March 8th, 2011 | 679 Entries

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679 Entries for “bee”

  1. the bumble bee, flying round and round, circling in the room and making a buzzing noise. Suddenly landing on the pot of jam that I have been saving for ages, weeping off the dust, the sweet scent drifting in the air. Maybe you deserve it. ^___^

    By soraoshi URL on 03.08.2011

  2. I think of honey bee…ah yes, the honey bee. Buzzing around all day, slaving away to get that which is sweet to take to it’s queen…who is a bit of a witch, so i hear.

    By jessica on 03.08.2011

  3. My aunt got stung by a bee once. She swelled up like the fat lady in Harry Potter. Only my uncle wouldn’t let her float away. Unfortunately, he was a bit stronger than Vernon Dursley.

    By rollinggnomes URL on 03.08.2011

  4. One time rachell almost died in the car cuz there was a bee. It was crazy. One time i almost got stung by a bee at dennis house. That’s sad that they are all going away…no more flowers…that will be sad…way too much like the happening for me….bees freak me out…especially the bumble bees….they sound like jet engine when they fly by your ear…

    By Ck on 03.08.2011

  5. to be or not to be
    as it buzzes around my head
    through my ear
    causing fuzziness
    as i try to pay attention
    the bee wont stop
    cant stop it now
    going going and you are gone
    so much for united states history

    By megan URL on 03.08.2011

  6. I was trying to save the little bugger. He was floating on top of the water and I gently waded across and cupped him ever so carefully in my hand. ‘Come on little mate, I’ll help you”… And then bam, the sting in my palm hurt like the devil.

    By RJH URL on 03.08.2011

  7. I got stung by a bee when i was a child, it hurt like hell. It was a very beautiful bee though, yellow and black and large purplish wings

    By Terry White URL on 03.08.2011

  8. bee are funny and curious insects, in cartoons they are so cute, but in real life they can be really scary. i dont like them very much

    By Marina URL on 03.08.2011

  9. I dont like bees, bees sting and hurt, but they are very beautiful in the spring. I think they are a queer species with their tiny wings. who knows they could hold thew answers to the universe.

    By Ari Quinn on 03.08.2011

  10. There once was a bee
    oh, how stingy was he!
    he buzzed and he flew
    he stuck and he drew
    the blood from a little girl
    so she squished him in one hurl

    By Laura on 03.08.2011

  11. BEE:the body starts decomposing upon is recycled unto earth as is the rain that has been continuiously reycled for millions,perhaps,billions of years

    By The Fake Dann URL on 03.08.2011

  12. Based on a true. None of the names were changed.

    “Baby, can you run back in and get me a hot pretzel?” Jenny begged and begged as Rob was pulling out of the mall parking lot.

    “Yes love,” Rob hurriedly turned around; “don’t wanna be late for the spelling bee.”

    All of a sudden Jenny was in the back seat with us giving us kisses…french kisses. We were only thirteen.

    “This cant be in accordance with the accepted norm,” replied Danny with red lipstick all over his grin.

    By David Haydu URL on 03.08.2011

  13. buzzing around, wondering in their whole world of other bees and the community that they have with each other, their way of life, their organizational skills…we could learn quite a lot from them. They do it all so well and so skillfully. AND…at the end of the result, they produce something wonderful and sweet called HONEY!!

    By Rayme URL on 03.08.2011

  14. There was a honey bear who once loved to climb trees to look for his honey. Then one day, he came upon a bee busily making his honey in the honeycomb. His stopped to chat with this bee for a while and came to respect all of the hard work that he had accomplished

    By Heather on 03.08.2011

  15. They have to take me away from you-
    they pull and tear my fabric
    the worker bee; incessant buzz buzz buzz

    As they rip us asunder

    By ObsidianSky URL on 03.08.2011

  16. buzz. buzz buzz. black and yellow black and yellow. stings. hurt. a bee landed on my drink one time when i was picnicking at my friend’s house. i didn’t notice until i took a sip of that drink (bee included) and got stung. ouch is right. aren’t they becoming extinct?

    By Christie URL on 03.08.2011

  17. Bee. Believe. Become. Behave. Bereft. Bee. Bzz. Bee, bee, bee, be, be, be, be. Is this all we hear? Be? Be something, be someone. Be good. Be strong. Be proud. Be, be, be. Bee. Bzzz. It’s the same noise in my ears. The strong, steady buzz of the bee’s and the be’s.

    By Kaela on 03.08.2011

  18. There was a time when the world only existed as nothing. A nothing created from can that bee? A bee follows a flower and we consider a flower to be nothing. Because of it’s simplicity..

    By Stephanie on 03.08.2011

  19. You need a bee to come vibrate its little wings around the blossoms of your tomato plant, shaking free the silky pollen dust to drift down into the open, waiting stigmata below. But when you live on a cul-de-sac in Florida, and you grow your tomatoes in a pot on the lanai, and your wife is vigilant lest a bee intrude, you watch for the right moment when the blossom’s yellow petals open. And when they do, you casually walk over and tap, tap, tap, gently, firmly on the stake holding that plant upright, and give its sex life a little human help.

    By ruth URL on 03.08.2011

  20. buzz buzz… my grandmas heather …3years old swatting bees one dies .. pick it up ouch!!!!
    lovely little yellow fuzzy buzz buzzing busy bees !………. buzz buzz

    By kay on 03.08.2011

  21. the be hum that i hope for when i read stories showed up today, after only the first few pages of a Nabokov short. The hum is the inspiration to write my own or draw or dance. The bee hum help me bumble smiles out of being sick in bed or ennui.

    By Tescia Schell URL on 03.08.2011

  22. If one dies it’s no big deal but if they all die so do we. We have such a fragile existence that is one thing goes wrong it all goes under. Doesn’t it strike you as kind of amazing? Bee.

    By Euphoriamism URL on 03.08.2011

  23. Bees swirl, circle, peak, dip, and peak again.
    round and round,
    their buzzing drives them in circles,
    the maddening sound,
    the siren of the honey troops.

    By Emily URL on 03.08.2011

  24. the bee buzzed about the garden stopping here and there for a sip. he loved flowers, but not as much has he loved his queen. he thought to himself, perhaps i will visit her today. She has seemed lonely without her usual suitors flying about, maybe see would like to see me.

    By Monica on 03.08.2011

  25. everything ended for you in a split second.
    buzz, buzz, buzz, land.
    with a bend of my elbow i crushed everything about you. your body. your mind. your past. your present.
    your future.

    By helen lindsay URL on 03.08.2011

  26. the bee went to the liquor store to catch some tomatoes. THen the bee went to the grocery store to buy liqour. What a confused little bee. buzz buzz buzzing away to it’s own tune. Somebody should stop this little bee before he buzzes himself right into hell.

    By Rani on 03.08.2011

  27. Bee. Bees are great, and I wish we didn’t use them so much. Their legs get caught in doors at honey farms and then we take all of their food! The stress on bees might even be what leads them to abandon their queens to die, which is sad. They seem pretty sweet really.

    By Rachel on 03.08.2011

  28. there was a bee in the backyard at the house i always used to live in. it would always taunt me. it would buzz around and around my little six year old head. i was terrified of that old bumble bee. i wasn’t really ever sure why. for some reason, i just believed that it was the devil. i believed that that bee would definitely kill my family, or my future children, or have me murdered or something.

    By elaine URL on 03.08.2011

  29. I am bee and I like to fly and sting. I am bee and I like swoop and sing. I am a bee and I like fly and be free. I am a bee and I like…..honeeey. I am I am I am bee bee bee.

    By Bryan on 03.08.2011

  30. Bee hive. HiFive. The bees are the most important animals in the world. Without bees there is absolutely nothing. They are ignored but still they are essential to life. Why not treat the bees a bit more kindly?

    By MiniBrici URL on 03.08.2011

  31. I want a honey bee for my birthday. That’s all I want. I will be the happiest girl if I get a honey bee. When I told mommy, she just laughed and said, “A honey bee? You’re silly.”

    By TaraD URL on 03.08.2011

  32. one day there was a bee and his name was lee he ate peas, he liked them, alot.Then two days later a robber came and stole his face. Then he sold it on Ebay..

    By mason on 03.08.2011

  33. I once was stung by a bee, it was already dead but the stinger was still in place. It hurt so much, and I promised that I would never go near a bee again. I think they’re so scary even though, they are so tiny. I admire the way they are so organized.

    By Ruthie URL on 03.08.2011

  34. Una abeja, dentro de su panal, se dio cuenta de la realidad que estaba llevando, de alguna manera lo que estaba predispuesta a hacer no le funciono, y hoy se encontraba escuchando un crack dentro de su cabeza, que lo motivaba a conocer más allá. ¿Por que lo excitaba esa reina tan gorda?

    By David M. URL on 03.08.2011

  35. Bee all that you can bee. Move around fast and flap your wings. Never stay in the same spot for more time than it takes to suck the sweetness out of it and then find your next flower. Bee sure that life will only get better and better if you live like this.

    By lynn doonan on 03.08.2011

  36. There I’ll bee. There you’ll bee. Together forever we’ll bee. Wait that’s not right. No it certainly isn’t.

    By Laure on 03.08.2011

  37. A bumble bee as big as a mouse knocked against my window today. I live 10 floors up and wondered how on earth its little wings had carried it so high!

    By Kaleidascope on 03.08.2011

  38. I’ve been a bee. This whole time. Nobody knew it. Couldn’t tell anybody. Nobody would have guessed. Yes, I’ve been a bee. Did you even know it was me? Did you even know me?

    By Laure on 03.08.2011

  39. bees are really cool, but misunderstood, they get a bad rap man. always buzzin’ about minding their own business, but people get annoyed, its not their fault though :( they mean no harm, just love.

    By jessica on 03.08.2011

  40. flying buzzing insect with wings and it’s yellow and black stripes cover it’s body. It usually likes flowers and there is usually a queen bee, kinda like the V’s. They go to flowers in order to make honey which people like us and bears like Winnie the Pooh come and steal it. The bee is a funny little thing. A creature that I like very much because it can signify the spring and the sun and you see lots of them when you see lots of flowers or are resting in the grass with people you love.

    By Therese on 03.08.2011