March 8th, 2011 | 679 Entries

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679 Entries for “bee”

  1. Man. This is not entirely my favorite word. It reminds me of Futurama and Doctor Who and being a little bit scared at picnics and Bumblebee, Flight of the. They have hair on their eyeballs, don’t you know.

    By Amy on 03.08.2011

  2. Bees bumblebees on the beaches, oh my youth, it fades replaced by beards in the mouth, combing over trees and rocks and rubble, the roots of the world changing throughout my breaths, i cant even focus on the task at hand because of all the decay of matrimony that runs rampant in the dusk of this city, and i relapse into sad glimpses of moonlight

    By marky URL on 03.08.2011

  3. bee mister bee, bumble bee. bee is the bee bee happy mister bee. mister bee, show me the tree, a flower of your leeeeaves. mister bee happy tree, happy bee, we be happy thee.

    By ikai on 03.08.2011

  4. One time I was in the car with my mom and one of my older sisters. I’m not sure how that bee got in there. I don’t think the bee knew how that bee got in there. But suddenly there was a bee, and suddenly it was flying up one of the ‘legs’ of my older sister’s short-shorts. She got stung on her inner thigh, scarily close to some important anatomy. I think I laughed at the time, but I feel bad about it now. I mean, come on. That poor bee.

    By Sae URL on 03.08.2011

  5. like a bee. like a flower. all i can think of is the newly humidified spring. the air is so crisp with a wallowing scent of floral print swaying in the air. the sun is beaming down on me, and only me. i am the only person who, at this moment, understands what spring truly means. it means life. to live is not to live pent up, alone, it is to be one with the world, one with yourself.

    By alexis on 03.08.2011

  6. The bee buzzed around the clover. I could see her walking along in her bare feet. I knew she was going to step on it. I tried to warn her. She had her headphones on and couldn’t hear me. She as daydreaming again. That’s when it happened and she started hopping and screaming

    By Rebecka Vigus URL on 03.08.2011

  7. Putt putt putt. The bee swings through the drunken trees, veering slightly as it changes direction, the weight of it’s arse creating a drag that holds it back.
    It propells itself by small rapid farts, don’t you know?

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 03.08.2011

  8. Bees sting, but they are beautifu with all that black and gold striping. Their buzz is soothing on a warm summer day as they hover over bright-colored flowers planted in assorted rows in the garden. Honey…mmmmmmm. What could be better on a warm biscuit than a little butter and spoonful of golden honey. Bee all you can be. Don’t sting people with unkind words. Let your actions produce something sweet.

    By Monecia on 03.08.2011

  9. A bee stings so that you know it’s there. You won’t forget until the next day. He wanders from each flower and watches cautiously, both ways as he crosses into his free way.

    By Kalyn Herman on 03.08.2011

  10. the hive of bees became agitated by the disturbance about their hive== all got into a defensive mode to get rid of the intruder==one sting at a time one by one by one—aaahhhh

    By she53lly URL on 03.08.2011

  11. bees sting then die, make honey and fly have the coolest colour scheme ever fall asleep in the winter drop on your head play dead.

    By shinji on 03.08.2011

  12. the bee hurts like hell. i hate them. i dont understand what is so special about them. they make honey? they fly around and cause terror 24/7? No. that shit aint gonna fly with me . i will mess a bee up is i see him in the street . best believe that.

    By Nick Hiltwein on 03.08.2011

  13. Oh to be a bee, buzzing a long, in your own little world. All cute and fluffy and inoffensive but to the outside world feared and loathed. Oh to be a bee.

    By Rachel on 03.08.2011

  14. The bee’s were flying around me in an elegant circle. I could hear the buzz.
    “Try not to make any sudden movements” the bee keeper said, “It’ll alarm them, just be one with them and listen to their synchronized movements.”
    I stood still, not nervous just in awe at the sheer magnitude of these tiny little creatures. They were crawling on me, but it wasn’t a bad thing, it was good, really really good.

    By Meagan URL on 03.08.2011

  15. The bumblebee was friendless and sad. He knew no one liked him because of his stinger. Was he doomed to a life of loneliness just because he was born a bee? Bumblebee decided to look for a friend in the most unusual place – a back alley. As the bee buzzed down the alley, he searched high and low. Finally, he saw a man carrying a garbage can. Aha! That would be his new friend!

    By jo on 03.08.2011

  16. Although I’ve never been stung by a bee, I’ve still gained a fear of them. I’ve never really though about that, but it is odd that I don’t have any reason to fear them and still do.

    By Gesue Staltari on 03.08.2011

  17. there once was a bee and he was a ugly bee nobody liked him at all they murded him and he was dead 4 ever lots of ppl missed him but that was 2 bad

    By Jasmine on 03.08.2011

  18. The bee buzzed fast paced the people swiftly. Well the young bee looked for a flower, then he ran into another bee. She said her name is Eliza and she was looking for the perfect flower so they flew off thogether and quietly found roses and daisy’s. They colected the pollen from the beautiful megnificant flowers. But they had to part their friendship until next time they flew out of thier hives.

    By Shae on 03.08.2011

  19. bee, be, b. bees just bee and buzz buzz buzz from flower to flower. Flower – flour honey bee cookies. Yum. Bees let me bake you a cookie for just being and then you won’t sting me me me.

    By Maura on 03.08.2011

  20. There once was a bee. It was a beautiful bee, with yellow and black stripes. The one problem? It was lonely. It had beautiful bee friends, but yet it felt isolated and alone. As if no one wanted the honey that it could procure. So this bee one day went to the tree

    By Dacota Pariseau on 03.08.2011

  21. Honey is to me like life glue, it keeps my breakfast together and leaves a sweet aftertaste in my mouth. Honey reminds me of being a kid, a kid with sticky fingers and a dirty face, a face with a big smile on it, a face that was the home of two eyes that hadn’t seen all the hurt in the world, but now it will take a lot more than honey to make me smile again.

    By Fotobot on 03.08.2011

  22. it still stings to know that i can be replaced so easily.
    these people mean so little when they just buzz
    in and out of my life
    they take the honey and they leave.

    By Delilah URL on 03.08.2011

  23. She was always afraid, of silly things, things like stepping on a bee hive and being stung a million times, without prior knowledge of a dormant bee allergy that would leave her there lifeless. What would people say? Who would cry for her? She hoped he would. She didn’t want his life to change for the worse, she didn’t want him to be miserable for the rest of his time without her, but then again, what would it mean if he weren’t?

    By L@UR3N URL on 03.08.2011

  24. Once upon a time there was a bee. It was a beautiful bee, with black and yellow stripes. The bee had friends, other beautiful bees. Though, as time flew by the bee felt lonely even as it was surrounded by others. The bee needed something more in its life.

    By Dacota URL on 03.08.2011

  25. they sting, they are cute, i was a bumble bee for halloween once, they are black and yellow which reminds me of wiz khalifa’s song black and yellow, which has nothing to do with bees. i was stung in the eye lid by a hornet, not the same as a bee, but close enough. it hurt like a mother. bees are cute when they are cartoon bees but real ones are kind of ugly

    By Sarah on 03.08.2011

  26. One day a bee wanted a new friend so he flew around the tree. He found a caterpillar eating a leaf and said “Hi there.” The caterpillar was scared. The bee said “Why are you frightened?” .The caterpillar fainted and the bee flew away. He found a place to sit down and suddenly an ant crawled over and said “Hi, do you want to be friends?” . The bee was confused and said “Why with me? And then they just connected together and became good friends.

    By Judah on 03.08.2011

  27. there once was a bee who thought himself spectacular he flew around the garden flounting his perfect wings and great stripes.he obviously was the best or so he thought. one day as the bee was doing his morning fly around he saw a big black dog! ha he said that huge beast thinks himself soooooo cool ya right! he flew down to sting the dog cause the bee was a bully and the dog twirled around and snapped the bee right in half! after that the bee did not think himself so cool! actually he didnt think at all!

    By maya on 03.08.2011

  28. The bee floated lazily through the thick air. Tiny legs laden with pollen, I watched it head for a notch in the old pear tree. Flying past the drones guarding the hive, he slipped inside to remove the pollen, only to turn around immediately to fly back to the fields for more.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.08.2011

  29. Hello, honey. How was your day?
    Busy, busy.
    He tapped the end of his lit cigarette onto the floor. Who cares, anyway.

    By Hannah URL on 03.08.2011

  30. It’s a nice animal but a bit scary… They are yellow and black and they are important for the environment… They are disappering from our world and people don’t really care… There is even a film about them!

    By Helena URL on 03.08.2011

  31. One day in spring the pollen jocks went out for a trip to get pollen. When they were getting ready to go out, a normal bee was looking around the corner, where the pollen jocks couldn’t see him. He said to himself,” Ah hah that’s what I’ll do as a job. Instead of being a honey taster. I’ll be a pollen jock!!!” He was so happy and excited to see what big breakthrough he had seen. He ran back and said to his boss of the honey tasters, that he had quit and found a new job. His boss freaked out. But he didn’t see him throw the binder at him as he ran out of his office. The bee ran to the boss of the pollen jocks and asked him if he could be a pollen jock. That boss shook is head and said, ” We have just enough sorry.” The bee shrugged over in sadness. Then the boss of the pollen jocks said,” Wait, do you want to be with the pollen jocks,” The bee’s face lit up in happiness. ” Then how about being the one who stands on the sides where I stand, and be a mini pollen duster. You know, you dust of the pollen from the pollen jocks when they come back in from their pollen trip.” The bee nodded his head and said,” Yes!! When do I start?” The bee’s new boss said,” How about right now.” So he started his new job as a pollen duster instead of being a honey taster. The bee’s old boss still was freaking out and throwing things at his very own office. The End!!!!!!

    By Bailie on 03.08.2011

  32. Gosto da cama
    Dormir sabe bem porque sim
    Gosto de dormir na cama
    Porque sim

    By Qualyn on 03.08.2011

  33. honey bee buzzing around never really touching the ground. Flutter here and there all around the square. From flower to flower with no worries to show. but to defend oneself means its time to go. honey bee buzzing around never really touching the ground…

    By prettyyfreckles URL on 03.08.2011

  34. There once was a monkey who was funkey and then he slaped a donkey. the donkey said ow then he bit a brown cow. the cow said wow you big fat retard!

    By assasin on 03.08.2011

  35. flowing and humming
    whispering honey
    flying and being
    a bee that’s believing

    By tayfish URL on 03.08.2011

  36. The spelling bee was about to begin. I was really nervous. Alot of the kids were probably smarter than me and knew more words than me. 200 kids from all over the country were here today. Some probably have been doing this for years and never won, so why am i here? The spelling bee had already begun by now, I was up nexted. “ding.” The kid in front of me was out. I stepped up to the mic, my legs were shaking, i took a deep breath. All that matters is that i try my hardest. I said a silent prayer and then spelt the word as best as i could.

    By Annie on 03.08.2011

  37. BIG bee comes back every summer to our house. She is giant, and bumbles around up near the eaves. When it’s quiet you can even hear her loud buzzing. The children used to be afraid of big bee, but no one has ever been stung. I think big bee is a good omen!

    By audrey shonn on 03.08.2011

  38. bees a buzzing
    i love you so
    black and yellow
    always so gentle
    makes me think of marshmellow

    By Keys Denis URL on 03.08.2011

  39. Bees are like love them or hate them. I mean they make honey which is gooood , i like honey but they sting you. I still don’t really like them, but they’re better than wasps and they’re quite cute, like little yellow and black fuzzballs. :L

    By Jamjoo on 03.08.2011

  40. Buzzzz. Look at me–busy being a bee! I’m on a honey hunt. Trying to make some, that is. First I need some flowers–what fun! Nummy nectar. Powerful pollen. All for something sweet for you to eat.

    By Lori on 03.08.2011