March 7th, 2017 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “ballot”

  1. We had too many parents wanting to come to camp so had to put it to a ballot. We all know that the reality is, we pick who we want and the ballot system is a farce. If only it was as simple as drawing a few names out of a box. There are so many specific qualities needed for parents on camp. We need to look at their skills, their personalities, how they relate to others, how they manage their own children and quite possibly the other children. Do they have any convictions?

    By Liz on 03.07.2017

  2. We had to put names into a ballot to decide which parents would go on camp. The funny thing is that we knew exactly who we wanted to go but had to go through this process in order for the parents to feel it was fair. Not a very fair process at all. I’m sure we have all been in this situation when we have felt the outcome was decided prior to the vote.

    By Liz URL on 03.07.2017

  3. I saw her in the front row. I knew I had to meet with her. Hi, I saw you sitting here and thought tha

    By a false terl URL on 03.07.2017

  4. Do not set fire to the ballot box. Do not tear down the protesters’ signs. Leave your engines running, but your cars idle. Do not mark a martyr’s body with tire treads.

    Be mindful of who interferes with what. A dictator is only friends for a day. Then the champagne you drink from the flute is poisoned, and you sleep while the republic withers away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.07.2017

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    By Mary Szpak URL on 03.07.2017

  6. It is recorded.
    A small sheet of paper, a private piece of paper, it holds a few marks set by my hand that speak beyond themselves. This is how I feel, this is what I believe, I am this person. I truly (think) I am this person.
    And I pray if it is ever discovered, it will not be used against me.
    The poetry of it all- only in my little box can I be honest, put things clearly, while they are jumbled and blurred outside. How a few words can represent an entire person; how they’re used, their tone, their effect. If seen, you will never need to show your face or say another word; who you are will have already been decided and such conviction will not be overturned by further evidence.
    Here I record what is more important; do I fight for myself, or the good of all? I can never hope for both- can I even achieve one? Only a dark smudge remains where there once was a middle ground, some set of lukewarm compromises.
    I’ve already written it down, and even if I tear the paper to bits, burn them, swallow them, their truth is still a fire in my veins, a virus in my stomach.
    Is there no satifactory nomination?

    By Ai URL on 03.07.2017

  7. It was a year in which ballot’s may have destroyed our country, but let’s look at the bright side. We are still living, breathing, and getting to be a part of this awesome thing called LIFE. A small piece of paper does not determine who you are as a person or who you are going to be in the future. Do not let the decisions of others affect how you live out each of the small miracles that life has to offer each day.

    By Theresa on 03.08.2017

  8. a piece of paper that indicates a winner or loser. something that has been used for many years. and will be continued to be used for many more. a winner and a loser.

    By sky on 03.08.2017

  9. Voting takes place every so often and it drives me crazy that people don’t vote. Oh my vote doesn’t matter. Oh I don;t like the options. But voting leaves the decision to others. Then you complain about how you things are run when you chose not to vote. I mean take Colin Kapernick who protests the National Anthem but doesn’t take the time to go vote. WTF!

    By Rachel on 03.08.2017

  10. The ballot was cast. The die was thrown. There was nothing she could do but wait. Which, of course, was the thing she was worst at. The minutes ticked by. It was going to take more than mere minutes, but you couldn’t convince her of that. She sat in constant suspension.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.08.2017

  11. it was so unfair when us women couldn’t vote because we were considered as a slave for men. All we did was clean and treated like a slave.

    By angel on 03.08.2017

  12. They were handing out the ballot. Everyone had to fill it out, and if they didn’t they were stared at and judged endlessly. It was a simple thing. All you had to do was circle the person you voted for. It was only that and nothing more. Fa

    By Lexi on 03.08.2017

  13. I always wondered if he ended up with the Suffragette from Suffragette City.

    By Wolf Alice URL on 03.08.2017

  14. A ballot is a i have no clue i think its like a log to be honest you like sit on it or something………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    By amarri hollingsworth on 03.08.2017

  15. I don’t like to vote and honestly idont care about any of this politic stuff anyway

    By ian URL on 03.08.2017

  16. A place to drop decisions. Some secret scrap of paper where a name is written. Choosing sides, taking an informative stance, sweeping things beneath the proverbial rug. Something deemed honorary of society. I’ll scribble negative zero, I’ll take my chances.

    By Stacy L. M. URL on 03.08.2017

  17. I was asked to enter my name into a ballot to find out if I would be selected to represent my class. I was really nervous and worried that I wouldn’t be selected because it was something I really wanted to do. I thought I would be good at the role but there were many others who also wanted to be selected. I thought I wouldn’t sleep that night but was really tired so fell asleep straight away.

    By Liz on 03.08.2017

  18. A ballot is something people use to put in votes for an election.

    By Kendell Pugh on 03.08.2017

  19. This is a right and a secret.
    Everyone has the liberty to do it, to make a decision and to mark what seems better to them.
    A secret
    it is.

    By maria on 03.08.2017

  20. funny if i
    take back the words i live by
    inspired to try
    by the lies in their eyes
    busted ballot
    unspoken promises broken
    forever live in the mire or
    tired by the lying of

    By matt m. on 03.08.2017

  21. a ballot is a printed form used in voting

    By wmcdougall URL on 03.08.2017

  22. It wasn’t my idea to enter the race in the first place, but now I was in the gym smuggling ballots in under my shirt. Stuffing the ballot boxes. Really?

    By Anony Mous on 03.08.2017

  23. The ballot fell like a stone to the bottom of the box. Malley spun on her heels; smirking over the vote for herself.

    By Linden Ela on 03.08.2017

  24. makes me think of the hanging chad sketches they did on SNL after W won the election. I see images in my minds eye of re white and blue of those I voted stickers, and sickeningly of trump’s smiling face, how horrible.

    By katie on 03.08.2017

  25. Ballot, ballot, it bounces like a basketball – the word does, ballot. Quiet in the room for now though; I cannot say it out loud though I want to have it sound out like that basketball dropped in an empty gymnasium. My bedmate is asleep.

    By Zoe URL on 03.08.2017

  26. The council bickers, and bickers, and bickers, and when they can no longer bicker they bring their bickering to a subcommittee that bickers so long as the boys upstairs can’t – and if by some terrible act of fate the subcommittee fails to come to a decision, they bounce it back at the council who begin their bickering again with a new fervor.

    The noise is uproarious. Arguments flying from one corner to the next, devils advocates and cherubs unidentifiable in the whole mess. There’s too much identity to gain, too much face to lose. Indecisiveness is a plague on the consciousness, and with a sick heart I ask myself: who I will elect to represent myself today?

    By mistyfizz URL on 03.08.2017

  27. I do not know what ballot means, but if you use a e instead of a o you get ballet witch is my favourite thing

    By hannah URL on 03.08.2017

  28. I went up to the Presidential ballot. I began looking through the candidates, and realized that there was no hope left in this world.

    By Erali URL on 03.08.2017

  29. Wishful thinking

    By Damien URL on 03.08.2017

  30. The indecision grips your stomach like a vise, squeezing so hard until you can hardly breathe
    Is this how all choices are like? One or the other?
    Must we be forced to conform to the patterns of society, adopt the pretense of the perfect being?
    Casting our ballots to support one idea or the other? Like good citizens, or like good conformists?
    But really, we don’t have a choice, do we?
    Lies roll off deceitfully truthful tongues–we can be whatever, whoever we want, we can believe what we feel, we can be daring, artistic, different
    But can we?
    Or is it just the people who have the strength, drawing from a drying well with every moment of their lives must live with the terrible consequences of being something that doesn’t fit into the perfect little box?
    The little boxes lined up in rows
    The ways of this world crisscross across the oceans and deserts
    Like tripwire, one step and you are caught

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 03.08.2017

  31. government, choices, information, titles, difficult

    By Denise on 03.08.2017

  32. life is messy and i don’t enjoy it. every day,
    another wine glass. french names too shy to
    leave my tongue until forced. meanwhile,
    i am 22 and washing behind the ears seems more
    and more a cultivated lifestyle.

    you, who still vacuum under the bed, consider the way
    the days swell and fatten under the spring sun.

    By invinculis URL on 03.08.2017

  33. My entry was in. I was so nervous that I wouldn’t get selected. Everyone was so eager to get in. I was starting to doubt my job choice. Would I get in? who knows?

    By Slim4fun URL on 03.08.2017

  34. It’s just one ballot, one out of millions. There are so many little pieces of paper out there in the world with everyone’s say, and yours is just one. It’s just one… but I promise you, it matters.

    By Maddy on 03.08.2017

  35. Why does my pencil not mark at this moment? Of all the moments, it had to come down to this. How did it come down to one ballot? How did it come down to mine?

    By Kathryn on 03.08.2017

  36. I awoke. Today was election day. If the entire village didn’t vote for me on the annual life preservation ballot I was to die. That couldn’t happen, I knew I would get married soon. Then I’d be safe. Society would accept me.

    By Caleb A Ingegneri URL on 03.08.2017

  37. decisions.
    morals, values,
    pleading promises
    little white lies
    dressed up in bow ties.
    straining for truth
    smoking mirrors.
    the right way to go
    is in my direction.

    By beachbumrach URL on 03.08.2017

  38. I looked. I sweat. I couldn’t breath. This election could mean everything. What was I supposed to do? A matter of faith. A matter of logic. A twist in my stomach. A battle within myself.

    By Janae on 03.08.2017

  39. I’d show you my ballot,
    if you’d show me yours.
    It’s at times like these
    when my mind insecures.

    By Marissa URL on 03.08.2017

  40. He placed his ballot in the box and nervously shuffled out the door. Had he voted for the right candidate? Had he really? Was this the best policy, the best way? You have to be careful when you vote for someone who promotes nuclear war.

    By Adroit Aesop URL on 03.08.2017