March 8th, 2011 | 679 Entries

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679 Entries for “bee”

  1. They buzz all around me as they search for flowers. I wonder if the ever stop and think about something else to do, but I guess not because that would be crazy, wouldn’t it?

    By rexy6366 URL on 03.09.2011

  2. When I was in kindergarten we used to sing this song about a bee. It was something about a bee stinging me and then I would smash the bee. I don’t really remember though

    By fluffy1297 URL on 03.09.2011

  3. its a bug. it scares me because it might pique me. I think bees are beautiful though, because they are colourful and fascinating. I’d like not beeing afraid of them because i love them and yeah that’s about it… bees are chouettos :)

    By Adele on 03.09.2011

  4. A bee is something that stings you when you annoy it, so you kinda of deserve it if you get stinged. Bees are like applebees its so yummy and delicioso.

    By kuppycakekhylee URL on 03.09.2011

  5. They have black and yellow strips and they have a stinger on their butt. Some people can’t get stung or they could die.

    By cheylo URL on 03.09.2011

  6. A bee is an insect that has a stinger. They are usually black or yellow and black. When you make it mad, it gets angry and sometimes stings you.

    By Stephanie URL on 03.09.2011

  7. Bees are very fascinating and if you ever wonder were honey comes from it comes from bees its great.

    By Stephen on 03.09.2011

  8. Bees are normally black and yellow. I hate bees, my best friend is allergic to them and if she gets stung she can be badly hurt. If a bee ever hurts her I will cut it in half.

    By Drenna URL on 03.09.2011

  9. A bee is an insect that has a huge stinger and it will hurt you if you get stung. Some people have died from a bee sting!

    By smileigh URL on 03.09.2011

  10. The bee buzzed….wiggling it’s tail
    A sign that Spring was around the corner
    Seeking a a place to make her home
    I smiled at her as she flew by.

    By Perry on 03.09.2011

  11. i love bees they are cool. i really like them. bees are awsome to look at

    By neongreen on 03.09.2011

  12. there was a bee in my room so i opend the window and it flew out and then it got in adain it did not want to go out of my room so i got a fly swater and killed it hahah.

    By 71angel URL on 03.09.2011

  13. Bee’s are great! that is till they stick their little stinger in you and inject their bodily fluids into you, and you swell up like a balloon.

    By logan on 03.09.2011

  14. The average bee lives just over a month. The queen is not your average bee. While that may seem obvious, she is also more docile than your average bee. That makes it easier to pinch her dead when it’s time to replace her.

    By pd URL on 03.09.2011

  15. Black and Yellow stripes all over and over with a little stinger on the back

    By peyton URL on 03.09.2011

  16. Bees sting and they hurt. Some people are allergic to bee stings and need medical help treating them. Allergic reactions can be hideous and gross. Some take long to heal. i have never personally been stung by a bee, so i don’t know if i’m allergic or not. Bee’s create hives and some can be africanized and creat a swarm that will attack a human and go after them

    By Amanda on 03.09.2011

  17. It flew in my window, and began to buzz at me, before zooming in on the crimson geranium. There, it hovered, grabbing at the bloom, and pulling it down under its weight. Soon, the cat that was sitting on the table with the plant, became curious and began batting her paw at the bee. It buzzed away, at first, and then headed at the cat’s face,. But, she was too quick, and before it could land, she wapped it down with a swipe. Stunned, it crawled about and hid under the edge of a plate. The cat, not giving up, probed with her claw, until the bee scrambled out buzzing into the air. This time it went up looking around the room for a way out. I dodged it a couple of times before it clamored against the window pane. Falling at last, it fell to the sill below and escaped. The cat scratched at the door, asking to go out. the bee was waiting, and buzzed at her tail, before deciding to go visit the garden.

    By Will conway on 03.09.2011

  18. Buzzz…buzzz…buzzz….buzzz…buzzzz….buzzz….buzzzbuzzz…..
    I have nothing productive to write about bees. I don’t mind them – I’m not allergic to them, or scared – I simply have no opinion on the matter.

    By emma31893 URL on 03.09.2011

  19. It’s too delicious to pass up. As I approached the tree, of course they were aware of my presence. But I had come too far to just turn around now. The sweet nectar was almost within arm’s length, surrounded by its buzzing, stinging guards. I made a grab for a chunk, and ran, ran, ran.

    By Robert Capone on 03.09.2011

  20. bee stings. it kills a lot of people because of its venom. :) what else should i say. bee is what bumble bee is

    By test on 03.09.2011

  21. I hate bees. One time I was stung by a bee when I was at my dad’s house as a child. I hate my dad, he’s a bastard. Maybe that’s why I hate bees… Yellow and black buzzing bastards… Sixtyseconds is a lot more time than I thought it would be. I have no idea what else to say about bees. Buzzing. Buzzing bastards.

    By Clark on 03.09.2011

  22. The bee sat at the top of the flower. His wife had just left him, and his children were now motherless, but despite their suffering, it was his own problems that were trapped within his mind. it wasn’t too hard for him to conceive jumping and ending his life.

    By Steven on 03.09.2011

  23. Flying faster than the little bee in the window, all my thoughts when I saw the picture of her. Fucking beautiful, why? I hope I’m just summing around in confusion, just like the little bee. Can’t really belive it could be true.

    By Nellbie URL on 03.09.2011

  24. Busy as a bee. I have nothing else to do. I have nowhere to run. This is all I’ve been wanting to achieve, to end. I’ve been waiting to be free of this torture.

    By yunisee on 03.09.2011

  25. The birds and the bees make gently wafting music like The Bird and The Bee, but get an electric and eclectic group together and its more Birds and Batteries. Musical nature the buzzes to life – isn’t there an energizer bunny out there roaming some hillside?

    Spring marches to the sound of a kick drum. Tha-thump-tha-thump-tha-thump.

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.09.2011

  26. bees are the best friend of man kind and nature, they are the reason why plants reproduce and make their purpose.The honey bees are know for very complex social network and hierarchy.

    By ab on 03.09.2011

  27. “Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so he keeps flying anyway.”–Mary Kay Ash

    This one little fact has allowed me to believe that the impossible is possible for years.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.09.2011

  28. It’s like a bee that buzzes through my head constantly. The thoughts of what you I had last year nearly kill me everyday. I miss you so much. If only you were still in my life. I want you to be, you know? You’re the only person that makes me happy, and even though I would love to hate you… I can’t because what we had was amazing. What we did shouldn’t have happened, but I’m glad it did. It made me some stronger. I miss you so much, and every time I see you with her I want to cry. Please come back to me. You are the one person I want most in this world. To bad everything changed. We would be perfect together. Even though you are a total jerk.

    By a nini mous on 03.09.2011

  29. I remember when I was in the back yard swinging my baby and his friend. A swarm of bees came over.. I barely got them out and in the house. The bees were looking for a new hive. The neighbor

    By Jenny Howland on 03.09.2011

  30. Bee’s buzzing through the air.
    What’s that sound?
    Panic strikes as I hear it get near.
    Oh please, leave me be.

    By Chelsea URL on 03.09.2011

  31. Bumble, honey, queen, hive, these are the things thats come to mind. When I think of the bee who is he really? Feared for his sting, and loved for his honey. How so is love. We fear its sting, its pain, but long for its sweet taste, the necter of the flower.

    By Jessica Harrison on 03.09.2011

  32. stop swarming around me please. i know you’re there and i know i’m supposed to leave you alone. i don’t want to get hurt right? oh wait, you’re not that kind? maybe you’re reminding me of what i am supposed to be. ok, you won’t hurt me…i’m ready…to be…

    By Jason on 03.09.2011

  33. Bee, Grandma Bee. My grandmother was my hero – well she still is, she just isn’t here on this earth with me any more. My grandmother, heart of gold, accepting, christian – like no other I have known. smiles so that her whole face smiles, closing her eyes to little slits.

    By Marilyn on 03.09.2011

  34. A bee is an insect that flies from flower to flower to collect honey. It lives in a society with one queen and a lot of drones. The drones task is to collect honey, and care for eggs and larvaes.

    By Peter Bergström on 03.09.2011

  35. “beeee yourself.” thank you, Disney. you’ve dominated my thoughts yet again.

    By Shannon on 03.09.2011

  36. Bees are the most important member of the environment. They maintain ecological homeostasis. They provide us with food and clean air to breathe. they keep us alive.

    Bee well, everyone!

    By Richard K URL on 03.09.2011

  37. i am a bumble bee. i love to buzz. if you piss me off, i will sting you.
    but then, i will die. but thats okay because life is short lived anyways. but im important. i make honey. for you to enjoy. so dont make me mad. so i wont sting you and die

    By emma on 03.09.2011

  38. A bee is a yellow and black color. Its small and it can sting you. It will hurt for most people.

    By soccer10 URL on 03.09.2011

  39. A bee is a insect.

    By camiwhite on 03.09.2011

  40. bees are so annoying all they do is get in your cold soda on a summer day. The first time i ever got stung by a bee i cried, but you cant blame me i was only 3 years old.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 03.09.2011