May 18th, 2012 | 109 Entries

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109 Entries for “base”

  1. It stopped. The commotion, the fighting, everything. All ceased to be. It was the quiet before the tornado, the quiet before the beast reared its ugly maw to devour us. But when the thunder shook, we were safe. Nothing could touch us: invincibility was our fruit. We were at the base.

    By AJG URL on 05.18.2012

  2. in order to build up to a goal, we need a strong base or foundation to help us achieve/ get there. the base is an essential element of anything. Without one, every action will fall and will result in more hardships. we must all build a base, for our lives and for our future. by ensuring things are right and planned.

    By Jessica S URL on 05.18.2012

  3. At the core of things, I guess I’m afraid. I’m afraid of most things…

    By genahtastic URL on 05.18.2012

  4. She held him captive by the neck, the base of his esophagus pressed tight to the space between her thumb and pointer finger. They had been at it for about a half hour and someone was bound to find his tiny body, even in the mountain of starched white hospital sheets and blankets, even in the stillness of his cold skin covered breast.

    By N.J. URL on 05.18.2012

  5. base, base is the very fundamental of everything. you need a base to start things. you need a base for support, you need a base to compare yourself to other.

    a base is a goal in baseball, a scientific term, but most importantly, a base it the beginning

    By creamer on 05.18.2012

  6. Base feelings of emotion is it just another notion of sentiment that keeps me hanging around your place? The groan you make when you first wake the lines on your face as you shake and laugh is it the notion of a baby with your face?

    By KelseyPR URL on 05.18.2012

  7. 1/2base times height. this area is too big for someone like us. wait. this area is closing in on me. help me. at the base.

    By Abra on 05.18.2012

  8. The base called and the power to fight the situation Rehnquist was in position. We needed to get going fast and turn the low life mission to a bull heart get in the guts weirdo championship. The turn to get the grenade lasted only a moment when the probable cause of proliferation was turned into a festival of lightning.

    By Zach on 05.18.2012

  9. She had never cared much for him.
    True, he was really only the friend of a friend to her, so their interaction was fairly limited. But there was something about him that put her on edge, made her wary. So she watched. After all, she prided herself on her observational skills.
    The few times she ever spoke to him, what stood out the most to her was his eyes. They were dead in his face–almost as emotionless as his flat voice. They never matched his words, merely staring out at her as he coldly insulted her intellegence.
    The insults. That was another thing. She did not know if he made such demeaning, base comments because he was merely socially inept and did not realize that it was not an acceptable form of behavior, or because he truly believed he was better than her even though he had only talked to her three short times prior. She did not know whether to pity him or to despise him.
    Perhaps what put her most on edge was not strictly because of him, not quite. Before she had even known of his existance, she had met another man, older, different, yet frighteningly alike in his cold, calculating behavior. This man, as she later found out, was a diagnosed psychopath. And so, she keeps this man in mind when she sees his fake smile and dead eyes from across the room, hears his blank voice wafting down the halls behind her followed by his strange, unamused laugh.
    Yes, she had never been fond of him. But as it turned out, that’s what kept her one step ahead of him in the end.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.18.2012

  10. A base is a substance with a pH of 7.1 or up. We learned about that in science this week. I feel like an expert on it. But it also is the lower male vocal part. I am in my select chorus.

    By Marge on 05.18.2012

  11. mt everest base camp was lonely. long gone were the days of Sir Edmund Hilary. discarded prayer flags were scattered in the snow in front of my tent. How far will I get?

    By annahop on 05.18.2012

  12. I put my feet down on the base and glance upwards.
    Fifty thousand clouds. Perhaps more. Perhaps less. They’re clouds I used to see things in– animals, shapes,alternate universes; and yet those fifty thousand now only carried the equivalent to marshmallow. Fluffed, inviting, but ultimately useless.
    Views from the base slowly decrease with every day or so I grow.

    By D on 05.18.2012

  13. Bad.
    It was very, very bad.

    (She would come to hate having to use such a short, base word for the tragedy she saw that day. But it was the word that passed through lips easiest, burnt her tongue the least as she gathered the broken pieces into her arms and tried not to cut herself on them.

    Yes, ‘bad’ held enough weight to pull her through the reconstruction, the painfully tedious assembly of splintered smiles and fallen words. It was enough to put her on two feet in the morning, every morning. ‘Bad’ was the ever-present motivator, a promise. For what exactly, she wasn’t sure.)

    By Laura on 05.18.2012

  14. I have finished the base to my life. Today was my last day of high school and the foundation is done. The base of my life is complete. Now is the time I will actually pursue the plan that I have created over the past seventeen years. No matter what it takes, no matter how many people say I can’t accomplish my dream, I will succeed.

    By Breezy URL on 05.18.2012

  15. The base at the bottom of my heart encompasses my soul
    above it lies nothing
    she took everything
    left nothing
    but the base
    to build itself back up
    it will take time
    but I can rebuild upon the base

    By groundup URL on 05.18.2012

  16. Sometimes, I’m just way off base. I’m out of step with the world — almost like I’m just a fraction of a second ahead or behind the rest of the world. I wish I could hop in a time machine and land in exactly the right spot — or not, actually.

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.18.2012

  17. “A, B, C, base on me!” Justina screamed, wrapping her arms around the trunk of the tree. It was getting late.The sun was starting setting behind the trees. Where was everyone? She’d been sure that Marie was on her tail. Justina released her hold on the tree to look behind her. Seeing no one, she dropped to her knees with a huff.

    By Schuyler on 05.18.2012

  18. base, numerically it affixes to my mind. i can be safe on it, non acidic. it is low, unworthy, callous. the greeks, lovers of hierarchies, had a word for it, indeed. tempest fugit. or am i way off base with that one? tremendous toddlers are toddling!

    By Lael URL on 05.18.2012

  19. Base reminds me of geometry. base times height to find the area. and other crap. or the base at a baseball game. base….. i think of the object that supports the entire subject

    By Roooonnniie URL on 05.18.2012

  20. A foundation. Bulwark. Hardy structure you build upon to steady what you have, anchor it down so it doesn’t fall or crumble. But even the tiniest crack can expand.

    By Ashi URL on 05.18.2012

  21. again with the base? it is new. i look downward. why? because it is beneath me, me and my kind. what pronounced yet idle backing have you arranged? the inquiries are endless. base, yes, but also earnest. they plea to know what silly pleasures, devoid of meaning you would ply them with.

    By Lael URL on 05.18.2012

  22. Base, baseness, bastardy, base… base. King Lear, that’s where that’s from. The Bastard Son, an old archetype. A sort of villain, a servant of Bacchic nature who no longer fits into a modern world. Us moderns have no place for all that, bastard animals. Our families are clean, and no child is illegitimate. Now where do we suppose would that leave Edmund?

    By Jack URL on 05.18.2012

  23. haha… All I can think is “all your base are belong to us.” XD I guess that speaks greatly to just how geeky I – and my friends – are. Amazing though, how one word can trigor such a specific thought, almost like a memory really.

    By AkoyaMizuno URL on 05.18.2012

  24. the first thing that popped into my mind was the song “base down low”. My dance team went to a summer camp and one of the routines we learned was to this song. But it was to a stupid Kid’s Bop version.

    Oh how I am going to miss my dance team. They are like my sisters. Its crazy how close we are and how much I love them. But I know that once sisters.. always sisters.

    By Kailey Williams on 05.18.2012

  25. It’s getting to be that time of year again. When the steak of pink fades to a base of pale blonde. What color shall I pick next? Violet, lilac, or lavender?

    By HelenGrant URL on 05.18.2012

  26. i played softball tonight… running from base to base essentially makes me tired…if i could actually freaking hit the ball! felt useless…everyone is running the bases and i strike out..TWICE! atleast i’m an ok catcher though…got that shit down like Dottie Henson in A League of their own

    By K URL on 05.18.2012

  27. Rachel’s film about the contaminated water supply at military bases got a lot of play recently.

    By Lucinda on 05.18.2012

  28. He sat in the center of the pod, arms crossed, legs crossed, eyes closed and head tilted forward, listening.

    People ran around frantically all throughout the structure, their hearts racing just as fast as their legs. There was fear thick in the air, fear and death. It was a bitter perfume, sweet but tangy at the back of his throat. His narrow face tightened at the scent of it.

    He wished that he could find some trace of her. Perhaps the scent of her shampoo, or the particular smell of her aunt’s cooking, or the sweet taste of her cherry chapstick, even. Anything to tell him that she was in the building.

    The building was doomed. The city was doomed. But if she were in the underground base with him, he might be able to save her.

    By RachelHugsALot URL on 05.18.2012

  29. sweet summer times in a ball park. the crowds were drawn to the foundation because all was safe. the route of love.

    By Serendipitea URL on 05.18.2012

  30. He patiently awaits the ball, standing in a position where he knew what to expect. He held the the bat firmly in his hands, staring the pitcher down. He watched the pitcher take a deep breath, and tightened his grip. The ball came flying so fast that it was hard to see what happened, but in one blink the ball was high up in the air, causing gasps to arise from the crowd.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 05.18.2012

  31. the base of life i happiest, well thats what i have been told anyway. But if we are all casing it and it comes in so many different ways will we ever be able to have it? Thats the real question and yet i am nowhere near finding the answer.

    By Georgia Everett on 05.19.2012

  32. in all its glory it is justified by holding you down into the winds that take heed from within. stay sturdy and look both way for when you cross.

    By gf on 05.19.2012

  33. baseball
    never forget the base when u do ur makeup
    idk what is up with base
    did u see her
    i think outfield was better
    fuck this is hard!

    By Diego Garcia URL on 05.19.2012

  34. perhaps it is below the yellow plastic toy. a referee steps toward it bends over and inspects. roughly and exclusively packaged for the most cursory of restful adjustments…

    By mumkin URL on 05.19.2012

  35. high
    or somewhere in the middle
    there is nowhere
    with you
    inside me
    on me
    outside me
    there is no home for you here
    no hope here for me or you

    By Katia URL on 05.19.2012

  36. I wasn’t even thinking that it was going to be a disgusting reply. How low of him to say it though. Wow. So base, so guttural, so atypical for this dude. How could he smash my perceptions like that?

    By Babette on 05.19.2012

  37. There’s a low thrum that’s pumping through her body, or at least that’s what I think is happening. She’s drumming her fingers in rhythm to music that no one else will ever hear, and probably shouldn’t be (or they would be making memories with little blue pills). She kicks her legs over the edge of the square she’s occupying, high up in the sky, and as I leave, I imagine yanking her only sturdy base from under her. It is not fair.

    By Champagne URL on 05.19.2012

  38. The word Base can be used in so many ways it is usually the bottom of a shape or object.

    By Brodie URL on 05.19.2012

  39. The giant metallic ball exploded without any real ceremony; just a giant, suspiciously quiet ball of multicoloured fire. You’re fairly sure that all and any inhabitants of the spherical space station are either dead, on fire and dead, or in many pieces and STILL very much dead. Overall, you’d call it a job well done, and explosives well spent. That particular base will likely remain on local starmaps for at least the next 6 months, but your certain the sudden absence of a spaceport and sudden appearance of several thousand tons of hazardous, floating space-junk will be a considerable source of bafflement, fear, and confusion for decades to come.

    You smile. Some would say that the best killings are comitted quietly, silently, invisibly. Others would say that life should never end without an extra significant bang. It takes a seriously experienced operative to accomplish both; clever use of an sonic-stasis field and localized charges has created a sight you will never forget. The eventual viewers of the arguable catastrophe will likely appreciate it as much as you do, when the footage of how exactly one of the most durable spaceports in the Krim-fleet arsenal met it’s end hits GalaxyNet.

    Death is the most beautiful art form in the galaxy, and you’ve just completed your magnum opus.

    By Chris on 05.19.2012

  40. basejumping. Ich stehe auf einem sehr hihen Haus, der wind pfeift um meine Nase und ich will springen, einfach nur springen. Doch habe ich wirklich den Mut dazu? Ich gehe langsam auf den Rand zu und sehe in den Abgrund. Tief, sehr tief wird der Fall. Hoch, so hoch ist mein Adrenalin Spiegel. Mein Herz pocht wie wild.

    By Franzi on 05.19.2012