to be stung. You’d like to be torn.

    By A on 03.08.2011

  3. Bees are a provider of honey but have a nasty sting in their tail if angered.

    By Toni on 03.08.2011

  4. bee who you want to be. the bees can, because no body judges them. they have no friends, they have no jobs, they just have their bee family, who is there for them no matter what. to kiil the hornet that is attacking their home, to sting the people who threaten those who matter most to the bee.

    By ashley on 03.08.2011

  5. bees are cute and fluffy
    they sip sweet nectar from the beautiful flowers

    By Katrina on 03.08.2011

  6. Akeelah and the Bee. Fantastic movie.

    Also the cute, furry insect that we rely on to pollinate our plants and help them in their life cycles. (sex cells on their butts! :D)

    By Gigi URL on 03.08.2011

  7. The humble bee is a bee. Bee why? Bee who? Bee what? The bee is an insect. Just an insect. But why? Who created the bee? What is the bee in all its glory. These are the important questions we must ask ourselves. To bee or not too bee. The question that must be answered.

    By Joseph URL on 03.08.2011

  8. busy busy busy bee
    dumble bumble about your day
    hum buzz hum buzz
    dumble bumble
    honey honey honey honey
    honey honey honey

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.08.2011

  9. The bee was close, too close. I hated bees, but there was a prize if I won. Spelling was always one of my strong points, so I thought I’d give it a shot. All I had to do was remember to wake up in the morning.

    By Rebecca URL on 03.08.2011

  10. Akeelah and the Bee. Fantastic movie.

    Also the cute, furry insect that we rely on to pollinate our plants and help them in their life cycles. (sex cells on their butts! :D)

    and from Aladdin, Genie’s great advice to him “Bee yourself!”

    By Gigi URL on 03.08.2011

  11. the daily bee. a local paper. my brother works for a different publishing company though, keoke, the local magazine. i’m glad he took the initiative to get a job. it’s a pretty cool job, too. i would like something like that; a job that only takes about two hours after school and not weekends. i’d have some side cash to keep me going through the winter.

    By Katie Chambers on 03.08.2011

  12. I used to be terribly afraid of bees. I used to run away when one flew too near me. Sometimes I cried.

    Now I just stand firm, and await the bee to fly away to it’s next victim.

    By Amanda URL on 03.08.2011

  13. I always wanted to get stung by a bee. It had only happened once and before that time I knew I wanted to know how it felt. I wanted to feel that sting and that quick feeling of pain. And then there I was, feeling something land on my hand, seeing a bee on my hand, and then flicking the bee away. And in those short moments, the bee stung me and I felt that quick feeling of pain.

    By Neha URL on 03.08.2011

  14. The bee was pink. What? What the hell is this? Bees aren’t supposed to be pink. But in this lab, you couldn’t really be surprised about anything, much less finding strange colored bees. I wonder what kind of experiment they were involved in, perhaps in a cure for cancer, a poison, or a cosmetic.

    By sarahbell on 03.08.2011

  15. i’ve never been stung by a bee ever in my life.So now, im terrified of Bees….

    By Nicole on 03.08.2011

  16. What a gorgeous day to be out on the water kicking back in my little putt putt boat
    and admiring the scenery , when out of no were comes this killer bee from Hell,
    bent on protecting his territory.

    By Linda Berryman URL on 03.08.2011

  17. Uuurgh, I hate bees! Except that one from the movie (Bee Movie ¬¬’), that one is a little cute…
    But it does not exist (such a pitty) SO, I keep hating them, they cause me distress :S
    I can’t even imagine how it’s like to be stung by a bee, it must hurt o LOT!
    I know that bees has their importance to the world and stuff, BUT they can kill either!

    By Francielly URL on 03.08.2011

  18. I little yellow and black insect that buzzes around drinking up nectar from flowers to make honey for it’s hive. As a passing effect they pollinate the flowers they touch.

    By Alyssa on 03.08.2011

  19. Bees. Buzzing like a crowd. Busy like a bee. What poor stressful little creatures. But I suppose its okay because they occasionally get to see their flowers.

    By Paul on 03.08.2011

  20. Yellow and black, little bumble bee. You sweeten my smoothy each morning with that delicious local honey. Why are people so afraid of you? A little prick. It’s not so bad considering the great gifts you bring to me.

    By Will on 03.08.2011

  21. just like a thousand worker bees
    we slave away in colonies
    and to us, the honey never tastes but bitter.
    we know not who is our queen
    but the mindless millions claim she is to be adored
    as thoughts are professed for centuries.
    “let me out, i want to see the flowers!”
    “one day, but first bore yourself a few more hours.”

    By kalena URL on 03.08.2011

  22. bees have swarm intelligence. ten bees are more intelligent that one me. they know what path to follow every minute of their lives..that is more than i can say about myself.

    By Katherine on 03.08.2011

  23. Just like honey. Driving, windows up in narrow streets. Straight-aways to underground passages. Bee girl waiting.

    By daniel URL on 03.08.2011

  24. you’re my honey bee
    you sting me with your words
    and just like a physical sting it takes time for my feelings to heal

    By Brint Buscher on 03.08.2011

  25. I was excited to be. Bees, just like in those pop songs that buzz around the radio, like annoying insects that won’t get out of your car. They won’t get our of your head; that bee in particular, it just can’t be, that bee is still there, still buzzing, pleading you to let it out. But you’re too scared to touch it. Bees sting, you know? So does love.

    By Naima URL on 03.08.2011

  26. flowers. spring time. annoying. black and yellow. stings! OUCH! i hate things that sting. i’m pretty afraid of bees. just bee yourself! i wonder what it would be like to be a bee? a worker bee. the one who has to do all the work while the queen bee sits around and does nothing.

    By Sarah Clancy on 03.08.2011

  27. The buzzing of the trees was heard throughout the air. The air was stiff and no one could breathe. “Buzz” was all that could be heard. “Buzz” was all that could be seen. The waves of the heat the stifling unresting heat. I couldn’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

    By Jasmine on 03.08.2011

  28. This bee landed on my shoulder and wouldn’t leave. He didn’t seem to be causing any trouble so I left him there. I decided to reward the unique bee with some honey. But then I realized this was counter-productive for the bee.

    By Joseph on 03.08.2011

  29. The Bee worked hard to pollinating from flower to flower. It was tired by noon but kept going. It knew it had to bring food home to the hive and keep mother queen full and happy. The bee buzzed and buzzed through out the day with a big smile on its face

    By JB on 03.08.2011


    By Gracie Van Brunt on 03.08.2011

  31. bee yourself who cares what anybody else thinks. almost like the species, they go from flower to flower pollenating, creating life where there’s none, simply because they don’t care enough to stop and see what’s at what flower.. they’re just themselves, doing them all the time.

    By Ivelise on 03.08.2011

  32. The buzz was beginning to make all my hair stand up on ends; I knew the little insect had to bee flying around somewhere in here. My allergies jeporeydized my health in situations like this, I was allergic to bees.

    By Jacy White on 03.08.2011

  33. there was a bee who was devoted to his queen. well, actually, she was devoted to her queen. worker bees are all girls you see, once again nature shows how women are much more effective than men, who only mate eat and then die. Well, that’s rather grim i suppose, but the facts of nature cannot bee denied.

    By bee on 03.08.2011

  34. the bee flew by and the flower danced in the wind. she lay on her back staring at the white clouds against the blue.

    By susanna URL on 03.08.2011

  35. I wish i could be a bee so that I could buzz around, doing my lil bee dance, and let my worries surface to the simplicity of being the bee and/or being the queen, and all that it entails.

    By Nneka URL on 03.08.2011

  36. A bee buzzing lightly among the flowers catches my eye. I gaze upon it and feel a sense of warmth rush over me, like the feelings I used to get when I was a child. When the simpler things brought a smile to my face.

    By Raven URL on 03.08.2011

  37. so simple and always on the go, bees are the means to productivity. I like this and I like the way that bees flutter despite the obstacles in their path. Cooperation and determination and motivation. Bees continue on to achieve a goal for all …. that is their life.

    By velourquor on 03.08.2011

  38. a little bee reminds me of to “be”
    i just want to be a little bit older and a little bit wiser and a little bit smarter and a little bit more sociable
    that is all that i want to bee
    i love being a busy bee
    although sometimes i am not sure if i give enough time to other people
    should i have more friends or better friends that is always the question

    By isabel on 03.08.2011

  39. The idea flitted into my head and stung me with the brutal unexpectedness of a killer bee, stopping me in my tracks and filling all my thoughts without end.

    By Maverick URL on 03.08.2011

  40. bumble bee sting flower polination food stinger sting black and yellow, african killer bees are coming to get us in the end that’s what’s going to kill us, the bees are returning to their planet, or at least the doctor thinks so

    By Steph on 03.08.2011